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Nicola is so good. Maryse carries so much in her eyes and her emotional scenes are phenomenal. Also, what are your thoughts on this episode?

Nicola is amazing and she really gives Maryse a lot of depth. I love that she’s getting a redemption arc; if Alec deserves one for his biases, then so does she. As for the ep, it obviously wasn’t as strong as last week’s but it wasn’t bad, either. I’ll bullet point some thoughts:

  • The Seelie Court kiss was always a given, but I’m glad that it wasn’t all about the drama but the Queen making a point to Simon that Shadowhunters will always choose their own
  • I loved Luke’s interactions with everyone. I love seeing his history with Maryse delved into, he finally got to confront Valentine, it seems the Plot Thickens with Ollie, I liked the emphasis on his importance as a respected alpha in the Downworld
  • We saw Magnus touch on what happened to him – not in detail, but I like that the Downworld leaders know about it and that Magnus trusted everyone there enough to talk about it
  • I like that we’re meant to see Sebastian as a creepy meddling fuck and not a good person at all. It’s not a coincidence that he learned about the love triangle only for the Queen to use it against them, nor is it a coincidence that this + his attempt to get Luke arrested are both meant to break Downworld/Shadowhunter relations further.
  • Maryse reconciling with both her children was great
  • Magnus and Alec playacting at being professional colleagues was pretty adorable and it was nice to hear Alec say the word boyfriend out loud
  • Really glad rizzy was put into the ground for good; i don’t even care how they went about it I just wanted it to end

All in all I think while people’s instincts are to dismiss or not dismiss an episode based on which ships they favor, I actually found the romance wasn’t as much at the forefront as I anticipated for this episode and it’s important not to sweep the developments concerning the politics and Luke under the table. I didn’t care much for the love triangle, obviously, but actually I found even the kiss – which was purely for drama in the books – had a bit of a political edge to it here and it’s interesting that it wasn’t even really about Clary or Jace. It was about Simon and the Seelie Queen, and her interest in getting someone as unique as a Daylighter on her side.

So these two are Oleg Protopopov and Ludmila Belousova, four time world champions in pairs and the 1964 and 1968 Olympic Gold Medalists. They’ve been married since 1957, and they skated in exhibitions and galas together well into their seventies. What I linked is a program they did together in 2015, when they were eighty and eighty-two. 

This is one of those posts, but that is 9,000% going to be Victor and Yuuri. They’re going to do romantic exhibitions together until they’re quite literally incapable of it. It will be the 2072 Winter Space Olympics, and there will be a special exhibition from them at the closing ceremony and everyone will cry even kids who were fifty years away from being born during their heyday. “Oh we could invite the gold medalist from eight years ago, but wouldn’t everyone prefer seeing eighty+ year old Victor and Yuuri?” “Tru.” 

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im crying you are so sweet ily

but really please just be patient i have like a thousand emails and i have to record ep 1 over again because of the crash
I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's why I left | Megan Phelps-Roper
What's it like to grow up within a group of people who exult in demonizing ... everyone else? Megan Phelps-Roper shares details of life inside America's most...

I think everyone needs to see this, but especially tumblr. It’s a powerful argument for free speech and shows that no matter how much you disagree or how bigoted a person is it’s always better if you approach them with compassion and understanding instead of anger. If a member of the WBC deserves the benefit of the doubt, everyone does.

@eddsworldweek Day 7: Free Day

I really wanted to do a digital piece for the last day but I just don’t have the time.
I miss the Metal and Ink AU with all my heart but after everything that’s happened, I can’t go back to it. Nothing’s the same anymore. I love these boys and the story that was being told and I miss it dearly.

Thank you for this week. I really needed it. It’s been amazing seeing everyone unite for a common love in something and cheerfully share their passion. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it could be to share these feelings with others.
Initially I never wanted anyone to find this blog because I was so afraid of being dragged into another shit storm. But I gladly welcome all my new followers and hope they won’t be too afraid to talk to me.
Thank you everyone who participated in this week. Thank you for the people who worked so hard to set this week up. I’m really looking forward to the next one.

You guys all keep this world spinning. Thank you.
- 8-Ball

You don't mess with Min Yoongi

author: smolsyub



Description: For some reason, everyone is convinced that Yoongi is terrifying and eats puppies for breakfast (at least, according to Taehyung). As his boyfriend, Jimin is determined to make everyone see that Yoongi is actually really sweet.

