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i have way too many urls saved up so like im gonna make these babies available to the public. if u want them we could do a trade or u could grab me something from my wishlist? idc if i like you then i might even just give them to u tbh. ill update the list when/if they get taken and whatnot






also heres some that arent nb/space themed that are up for grabs





i might add some more to the list if this goes well but yeah hmu guys

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:I will never be okay with the fact that dumbledore awarded all those "last minute points" to gryffindor at the end of the philosophers stone. like first of all, slytherins aren't all fucking evil just because Draco malfoy is an asshole. all you're teaching those kids is that if you work hard in school and follow school rules and do your best to win the house cup by being good students, you will still lose anyway because harry potter broke hundreds of school rules and saved the fuckin day so clearly all of gryffindor should be rewarded and all of slytherin should lose even though they've been working all year to be the best they good be. another thing is that these are kids. and the only slytherins you ever hear about in the books are the mean ones (which are about five individuals might I add in a house of about 150 students) like honestly, when james potter and sirius black bully kids and beat people up its seen as "rough housing" and "a harmless rivalry" but when draco malfoy does the same exact thing he's "evil" because he's a slytherin. slytherin house is canonically discriminated against and I will not stand for it. equal rights for slytherin 2015

I think this is the saddest part of the episode because for the first time in decades and decades of stanford hating on stanley they finally talk like true friends again but then a second later Stanford starts asking for his house back and his name back and that Stanley can only stay because he has to look after the kids, once again leaving stanley in the dust after they have to leave, and he doesnt even get a thank you for saving his brother and getting his life back. Thats cruel, and all this for a stupid college that he could have gotten into with scholarship but he had to be the dumb one and baby about it for decades. While he is basking in his college money and ending up doing what he fucking wanted to do in the first god damn place. He dares get mad at stanley that just came back from living in his car and sometimes a shitty motel, living off of scratcn n wins, almost get kidnapped, and going to jail 3 times! And all that to try to regain the friendship he had with his brother so very long ago.

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You never even responded to my last message. You know Vegeta sucks. He let his 'woman' and infant child almost die in a plain crash then his future son he also gives no shits about had to save them. Then he turns Majan years later because he still hates his family. He's horrible. He's awful. Bulma is STUPID to like him. Poor trunks the kid suffers

K. Where do I even start with this horseshit?

So, first off, I love how all you Vegebul haters automatically reference the episode where Android 20 blasts Bulma’s plane and Vegeta doesn’t do anything. Yes, that was an absolute dick move on Vegeta’s part. No one is denying that. Actually, the first time I saw that episode I was beyond pissed at Vegeta for not doing anything about it.

But, there is something you forgot to mention about Vegeta, and it’s the reason so many of us love him. Two words:


In the Android saga, he wasn’t nice to Future Trunks at all, once again we are all aware of that. But during the Cell games, when Cell was a prick and killed Future Trunks, Vegeta went fucking ballistic. He felt guilty that his son had shown him nothing but kindness and he treated him like shit in return. This is when Vegeta REALLY begins to take a turn for the better with his character development. And obviously after the fight with Cell is over, his relationship with Bulma vastly improves, and he is a good parent to Trunks; he spends time with him during their training sessions AND just like the second episode of Super showcased, he keeps his promises to his son.

Now, about the Majin incident (I mean, I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about since you can’t spell for shit). Yes, he gave in to Babidi’s mind control so he could return to the way he was before; he thought at the time being cold and ruthless again was what he wanted. He even told Goku during their fight that Bulma and Trunks meant nothing to him, even though Goku knew he was lying. When it came down to it, Vegeta realized in his final moments what was important to him. He DIED for Bulma and Trunks. They meant so much to him that he was willing to blow himself to smithereens to rid the world of Buu and protect his family. It was a completely selfless act, as Piccolo pointed out shortly after. Yes, Buu still lived, but it was such a pivotal moment because Vegeta had always been so damn selfish, and this was the first time ever he was putting others before himself. 

