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Hello! I've been drawing my whole life, but I've never done digital art, I know nothing of it and feel like, one step behind bc of it. What would you recommend for a beginner? Thanks!


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Hi!! I’m really sorry this took me such a while to answer, but I really had to think the question through since I, myself, have been drawing since I was a little kid. But, on that note, I know several ones that consider themselves beginners and they, too, felt at loss.

Honestly, things aren’t as complicated as people might think. The first thing I suggest you to do is to save a collection of art that you find inspiring, perhaps even styles that you admire and want to be something like. Don’t immediately think you will draw like this though — even if you’re a natural and draw things perfectly, you, yourself as an artist, will probably not feel completely comfortable with it. Understand and accept that an artist always strives to be better, and yes, that includes those talented artists that you admire! I assure you that they too sit there and groan at least every now and then because their art isn’t going the way they want to. It’s part of being an artist, and all you need to do is to feel comfy  in that and see it as a challenge of sorts. So, as soon as you have accepted this, you’ll be ready to take action!

The first step I’d say is to study the art (or photos) that you collected. What is it that you like about them? What is a method the artist seems to be using? What makes it unique? How would you translate all this into your own style, using it as inspiration and not as outright copy? Think of it as ‘I really like this thing about this artist, but if I did it, it’d probably be this way instead.’ Remember, though, that the first years (and it will be many years, but they’re fun and educational, so don’t worry!) will all be a tryout for you. It’s all experimental, so don’t limit yourself too much. Think of how you’d like to try out things, and as you go, realize what you find fun to draw. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve been doing it since you’ve been little, it’s all about your mentality and when you’re ready to develop as you grow up. No one is a master at painting at the age of 5 (okay let’s admit it, all kids are little art geniuses, but you know what I mean).

Second is tracing. Before everyone gasp and say how horrible it is, I’ll tell you that it’s highly educational and it doesn’t mean that you’re some thieving copycat. You’re just trying out the ways of other artist and kind of getting a grasp of how they do things, it lets you become comfortable with your own brushstrokes as you follow theirs. Never post traced art without permission (unless it’s public, non-licenced art, such as classical illustrations, etc) and never trace with the goal to copy them. Think of tracing as a method of getting used to art and understanding drawing. Do this during the first period of your learning state, but you must learn to not keep doing it, and eventually I suggest you stop altogether (unless you’re really in a rut). One tip is to alter the traced pics to your liking, to add your own style and touch to it! Be experimental.

Third step is drawing by reference. You might be wondering, after tracing, how does one just stop? You use can still use said pictures as a guidance, but instead of tracing them, use them as a reference, meaning you simply look at them while you draw on your own. Remember that it’s okay to not have it look exactly like how it originally looks! Remember that it’s your art and it’s all about your path, in the end. Reference is something you never have to quit using, in fact, I highly recommend you use them, but use them with care. Simply learn the difference between copying and using inspiration.

This is a useful little guide on both tracing and using reference.

Fourth step is to study and learn tutorials and how to draw books. I’ve already made a list of useful anatomy books here (I highly recommend checking that out!) and my own tutorials can be found here

A few years ago, I wrote some tips for one person who asked for them, and I’ll quote:

  • Make a list of things you like; things that interest you, things you’re passionate about, things you like to draw. It could be anything, like “Silver, Mythology, Coffee” etc. Then, go on a follow spree. Search for these things and follow the blogs you find interesting. Then, make an inspiration blog; like I have my blog hoursleep that’s there only there for the purpose of inspiration.
  • Then, follow art blogs! How-to-draw blogs, art inspiration and whatnot. This is really nice since it helps you refreshen your artsy parts of your brain every now and then.
  • When you are bored, make sure to have a paper and pen with you; preferring in a small, travel-size. Doodle whatever - and if possible, draw the things or people around you, even if it’s all messy. You won’t regret doing these doodles. They’re good for you.
  • My final tip is NEVER THROW ANY DRAWINGS AWAY, NO MATTER HOW “UGLY”. Save every drawing you do!! Why? One day you’ll need to look back and see your improvement - or perhaps things you even liked about it! I like to look at my bad, ugly art and redraw them to something better. This is a great way to practice your skills, and nothing boosts your self-esteem more than seeing how you’ve become better with time. ♥