Alternatively: 5 times Yoongi was soft, and one time he wasn’t.

Comments: Cute, just freaking cute.

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So you know how Jeremy jokingly said Lance dies? What if Lance DOES die, but Allura uses her power to bring him back?! Like imagine him actually dying and having that emotional "I really love you guys" moment and Allura is just like "I'M NOT LOSING ANOTHER PERSON I CARE ABOUT!" And goes super altean and heals him up good as new. Then everyone cries and he sees how much he matters to everyone. (Bonus: if he had another bonding moment with Keith and pretends to forget)

No but real talk this would be the perfect scenario for Lance and Allura’s sibling relationship to spring forth and come to light so to speak and I am 100% down with this.

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Hey Skrill, I don't hate you or anything, but maybe you should've not interacted when that person explicitly said not to? Like, I'm not saying you're a bad person or anything, but you maybe shouldn't have

Yea I shouldn’t, I realize I made a mistake
But maybe the person shouldn’t have used someone as an example and say “don’t interact me if you do this and this” instead
This is the internet, if a thing is public everyone can see it, me included
How would she think I should feel if I see “don’t interact with me if you’re you” even tho I did nothing to her? Sorry I just dislike being judged as a person without even being personally known
but anyways I deleted the post because I don’t want to harm anyone, people who dislike me included

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Why do you suppose it is that Niall's sexuality is never really discussed? I feel like for each of the other boys, there has obviously been lots of discussion about how they aren't or might not be straight, but with Niall, nothing. People believe in Larry, people believe in ziam, I suppose I did see some ziall believers back in the day, but on the whole everyone just sees niall as 100% straight, even though he's off the radar and never had a serious girlfriend. Why do you think that is?

Because he’s never given off the vibe that he’s sexually interested in men, and the other four all have. I think it’s as simple as that.

Being affectionate and cuddly with members of the same sex just isn’t the same as showing a sexual interest in them.


i really loved this episode, especially that it was so luke heavy. but it also focused on the political side of this world and it was interesting to see how everyone acts in such situations

- even though magnus understood that it was the right decision to keep his and alec’s professional and private lives seperate, he was still hurt. their decisions are already being questioned, on both sides. so it’s not easy to make this work, especially now when they are both leaders of their people
magnus is still in so much pain and his insecurities are even more visible now, that ‘have i done something wrong’ absolutely broke my heart. because he just blames himself for everything, even when none of it is his fault

- even though i know alec and magnus are dating, every time they mention it, i live. alec calling magnus his boyfriend, i need more of those small but important moments

- MR. LIGHTWOOD AND MR. BANE I SCREAMED they tried so hard to keep it professional but they managed to sound flirty even in such a situation. they’re so in love and they can’t stop themselves even for five minutes

- magnus congratulating alec on his promotion and then supporting his decisions… I LIVE. power couple af

- and magnus’ face when raphael called him out was amazing haha ‘son, i don’t need this right now’ ‘dad, please’

- alec being the head of the institute is everything. he’s been waiting his whole life for this and finally it has happened
and izzy being a proud sister? i have so many feels about this, i love it

- alec and izzy tried so hard to keep straight faces when jace said book club… bless their solidarity

- alec reaching out to luke specifically to show him respect was such an important moment
alec is trying really hard to unite everyone, even when the clave is so unhelpful (to say the least) and he realises it too well, he knows that luke has every right not to want to attend those meetings or cooperate with shadowhunters more than is necessary

- alec being there for his mother, making sure that she’s doing okay… i just love alec so much. because no matter what happened between them in the past, he’s still making sure that maryse is somehow dealing with her situation and he reminds her that he’s by her side 

- i loved the scene between alec and luke. alec knows he needs to do A LOT to gain luke’s trust because so far shadowhunters were only failing him and he suffered too much because of them. even though alec doesn’t approve it, he understands very well why luke wanted to kill valentine on his own 

- it was a bad decision to go to valentine’s cell. but honestly? i really can’t blame luke. he tried to give the clave a chance, he tried to let them handle it. and how did that end? the clave doesn’t care about the downworlders and luke has lost too many people, he suffered too much because of valentine. of course he wanted to kill him 

- jace playing on the piano was such a beautiful scene. and that comparison to him and sebastian playing at the end. showing just how similar their lives were when they were kids, yet so different. valentine using angel and demon blood on both of them but destroying lives of both of them
(no, i’m not trying to defend sebastian in any way. but he could be a normal person if it hadn’t been for valentine… who just killed his first son and created a monster) 

