“All the workers on my oil platform were laid off five months ago. I didn’t save the money when I had it. Now it’s been six months since I last worked. I even had to ask my mother-in-law for money last Saturday so I could buy milk for the kids. I have to do something. Maybe I can drive a taxi or something. If I don’t get a job soon, I think the family will break apart. My wife is always asking me what I’m going to do. It’s like she doesn’t even understand what’s happening in the economy right now. Even my four-year-old son feels that something is wrong. He’s started to ask me when I’m going back to work. I lie to him. I tell him I’m on medical leave. I don’t want him to feel this stress too.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Briana and Olivia’s periscope in April 2016:

“It just hurts so much when they say Freddie isn’t real, because he is! He’s just the sweetest thing! He’s so precious, and—”

Ok so by the time Damian comes around, Batman’s been around for a good long while and we all know Robin appeared not long after Batman. So people have grown up with the vigilantes a huge part of their lives. So how much do you wanna bet there are like dozens of kids named Robin/Robyn in his class. They’ll brag that they were named after the Boy Wonder, maybe their parents had been saved by them or something. And Damian is just beyond annoyed with all this bragging and it takes all his willpower not to tell these poor deluded people that they are named after the lazy jerk who fell asleep in the driveway the other night clutching 12 tins of Pringles.

de-aged Sportacus appreciation post

I really enjoyed this episode for a couple of reasons:

  • Sport has always been a strong and talented little bastard (look at dem moves)
  • Sport can’t lie to save his life ie. he introduces himself as “Spob”
  • Sport is very brave even when faced with an unthinkable scenario
  • Sport has always been shaped like a friend. Him and Stephanie would have been best friends if grown up together
  • Sport continues to be a cheeky shit to Robbie “10 seconds is all I need…I guess I was wrong, I only needed 8”


Stefan brought his birb to work

So, I was watching The Princess Bride yesterday

- correction: I somehow forced the movie on my friends yesterday (and they love me all the more for making them discover this gem).

And WOW, Moftiss are SO pulling a Princess Bride on their audience! Right now, most viewer are basically like the kid who is so upset at his grandpa for turning the story into sh*t - the mean prince is seemingly about to win, true love won’t save the day, Buttercup & Wesley won’t be reunited nor triumph, all this build-up about true love was apparently for nothing… The kid is mad at his grandpa for even beginning the story in the first place, telling him “you are wrong, you must be! It can’t be”, “why were you even telling me this story?!”.

The grandpa (bless Peter Falk btw, I love him) keeps reading the book and we realise a few minutes later all these tragic events were all Buttercup’s nightmare (Buttercup = John, imo: he’s Sherlock’s “damsel in distress”, who’s gotten engaged at a bad person when he thought Sherlock was dead).

When Buttercup wakes up, we hear the kid triumphantly claiming “I knew it! I knew it was wrong!” and the grandpa grumpily replies “Yes, you’re very smart. Now, shut up” before resuming the story.

Moftiss are making the audience mad on purpose, so they root for the real story: true love will save the day.

Series 4 is probably a sort of nightmare - mixing bits of reality with intense fear & insecurities => in reality, events will almost happen like that… but the end changes everything. Wesley/Sherlock & Buttercup/John will be reunited and kiss before the setting sun; true love prevails and saves everyone.

And the kid doesn’t mind the kissing anymore. :)

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Dragon Ball Couples.

As a young girl growing up watching dbz, I enjoyed Goku and his friends in battles saving the earth from one thing to another. But I personally also loved the relationships that Akira made.

Now looking back at it, I found a few clichés that made me love these couples even more…including the new couple.

1. Goku and Chi-chi (Gochi)

Originally posted by softgine

The childhood friends cliché.

The oblivious boy forgot the promise he made with the girl that liked him when they were kids. Only to be reunited after a long time in a tournament where he completely didn’t recognize her.

Sparking hate in the girl that foolishly clung to the promise they made as kids. But after revealing who she is he meets his promise of making her his bride because he promised her.

Chi-chi is the reason and serious one while Goku is simple-minded and goofy one in their relationship. A relationship that still manages to stay even when he isn’t home most of the time, and still holds a caring love.

2. Vegeta and Bulma (Vegebul)

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The love-hate cliché.

Or the smart girl and the bad boy, he thought he was superior to them all and tried to order around Bulma. But she was not having any of his attitude, and he liked the challenge.

