I’m Not That Kind of Doctor (Clint Barton x reader)

Clint couldn’t believe what was being asked of him for this mission; well, not even a true mission really, but a task that Tony decided that he was perfect for beyond everyone’s better judgement.  The group sat around the conference room, giving him their best looks of support and encouragement as he held the crisp, white coat in his hands, staring down at it as if it were making him painfully uncomfortable to even have it touching his skin.

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What if somebody was suppressing Zelda's powers?

So in Breath of the Wild, the three dragons are Farosh, who I associate with courage bc he’s green and hangs out near Faron, which has the Spring of Courage; Dinraal, who I associate with power because he’s red, although he usually stays a little ways west of the Spring of Power; and Naydra, who is blue and lives near the Spring of Wisdom.

Farosh and Dinraal can be found flying around in the world, while Naydra stays at the Spring of Power until you visit him. Naydra is covered in Malice and you have to get it off to access the Spring’s shrine.

This makes me wonder why Ganon infected Naydra and not any of the other dragons. Assuming the dragons have always travelled the same paths, Dinrall would have been the closest to Ganon at Hyrule Castle, right?

I think maybe the dragons in Breath of the Wild are connected to the powers of the Triforce holders. And I think Ganon went after Naydra because Zelda is a very strong opponent to Ganon.

Zelda has used her powers to wipe out a field of Guardians, keep Ganon suppressed for 100 years, magically conjure up a powerful bow for Link to use, and obliterate Ganon at the very end.

I mean strategically, it would make sense. Link doesn’t ever gain too much power when he gets his Triforce of Courage, right? So it would make sense for Ganon to go after Zelda ASAP, especially of he knew what she could do with her powers.

If this theory is true, even though it’s really based on one little thing that could just be Nintendo being symbolic, then this could have some implications.

This really makes me curious about how strangely effective Calamity Ganon is in this game. Not only does he make Central Hyrule uninhabitable and take over ancient Shiekah technology that was meant to be used against him, he also succeeds in suppressing Zelda’s powers for a very long time, and he actually kills Link. When has a Ganon ever been this good?

Edit: lol also forgot to mention that the dragon names are very similar to Din, Farore, and Nayru who were the gods of power, courage, and wisdom iirc.

Sometimes we have thoughts that even we don’t understand. Thoughts that aren’t even true—that aren’t really how we feel—but they’re running through our heads anyway because they’re interesting to think about.

If you could hear other people’s thoughts, you’d overhear things that are true as well as things that are completely random. And you wouldn’t know one from the other. It’d drive you insane. What’s true? What’s not? A million ideas, but what do they mean?” 
― Jay Asher, Thirteen Reasons Why

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Reacting to the other crying about something. EldenxDorian

Thank you so much for the prompt! I am still slowly but surely getting through these. Here’s some angst for you. I’ve actually had this draft sitting around for a while so thank you for the excuse to finally finish it!


Dorian woke up feeling cold. That wasn’t exactly something he experienced often since he’d started sleeping in the Inquisitor’s bed. Normally Elden had no sense of personal space and somehow managed to wrap himself around Dorian while he slept. Despite any complaints he had made in the past, Dorian really didn’t mind. Now, however, the familiar weight of Elden pressed up against him was missing and Dorian was surprised by how disappointed he was at the absence. He wondered absently where Elden could have gone but a strangled intake of breath startled him out of his thoughts. He rolled over to see Elden sitting up against the headboard, face in his hands.

“Elden?” Dorian asked groggily, trying to focus through the haze of sleep.

“Sorry,” Elden said quickly as he turned away, wiping a hand across his face. “Did I wake you?”

“What is it?” Dorian asked, wishing more than anything that he would look at him.

“Nothing. It’s all right, go back to sleep,” Elden said quickly. “I’m just gonna get some water.”

“Wait,” Dorian said quickly, reaching out and taking his arm before he could go.

