I feel like Kara needs more fans.

All these new ‘fans’ that came with s2 don’t care about kara, they only care about their faves, she’s only there as a prop. And surprisingly it’s not only the karamel shippers who do this.

Supercorp shippers - sure most of them don’t do this, but i’ve seen a few people say they don’t like Kara only Lena, which makes no sense like??? how can you ship something and hate half of your ship??? -, karaolsen - same as supercorp shippers plus saying James deserves better than Kara and that’s she’s not good enough for him - and even sanvers - I’m not gonna say anything about this one - don’t give a fuck about Kara.

She’s only there to elevate other characters, they don’t care about her storyline, her developtment as a character or anything tbh. And the moment she gets an episode more focused on her, people start to whining they want to see their fave, “Fuck Kara I don’t care about her, where’s ____?!?!" 

The number of people in the fandom who hate Kara is overwhelming, and I genuinely wonder, if you hate her so much, why do you watch a show called 'Supergirl’?


@milacolores  LOL Im not gonna even say anything about you writing your reply in a language that I can’t understand to prevent me from replying (Even though evidently, you understand the English in my original post ) but I will say this

Y’all Yurio stans sure like to pull the card of “YURIO IS JUST A KID!! HES 15!!!” when a character in the YOI series doesn’t “treat him right” (AKA just GRABBING HIS FACE AND DO NOTHING ELSE. Also should I remind you that He was INSULTING a person and the love of his life the day AFTER their engagement????). But when you ship him with an adult character or drooling through his ‘Welcome to the Madness’ routine, it suddenly like “YURIO IS ALREADY 16!!! HES AN ADULT NOW AND HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS”

Pick a side a stick to it maybe lol

What your favourite Harry potter character says about you
  • <p> <b>Harry:</b> you pick Mario in Mario kart<p/><b>Snape:</b> you're an asshole and ross is probably your fave from friends<p/><b>Luna:</b> you have some common sense<p/><b>Hermione:</b> you have some common sense<p/><b>Katniss:</b> you're reading the wrong book she's from hunger games<p/><b>Dumbledore:</b> you are secretly thousands of bees in a trench coat<p/><b>Bellatrix:</b> you're probably just some asshole that wants to be quirky<p/><b>Voldemort:</b> What the fuck he's a wizard Nazi<p/><b>Lucius:</b> you eat food off the floor<p/><b>Tris:</b> you're reading the wrong book she's from divergent<p/><b>McGonagle:</b> you are secretly hiding the fact that you were never close to your parents<p/><b>Trelawney:</b> Fuck YES fucking YES FUCK yeah alright yes<p/><b>Umbridge:</b> please love yourself you master bastard<p/><b>Oliver Wood:</b> you like the taste of cold porridge<p/><b>Fred weasley:</b> he's dead it doesn't matter<p/><b>George weasley:</b> his brother's dead it doesn't matter<p/><b>Ron:</b> you only wear handmedowns<p/><b>Ginny:</b> correct<p/><b>Neville:</b> damn i ain't even gonna say anything bad about neville he's the best one<p/><b>Malfoy:</b> you use knives in the bedroom<p/><b>Crabbe/Goyle:</b> you thought Gotye's music was vastly underrated in the time period during which it was popularised<p/><b>Lupin:</b> wires sexually arouse you and you can't explain why<p/><b>Sirius:</b> wires sexually arouse you and you can explain why<p/><b>Nymphadora Tonks:</b> your husband and his gay lover opened a wire factory together and it's worrying you<p/><b>Flitwick:</b> who's the sad bastard looking at this what's wrong with you why the fuck is Flitwick your fave<p/><b>James Potter:</b> all flowers smell the same to you<p/><b>Lily Potter:</b> you only wear polo shirts and it's driving your family insane<p/><b>Nearly Headless Nick:</b> he didn't even do anything Wtf keep scrolling<p/><b>Seamus:</b> correct<p/><b>Colin:</b> you piss yourself at Mr. brightside<p/><b>Professor Sprout:</b> you toke that dank dank<p/><b>Dudley:</b> rollercoasters both confuse and excite you<p/><b>Mr/Mrs Dursley:</b> your genitals are just Pringles<p/><b>Pansy Parkinson:</b> just. Fuck of.<p/><b>Aragog:</b> very sneaky, Spiders Georg.<p/></p>

it’s cute how gaara blindly trusts on naruto but this chapter was almost tragic im laughing

gaara : it cool they got this
team 7: doesn’t get this

anonymous asked:

Brown was a thug who robbed a convenience store for cigars, shoved the clerk like a bully, and then ran into a head on confrontation with Williams, check out the video, Brown was looking for a fight. Williams was an officer of the law. Yes Williams might go to jail for killing the larger man when he merely could have incapacitated him w a shot, and if that's what the court finds it will be fair.. but I'm sure Williams was terrified and fucked up big time. Neither party deserves our donations.


Natalie reads the whole 'childhood sweethearts au' tag - Part 1

Look at what you’ve done, carmillaboostein. I hope you are happy.

  • “she isn’t the love of laura’s.” Let’s start this off with a FUCK YOU.
  • It started when they were five? SHOOT ME.
  • Carmilla moving in because her family sucks. I AM FINE.
  • First kiss!

  • High school Hollstein!
  • “I’m still hoping it’s you and me in the end.” LALALALALALA
  • Go away with your music.
  • NO NO NO I can’t take angsty Carmilla being the only one in love.

  • The locket. I just-
  • Of course there’s a mixtape. Of course.
  • Way to ruin Christmas while you’re at it.
  • I am so down with Carmilla/Kirsch brotp. Also the Zeta Society kid.
  • I’m not even gonna say anything about the weekly dinners.
  • Thank you for not ruining LaFerry. Nobody is that evil (side-eyeing Maryne).
  • “She got in” and all the tags after that. NOT OKAY. NO.
  • The whole flower thing and all of the things with Laura’s mom.