- jace’s smile when maia’s name was mentioned is the most beautiful one and i loved every second of it
even though i know they could never be an actual couple, i still love the fact that their relationship or whatever it is, it brings both of them happiness

- can we talk about the fact that jace didn’t want to make another move on clary just because she had a boyfriend? because jace would never want to do something so horrible like stealing someone’s girlfriend, he didn’t even want to think about his own feelings

- jace was so worried about his boyfriend when they were about to go to the seelie realm, it was just so adorable

- 'that tree almost tore simon’s pretty face off’ 'you think i’m pretty?’ please tell me how either of them is straight, i’ll wait 

- all those cute things jace said about simon… yeah, tell me how jace isn’t in love with simon 

- maryse congratulating alec on his promotion and supporting him, i love everything about this. and when she mentioned alec writing his own memos in crayon when he was a kid, i was in tears. i love when she mentions all those moments from the past that show they are family, a real family 

- maryse trying to fix her mistakes, make things right with everyone she hurt… i can’t wait to see that. she’s always wanted to do the right thing but in doing so she hurt a lot of people. and now she realises this. i hope we will get to see more of this, especially that her situation with luke still needs more work on her part

- izzy supporting maryse, telling her to leave robert. yes, i cried a lot. even though izzy has always felt like she wasn’t enough, she still loves her mother deeply and wants her to be happy

- maryse acknowledging alec and magnus’ relationship, FINALLY realizing that her son is happy and in love and FINALLY she understands that. this means everything

- i cried even more when maryse was actually behaving like izzy’s mother. she apologised for everything wrong she’s ever done to izzy and she wants to be there for her daughter
it was one of the most important scenes in this episode

- izzy’s training scene… oh boy sign me up
but it hurt a lot to see izzy thinking that maryse wouldn’t accept her. it did happen way too many times and now izzy thought it would be the same. izzy deserves people who will love her for being her

- but can she just throw me like she threw sebastian? please and thank you

- no matter how horrible izzy feels, she’s always there to support clary. izzy is the best friend anyone could ever ask for

- seelie realm is so beautiful and all seelies that live there are just so much different from the ones who live in the real world. i hope we’ll get another look in the future 

- seelie queen is AMAZING. you can see she’s at least 10 steps ahead of everyone and she has just began plotting

- it’s really interesting that the seelie queen wanted simon to be her ally. makes you think what exactly she is thinking about

- raphael hating sebastian from the second he met him is my aesthetic 

- 'all shadowhunters look the same to me’ meliorn delivering iconic lines

- i honestly couldn’t care less about that clace kiss. the only thing i actually think about when it comes to this scene is what a huge impact it has on simon. not only was he betrayed and cheated on right in front of his eyes but it also proved everything that the seelie queen had told him. and it’s that the shadowhunters will always choose their own. whether it’s true or the queen was just using the situation, nobody can deny that this will break simon into a million pieces 

- clary needs to finally leave simon alone, she doesn’t deserve him. she needs to let him move on because she’s never loved him, at least not romantically 

- rizzy is finally dead and i love everything
it’s clear that raphael still cares about izzy but in the end, he knows that they could never be truly together 

- sebastian needs to leave maia’s name out of his evil mouth

- sebastian was freaking scary when he talked to raphael. and even though he was correct, he had no right to say any of this to raphael. sebastian is a million times worse ugh

- the last scene with sebastian was freaking scary… and also, who did he kidnap?

- sia and bjork are seelies, i love name dropping on shadowhunters

- ollie is adorable but she needs to stop snooping around or she’ll get herself hurt… or worse

- 'i’m all for unity, but does he have to bring them here?’ sounded so much like 'i have nothing against gays but can they just not do it in front of me?’
and it only proves further how horrible people most of shadowhunters are


In the beginning, we hoped to choose this era’s bad boy, the sort who’s raved about by everyone everywhere. You can see all sorts of “rebellious” qualities commonly shared by many of the youth of this era in him: arrogant, temperamental, rash, blunt…. And it’s a super magnified version. His “badness” comes from his unabashed desire and insistence on being his true self. In the end, as fate would have it, we finally managed to get an appointment with him, Huang Zitao.

