one of these people is about to be murdered can you guess who

(also, this comic makes no sense if you don’t know the weird al song “white & nerdy.” so. sorry about that.)

This creepy crawler is known as the Southern Ocean giant sea spider. It dwells at the bottom of the ocean and has a leg span that can reach up to 25 centimeters (equalling that of the largest living land spiders). Even creepier, it doesn’t really have what you can call a body, so all of its organs are housed in its legs.

The ocean never runs out of things to haunt your dreams.

via: New Scientist


skin experimentation that turned into the beginning of a project I might never get around to finishing, a G2-centric BIONICLE Minecraft resource pack.

So far, normal spiders are LoSS, skeletons are Skull Warriors (and Slicers if I can get random mob textures working, they’re lazy recolors anyways), golden armor is changed up into a nifty Protector-lookin’ armor, Wither skellies are Kulta, and cave spiders are fucked-up skull spiders.

Don’t blame me, blame Minecraft for having the “spider_eyes” texture be shared by both normal and cave spiders, unless I can force an eyes texture for cave spiders. Even IF I removed all the other red, they’d still be messed up since the skull spider texture has no head.

I should put up shots of my own original MC texture pack sometime.

I feel like Tuxedo Mask was the inspiration of Kaitou KID…

I feel like Tuxedo Mask was the inspiration of Kaitou KID

“…Okay, I know. Sailor Moon was more popular, it took off, it got an anime, it was known outside of Japan. People will always jump to that guy when they see me. But let me explain something to you…”

“Tuxedo Mask was apparently introduced in the first chapter of Sailor Moon. In 1992. I was introduced in 1987.”

“So please do me a favour and never say that again. Thank you.”


MC x Max 

Based on this prompt

Warning: Some Language.

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I have this one hc of where Boruto is terrified of spiders but Himawari adores them. Especially the huge almost furry-like ones that are pretty docile and you can keep as pets.

Do I think himawari would be the kind of sister who’ll pick up her pet spider she gotten from Shino and tried to get Boruto pet it, ultimately having to chase him around the house with it in her hands?

Yes, yes I do.

Everyday Inconveniences of an Empath

Me: *Driving down road. Sees tiny caterpillar hanging from silk thread attached to driver’s side mirror.*

Caterpillar: *Blowing haphazardly with the wind, hanging on for dear life.*

Me: Oh, god! I must spare your precious little life! *Slows down* 

Caterpillar: What the fuck is going on!? *Groping at air*

Me: I gotchu dude! *Stops. Safely removes caterpillar and releases on nearby tree.*

—Always looking out for thy fellow being.