Last one

Mccree probs don’t walk around killing vampyers for fun but you know. Dialogue. (Local cowboy’s idea of first date is attempted murder of adoptive father. For fun.)

This is basically just a spoopy version of that vine, you know that one. Now with a 100% more Mchanzo lol.

Leave these tierd old ass vampires alone! They only got 50 years of sleep last century!

Please don’t tag any ships but Reaper76 and Mchanzo. No idea why you would but, you know.



This is so dumb I don´t know why I made so many. It´s really not the typa thing I useally draw lol. Ugh.

Well I drew this, and then for some reason I made more, it really went out of hand. I don´t even think this is a very Reaper76-y movie haha, god damnit.

It´s obviustly not terribly in character, but this is glorefied shit posting so SIGH.

Plz don´t tag any ships cept Reaper76 goyz

More comics with no joke. IIII wanted to draw something with lostsa panels and arm movment. But at least it features my Reaper playing friend and their sassy mouth again lol.

(Dunno why U would but please don´t tag any ships but Reaper76 bruh)

(I love the little Reaper mochi things haha)