Pining (Liv x Peyton) a fanfic

I seem to ship the really obscure ships so I decided to post this as I hardcore ship liv and peyton. @wickedlyoncing Described this as angsty so that’s what it is. And look at the title, it probably is self explanatory

Hem hem hem here it goes;


 ‘Pining- to yearn deeply/ suffer’ she read, and laughed softly to herself ‘Yeah that’s what was happening to me’ Liv thought. She looked away from the definition she had pulled up, to try and give a name to the sensation she was feeling.

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Barisi Episode Tag, 17x20

(8.1K. Rafael POV. Inspired by Uncle Sonny, by Rafael and Liv’s magically repaired relationship and by Mother’s Day. Also inspired by the idea of Sonny and Rafael babysitting the squad babies together. Note that there are strong Barson friendship feels in this story and that it basically incorporates the entire season, not just last week’s episode. It is 100% canon-compliant.)

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Baby Talk

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Rafael is in a cab, rushing to the precinct.

There’s no real need to rush, but Rafael does it anyway. He told his mother he had a work emergency, right before leaving their table in a hurry, so the least he can do is get straight to the precinct without any dawdling.

There’s no real emergency. It’s just another case.


Any excuse to get out of brunch with Lucia Barba on Mother’s Day.

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