The iconic home from ‘Full House’ was bought by the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, 30 years after the first episode was filmed. When it came on the market, he knew he had to buy it and keep it in the family. He also wanted to 'preserve it for the fans’, so he re-painted the door red, used it to film new episodes for the debut of 'Fuller House’, and plans to keep it as a rental. Source

This game is hilarious
  • Motoki: Whatever you do, do not fall in love with any of these guys.
  • MC: Ok.
  • (10 chapters later)
  • Motoki: WHAT DID I SAY?
  • MC: Sorry! He was just so hot and we get along and we like each other.
  • Motoki: JK! I'm happy for you.
  • Why did he warn the MC at the beginning? If a romance is presented as forbidden, but then at the end, you go "LOL nevermind," was it really forbidden in the first place?
  • *scratches head*


I wouldn’t normally look to posting here on Tumblr for this kind of thing, but we haven’t been having much luck trying to find a roommate via rental groups on Facebook, so out of desperation, I am going to look here on Tumblr (and Twitter as well).

If you are in, or know someone who is looking for an affordable place in Toronto with a bunch of other artists with like-minded, chill personalities (and whom doesn’t mind sharing a room with someone), please contact me either via PM me here, DM me on Twitter (@manasurge), contact me on Facebook (Mana Lei Dumanowski), or send me an email (

Keep in mind that for our own safety, we can’t give out the exact address until we know you are compatible with us and we confirm the viewing (especially with the one sharing the room). This would just happen after answering a short questionnaire (don’t worry it’s not bad, it’s just there to ensure that we’ll all be able to live together in harmony without any conflicts. I did this last time before I moved into this place, and I’m glad I did because worked out just fine! So don’t be too intimidated^^). 

We can give an an approximate idea of the area/neighbourhood though if you need to gage if it will be close enough for work/school/etc.

Even if you are unable to find someone who might be interested, reblogs and signal boosts are very, highly appreciated!!

(I don’t know all the correct tags for this kind of post, so if you know of any others I can put it under, please let me know!)

Under the “read more” is photos of our place! Starting with the shared room and extending to the rest of the apartment^^

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anonymous asked:

I'm going to take you up on the offer of prompting a continuation of the christmas fake date fic, with Bucky's POV. It would be really nice to get to see their first real date/kiss at New Years. So if you ever feel inspired to write that, well, I know I'd love to see it at least! ~ R

Renting in the New Year 

Bucky believed in love at first sight. He knew for a fact it was real, because he kept fucking doing it. What he didn’t believe in was Happily Ever After.

He’d been in love with Steve Rogers from the first instant he’d seen him, freshman year of high school. Steve, tall, blonde, perfect, smart, talented, artistic. Head of the debate team. The Captain of the football team (the Patriots, and DAMN didn’t that boy look fine in his football uniform?) who’d taken it on himself to make the new kid from Indiana feel welcome. Bucky didn’t have a prayer. He’d nursed a crush and then when Steve had finally taken him up on an offer (Steve knew Bucky was queer, everyone knew Bucky was queer, he’d been flirting with Steve for years without expectations) Bucky’d said goodbye to his heart and given it over to Steve without reservation. 

One might think he’d learned his lesson. 


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In need of serious financial aid -- please signal boost!

I tried to hold off asking for help here as long as I could, but at this point in time I am turning to Tumblr for help. My name is Ellie, I’m 25, epileptic, and I just moved out of my family home and across the country to another state at the start of 2016. I work at a well-known grocery/marketplace chain and make just enough to pay for what my necessities consist of, meaning bills and rent and car payments/insurance, health insurance, anti-seizure medications, and my phone–all of which adds up to $551 per month, and does not include other basic necessities such as food and gas. 

On December 14th I had to replace the tires of my car which came out to a hefty payment of $543.52. The very next day, December 15th, I was in a minor car crash in which no one was injured but that did a lot of mechanical damage to my car. Were it just cosmetic damage, I would not have taken it in to get fixed simply because I do not have the funding for it. I was hit on the right front fender/wing which knocked something–I’m not sure what–loose so that when I tried to turn left, my steering wheel would not catch and continued to turn. The steering wheel was too loose to safely drive the car. My car was deemed unsafe to drive.  

At this point in time, I had no other choice but to have towed to a body shop and to invest in a rental, which is costing me $225 a week plus a $22/day basic protection fee. I have had this car a total of 4 weeks and my total has come out to $1,351.42.  

On top of all of this, my car insurance payment is due (I pay every 6 months because it is, in the end, cheaper that way), which comes out to another $692.49. At this point, I am well over $3,000 going out this month and I can’t afford it. My workplace is forcing me to take 12 days (almost 80 hours) of UNPAID vacation. 

I am in desperate need of help.  For all of these reasons, I’m reaching out to you and asking for donations of any kind, even if you can only afford to donate a couple of dollars–or even just one dollar. Every little bit helps and I will be eternally grateful to anyone who wants to help. My paypal is If you are unable to donate, thank you for reading this, and I ask only that you please, please, please reblog and signal boost this to the rest of your followers.


This is a long shot, but here goes:

My parents own a second property in the Ballard neighborhood. It’s a duplex and they’re looking to rent the other side. Currently, my sister and her husband live on one side.

They told me I’m more than welcome to move in and rent out, but I’d need to find a roommate.


Here are the specs of the place:
-It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom duplex: master bedroom and bathroom are on the top floor; the second bedroom is in the basement.
-All hardwood floors on the top floor; carpet in the second bedroom
-In-unit washer and dryer
-Free street parking
-Nice backyard
-Gas stove in the kitchen
-Dishwasher and refrigerator as well
-Freshly painted walls throughout the house -Close to bus lines to downtown Seattle, Fremont, Green Lake, U District.
-Easy access to I-5 and Highway 99.

Now for the stats:
-Rent: $850/mo per person. That includes water, sewage, and garbage. We would be responsible for electricity, gas, and internet.
-ABSOLUTELY NO PETS. My parents allowed pets in the past, but after the previous tenants had their dog, they were like NOPE.

Please help a lady out! I don’t post stuff like this often, but I wouldn’t do it unless I absolutely have to.

If anyone wants photos, I can post them!