And that’s about it, honestly. Many feel too intimidated to be starting out with art, especially in later age, so all you need to do is to sit down and feel comfortable by letting other things teach you first. Starting out drawing without any clue how to start is much like trying to learn advanced maths without knowing the basics first. It’s okay to to depend on other sources first, it’s okay to feel frustrated over your art, it’s all okay, because you do have room to grow, always. Never feel like your lack of experience means that you have no hope. You always have, you just need to be determined!

Oh, and I realize now that these weren’t specific for digital art. So have some extras that are more specific for that subject!

I highly recommend getting a tablet. I know that not everyone can afford a Cintiq, but if you can, don’t hesitate to get one! (I really recommend getting Cintiq 13hd for first time users, such as myself). However, getting a normal tablet is perfectly fine as well. Wacom Bamboo is my absolute favorite, and do not buy from Trust. Once you get your tablet, don’t feel frustrated because it doesn’t look perfect, or even good. It’s completely normal, and you’ll need a few weeks at least to adjust. I remember getting my Cintiq and I worried that I had spent so much money on a thing that I couldn’t even draw on, but given time I grew used to it, and now I draw on it just fine, and I have no regrets. In fact, I’m so happy I got it, I truly am!

If you want a free program, I suggest getting GIMP. It got a lot of tools and yet isn’t too advanced for those just starting out. However, what I truly recommend is SAI for beginners. Sai is very simple but it has just about everything you need, and I myself used that for years, and I still do when I sketch sometimes. When you feel ready to advance, I fully recommend Manga Studio 5. It’s my favorite program for painting and it got amazing preset brushes that are simply perfect, in my opinion. Photoshop CS5 and higher is extremely good too, but while I don’t think it’s that good for painting (many may disagree, since I’ve seen many artist paint in this program), it’s completely wonderful for  touch-ups, effects, and filters. Keep in mind that Photoshop is a rather advanced tool, especially if you’re used to SAI. Going over to Manga Studio 5 is easier because it is like a mix between SAI and Photoshop.

Keep in mind that there are many digital art tutorials out there that tell you how you “must” draw/colour. However, drawing digitally is like art in real-life too, it’s all about your own taste and what tools and methods you like to use. Use tutorials as a guide, not a rulebook. No, not even mine. For example, tutorials might teach you how to lineart and cellshade, but you might prefer lineless, smooth works over that style, and that’s fine! Or you want to mix the two! Or maybe, you want to do lineart but you want to colour outside the lines. be experimental, try out things you haven’t tried before. Try odd brushes, try colours you find fascinating, try messing with layers, just mess things up. If you’re afraid to mess things up, you can save your document before doing anything extreme, just so you can feel safe going outside your comfort zone. You learn a lot by daring!

I hope that was of any help! Let me know if you have more questions.

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Hcs for date night with Darry?

A/N: Sure! Sorry this took so long and sorry to all the other requests I haven’t done yet yikes…sorry these are so bad. 

- Okay this kid (*coughs* man) will probably take you out for dinner.


- I feel like even with the small amount of money he has he would be like, “Get whatever you want.”

- Nvm. This kid (*coughs* MAN) saved up a bunch of money for this date so that it could be perfect.

- As long as you both have a good time though, he’s fine with whatever the date is.

- But he wants to get to know you more and talk so..dinner sounds nice. 

- (lol you better not talk with your mouth full.)

- (He has manners unlike the gang.) 

- (Anyways….*clears throat*)

- The date isn’t casual, but it’s not so fancy either?

- He probably wears a nice dress shirt, or you know, just a nice shirt in general. 

- Let’s just say the gang spied on him and his date.

- They got caught…

- Blame Two-Bit.

- (if you ship Darry-Bit or whatever it’s called, sorry i forget, well you can imagine why he was the one to “ruin” it)

- Darry looks over at his date and says, “Excuse me for a minute.” and stands up and walks over to the gang.


