ABOVE IS A VIDEO (Source) Where you can see me come into view in the crowd, on the bottom right side of the screen at 2:23.  

You can see all this same stuff happening in my Girl Almighty video HERE.

HERE is a SOML video where you can at least see that Harry is in my general vicinity and that they showed the interaction on the big screen. (IDK about the sign)  (Here is my SOML video.) 

People are wanting to nitpick incorrect hearsay bullshit with harrybirthdaytoya​ about whether or not I was actually holding the Oops and Hi sign, (I WAS. HE SAW IT. MULTIPLE TIMES DURING GIRL ALMIGHTY. MULTIPLE TIMES DURING SOML, AND PROBABLY MULTIPLE TIMES THE ENTIRE SHOW BEFORE THAT. I was front row right against the barricade.) 

I’m gonna lay it out real simple for you salty heathens. He was right in front of me during SOML before he thanked me, and you can literally see him in this video in front of me holding the Oops and Hi sign.  

Harry. Styles. Saw. The. Sign.

Here is their wedding card sign, printed on ledger size cardstock.

Here’s a screencap of a video of my flashing flower crown.

Here’s me wearing it. Section J. Row 5. Seat 11.

Here’s a screencap of me showing off my nice new white camera to prettytruthsandlies

A wild Harry Styles appears! (These caps below are from the video embedded above. It is not my video..)

You can see my flashing flower crown, white camera in my right hand, and me holding the Oops and Hi sign with my left.

This is just one of those ones where the antis are going to have to pretend they can’t read anymore, because there are endless receipts. They can’t explain it away, and I’m absolutely not letting them have it. ✌


The Face of the Yezidi People

During the Genocide on Yezidis, where ISIS Terrorists massacred more than 5,000 Yezidi Men and abducted 6.000 Yezidi Women & Children on August 3, 2014 - a Moroccan photographer shot these photos of a 6 Years old Yezidi Girl, trapped on the Shingal Mountain.

“Men, women, and children in dirt-caked clothes were struggling in temperatures of over 45 degrees (113ºF), waiting patiently for local Kurdish aid. At first, I focused my camera on a group of women sitting on the ground, but when I turned away I saw this little girl. I took one shot of her there and as she saw me, she gave me a smile. I was drawn to her wild beauty in this terrible situation. There is a kind of intensity, distress and sadness in her eyes.”