I wish people would talk about Minghao’s singing more

I wish people would talk about
Minghao’s amazing dancing skills more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s visuals more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s relationship with the other members more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s cute little elf ears more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s aegyo more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s cuddliness more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s martial arts skills more

I wish people would talk about Minghao’s obvious loss in weight more

I wish people would appreciate Minghao for the true talent he possesses

I wish Minghao didn’t feel so under appreciated


613.5 - Cubchoo have a constant runny nose, which they use as the raw material for their ice moves. You can tell how healthy a Cubchoo is by examining the consistency of their snot. As these cubs age, they become considerably larger and more powerful, turning an all-white that will grant them better camouflage in their icy environment. A mature Cubchoo’s breath becomes so cold that its mucus will begin to freeze into icicles, which it can break off and use as a weapon as a last defense. 

Requested by @flyingbananadinosaur, thesoundbender, and a sweet anon.

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Not all battles are physical

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In the fight against Zarkon, one must always be ready, but during quiet hours when the castle is not a flurry of activity, the leader of lions spends a few precious hours learning that it’s a leader’s duty to care for himself first.

Shiro’s mind knows that he is free, that he is somewhere safe and protected, but his body forgets. His body only remembers what has been ingrained into it through beatings and surprise ambushes, and that is survival. When he wakes, he does so instantly, no grogginess or leisurely stretching here. Instead, he snaps from a light doze (another thing his body had forgotten: deep slumber) and into high alert, eyes darting, chest heaving, searching for any potential threat.

He finds none. Of course not. But the tension is always there, no matter how much Shiro tries to will it away.

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(”ノ°▽°)ノ   The secret behind Bokuto’s hot body…BOYFRIEND TRAINING MOTIVATION GO!!

errr. So while i was obsessing over Bokuroo with @snowflakers I came to realize that everything i’ve drawn for them up till now was just…either being retards or suffering. So have some smooches.

That is all.

“i’m sweating my goddamn balls off, jack. it’s hot as FUCK out here!”

it’s a balmy summer afternoon in bumfuck nowhere (aka indiana) and gabriel reyes can’t take the heat. his drenched shirt clings to his chest uncomfortably, sweat dripping down his brow.

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anonymous asked:

Hi don't mean to bother you but your blog always makes me smile and im really sad and you said that we could come to you if we needed a laugh so can you tell me a joke or a funny story or something please im sorry to trouble you im just really upset and your blog is my favorite blog.

Ok so a quick story that might make you laugh is this one about how Little Emily was a dumbass. When I used to go to Sunday School, before my mom was like “fuck that” and stopped making us go, they really played up how important making confession is. So we were like getting ready for First Communion and before we did that we had to go to confession with the priest for the first time ever. So we’re all sitting in the church, going in one by one. And they’re like “time to confess your SINS” and making a big deal out of it. And I was like shitting my pants because I was a Good Kid who never really did something I would consider worthy of confessing to a priest so I had no idea what to say when I got in there.

So it’s finally my turn- I think they made us go alphabetically so I had to wait awhile because my last name begins with an M so I was smack dab in the middle of this giant group of second graders. And I get in there and it’s like a dark intimidating room and I completely freeze up. And the priest- who was actually a really nice guy who I saw in church every weekend but for some reason found really scary when he was behind this screen thing- was like “so????” 

So not knowing what to do I made up a story about how my little sister had a book that I really wanted and she wouldn’t give it to me so I pushed her down the stairs. I think I even added some great detail and said it was a Dr. Seuss book. The priest was clearly like “wtf” but he told me to say like 10 Hail Mary’s or whatever and then it was over.

And that’s the story of how I lied to the priest when I was supposed to be confessing my sins. I never did confession again.

“I’m too much of a mess right now to be left alone, huh?” said Akoya as he, once again, made his way to Ibushi’s arms.

“I told you already, you’re the loveliest mess I’ve ever seen.”

Now, that was a compliment Akoya could get used to.

“I like when you call me that.”

A fanart inspired to one of my favorite Boueibu fics, “Family jewels” by @mostlikelytofangirl. There is basically no valid reason for not reading her “Something wicked” series! I could go on and on about what I love of this stories, but hey, there is magic - with witches, vampires, ghosts, great characterization, some of the sweetest Akoya&Ryuu interactions I have ever read, lots of tenderness (and angst, aw) and En and Ibushi together make the best humor ever (or not?). It was also very hard to choose what to draw… but eventually, I thought the birthday girl would be happy with the OTP :D

Happy birthday Ale, I really hope you’re having a great day!!! Thank you for being the sweetest and most precious person ever, you’re a treasure! ♥