Not For Rental - Groundhog Day 

(by Andrew Fairclough)

VHS box and poster for Not For Rental exhibition, a movie-inspired charity exhibition held at 71a Gallery London, July 2013.

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Allydia || Rental 2-8

Allison had cleared the living room as much as possible in preparation for Lydia’s visit, pushing the furniture to the edges of the room and making sure nothing breakable would be in their way.  She knew they had limited time to train, and she’d have to focus on the basics - with a few of her own little flourishes thrown in.  If Alex were to watch Lydia fight she might recognize her style, but there was no rules in the information Magnus had sent out that prohibited her from training her favorite - so it didn’t matter if it was recognizable or not.  She didn’t want to see Lydia punished, that was all.  It would hurt too much.

She dressed in a sports bra and shorts, putting out a matching set for Lydia.  The tournament would take place naked, but there was no harm in being clothed to train.  Allison stretched and warmed up as she waited for Lydia to arrive, her stomach twisting as she thought of all the ways that the tournament might play out.  If Lydia were injured, or punished too severely, Allison wasn’t sure what she’d do.

Suwabe Junichi  as white-haired bishie characters: 

Archer (Future Emiya Shirou) (Fate series) 

Nekoyashiki Ren (Rental Magica) 

Undertaker (Black Butler) 

Hotsuin Yamato (Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 ) 

Hayama Akira (Shokugeki no Soma) 

Jakob (Fire Emblem Fates) 

Otori Itsuki (High School Star Musical) 

Kuga Kyousuke (Prince of Stride: Alternative) 

Feel free to add more characters if you know more! Also all of them are so goddamn hot excuse me I need to collect the shards of my kokoro