Seeking Fire Rental Nest?

I’ve got a pair that can produce one of my dream dragons, but I desperately want said dragon to have Fire eyes. Is there anyone willing to foster San and Cressida (in eleven days) in order to help me get a Black Speckle/Crimson Current/White Underbelly Guardian boy? I know this is super specific ([sweats]), but this dragon would mean a lot to me, especially if he were born in July/August. I’m willing to let the nest’s owner do whatever they like with any hatchlings that don’t match properly (you wanna exalt them for some dough? seriously, have at it), and can provide food for these two while they nest. Let me know, please and thank you?

Not For Rental - Groundhog Day 

(by Andrew Fairclough)

VHS box and poster for Not For Rental exhibition, a movie-inspired charity exhibition held at 71a Gallery London, July 2013.

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The Goonies by Sharm Murugiah / Tumblr

Pulp Fiction by Edgar Regalado

Anchorman by Mauro Gatti

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Pablo Pintachan

Where the Wild Things Are by Muxxi / Tumblr

Edward Scissorhands by Sam Dunn / Tumblr

Dracula by Miss Led

The Road by Edu Fuentes

2001 by Chris Thornley aka Raid71 / Tumblr / Charity

The Shining by Steve Foster

Part of the Not For Rental VHS video cover art project. Raising funds and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support and Art Against Knives charities.