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Things I'm excited about in 7x20

- seeing the Emison GAYby
- finding out the Father of the GAYby
- Ezria wedding
- Spoby reunion
- Emison engagement (promo photos confirm?)
- Haleb baby?
- WREN’S BIG RETURN (I’m not even counting those 4 seconds from 7x15)
- PLL Mom’s all being back together again & on screen
- answers on how the Mom’s got out of the basement
- to see who Wren shoots and why!
- to see the scene that made everyone cry
- to see who A.D is and why they took the mini dolls of the girls with them in the last episode
- what the cup has to do with everything
- why A.D (or A.D’s helper) was dressed in scrubs… in front of a blind girl…
- who shot Spencer & why?
- what was in the Braille book that A.D handed to Jenna
- to see how the show ends and if the young girls from the IMDb cast list are either new girls it will happen to at the end (full circle) OR the girls from Marlene’s new show The Perfectionists

Similarities (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: hey guys! I really liked writing this imagine and it was a very cute idea so props to the anon that requested it 👏
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: The reader is a genius much like Reid himself who has self-esteem issues because they see everyone around them being much older and more experienced than her, so Reid does his best to help her grow more accustomed to the group and praises her when she helps solve a case
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader has told spencer about her feelings but…
You shyly walked through the glass double doors of your new job, gripping your bag strap that rests across your shoulder.
You were instructed to go to SSA Aaron Hotchner’s office, which was straight through the bullpen and up the stairs, the closest to your left.
You never forget directions, it’s just a gift you were born with.
You were also born with impressive intelligence.
You are so smart, you had to skip 7th and 9th grade because you learn so fast.
As you walked through the large room, you observed your peers.
Everyone looked a good five to ten years older than you, making you feel even more uneasy as you were to begin with.
You proceeded towards the unit chief’s office, and arrived with a quiet knock, receiving a stern “come in.”
You entered with a shy smile, keeping your hands occupied with the strap of your bag again.
“You must be Y/N L/N. Welcome to the team.” He said holding his hand out.
“Oh um… I have a germ thing.” You said, hesitating to hold out your fist as you did with others, but deciding to anyways.
“Fist bumps transfer five times less germs than a handshake.” You said, making the chief smile shallowly as he bumped your fist gently.
“I will introduce you to the team.” He said standing up and leading you out the door.
So far so good.
“Guys, this is our new member of the team Doctor Y/N L/N.” He introduced as you cringed at the title “doctor.”
“Just agent L/N is fine.” You said as heat rose to your cheeks.
“Well, I’m Emily Prentiss. It’s nice to have you on the team.” She said with a smile, holding her hand out as well.
“I have a germ thing.” You said removing your hand from the strap once again as you held out your fist.
She laughed softly and fist bumped your fist, feeling a little more comfortable as no one judged as you bet everyone else.
“Looks like we’ve got another one of those.” An older man named Rossi said tilting his head towards the door as a tall, younger man entered in a rush.
He joined the circle, holding onto the strap of his messenger bag, mirroring your actions.
You immediately let go of your strap as he noticed the similar habit.
“Spence this is Doctor Y/N L/N, the new member of our team.” The blonde, JJ, said, exaggerating the “doctor”, making you cringe again.
“The title isn’t necessary, just agent works for me.” You said again now picking at your nails at the loss of your natural habit.
“Uh hi. I’m Spencer Reid, also doctor. Is it PhD’s that gave you the title?” He asked curiously.
“Yeah, you?”
“Me too. What do you specialize in?”
“Psychology.” You said, feeling a little more confident as you spoke about one of your greatest accomplishments.
“Cool! I specialize in mathematics, chemistry and engineering, i-if you were wondering.” He said nodding his head.
His intelligence made you feel left out and overruled.
A while later, you joined the team at the round table as they filled you in on the latest investigation they were working on.
The team had a lead on a man killing woman randomly, no preference, which makes anyone a victim, until you took a look at two of the most recent victims.
Your eyes scavenged over the faces, seeing something but you couldn’t put a finger on it.
“Do you see something Y/N?” Emily asked, making you quickly turn around.
“Oh um I’m not sure yet.” You said, your voice shaking as you lied.
Your reason sounded stupid and off topic.
Everyone went back to what they were doing and you kept examining the faces.
You felt the presence of someone behind you and out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Spencer’s brown locks as he stood very close behind you as he too observed the pictures.
“Can someone call Garcia to pull up all of the victims pictures please?” He asked looking down at you. “Don’t worry I see it too.”
He was so close to you, you could smell the warm scent of spice from his cologne, sending a shiver down your spine.
All six of the pictures were displayed on the screen mounted on the wall.
Spencer leaned forward a little bit and whispered to you. “Tell me what you see.” He said softly.
“Umm their faces, the symmetry is essentially the same.” You said quietly.
“Alright what kind of spell are you two casting over there?” JJ asked.
“Yeah what do you two geniuses see?” Rossi added.
“Facial symmetry.” You and Spencer said at the same time as you both turned to face the team.
A few faces lit up with surprise at the synchronization of yours and Spencer’s thoughts.
“I don’t think our UnSub is a male, I think it is a woman.” You proposed.
“Yeah yeah that makes since. The markings and gashes amongst the face could be a symbol showing she’s practically ruining their facial impressions. This woman could be mad at society considering the harsh beauty qualifications for woman these days.” Spencer said looking at you.
“Actually models are chosen by the amount of facial symmetry, the more symmetrical their face is to the corresponding sides the more “beautiful” they are.” You explained.
After the team took in the information, they got a hit on the woman and the team took off, leaving Spencer to accompany you since you can’t go on the field yet.
He met you at the coffee pot, leaning against the counter as you poured sugar into your cup.
“Hey you were great today.” He said with a smile. “Not everyone solves a case on their first day.”
“Solved it? I don’t think I would give myself that much credit. You saw it too I didn’t exactly save the day. The same thing would have happened if I wasn’t there to be honest.” You said while sipping your drink.
“Why are you cutting yourself so short. If I didn’t notice you studying the screen, I probably wouldn’t have even thought about it.” He said following you to the table again.
You decided to let him end the conversation; he seems like someone who won’t let you have the last word.
“I uh… noticed earlier that you like to hold the strap of your bag like I do. I guess it’s just another thing we have in common.” He said with a small chuckle.
Why is he so cute?
“Oh yeah, it’s just gives my hands something to do.” You said looking down at your lap.
The rest of the team came through the door, already grabbing their things to leave.
“Well I guess we better get going home.” You said standing up and grabbing your coat and bag.
“Where do you live?” Spencer asked abruptly. “I mean, that sounded weird… I noticed there wasn’t an extra car in the lot today so I figured you took a cab or walked.” He said making you smile at his intelligence.
“I live a short walking distance. The Capital Plaza apartments.” You said heading towards the doors.
“No way! Me too!” He said as you pressed the down button next to the elevator.
“That’s cool! We can walk together.” You suggested as you stepped in the elevator.
About 20 minutes later, you and Spencer arrived at the apartments and he insisted that he walks you to your apartment even though it was a floor above his.
You unlocked your door and tried to keep it as closed as possible, trying not to expose your messy apartment to the cute man standing in front of you.
“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said breaking the silence.
“Yeah, yeah I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.” He said before turning around and heading back down the staircase.

