2 days until Luhan’s birthday and Lay finally mentions him. as a fan who appreciates and adores Layhan’s friendship, this means so much to me ㅠㅠ I’ve been waiting 5 months for one of them to confirm that they still keep in touch. I didn’t doubt it for a second but I just missed their friendship and needed to know. I’m just happy and emotional and hopefully one day we’ll be able to see them together again. 
brothers forever ♡  

not gonna lie if u asked me who i thought would have the first surprise baby iin 1d i would say it would b niall like we wouldnt even fucking see anything about someone being pregangt hed just start carrying a damn child around and people would be like ??? tf man and hed just say yea this is my kid

This post is for all kids that haven’t graduated high school yet. I know most of you have probably heard this a thousand times but I’m gonna say it again because I feel it’s necessary to get my point across. 

It’s no secret high school is fucking annoying. Class is annoying, the teachers are annoying, all the fucking rules are annoying, hell even lunch is annoying because the food is disgusting. A lot of times it feels like the material that’s being taught isn’t really teaching anything of importance or even teaching at all.The kids are dickheads, people are rude, nobody cares about anyone other than themselves, 

You do have to admit though, sometimes school can be fun. Being obnoxious in the hallway, acting a fool in class, homecoming, football games, the occasional fights were always interesting. You always had something to do because you were always surrounded by a lot of other kids your age. Even if you weren’t popular you got to watch all the shit that was going on around you and it was fun as fuck.

The fact of the matter is high school always seemed annoying back then, everyone walked around like they were pissed off to be there and we were so fucking happy to graduate and get the fuck out of that hell hole. Honestly though, now that I’m in my third year of college, I realize more and more that high school was the best time of my life. I mean college is fun don’t get me wrong, but coming home on break is a huge wake up call. Everybody from high school is gone.They either joined the military, moved away, or went to college. The people that decided to stick around work 2 or 3 jobs just to get by and it’s sad. All the hot girls have children. It’s not like when we were kids anymore. Nobody has free time to just hangout and bullshit. All the fun’s gone. And it sucks.


“The inn is just falling apart. This has been my dream forever, and I have it, and it’s here, and I’m failing. I can’t handle it. I just spend every minute running around and working and thinking. And I thought I would have help, but Sookie has Davey, and Michel has Celine, and I’m – I can’t do it all by myself. And I don’t even have time to see my kid, and hell, forget see her, just even talk to her. And I miss her. And I sat there in my parents’ house just listening to my grandmother basically call me a charity case, and I couldn’t even argue with her. I couldn’t even say anything, because I am. I’m running out of money, and I don’t know what to do about it, and I was gonna, I was gonna ask you for $30,000 at dinner tonight. That’s how pathetic I am.”
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That’s the problem with being strong - people think they can say or do anything to you and you’re gonna still be standing, sturdy like a rock. People think that you’re never going to be sad, people think that you’re never going need them to be there for you, people expect you to be there for them round the clock even though you have your own battles to fight. That’s the problem with being strong.

Who’s your biggest critic? 

“Myself. No one’s ever gonna beat me. I don’t care for reviews because no one can say anything that even comes near to what I say about myself. I don’t ever relax, and I don’t care about what people say. I will always say something worse about myself.”

"Things Friends/Coworkers/Classmates Have Said" sentence starters
  • "I'm in cappuccino hell!"
  • "You're an egg."
  • "It looks like I don't know how to do my makeup."
  • "We're gonna go to jail!"
  • "All hail the dead possum."
  • "Does that count as sexual harrassment?"
  • "I got my boyfriend by sending him memes."
  • "Go to the murder room."
  • "It was her idea!"
  • "How old are you? I'm not allowed to sell you anything, but I can tell you about them."
  • "A lady came in saying she hadn't had an orgasm in two years. Three hours later she came back to give me cookies."
  • "Do you want to trade off with the straight jacket?"
  • "Does my face look realistic?"
  • "Tell ______ to come get his/her blood."
  • "Even the professionals jump."
  • "How old are you? Lets go to a hooka lounge after this."
  • "I'm not a drug dealer!"
  • "It's hard because ______ has so many freaking freckles!"
  • "I usually use a popsicle."
  • "My mom keeps telling me I'm gonna go to hell."
  • "Meme it."
  • "You wanna fucking go, ______?"
  • "Fight me, coconut boy!"
  • "The hole's nice and smooth."
  • "I was a good child."
  • "What's a shortstack? Like...a short stack of pancakes...?"
  • "______, shut up, I can't hear ______!"
  • "No--you can't cheat on an IQ test, stop it!"
  • "My IQ is not 1.39, that was a crumb!"
  • [text] 👉✊💦

Ok ok ok…

Y’all know, that T’Challa knows Tony lost practically everyone on the accords, right? So what if the new King of Wakanda sent Tony a kitten? A fierce fluffly kitten to make sure Tony has company. And when the kitty arrives, Tony about cries over the cute and looks at Rhodey and says: “I’m not crying, you’re crying! Shut up, Rhodey!” even if Rhodes hadn’t said anything.

But see, cats are capricious and Tony thinks the kitty is not gonna like him all that much, but you know what? That fucking baby cat follows Tony around the facility and sleeps with Tony and sits dutifully besides the coffeemaker in the mornings and adores the shit out of Tony Stark, perhaps that’s why baby fierce Wakandan cat takes one look at Ross and hisses and when Ross doesn’t back off -maybe chiding Tony,- baby cat catapults off the desk and swipes at Ross’s cheek with a vengeance.