- “Sorry about that.” he would say sitting down again.

- While you’re both sitting he holds your hand.

- Finally when he drives you home he puts some really cute songs and sings along with you. 

- He walks you up to the doorstep and smiles at you. 

- “We should do this again sometime, and maybe my friends won’t spy on us…” he would say with a laugh.

- He would give you a kiss on the cheek. “Have a nice night, (Y/N).”

- (see? On the cheek. Not on the lips. Hm. Gentleman in my opinion. YEET. I regret that sm, but posting it anyway whoops)

- Then he would walk down your doorsteps and walk back to his car while you walk inside of your house thinking about him.

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I know you hate IchiRuki but how do you feel about Rukia herself? And even though I dislike both NS and IR romantically, I'd say at least Ichigo and Rukia's friendship actually feels like a genuine BrOTP unlike Naruto and Sakura's Half-ass friendship

I love Rukia and her character. I hate their relationship romantically but their platonic bond is seriously one of the strongest I’ve seen, the fact Ichigo risked it all to save her when she was first taken by the soul society is a big deal, you know? He’s just a kid but he felt attached to her immediately, like family. Platonic soulmates


remember these, kids? they used to be so popular on deviantART way back in like 2008 and i remember i used to be so pumped about doing one, though i never really did. so, last night i even had a dream about doing one of these, so i put together some scenarios and here we are, haha! feel free to reblog or save the template for yourself if it catches your fancy! 

please tag your finished meme as  harteus meme so that i and others can find your artwork easily and collected. <3

i saw this image on tumblr and i couldn’t resist 

Ford is Really a Damsel in Distress

You know, for all of Ford’s awesomeness he actually hasn’t ever saved the day, not even once. Instead he usually gets himself captured or incapacitated, leaving someone else to bail him out. This is just a pattern we’ve noticed with Ford.

He got trapped in the portal, and even though he looked extremely epic coming out of the portal, 

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it never would have been possible without Stan. 

Even though Ford looked so cool in Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons

 he still gets captured by the game characters, and Stan has to save the day.

Stan yet again saves the day in The Stanchurian Candidate when all Ford did was fix a light bulb and give the kids a magic tie.

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(This was like the best gif of Stan’s heroism I could find, leave me alone)

In Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, Ford does all this awesome stuff like: 

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But in the end, he gets captured by alien drones and has to be saved by Dipper.

And the crowning moment of fail is in Weirdmegeddon Part 1.

There’s like no way he’ll be able to save himself, leaving the other characters to pick up the slack.

All in all, Ford looks capable and badasss, but he’s really just a damsel in distress.

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Unlikely things to see or hear in Star Wars. [video]

There’s a lot of frames so if it takes a while to load, that’s why…

I’m sick of men trying to give women advice. Y'all don’t even treat the women in your family with respect so how you gone try to school somebody ?

- y'all women need to respect yourself and save your body for your husband.
- this why you can’t keep a man, you always wanna argue .
- stop wearing weave and love yourself.
- too many women wanna be the head of the house, that’s why you single.

Like, shut the fuck up. You niggas be out here fucking 3+ women, got kids you don’t even see, be taking pictures with your dick print showing, walking around with no shirt ( or job ). Then got the nerve to tell a woman what she should be doing.

There’s no one way a woman needs to act. Besides, the way she fucking wants.

(4/6) “I want to be a pediatric surgeon. Our friend Mark is a surgeon and he told me all about it. Being a pediatric surgeon will be hard because you never want to hurt kids. You just want to cuddle them and hold them. But saving them is most important so it’s something you have to do. Also blood doesn’t bother me like it bothers my brother—and he’s sixteen! One time he got blood work done and he was so scared that he curled his toes and his hands. It doesn’t bother me though. I even had my surgeon film my surgery for me because I wanted to see his techniques. When I asked him, he was like: ‘Nobody’s ever asked that before.’ And I said: ‘Please? We can use my brother’s GoPro.’”