Jyrus Idea

I am thinking about doing a five plus one story. Where Cyrus starts dating and Jonah starts to get jealous about it. So he sabotages all of the dates. Nothing to bad but making sure there isn’t a second one. Eventually Cyrus catches on and subtly hints at another date. Jonah of course sabotages it. Only to find out the date is with him.

With plenty of side Iris/Amber and Buffy/Andi. Who would want to read it? I’ll post it here and on AO3. I just want to see what everyone thinks about it. So would you?

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You're trying to lose weight & want your blog to be motivation, yet your dp is u with a cookie! Smh!

SUP ANON! Fun Fact: You can still have progress and not have to sacrifice certain things you like. You don’t have to completely cut things out of your life to enjoy the journey and see results. Everyone’s choices are their own and there are multiple paths to the same destination. That destination of health means different things to everyone on the journey.

Another fun fact since you’re making it about weight loss, I’m not “trying to lose weight” and not succeeding. I’ve actually lost 65 lbs since last October without having to completely cut things I like out of my life, it’s been about enjoying certain amounts when the time is right and I’ve been on track. So yes, I can eat a cookie, have a slice of pizza, drink a lemonade here and there, and more! I go to the gym, take care of myself, I never beat myself up about what I eat, and I still see results. Time and time again moderation has worked for many people, it’s also about being gracious with yourself in the long run.

Check your stigmas at the door ANON, your comment makes no fucking sense. You can have a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy life, that simple.