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38. Describe your dream girl/guy.
Okay well my perfect girl/guy would have to have a good sense of humour, and be able to laugh at an inside joke that I’d whisper to them at 3 in the morning even if we had work the next day and the joke was over a year old from our first date. Someone who will appreciate the things I can bring to the relationship, and be accepting of the absence of the things I cannot. Someone’s smile is a huge deal to me, I’m all for pouting in photos and all, but smiles just make me so happy. Someone who’s hoodies I can steal, but someone who will steal mine too. Someone who’s not afraid of me showing them off. And most importantly, someone who I can trust. Every serious relationship or almost-relationship I’ve ever had has ended because of trust, and my trust issues at this point are borderline fucking ridiculous, where I struggle to trust my mother telling me the truth if she tells me I look nice. So yeah, big smile is my most important physical quality, trustworthy is the most important in terms of personality.