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so it finally got cleared what the jack drama is and honestly i’m not even gonna say anything about it because i know everyone is gonna get over it. does anyone remember that one period of time when EVERYONE hated finn? (i never did but some of my old friends did and even unfollowed him off social media) well i remember and it was bad. all i would ever see was pictures of the stranger things cast and finn getting blurred out of them and people just saying rude things about finn. it even got to the point that i would have to pretend i wasn’t a finn stan with my friends just to not get bashed on. once i even posted a cute video of finn singing and i had to delete it because all the comments were “oh my god you’re a finn stan…ew” i’m not going to get into what the whole drama with finn was because frankly, it was so stupid i can’t even remember. well anyway long story short, all those people that hated finn, THEY PRAISE HIM NOW AS IF NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. everyone just got over it and thank god they did because finn is a little angel and deserves nothing but love. i bet this is the same situation with jack. sure he laughed at a very rude joke, but i mean who doesn’t. even if you don’t find that particular joke funny, you can’t say you’ve never laughed at a joke that you really shouldn’t have been laughing at. give the kid a break god damn it.

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Im always in a dilemma when it comes to namjin smut. Jonnie is kinky afff (😍) but jinnie is so soft and pure are cute (and my princess who needs body worship) and im never sure what kind of sex theyd have. Once i think jonnie would just spank him, choke him, pound him in the mattress as he wants but then i also think, what if jinnie dont want that? Then im in tears and cant sleep... What do you think?

Where do I even start?

I’m not gonna say anything about princess jinnie 😂

About Namjin sex… it’s mom and dad ain’t it?

Let’s just.. not..
Let’s just respect them cause they already go through a lot with the kids

Plus don’t forget joonie’s side hoe jackson… 

I bet that’s a way more interesting scenario 😂

I feel like Kara needs more fans.

All these new ‘fans’ that came with s2 don’t care about kara, they only care about their faves, she’s only there as a prop. And surprisingly it’s not only the karamel shippers who do this.

Supercorp shippers - sure most of them don’t do this, but i’ve seen a few people say they don’t like Kara only Lena, which makes no sense like??? how can you ship something and hate half of your ship??? -, karaolsen - same as supercorp shippers plus saying James deserves better than Kara and that’s she’s not good enough for him - and even sanvers - I’m not gonna say anything about this one - don’t give a fuck about Kara.

She’s only there to elevate other characters, they don’t care about her storyline, her developtment as a character or anything tbh. And the moment she gets an episode more focused on her, people start to whining they want to see their fave, “Fuck Kara I don’t care about her, where’s ____?!?!" 

The number of people in the fandom who hate Kara is overwhelming, and I genuinely wonder, if you hate her so much, why do you watch a show called 'Supergirl’?

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I've been seeing a lot of posts and comments regarding that hypable (?) ship battle between Kl@nce and Victuuri. Some people are convinced that because of this, Kl@nce has to become canon. If I may ask, what are your thoughts? I'm mainly worried things might get disrespectful or harassing towards writers and those who ship Shiro and Keith.

oh man…okay so, I’ve been pretty upset about this actually, but here we go:

Again, my own personal opinions here. But, for the people who think that somehow this means k/l has to become canon, well: 1) They don’t understand how animation works, and 2) I think that’s acting very entitled. Even though I’m sure some of them genuinely believe that supporting k/l over victu/uri is the right thing–or that maybe it will even make k/l canon–they must not realize that animation is literally planned out years in advance, and there’s just no conceivable way to go back now. I’m really sorry if that hurts, but it’s the truth. As for my second point, I mean…I’ve always thought there was this trend where some k/l fans were very loud and demanding about wanting k/l to be canon, and I think it’s important to kind of take a step back and realize that the narrative is not their own and they should respect the writers’ decisions. 

Obviously I want she/ith to be canon, but I’ve never gone to one of the writers or showrunners and told them you have to do this. And if sh/eith doesn’t become canon? I mean, I’ll obviously be disappointed. But I sure won’t harass or condemn the studio for it. And I mean, I wasn’t even gonna say anything about any of this, but obviously I personally dislike k/l, but even if I didn’t feel that way–it really bothers me that people would act like the k/l interactions we got in canon were somehow better than supporting actual, legitimate representation. That sends a much stronger message.

