Fangirling struggles
  • Misha:*casually posts insta pic like a normal human*
  • Me:*stares at it*
  • Me:*eyes widen*
  • Me:*smiles*
  • Me:*has a stroke and dies*
  • Mom:
  • Dad:
  • Brother:
  • Sister:
  • Me:*twitches*
  • Brother:*pokes my lifeless corps with stick*
  • Me:*screeches violently*
  • Family:The fuck is wrong with it?
Can't You Take A Joke?!
  • Donald Trump:"If she weren't my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her"
  • Me:Uh? that's creepy...
  • Trump Supporter:HE WAS JOKING
  • Me:Sorry I don't find Sleeping with your child funny?
  • Donald Trump:"My fans are so loyal I could go into the middle of 5th ave and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters!"
  • Me:Uh? that's concerning...
  • Trump Supporter:CAN'T YOU TAKE A JOKE?!
  • Me:Sorry I don't find killing someone to show your supporters loyalty funny?
  • Donald Trump:Jerking his hands around to his chest in a claw like movement mimicking a journalist's disability
  • Me:Wow....what an asshole
  • Trump Supporter:HE WAS MAKING A JOKE
  • Me:Sorry I don't find making fun of a disabled persons body funny?
  • I am still waiting for Donald Trump's "jokes" to be funny
Jason Horton?

Who the fuck is this guy? Why do his videos keep popping up on my dash? And does ANYONE find him funny? I watched his “over dramatic boyfriend” video when it popped up. Horrible. Then a gave him a second chance when I saw “how to practice kissing” show up. Even worse. Unoriginal concepts, poor execution, and quite possibly the worst corny skit-acting I’ve ever seen.

Ok I’m done.