Haha, Bulma is the farthest thing from stupid. Her love is what changed Vegeta slowly but surely over the years. She’s patient with him. She’s forgiving. She accepts him just the way he is, flaws and all. She LOVES him with everything she has. And he loves her just as much, he’s just not a super affectionate guy, especially in public. I believe their best moments are spent in private when it’s just the two of them and he can let his guard down.

And how is Trunks suffering? Am I missing something? Because every time he’s seen with or talking about Vegeta he always has a smile on his face. He idolizes his father and it’s adorable. He was thrilled in the second episode of Super that he got to spend that long of an outing with Vegeta, and he was THANKFUL towards Vegeta for it, too.

Also, I just want to say one more little thing. To all the people out there who hate on Vegebul and say Vegeta looks miserable all the time and that he ‘just feels obligated to stay with Bulma and Trunks’, Vegeta is not an outwardly happy, jovial guy. He doesn’t walk around with a smile on his face at all times. That’s not his personality. He is rough around the edges, and even as his character develops, he still isn’t the happiest looking person, though by the end of Z he appears to be much more relaxed. And also do you REALLY think Vegeta stays with his family out of obligation? I mean, really? Vegeta does NOT do anything he doesn’t want to do. If he really wanted to leave and not be a family man, he would ditch Earth altogether and go somewhere else. He stays with his family because he LOVES them. THAT is why he stays. I can’t believe I even have to defend him on that.

Well, anon, I answered you this time. Hope you enjoyed my response as you lurk on my blog :D

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Can I request a (sexy) Kris spam please~~


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i just died a little inside, please pray for my soul

Seriously guys how do fansites operate?!? Like are they really just rich kids or?! Because Bangtan has never ending schedules so they don’t have time to save money. They go to all the fansigns and to get in those you have to buy like 30-50 albums. And how many fansigns does Bangtan have!??! And then Bangtan has A LOT of overseas schedules and they’re there! For example, the fansites that are in the US right now… Are they also gonna go back to Korea and then fly back to Chicago!?! That’s like… it’s about $2,000 for round trip plane ticket to the US from Asia so… like.. wow. I haven’t even mentioned the fact that they need VIP tickets to concerts to actually get the photos they share to us.

And they’re the ones giving out cute stickers and photo cards and banners to fans also so… how do they do it?! Every time I see photos they share I think about this. I think about this a lot. 


When I was a young and aspiring music photographer (a long, long time ago), I rented the 35mm f/1.4L. My first glass lens, and it was perfect. I have never looked up at any other. I rented it twice or thrice, and all the time it was perfect. I love all the photos I’d taken with it. Ever since then I’d conned it as my dream lens. Far-fetched and leaning on the impossible side. I even tried to save myself the trouble and bought the Sigma alternative, which I liked for a while but never really measured up. I was a poor kid and never thought I’d splurge (or be able to splurge) $1400 for a lens.

But with some careful planning and saving, I finally managed to! Crazy with how things work. I wish this baby a lot of travels and good, long, healthy life that avoids the repair shop.

Seattle, Washington.
July 2015.

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Hey Kat! How are you? Hope things are well! So, I've fallen into the Jurassic world's trap and would like to request sth, if that's okay :3 I thought about something during the movie where the reader is Owen's gf and she's just as badass when it comes to keep the visitors safe, so Owen, Claire and the boys see her saving someone then Owen is smirking like 'hell yeah, that's my girl' ? Thanks sweetness xxx

I hope you enjoy this, even after the long wait :)

Owen Grady/Reader, Warnings: mention of blood, WC: 589

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Being clean has been painful. But it also has it perks. I will never go back to pain pills. My kids and I deserve better than that. And even though anxiety has tried to swallow me whole, I won’t let it win. I’ve been through worse. I can get through this too. Clarity comes with many realizations. Some you don’t want and some you need. I am confused. I am scared. But I do know what I want. I started this journey for a reason, to save my family… I have an idea of what I want that family to look like, but we don’t always get what we want. Do we? I still want that, but it’s not up to me, no matter what I do. Hope is a four letter word and I still have it… until the end or the new beginning.

