You can rent guinea pigs in Switzerland. Because social animals are legally required to have a friend at all times, Swiss owners are technically breaking the law if they have only two guinea pigs and one of them dies- so there are people who offer a rental service for those who don’t want to permanently acquire a new one. Source Source 2

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Rental Service available in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Designed to cut through the air and become one with the sky, the new Huracán Spyder is a pinnacle of Italian made taste and handcraftsmanship. Streamlined beauty, the finest finishings and pure power to be your strongest emotion on four wheels.


Tinhouse is located on the northwestern tip of the Isle of Skye, Scotland on a steeply sloping site overlooking The Minch, the body of water separating the Inner and Outer Hebrides. 

Self-built (with materials chosen to allow for an ease of build by one person) over 5 years by Rural Design. Available for rent

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