She was a huge component in his life, and the strong wife that he needed to keep him in place. Even though she isn’t physically strong, she stands her own ground against Vegeta.

And Vegeta went against a God because his wife was injured, literally lost it when Bulma got smacked. Charging with full power at an opponent for beating up his beautiful wife. 

They may bicker, but they sincerely care about each other.

3. Gohan and Videl (Godel)

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The high-school sweethearts cliché.

Granted at first they didn’t get along (aka Videl was suspicious of Gohan), but he was constantly there for her when she was in trouble. He kept her safe all in the same time trying to hide the fact that he has a secret.

A secret she uncovers and uses to blackmail him to teach her how to fly and along the way she realizes she likes Gohan. Who is as his father oblivious, but you can see he cares for her when he couldn’t hold himself back when she was getting beat up in the tournament.

That loving gaze, when they looked at each other and understood…

They are the dorky couple that fight together as superheros, or the popular girl with the cute nerd type of troupe.

4. Krillin and Android 18

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The enemies cliché.

Or the bad girl with the good boy, way out of his league. It was cute seeing 18 teasing and flirting with Krillin, especially when they were fighting against each other.

But when she was in trouble he made a choice not to end her life and told her to run away. He fought against Cell, even though he wasn’t strong enough, and tried to save her.

And then he used a wish to take away the bomb from her body, and wanted her to be happy which surprised her. She was grateful over his decision, and thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

 A surprising couple that formed from caring acts (attraction) even though they were enemies. 

5. Trunks and Mai (Trumai)

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The first love cliché.

Honestly (it should apply to gochi & godel too lol), their relationship is so sweet and caring that I can’t describe it. But there is no lie that Mai is Trunks first love.

The girl that he has fought alongside with and been by his side. Time couldn’t keep them apart, and everyone can see how much they mean to each other. Even their younger-self’s have chemistry and don’t hide the fact that they like each other, in a weird love triangle lol.

Two cute dorks, that are in the middle of a war against evil and don’t have time to cuddle and love each other ;)

i often think about how it went with will when he failed to save someone’s life for the first time. i guess it was during the last olympian.

imagine this actual kid who tried everything, but the camper, maybe even his close friend, still died 

i believe chiron was the one who comforted him, because chiron was more than a teacher to him and chiron knew that will, like other demigods, was just a kid who grew up too fast

So if your warden is alive and didn’t romance Alistair and you meet him in DA:I and ask about the Hero of Ferelden, he says, basically, that they walk a ‘dark path’ and he’s not certain of what they’re capable of.

And I just keep thinking what it would be like if Oghren had been there for that. Because Oghren became a Grey Warden, too, right, and I can’t imagine him lining up for Clarel’s ‘plan’, and I just…

“Oh, a dark path. Yup. Not like the usual dark path all the rest of us’re on, no sodding way. Still got stars in yer eyes when ya look at Grey Wardens, boy? Even with Clarel linin’ us up fer the slaughter? WAKE UP! Any path that ends in darkspawn munchin’ on yer entrails is a dark one. Warden Commander saved yer sorry arse. And what the hell came of it? Morrigan’s got some cute kid who says creepy shit sometimes. Oh boo fuckin’ hoo. ‘I didn’t get to die pointlessly in that clusterfuck mess of a battle! Waa! I wanted to have one o’ them fancy marble graves!’ You call the sodding Hero of Ferelden’s character into question one more time and I’m takin’ you down at the knees.”

In fact, I’m just going to imagine Oghren being there for that whole thing.

“Again?? DWARVES DO NOT BELONG IN THE FADE! Why do I keep endin’ up here?!”

“I’m too sober for this.”

“Aww, a fear demon. Ain’t it cute. Reminds me of my ex-wife.”

“Did that thing just mention my kid!? Alright, that’s it. I’m carvin’ our way out of here through its innards!”

“No, the nug-humper’s right. A Grey Warden should stay and fix things. But they’re gonna need someone to pull their heads out of their arses when this is all over, and I ain’t got the delicate, lotion-y soft touch fer that. Tell Felsi… aw, shit. Nevermind. She knows anyway.”

