• Kazuki: But speaking about hospitality, that’ll be Aoi-san. I received a lot of instructions about guitars, advices about equipments, and he also gave me a guitar!
  • Aoi: Since I wasn’t using it, I thought I’d just give it to you. Now I’m using one with the same model but with a different color. But doesn’t that sound kind of gay, using the same kind of thing?
  • Interviewer: You’re still fussing over that, huh (lol).
  • Kazuki: Ahahaha. It doesn’t sound gay! It’s fine! Because I love you!
  • Aoi: Hei, that just now sounded gay (lol).
  • Kazuki: No, this weird topic doesn’t matter if it’s Aoi-san. Even though I seem so. I’m devoting myself to you forever!



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