Rules: Make a new post and tag 15 followers you would like to know better I was tagged by @gothfirefaerie

Name: Merinda

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Sexual Orientation: Bi and still coming to terms with that

Favorite Color: Blue

Average hours of sleep per night: Eightish

Last thing I Googled: last of the tea lords adagio (was showing someone the tea)

Current number of followers: 2277 (still don’t know how)

Dream Job: Professional writer or screenwritier

Height: 5′4

What I post:  Uh. Sherlock a lot, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Superwood, John Barrowman, Hamilton, Pokemon Go (lately). I make gifs and post links to my stories. Other stuff that strikes my fancy but its 99% SFW and I always tag

Why did you choose your username: It’s my first name/last initial. I ended up switching to this because it’s uncommon. The other username I used to use more often online was ReliantFC3 because the USS Reliant is a miranda- class starship (close enough), and FC3 is what i was in the navy

I’ll just be lazy and tag whoever wants to do it :D