Elden looked at him in surprise and Dorian could see the redness of his eyes and the pain there and it broke his heart. He didn’t want Elden to go. He didn’t want him to be alone. Elden had gone through so much, carrying the world on his shoulders. Failure wasn’t an option, they both knew that more than anyone, but it was Elden who all this rested on. Dorian wished desperately that he could take some of that weight for him, ease some of the pain, but he didn’t know how. Dorian never knew what to do in moments like these.

He sat up and wrapped his arms around him and Elden all but collapsed against him, burying his face in Dorian’s chest, clinging to him. Dorian just held him as he felt Elden shudder against him, wracked by silent sobs. Dorian felt so useless, his chest aching at the thought of everything Elden suffered. Even when Elden finally stilled Dorian just held him close, placing soft kisses to his temple wishing he had any idea how he could help.

“I’m sorry,” Elden said with a shaky laugh after a long silence. “How embarrassing of me.”

“No,” Dorian said quickly. It was strange. Of course he didn’t want Elden to cry, ever, and he ached with the pain he must be feeling, but somehow Dorian felt… relieved, he supposed, that Elden was able to aroud him. He didn’t want him to be embarrassed. Dorian wanted to share everything with him, even this. True he wasn’t really much use but at least if he knew Elden was upset he could try to help. “Don’t. Please don’t apologize.”

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Elden said miserably. “I’m so afraid.”

“I know, amatus,” Dorian whispered.

Elden closed his eyes as Dorian reached up, letting his fingers ghost over his cheek. Elden had never really been given a choice in all this, had he? It was all just heaped upon his shoulders and it was all slowly crushing him. Dorian had decided from the very beginning that he would do anything in his power to support Elden, but he wasn’t even sure any of this could ever help and he hated it. Was there anything he even could say that wouldn’t sound disingenuous? Honestly before all this Dorian would have never thought the day would come when words would fail him and yet when it came to Elden, he found it happened more often than he would like. Dorian had to at least try, though. Unfortunately he wasn’t exactly good at dealing with anything unless there was alcohol involved and he knew that wouldn’t help Elden.

“I know,” Dorian whispered again. “You’re doing fine, amatus. We’ll get through this.”

He knew all too well that it wasn’t enough. Words were easy but that made them hard to believe and there was no way for them to truly convey the emotions Dorian felt. Besides, that last statement was most likely a lie. The likelihood of any of them getting out of this was slim to none. If there was a chance, however, Dorian would do anything in his power to make sure Elden made it through this alive. After everything he of all people deserved to find some sort of happiness. He just held Elden tightly against him, trying not to think of what was to come as he ran his fingers through Elden’s hair.

Sometimes we have thoughts that even we don’t understand. Thoughts that aren’t even true—that aren’t really how we feel—but they’re running through our heads anyway because they’re interesting to think about.
—  Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why

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Are people still mad about that Tom King stuff? The dude was joking and I find it funny people think he doesn't know his lore since when you talk to him he clearly does. The worst I saw was some Bruce fans thinking he shouldn't be on Batman cause obviously Batman should be the best fighter, when that's not even true.

I really don’t care how serious he was, it’s not a good look for him to troll fans like that. Saying Jason is more stupid than a dog and then just shrugging when his upset fans respond just makes him a drama stirrer and coupled with the fact that I don’t like his writing, I’m happy here disliking him for it. 

You know… I just realized I have very little Wincestiel - or even really true polyships - on my kink card. It seems like a majority of it is Wincest - which is fine and fun but… I don’t feel like a good multishipper. Which translates to… Some of these kink fills may change because I’m weak.

i feel like its taken me a little while to realize i like girls–which isnt even really true tbh–but i know it couldnt have taken me any sooner, which is a weird feeling to have

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sigh, It's that same mindset of people like anon that has people calling HR useless. Will it ever end? (and never mind that a West is the actual new flash, but go off anon and spread the 'only scientists are worthy' news )