And to just repeat what I said before, the showrunners have already addressed this, and they made their position very clear:

I also really dislike the sense of entitlement that came with k/l being so popular. (And also, this is more due to its huge fanbase than the actual ship itself). But anyway, it seemed to me that people were insisting k/l was somehow queerbaiting if it didn’t become canon, and kept pressuring the studio that k/l was somehow the only viable option, despite the fact that animation is done so far in advance it’s literally too late to make any big changes.

As unprofessional as it was, an interviewer asked about k/l because of how popular it was and wanted to know if the ship would be “teased” for the fans. That’s not representation. That is queerbaiting, which the showrunners responded to and straight up said they would not do, as well as explaining that they couldn’t just change the script and make it so that “and now they’re in love.” (source) Again, I just want to clarify that I think this attitude was brought about by how huge the fanbase is rather than the actual content of the ship itself. But still, it’s a mindset prevalent enough to kind of turn me off from the ship

And the showrunners also explained how much time actually goes into animation, and the fact that it’s just not possible to suddenly go and reanimate stuff they had planned out years ago. Here are some excerpts from that interview: 

Interviewer: “I feel like there was a little tease? It seems people want to ship Lance and Keith together, so are there gonna be any hits of that at all?”

Lauren: “We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”

Joaquim: “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.”

Lauren: “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!

Joaquim: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” 

And honestly, this was the right, responsible thing to do. If k/l wasn’t meant to be a thing, they could have just egged it on and got people’s hopes up for no reason. They could’ve “teased” it in official art and interviews or answered this question with something like, “Ooo you never know! You’ll just have to keep watching!” That would have been queerbaiting. By directly stating that they didn’t intend for k/l to be teased and they weren’t trying to bait anyone, that’s doing a lot more than what other people have done. It shows they understand what representation is and aren’t going to pretend a gay relationship is there when it’s not just to attract viewers. 

So yeah, nothing’s gonna change either way. That much I can guarantee–animation just isn’t a conducive medium to that sort of thing. Whatever it is, it is. People who genuinely believe otherwise are mistakenly misinformed I think, and I would encourage them to actually look into the timeline of just how long a process animation actually is. But I do think it’s possible that turning down legitimate representation in favor of something built up in fanon sends a message to other people that it doesn’t matter whether you have genuine representation in canon or not, and that honestly bothers me. 

I didn’t even watch yoi–though I do love and have repeatedly cried over Endless Night–but you better believe my bi figure skating ass went and voted for vict/uuri just to make a point. Because ya at the end of the day it’s a silly ship war, but I feel like it’s more so about actual canon representation vs something just being good enough in fanon 

Part of me is super excited bc!!! New Voltron content!! Yay!! The other part of me knows that discourse is about to reach an all time high and I am so burnt out at this point that I’m probably not even gonna say anything about the new content unless it’s smt huge

it’s cute how gaara blindly trusts on naruto but this chapter was almost tragic im laughing

gaara : it cool they got this
team 7: doesn’t get this

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Brown was a thug who robbed a convenience store for cigars, shoved the clerk like a bully, and then ran into a head on confrontation with Williams, check out the video, Brown was looking for a fight. Williams was an officer of the law. Yes Williams might go to jail for killing the larger man when he merely could have incapacitated him w a shot, and if that's what the court finds it will be fair.. but I'm sure Williams was terrified and fucked up big time. Neither party deserves our donations.


Natalie reads the whole 'childhood sweethearts au' tag - Part 1

Look at what you’ve done, carmillaboostein. I hope you are happy.

  • “she isn’t the love of laura’s.” Let’s start this off with a FUCK YOU.
  • It started when they were five? SHOOT ME.
  • Carmilla moving in because her family sucks. I AM FINE.
  • First kiss!

  • High school Hollstein!
  • “I’m still hoping it’s you and me in the end.” LALALALALALA
  • Go away with your music.
  • NO NO NO I can’t take angsty Carmilla being the only one in love.

  • The locket. I just-
  • Of course there’s a mixtape. Of course.
  • Way to ruin Christmas while you’re at it.
  • I am so down with Carmilla/Kirsch brotp. Also the Zeta Society kid.
  • I’m not even gonna say anything about the weekly dinners.
  • Thank you for not ruining LaFerry. Nobody is that evil (side-eyeing Maryne).
  • “She got in” and all the tags after that. NOT OKAY. NO.
  • The whole flower thing and all of the things with Laura’s mom.