People have been discriminating me for watching yuri on ice and saying bad stuffs about it like ‘ew thats so gay why are you watching it’, without even knowing what this show is all about. This show saved me a lot of times. Ive been having a lot of anxiety attacks last december to the extent of having suicidal thoughts just for it to end, and around that time i began watching yuri on ice out of curiosity and to see yuri katsuki’s character development truly inspired me. And knowing that a lot of people like/ LOVED this show made me so fucking happy. I just cant hide my happiness on how this show is so successful. I just cant

sterekchronicles said: I love any fics where Stiles is a BAMF and he’s the one saving everybody else, even when they don’t expect it! I also like werewolf/alpha Stiles.


[Well, I hope you like werewolf!Stiles with a little bit of angst. :D]

“They’ve been circling us.” Derek says, running a hand through his hair as he tries to keep his voice down. “There are six, maybe seven.”

And your pack is bigger than mine. Why do you need me?

“Because there are two kids now, and Erica is pregnant.” Derek sighs into the phone. “I don’t wanna risk it.”

There’s a minute of silence, until eventually Derek hears a loud sigh. “I get it. Soft wolf.

Despite himself, Derek snorts. “You know me.”

Unfortunately, I do.” Stiles says. Derek takes a deep breath. “Why haven’t you called before?

“Because you told me not to.”It still hurts, a lot. They were planning on moving in together, then Stiles got bitten. And everything changed.

Since when you ever did what I told you to?”

“Since I ruined your life.”

You – Derek, you –”

“Don’t.” Derek interrupts, he doesn’t need this now. He’s been dreading this moment since Boyd was attacked, but he doesn’t have a choice now, and he’d rather avoid the fallout. “Let’s just – pretend to be fine for some time, okay? If you come, that is.”

Of course I’m coming.” Stiles says eventually. “But I’m coming alone.I have kids on my pack too, you know?”

“Yeah,” Derek says, “I heard.” Stiles and Isaac are still in touch, it’s something that his beta tries to hide, but Derek knows better. And he honestly doesn’t mind, Stiles is not his enemy, he’s just someone Derek wanted to marry.

Okay.” Stiles says. “I’ll be there tomorrow. Beacon Hills is still in California, right?”

Derek smiles sadly. “Don’t worry. It’s still the same small town you remember.”

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Like who he tryna kid though?

The moment right before Sasuke “dies” for Naruto is so underrated like can we appreciate please

- Haku knew that Sasuke would risk his own life to save Naruto, even though he had barely been around them

- Sasuke looks terrified when he realizes what Haku is about to do and springs into action, without hesitation

- Most importantly, “PLEASE MAKE IT IN TIME”





Sangwoos little speech about prejudice and liking someones character makes me think a lot.
Like, Bum never really knew him. He stalked him everyday but he didn’t know much about him. He fell in love seeing the popular guy. Back in their class he was just like Ji Eun, admiring and loving the cool kid. But then when Sangwoo threatens him, Bum says he loves him, probably to save his ass.
And that’s why Sangwoo keeps him I guess. Not only because he wants a mother that loves him, but because Bum said he loves him even after he pulled all that shit. He found someone who likes his character even tho he’s a shithead that kills people for fun and boners.

The thing about Makoto Tachibana...

He’s not talented like Haru or Rin,

nor does he have a bright personality like Nagisa or Gou to make him stand out. 

He doesn’t openly express himself like Rei to get himself noticed. 

He’s not like other characters.

People don’t notice him, or his problems

because he doesn’t bother showing them.

He’s like the friend who’s always there,

and it’s because of that

that people take him for-granted.

Makoto would willingly give himself up for his friends,

like when they were kids and Makoto left the dolphin keychain to Haru because his best friend wanted it, and he was fine with whatever else was left;

like when he risked it all to save Rei when he was drowning, despite having trauma himself.

Makoto, is actually very much like the most of us.

The little fears he has, like being afraid of ghosts,

or even the fear or drowning, they’re all like us.

The fact that he feels inferior towards Haru and Rin, 

feeling like he’ll never match up to them,

I’m sure we’ve been through that…being envious of your friends.

Being afraid of the uncertainty of future,

leaving high school and friends, knowing you can’t keep on following your friends anymore, and that you’ll have to make plans for your own future. 

How many people in this world can really match up to Makoto? 

Kind, loving, selfless, warm… 

And while Makoto sounds perfect,

we know that he has his flaws. 

He’s insecure, he’s afraid, he’s not lucky, nor gifted; he’s taken for-granted

and he’s going through what every one of us goes through. 