Grace’s life was saved by an experimental antibody that was funded by a group of parents who raised $2,000,000. We are currently holding our own fundraiser to help the team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in their fight against pediatric cancer. This money funds the science that saves the lives of children. There are three days left. Over 35,000 people have donated so far and we have raised over $1.3 million. It would be amazing if we could reach 50,000 donations by the end of the series. Even if it’s a small amount, please consider donating:

  • “Graham Nolan, you were named for a guy your sister had a thing with but at least we picked the one who saved her mother’s life and believed in her and got her a job instead of knocking her up and sending her to jail”
  • “Killian Nolan, you were named for your sister’s boyfriend which yes is kind of weird but at least we picked the one who’s always been there for her and saved our lives and he’s also Captain Hook which let’s face it is pretty cool”
  • “James Nolan, you were named for my brother who was kind of a jerk but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leo Nolan, you were named for your grandfather whose choice in second wife was a bit questionable and whose treatment of said wife was also a bit questionable but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leroy Nolan, you were named after a dwarf but hey it’s a cool name and he’s a cool guy who actually helped us a lot and never hurt your sister”
  • “Charles Nolan, you were named after a guy I met once long ago who convinced me not to give up on love and who also inadvertently helped save your sister from a dungeon and from never existing”
  • “Jake Nolan, you were named after no one in particular because we figured that just like your sister you ought to have your own name without any weird baggage or references to someone who hurt your sister”
  • “Luke Nolan, you were named after Luke Skywalker in Star Wars because he’s awesome and also your sister pretended to be Princess Leia one time and my little geeky heart exploded with feels but don’t tell your mother because she just thought that it’s a nice name”
  • “David Nolan Jr, you were named after me because let’s face it I’m pretty awesome”

When I picked you up as a kid these boys wanted to eat you, they ain’t never tasted Terran before. I saved your life!

Oh will you shut up about that, god! 20 years you’ve been throwing that in my face, like it’s some great thing not eating me. NORMAL PEOPLE DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT EATING SOMEONE ELSE. Much less that person having to be grateful for it!

Ok so by the time Damian comes around, Batman’s been around for a good long while and we all know Robin appeared not long after Batman. So people have grown up with the vigilantes a huge part of their lives. So how much do you wanna bet there are like dozens of kids named Robin/Robyn in his class. They’ll brag that they were named after the Boy Wonder, maybe their parents had been saved by them or something. And Damian is just beyond annoyed with all this bragging and it takes all his willpower not to tell these poor deluded people that they are named after the lazy jerk who fell asleep in the driveway the other night clutching 12 tins of Pringles.

  • sasuke:*tries to kill naruto*
  • naruto:it's alright, i will never give up on you... because you're my friend!!!
  • fandom:SEEMS LEGIT! AWWWWW <3
  • sasuke:*tries to kill sakura*
  • sakura:it's alright, i will never give up on you... because i want to save you from your darkness and i love you
It's been 10 years since Avatar The Last Airbender first aired

10 years and it’s still my favourite programme to watch. People hear me talk about it and think “why?”

Well I’ll tell you why

First off - have you even seen the animation or the backgrounds?

They are beautifully made and never fail to impress me

See what I mean? Beautiful. All the effort that went into these.

But lets talk about the show itself.


A 12 year old kid destined to save the world

Yes, he may be, but his development form the “goofy kid” to a hero isn’t a quick change. The show shows us it’s okay to be nervous

Even when you know how powerful you really are. But like any hero, Aang pulls through

The most powerful bender in the world - only a child. Watching this as child taught me that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. Throughout the show, the older characters keep underestimating Team Avatar because of the fact that they are all children. The writers proved them all wrong. Even as a teenager becoming an adult I still feel the same way about this show because it makes me feel invincible.

But Aang wasn’t the one I wanted to talk about.

The ladies

“girls cant fight”





As a fellow girl, seeing this badass chicks fight made me feel so powerful. They were stronger than the majority of the men and they were all beautiful - so much so that I became gradually jealous of them all (I know I haven’t included them all on here - sorry) They all had their own style of fighting and all kicked ass.