I don’t know if Anon only meant to imply that the Wests are useless at science (which isn’t even really true, since Wally is a talented engineer, albeit a college freshman). But I think it’s important for fandom to note that a person or character isn’t useless simply because they’re not any good at one specific thing. The fact Savitar was defeated in great part by two non-superpowered writers shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In terms of raw skillsets, all of the main characters are very useful. If they’re standing around doing very little, it’s really on TPTB for not finding a way to utilize them correctly. I have zero confidence that Barry could write an investigative newspaper article, or that Cisco could interrogate a suspect, or that Caitlin could bust out a series of bestselling romances. AND THAT’S FINE. There’s some idea that a character has to be a real Renaissance wo/man to be worthy, or that it’s insulting to suggest each character isn’t perfectly capable of toting a rifle in one hand, a laptop in the other, and making cupcakes with their toes. And, in fact, by making every character capable of these things, it only belittles the others’ skills.

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I assume they’re referring to her saying two months ago that he was dating someone too. If it’s even true we really don’t know if it’s with his full consent for her to say it and it’s also no big deal

Oh i remember when she said that, it was a bit not good imo, idk it sounded weird and yeah as you said, we don’t know if that was said with his full consent.
Wonder if that’s what anon is referring since that stuff is a bit old?? I think it’s even older than 2 months, wasn’t that a bit afterwards the FT interview with Martin was published?

  • Gyro: MAN-its tough being an inventor.Goofy: Hyuck, your telling me Gyro old boy!
  • Gyro: Oh hello dog-friend of Donald's, I didn't know you invented.
  • Goofy: Yes indeed I do, one time I made a car that ran on perpetual energy!
  • Gyro: ...excuse me?
  • Goofy: But I couldn't get it to stop so it failed-
  • Gyro: ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS YOU DOG-FACED SON OF A BITCH?! You figured out perpetual damn energy, you could've EASILY used that design for something else!
  • Goofy: But my first prototype failed, and EVERYONE knows that's when you stop.
  • Gyro: not even CLOSE to true!
  • Goofy: Really? Huh...kind-of seems like there's an unintended negative sub-text to me giving up on an invention and never improving it, implying that we should give up on the first try, don't try to work on the kinks, and never truly succeed through our failures, as giving up is way easier.
  • Gyro: ...
  • Goofy: Hyuck!

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It's kinda suspicious that all of a sudden Mark is saying all these things about how he almost slept with Carrie. Like ok she not here anymore to say anything about it but it kinda makes me question it like is even really true? What's the timeline? Because it would make zero sense if it's around the same time Carrie was having the affair with Harrison and we know she in deep with him. So idk maybe it's just me but It makes me question Mark.

Hm, I don’t think he’s lying. He might be jealous and perhaps a bit resentful, but I doubt he would make things up. Also, Carrie might have been “in deep” with Harrison and having regular hook ups with him but… I doubt she stopped there. And her jokingly saying to Daisy Ridley a year ago during TFA’s promo tour, “Don’t go through the crew like wildfire” isn’t the only indication to me that she didn’t stop at Harrison. It’s obvious from her interviews, her books and so on that she got around. So I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she messed around with Mark too. Also, in her book titled “Surrender the Pink”, the main protagonist who is “loosely” based on herself has an affair with a grown man called Henry. I won’t get into details but it’s very, very obvious it’s actually Harrison or inspired by him, because thanks to what we know now, even the timeline of their affair in the book coincides with the affair Carrie had with Harrison. BUT. There’s another guy too. While she writes about “Henry” for like 6 pages, she writes about this “boy” for half a page. In the book, he’s close to her age and in her class. She knows he likes her but she won’t reciprocate his feelings. She finds him nice though. Sounds familiar? …

Question: Is it odd for an INFJ to fixate on the idea that wounds from early in life affect the person we are in the present?

I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. I believe I am an INFJ (I’ve been typed as an INFP and INFJ) and while generally I’m constantly looking to the future, I find myself fascinated with studying psychology to better understand how past events affect the present, which I think is more of a Si based activity. The reason it fascinates me is because it gives me a tangible way to study human behavior (which I believe would be a Ti based activity, looking for objectivity to better understand something that is subjective) and would help me better relate to others, especially those close to me (which would be more of a Fe based concern). Is that odd for INFJs to focus on something like that, just looking at the cognitive functions. I know that behavior and personality don’t equate to MBTI type, but I also think it’s odd for an Ni dominant to look to the past.

