gif maker: *spends time looking/downloading videos, capping/clipping scenes, sorting that out, colouring scenes (especially when they are dark as hell), sharpening, resizing and making sure they look hq. a process that takes hours, days and even weeks*
gif maker: “hey guys! please like/reblog is you guys are gonna use/download this!”
you guys: exCUSE ME? WhY aRe YoU aCtInG lIkE a NoTe ThIrStY hOe? wHo GaVe U tHe RiGhT™ sWeAtY :)))) gIf mAkInG iS eAsY!1!1111!!!!!


Septiplier Week: Day 3 - ANGST/Fluff

Okay tumblr changed up the entire gif format for some reason so I had to run this through my own gif maker but it’s all good now
So I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about this idea. I wanted to animate or make an animatic of a scene, but it would’ve taken me ages, so I wanted to go with a comic, which would also take me a long time. So I decided to animate some highlights from the scene I thought about!

Backstory: This is back when Anti first took over Jack and “killing” him in the process. Jack and Mark were hanging out, but Mark had noticed that Jack was acting… different. He hadn’t seen it before, but that day, it was clear that something was up. Jack was finished carving his pumpkin, and he stood up, looking at the knife deep in thought. That’s when Anti came. Mark was around when it happened and he had to watch one of his best friends die basically. Mark, devastated, runs over to his side, only to realize that his pulse was already gone. As he sat there in the silence, he hears a laugh right beside him.
The rest I’ll leave up to you :)

I can’t believe I finished this within two hours I didn’t think I could :“D


anonymous asked:

Hello, can you spread the word, please? The user 'sebmorgenstren' is stealing other people gifs and making them b&w so nobody will notice! (I recognized one of yours!)

Hey, thanks for the heads up! I noticed they did take at least one of my gifs – they turned mine into b&w here – and some of my s2 posters (which is silly bc…they’re already b&w but anyway).

I also recognize one of @chthoneon‘s gifs (this vs. this).

anyway please don’t reblog from them; they’re stealing gifs and they’re not even subtle about it. btw gif makers can tell even if you throw a black and white filter over top; we’re not blind.
Hold Her Near, a rizzoli & isles fanfic | FanFiction

It was a dark, dark Tuesgay night and all the fandom gathered ‘round to watch the Season 4 Finale.

We thought were were ready.

There were supplies

And then about halfway in we realized we needed stronger supplies

But still the last two minutes happened.

And hit us hard in our already bleeding Rizzles fandom hearts.

Even our most talented gif makers were quiet for days.

But maybe if we had ANOTHER two minutes we’d be able to march bravely forward into June.

I tried to give you those two minutes Rizzlers the only way I knew how.

Gotta fic-fix a band-aid onto the pain.

So from me to all of you - What is the true heart of Rizzles?

Special thanks to two wonderful women:

socks-lost - for giving me the eyes to make sure the story was about love.


charliethecag - beta extraordinaire and lover of rainbows. 

so just recently i hit 1k followers and i’m kind of speechless that, that many people follow me tbh?? idek how this happened because i’m not even a consistent gfx/gif maker either…but thank you so much for following me until now;; i’m externally grateful for every single one of you okay, and just know that you’re all so very lovely ♥ i’m especially thankful for the wonderful people i’ve met here, and even if we’ve talked like once (or not at all sobs), you guys are honestly wonderful, precious lil cherubs!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) & if i missed anyone, here is my blogroll~

bold = mutuals/friends/BA EBS tbh

italics = hoLY flying DUTCHMAN give me your immense talent pls

♡ = favorite 5ever?? literal blog goals ok I LOVE 


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MBTI Reactions To...
Making A Speech (Requested)


“You picked the right person.”


“Making a speech with many people staring is not the nicest thing ever. Winging one is even worse.”

(Credits to GIF Makers)

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