URL Graphic Meme

Send me a message and I’ll make a graphic based on your URL.  If I’m not familiar with it, I might ask for a brief description (and there’s a chance I’ll decline–especially if you’re not a friend or a mutual).

EDIT: It’ll be easier for me if your URL was from a specific fandom. 

EDIT: Please describe to me what your URL is and what fandom it’s from. 

EDIT: If your URL is not from a specific fandom, and it’s completely made up, I probably will decline your offer.  If you’re a friend or a mutual of mine, I can make a graphic based on the content on your blog if you wish (just let me know). :)

I hate how as soon as you’re out as a part of the LGBT community people automatically expect you to be sympathetic and give a shit when someone talks about “gay marriage” or they’ll look at you if there’s a white gay male couple on tv but they don’t understand that I, a queer and trans nonwhite Latina, literally do not care about what white gay males want to do.