That night Tony makes sure kitty gets fresh salmon for dinner and sends T’Challa a text that simply reads: “Thanks.”

The quieter we are, the more we observe

I’ve always been quiet. I’ve always been an introvert. I think these qualities made me a good observer.

During conversations I only talk when I have something to say, I’m not a fan of small talk. This means that I spend a lot of time watching how people express themselves, observing their attitude. I know when they’re excited to talk to me, I know if a conversation is not gonna last long because they wanna leave asap even if they don’t say anything about it. Over the years, I started seing the same patterns in different people, and I put the people that acted quite similarly in the same “mental bag”. (Of course, words were also an important factor.) This way I know who I can trust to keep a precious secret or who not to ask if I want a sincere answer. 

This procedure is the only exception to the “don’t judge a book by its cover” rule I allow myself. I wonder if other people do something like this too.

Shit about signs

Aries: Talks too loud.
Taurus: Will just watch while you do all the work.
Gemini: Gossips about everyone’s life.
Leo: One day will love you, one day will hate you.
Virgo: Will give at least one negative comment about everything.
Libra: Don’t you dare contradict him/her.
Scorpio: Is always in a bad mood.
Sagittarius: Loses temper easily.
Capricorn: Knows too much but never gonna say anything.
Aquarius: Doesn’t give a shit about anything.
Pisces: Won’t leave his/her phone for even a second.

Literally the first thing that happened in our campaign

DM: You stand in front of the entire town, your band of adventurers that’s also a band about to make its debut. Everyone roll a performance check.

(Everyone rolls pretty well, Tiefling vocalist even got a nat 20)

DM: Okay, what are you playing-

Feathery Dragonborn Bard: THIS. (pulls out phone, grinning)

DM: Oh god NO

Bard: (plays Never Gonna Give You Up)


Bard OOC: Wait, can we still do minor things as our characters from last campaign since they became gods?

DM: Y'know what sure, you can make comments on the situation at hand as the old characters but don’t expect them to reach the current ones.

Bard, controlling the former party Sword-cerer: I’m looking down at this performance, smiling… It’s beautiful. They rickrolled an entire town. I couldn’t be prouder.

DM: …I’m still going to bring Azewrath the Destroyer of Doors back since you ate my cereal.

What your favourite Harry potter character says about you
  • <p> <b>Harry:</b> you pick Mario in Mario kart<p/><b>Snape:</b> you're an asshole and ross is probably your fave from friends<p/><b>Luna:</b> you have some common sense<p/><b>Hermione:</b> you have some common sense<p/><b>Katniss:</b> you're reading the wrong book she's from hunger games<p/><b>Dumbledore:</b> you are secretly thousands of bees in a trench coat<p/><b>Bellatrix:</b> you're probably just some asshole that wants to be quirky<p/><b>Voldemort:</b> What the fuck he's a wizard Nazi<p/><b>Lucius:</b> you eat food off the floor<p/><b>Tris:</b> you're reading the wrong book she's from divergent<p/><b>McGonagle:</b> you are secretly hiding the fact that you were never close to your parents<p/><b>Trelawney:</b> Fuck YES fucking YES FUCK yeah alright yes<p/><b>Umbridge:</b> please love yourself you master bastard<p/><b>Oliver Wood:</b> you like the taste of cold porridge<p/><b>Fred weasley:</b> he's dead it doesn't matter<p/><b>George weasley:</b> his brother's dead it doesn't matter<p/><b>Ron:</b> you only wear handmedowns<p/><b>Ginny:</b> correct<p/><b>Neville:</b> damn i ain't even gonna say anything bad about neville he's the best one<p/><b>Malfoy:</b> you use knives in the bedroom<p/><b>Crabbe/Goyle:</b> you thought Gotye's music was vastly underrated in the time period during which it was popularised<p/><b>Lupin:</b> wires sexually arouse you and you can't explain why<p/><b>Sirius:</b> wires sexually arouse you and you can explain why<p/><b>Nymphadora Tonks:</b> your husband and his gay lover opened a wire factory together and it's worrying you<p/><b>Flitwick:</b> who's the sad bastard looking at this what's wrong with you why the fuck is Flitwick your fave<p/><b>James Potter:</b> all flowers smell the same to you<p/><b>Lily Potter:</b> you only wear polo shirts and it's driving your family insane<p/><b>Nearly Headless Nick:</b> he didn't even do anything Wtf keep scrolling<p/><b>Seamus:</b> correct<p/><b>Colin:</b> you piss yourself at Mr. brightside<p/><b>Professor Sprout:</b> you toke that dank dank<p/><b>Dudley:</b> rollercoasters both confuse and excite you<p/><b>Mr/Mrs Dursley:</b> your genitals are just Pringles<p/><b>Pansy Parkinson:</b> just. Fuck of.<p/><b>Aragog:</b> very sneaky, Spiders Georg.<p/></p>
The cool thing about creating anything, it’s okay to break form if you know the form. Picasso didn’t just say I’m gonna draw people into cubes; he spent years drawing landscapes and studying what has worked before, and because of that knowledge and mastery, he decided to skew off the beaten path. Back in the day, you could argue that the Chorus Line score was a bit poppier, even though we consider that a Broadway classic. But there are a lot of rules with musical motifs, rhyme structure, false rhymes, half-rhymes, non-true rhymes, and the Sondheims and the Hammersteins of the world would say are just nails on a chalkboard to hear the rhymes in today’s popular shows. It’s important to keep an ear out for what the population is listening to, and to ignore that appetite would be really selling yourself short of making this art form accessible.
—  Darren Criss weighs in on expanding the scope of musical theater (