ATLA not only created beautiful, strong independent women, but they also addressed sexism.

In one of the first few episodes, Team Avatar were faced with a group of warriers called the Kyoshi warriors - all female. Sokka refused to believe him, a man, had been beaten by girls. He later confessed, announcing he wanted to fight like them.

Katara - I swear the majority of characters would be dead if it wasn’t for her. Girl power. Woop!

Toph though. If you watch the series and say you don’t like Toph - I know you’d be lying (and she would too). Toph is blind. She is also the greatest earth bender in the world.

The show isn’t worried about disabilities - Toph is treat equally. So much so that the other characters forget that she is blind.

And they’re not afraid to make jokes about it!

Azula - the crazy ass bitch who, from the moment you meet her, you can tell she’s well…

not the nicest person you’ll even meet. But she’ll teach you not to use fear to control people

I’ve never had a show that has emotionally compromised me as much as this show did. Iroh’s scene in Ba Sing Se. The love and loss between father and son.

But there are so many messages the show puts forward. Many by wise speaking Iroh

But also from other characters - lessons that children should be taught about.

It’s messages like these that children should be taught. Be yourself, be happy with yourself. You don’t see many of these messages these days. It’s rather refreshing.

The show also teaches you about honour. Other people cant restore it for you, you have to gain it yourself. You have to set your own destiny, even if it goes against the flow of your nature.

Family is not always how you want it to be. To be scarred by your own father, but accepted by your uncle. Finding the right path is hard, but worth it in the long run.

I’m sorry this is such a long post - I never wanted it to be. But I had so much to express about Avatar. And 10 years of having nobody to speak to about it wasn’t fun. I want more people to watch this under appreciated show (please don’t watch the film).

It is beautiful in every aspect and I know I will still be watching this in another life

dwh wasn’t started because “cis feelings”

it was just a drawing i did with a request to spread love and kindness everywhere

spreading hate is disgusting, no matter to who it’s directed at

transphobia is worse than cisphobia. i know that. im not a fucking idiot. but can the tumblr trans community stop being a dick to cis people? only the transphobes deserve it.

impressionable kids on this site are getting the thought into their head that cis people should die. i should know. i used to act like that.

wishing death upon people is wrong, no matter what their gender identity, race, religion, age, whatever is.

i want everyone to be happy and kind

dont be a dick to anyone, please. even if you think they deserve it. try to kindly make them see your viewpoint. if they dont see reason, then stop talking to them. itll save you from the stress and anger

im not going to kill myself. why? i dont want @medsall to be alone. shes my best friend and i love her so much and i just care about her a lot.

im just gonna go to sleep


Happy birthday to the member who has the sexiest mind but is actually an innocent little baby irl! Happy birthday to this talented child (calls him child as a way to save myself from further ruining any bias list i have,which is like i’m not even sure if it exists lel~),i hope you keep writing amazing songs but also,don’t ever forget to take a rest. Sleep a lot more specially that you’ve been given some rare time to actually rest and have some healing. Wonsik-ah keep being a talented and gorjASS person,inside and out! Love you a lot kid! Thank you for existing and thank you for always making time to communicate with us and also,Thanks for making us proud always. Thank you for sharing your talents! Happy birthday!



When my world’s particle accelerator went off, I became a speedster. I became the fastest man alive. Only- Only, it wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t fast enough. So I figured with my scientific background, I could increase my powers. I did.

Maybe it’s a bad idea. Maybe…


Castiel whirls around, hands quickly hiding the construction paper valentine behind his back. It’s large and kind of lopsided, but his Gabriel said it was just perfect: green like Dean’s eyes, big like his heart.

…It’s even got that one mistake that resembles the hole where his friend’s front teeth should be.

“Cas, here, I got something for you!”

Dean practically jumps up and down in his excitement, gap-toothed grin widening as he reveals, with a flourish, what is behind his back. “See?!” he exclaims. “It’s for today! For Valentime’s!”

In his little fingers, Dean holds a red rose.

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