That sense of inferiority that every one of us needs to face in order to be able to move on to do greater things. 

And to find a future of our own, even if it’s different than what you hoped it would be.

The thing about Tachibana Makoto…

is that he’s so surreal and so real at the same time. 

I guess, to me,

he’s an inspiration,

teaching me to confront everything that’s holding you back

and accept reality as it is.

Talent, gifts, not everybody has them,

but we can do great things too. 

There are no big dreams or small dreams,

to dream a dream that makes you happy is good enough. 

People be like

“Camille is Klaus’s true love, she has been his refuge since they met, she’s his light, she makes him a better person, blablabla, that’s love, he loves her”

And I’m like:

Bitch, Camille who? Even with his so called “refuge” and “true love” around, he couldn’t say “NO” when Stefan asked him: “Do you still have feelings for Caroline?” One phone-call was enough for him to put his life in danger just to make right by Caroline, SAVING HER BOYFRIEND.

And that, kids, is what I call true love.


Stan: I couldn’t risk anyone learning the truth and sabotaging my mission, so I lied to everyone: the town, my family, your parents, even you kids.

Dipper: So all this time you were just trying to save your brother. Grunkle Stan, I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you.

Stan: That’s okay, kid. I probably wouldn’t have believed me either.

I was looking through ATOTS for like the billionth time, as you do, and while I’ve noticed this before, today i just sort of paused to really look at it.

I love what GF does with expressions.  Obviously, if they took the time to animate it, they want to convey something with it; and sometimes the question is: what?

As Stan is concluding his part of their backstory, Ford is looking at him with an angry expression, I guess you’d call it.  It’s not the passionate anger that Ford’s shown a few times since arriving back (see: “… maybe the entire U.S. gov’t” - “The WHAT?!?”), but it’s still really disgruntled, disapproving, etc.

Then Dipper sums things up, and Stan forgives him and seems genuinely saddened – both by having to lie to the kids, and for the idea that he didn’t think they would have believed the truth from him. (?)

But Ford’s expression has changed.  That’s no longer an angry expression.  

It’s a lot more like his Confused Owl expression, but I’m not sure it’s that either, at this point.  I don’t think he’s confused.  Perhaps surprised?  I’m not sure. Something about what Dipper said and Stan’s response has caused Ford’s reaction to shift, though.  (And Ford certainly isn’t finished going through a bunch more emotional shifts in the episode, too.  But for some reason, the animators wanted to indicate a shift in his emotional response right here.)

I don’t really have any conclusions about it right now. I just thought it was interesting.  And I’d be interested to hear whether others had thought about this before and how you interpreted it.

To everyone who shits on community college kids

I don’t understand the logic behind your thought process.

“ haha fucking weird ass community college kids making financially sound decisions concerning their education and saving tens of thousands while getting the same credits as me, Amirite?!”

Like what the fuck are you even doing. I am genuinely curious.

someone save us from this carpeted bathroom

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I will never be okay with the fact that dumbledore awarded all those "last minute points" to gryffindor at the end of the philosophers stone. like first of all, slytherins aren't all fucking evil just because Draco malfoy is an asshole. all you're teaching those kids is that if you work hard in school and follow school rules and do your best to win the house cup by being good students, you will still lose anyway because harry potter broke hundreds of school rules and saved the fuckin day so clearly all of gryffindor should be rewarded and all of slytherin should lose even though they've been working all year to be the best they could be. another thing is that these are kids. and the only slytherins you ever hear about in the books are the mean ones (which are about five individuals might I add in a house of about 150 students) like honestly, when james potter and sirius black bully kids and beat people up its seen as "rough housing" and "a harmless rivalry" but when draco malfoy does the same exact thing he's "evil" because he's a slytherin. slytherin house is canonically discriminated against and I will not stand for it. equal rights for slytherin 2015

Because Sakura is such a workaholic that she might forget it’s been 4 days since she last slept.
And Deidara always manages to look like a Greek God even after he comes back from a 2-week mission to Suna.

Not that she minds, she IS saving lives after all…

-What the hell happened to your face? Yeah.

-Shut up Deidara.

-No I’m serious, soon you are going to end up looking like that weird sand kid from Suna!

-I swear to God Deidara, if you don’t shut up now I’ll shove this cup so far up your…

-(She’s already just as cranky, yeah)

-…that even your hand mouths will taste it!

Nope. Doesn’t mind one bit.