Well, my ENFJ father says, “If you know history, you won’t be stupid about the future. You’ll look to the past to gather patterns to predict future outcomes.”

So no, it’s not anti-Ni. (He’s one of the most historically well-read people I’ve ever known… and when it comes to predicting major upheavals, shifts, and things few people saw coming in our inner circle, he hasn’t been wrong yet. The Ne’s around him are all, “Ehh… maybe,” and he’s like, “No, listen to me. This IS going to happen” and then it does.)

I know of an NFJ who looks to the past a lot, in general. So much so that once in awhile for LOLZ I tease her about massive amounts of Si. She’s still Ni, tho. (I’m sorry, girl friend. I gotta tease you sometimes. I need amusements, and it’s payback for comparing me to Alexander Hamilton all the time. :P)

Si is subjective sensory impressions. Often, we define it by “looking to the past” but it’s much more complex than that, and that’s not even really accurate. True high Si in someone would enable them to create an entire mythological fictional universe built up of their sensory perceptions – to take everyone in their life, strip them down to a sensory archetype, and reintroduce them into a new world. Think JRR Tolkien, and his books – where his friends are the characters, where his wartime experiences become events in Middle-Earth, but everything takes on a much bigger, more intense, more impressionistic “epic” feel to it, because these things in his mind, these personal sensory experiences, are HUGE to him. Monumental things, compressed into art. THAT is Si.

Thinking on the past isn’t Si, unless you’re thinking on it in terms of a subjective sensory impression that makes sense only to you, because you are, legitimately, the ONLY PERSON THERE who had that experience. It’s yours. Si is individualistic, impressionistic, centered in self.

- ENFP Mod

So, you know how I said this thing had developed plot outside of the ridiculous smut? Well, this is the start of the plot.

(Why am I writing this when I literally have three exchange/challenge stories due soon? I don’t knooooooow.)


Percy doesn’t make the picture his wallpaper, but he does save it on his desktop for easy access. He names it “design 4” for some stupid reason - nobody lives with him, and even if they did, his computer is passworded and encrypted to within an inch of its life, so there’s really no one to see that he has a picture of a beautiful topless woman sitting right there. It makes him feel a little less like a creep, though.

Sleep is elusive. He refuses to - well, take care of the problem Vex caused, so to speak, because it somehow feels like a line he shouldn’t cross. So he lays awake for a long time, her voice and her picture stuck in his head. His alarm goes off far too early, and only then does he remember the conference call he has this morning. “Fuck me,” he mutters, rubbing his face.

A shower and a pot of coffee later, he feels somewhat human, and settles into his office for the call. It’s with a firm in Marquet, looking to build a new building for their headquarters. A tricky job, as they want the building to fit in with the rest of the Ank’Harel’s architecture; it would have been easier for them to hire a local firm, but they’ve come to the company he works for because of their reputation. Percy doesn’t fool himself - he may be the youngest partner, but his family name brings in a lot of potential business. It’s now up to him to prove to the potential clients that he’s the best architect for the job, with or without his name.

He’s an hour into the call, talking locally sourced materials and ideas for the entry hall, when he realizes Vesper is sitting behind him, on the small couch he keeps in the corner of his office. During a break in his speech, he mutes his mic and raises an eyebrow at her. “Shouldn’t you be working?”

She raises her iPhone at him. “I am working. Carry on.”

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“Sometimes we have thoughts that even we don’t understand. Thoughts that aren’t even true—that aren’t really how we feel—but they’re running through our heads anyway because they’re interesting to think about.” —Jay Asher 

“Here is a new spiritual practice for you: don’t take your thoughts so seriously.” —Eckhart Tolle  

artwork by Julian Landini