In the “Draw My Life” videos (x) (x)  after Dan and Phil reach to the point where they start living in London together and do radio shows they both say: 

“So now I am happier than I’ve ever been” - Dan Howell

“I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been” - Phil Lester 

I think that is something we should never forget.

Shot and killed by Officer Timothy Loehmann of the Cleveland Police Department all the way back on November 22nd, 2014, twelve year old sixth grader Tamir Rice has still not been buried. This alone is a new crime all by itself. Even though the entire shooting was filmed and took less than two seconds, the so-called investigation into the shooting has carried on for a ridiculous 6 months. According to family attorney Walter Madison, Tamir’s family is waiting for the investigation to end so they will not be subjected to burying him and having to exhume his body from the ground for yet another medical examination. In an interview, Walter Madison stated

“The city of Cleveland knows that too. The delay incurs a daily $75 fee. To date, the outstanding expenses are $18k which at some point Samaria Rice would have to be obligated to pay. They talk nice and are apologetic but they are waging war of a different brand.”

Beyond the fact that the shooting death of Tamir was traumatic, the artificial delay of this investigation is outrageous. They are acting as if key pieces of evidence or central witnesses are missing. They aren’t. This investigation is not being delayed for any substantive reasons, but in an artificial attempt to cause the public attention to die down.


but have you seen THIS