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You always say that monet murdered children but wasn't she trying to bring the children back and keep them safe? Also she didn't know about the NHC Caesar was giving the children so she was just trying to protect them from the outside gas. Idk I feel like monet was never really "evil"...

I think you need to reread the arc because no, Monet wasn’t there to help the kids. The only children who ever made it back from Punk Hazard are the one who the Straw Hats saved. All the others died. Monet was there on Doflamingo’s behalf to keep an eye on Caesar because Doflamingo didn’t fully trust Caesar. Like, we even directly saw in a flashback that Monet gave the children the drugged candies the made it impossible for them to leave (because if they did escape on their own somehow, they’d go through withdrawal and come back on their own or die) 

And yes, she DID know that they were drugged candies. Remember when Mocha took the drugged candy and ran away with it to protect the other children? Monet showed up and told Mocha to give it to the other children because she knew exactly what it was 

When Mocha was running away and trying to protect the other kids, Monet tried to trap her in the room and stabbed Robin and tried to kill Nami and Chopper for helping the kids escape. Yes, Monet didn’t want the children to be killed by the poison gas, but that’s because she and Caesar were still going to use them for his experiments. 

Monet was not a good person. I LIKE Monet. I like her lots. But damn, she was evil. She had no qualms about helping Caesar with his experiments, and she was so loyal to Doflamingo that she was going to blow up herself and the entire island to kill everyone on it before Doflamingo even asked her to. I’m not sure what you got mixed up along the way, but Monet was absolutely not some nice person trying to help the kids. The only “helping” she was doing there was helping Caesar manipulate and control the kids so they’d cooperate with the experiments he did on them. 

How to become shipping trash:

When a ship you never even gave a second thought to shows up ALL OVER YOUR DASH

When you really like the art so you start saving it in your likes

When your curiosity gets the best of you and you start looking through the ships tag to see who what when where and why the ship works.

When you start getting ready to cosplay and draw your favorite of the two and you have to admit that you sort of like the ship because the fandom had drawn you in again god damn it

When you drag your partner into the ship and get her to cosplay the other half of your OTP so you can go to the con together and you’re planning and dying fabric and playing with makeup together like the shipping trash you are

who should you fight from the love live! crew

honoka: would be totally down for a fight except she takes things too hard and would be very offended, especially if you said bad stuff about bread, which makes her an easy target. fight honk. 

kotori: her cute and innofensive looks are her secret weapon. you will be overwhelmed by her kindness and will be destroyed. don’t fight bird. 

umi: are you kidding me. she would beat you down and shove an archery set up your ass. don’t fight umi. 

rin: rin is 2 fast and 2 strong to be fought. you can try but you would most likely not succeed. she would probably made fun of you for not being as fast as she is and run in circles while making you a fool. save yourself from the mockery. don’t fight reen. 

hanayo: why would you even consider fighting a cinnamon roll, too good too pure. i will beat you up myself if you dare. protect pana. 

maki: mackey acts like she doesn’t care at all but oh does she. you would easily win. she would go home complaining that you’re such an idiot. later on you would probably be sued to an ammount that not even 3 lifetimes could pay. maybe you should ponder that for a while. 

eli: eli has an intimidating façade and that solely should be a reason for you not to fight her. she would probably kick you out of your senses with intense ballet moves. but honestly, what a privilege that would be. wear those scars as golden medals. fight elichicken. 

nozomi: you can try to fight her but you would be swallowed by her lesbian charms and be spoken out of your fighting intentions in a heartbeat. fight nozomom. 

nico: talks big but is a loser. quickly would proceed to engage in a childish bickering and then lose. would nico nico knee you while keeping her cute persona but that’s a minor issue. fight nickel.

