The other day I was talking to a dude I work with about our store music and how ridiculous it is that we’re not allowed to play a song with the word ‘shit’ in it but it’s totally fine to play a song with the word 'faggot’ in it (that god-awful Pogues xmas song).

He replied “yeah, and a song with 'lesbian themes.’” (Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl)

Because a woman enjoying an intimate experience with another woman* is exactly the same as a slur which dates all the way back to when people were burned at the stake for being different. 

I wanted to slap him.

*Pretending for a moment that that song is actually about a woman enjoying an intimate experience with another woman and not about Perry’s desire to make a lot of money by cashing in on the male gaze, hereby reinforcing crappy popular conceptions about gay women such as: 'they’re just doing it for attention,’ 'it’s just a phase,’ etc.

I know I ranted brought this up before, but I just started a new game (I do that a lot btw) and the lack of proper exposition is making me angry again.

Speaking as someone who was a pretty casual fan before Inquisition (by which I mean: I played both Dragon Age games but wasn’t heavily invested in the lore, didn’t read any of the comics/novels and did not keep up with pre-release marketing): my first playthrough was effing confusing.

For instance:

-I didn’t know what led to the mage-templar war. At all. As in, I thought it was a direct follow-up to Anders blowing up the Chantry until that one conversation where Vivienne brings up the vote to dissolve the Circles.

-I didn’t know the mages were in Redcliffe because Ferelden had offered them shelter until Alistair + Anora showed up to kick them out.

-I didn’t even know there was a bloody civil war in Orlais until… the Exalted Plains, I think? (Memory’s a bit fuzzy on that one, it might have been brought up before post-in Hushed Whispers/in war table missions. The point is I had no idea until way into the game.)

-Even then I was only vaguely aware of who Gaspard was before Halamshiral. Let alone Briala.

And tbh that’s a big part of the reason why I couldn’t get into the game: I was too busy trying to piece together what should have been basic information to care much about the plot.

i have eight and a half hours to do all the discussion responses i haven’t touched this quarter