I’m going to honestly address this, without hate in a legitimate, straightfoward manner (though I always fine these comments and questions patently ridiculous, cause, uh, duh…..and take off your BagelSwan shipper/Hook hater goggles). But:

Hook has been a hero since he turned his ship around at the end of season 2. In fact his stumbles have been, frankly, quite minimal since then. I get BagelSwanners don’t like this, but it’s canon—and well, you can own your own house or car, but your own facts (cause this isn’t even about “interpretation”).

  • Took them to his own personal hell, NL, to save a kid he had seen perhaps a handful of times
  • Nevengered against Pan and the Lost Young Adults (repeatedly)
  • Guided them through much of NL
  • Risked his life against the plant that had killed his only family to save Charmz
  • Traded his ship just to see Emma once more and help save her family (and all SB)
  • Managed to accomplish in 24 hours what Henry spent all season 1 doing
  • Actually could have simply pursued memory-wiped Emma and stayed in NYC, but wanted to help and save SB (it’s interesting, because a popular BagelSwanner fantasy is that EpheboFire came for Emma and just lived with her in NYC, memory-wiped, cause THAT isn’t selfish in the least)
  • Nevengered against Greenie Zee (and helped free Goldemorte, ironically)
  • Sought to help Emma and Henry when SMF grunted his way to the Mediocre Middle.
  • Stayed away from Emma to protect everyone while his lips were cursed
  • Followed Emma through the time portal to protect her in the EF past
  • Willingly risked his life repeatedly during the “CS Movie”
  • Nevengered against the Snow Queen
  • Was willing to sacrifice his life first for Emma, then so SB would be left in peace
  • His “blackmailing” was actually about forcing Wrinkled Foreskin to be a decent human being and to help Emma and Elsa
  • Worked to un-hat the fairies with Belle
  • Even though he hated Goldemorte, instead of gloating about it, sought to comfort Belle in her pain
  • Nevengered against Goldemorte, Isaac and the Queens of Darkness
  • Risked his life to both protect Emma AND restore Ursula’s happy ending
  • Got Emma to forgive her parents for both her sake and their’s
  • Sacrificed his life in the AU EF to protect Emma and Henry (and immediately went with Henry to rescue Emma based solely on his word, because they share that connection)
  • Has consistently put Emma first, never let her down and shown up for her, something no one else has ever done for her.

I think we’re done here, but if anyone has anything to add, please, feel free!

some more thoughts on tonight’s elimination

I still don’t get it and it make no sense like 


I mean when you have JASON FUCKING DERULO telling Asaf that he better be flexing his muscles because that’s the only way he’s going to be getting votes… WHY WOULD YOU SAVE THIS KID?? His cha cha was TERRIBLE. Neither of his routines have been good AT ALL and they have both been INCREDIBLY DUMBED DOWN! His Broadway was barely a Broadway and his cha cha was barely a cha cha. Everyone is questioning his work ethic and his ability to partner. It’s not even like the show would’ve lost too much eye candy by getting rid of Asaf, they’re both still hot. 

Plus, Burim had it much harder with two unconventional dance styles WAY outside his element, and he was stuck in groups of three or four the whole time–NEVER a duet. And, he actually made the top 20, unlike Asaf, who only made it because he was injured. I mean, they both had to go at some point, but pointlessly angering your viewers when you are a show on the bubble makes no sense, not from a judges’ standpoint and not from a producer’s standpoint.


“I was angry with myself of what happened. If Jake and I killed Morcus earlier… Bella or you would have been save. I would have sacrificed myself for it, because didn’t saw a real future for myself. I mean, the marrying and having kids thing… it wasn’t me. Have you ever wondered what your past would look like when you were younger, Mortimer?”

“Well, I didn’t expect me marrying the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Sharing a life with. But even those happy times have to be replaced with some darker ones.”

“And… what if you meet Christopher right now? what would you do? Make him pay for what he did?”

“With words I would.”

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