Fanwork Appreciation Day

So it’s apparently Fanwork Appreciation Day in big bold letters and I don’t know where to start omg. I could just link the entire Stormpilot/Jedistormpilot tag on ao3 since that would probably be easier. Like there’s so much good work out there, so many fics that I always think about and come back to. So I’m going to try and list my continuing fave authors (and an artist!) on here, but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up forgetting somebody at some point.

I suppose the first one is obviously @animalasaysrauer or TuppingLiberty on ao3. Just about everything she touches turns into something incredible, but her Organa’s Organics series is so long and heartfelt and incredible. Idk how she got me with a farming au but she got me.

@beautifullights1 is honestly the best commenter you want on a fic, but anyway. The everyone has scars series keeps tricking me into rereading bits and pieces of it again and again. Like it accidentally became a permanent fixture in my ever growing Stormpilot library and I don’t know how it got there or when but it’s there now and it’s never leaving.

@nekosmuse is hard to forget because she showed up like in the middle of the year like a whirlwind just like “SHOW ME EVERYTHING” and then she started writing and Superluminal Motion ruined my life. I’ve been waiting for a really good “Finn gets reconditioned in the FO again” fic and WOW this is it this is everything omg.

@cha-llamala aka QianLan is a difficult mess because EVERYTHING is so good and she writes so so so so much and it’s all SO good like I’m here for every second of it. Okay here just go read Bound (handcuffed together) and Kill Shot (assassin turns bodyguard) and Magic (werecreature soulmate thing ????) and just get back to me when you can okay. I think about these ALL the time. Just. Okay.

@imaginarygolux … AHHHHHHHHHH okay there’s a lot. there’s a whole lot. it’s okay. I would be absolutely lying if I said I didn’t remember her solely as the author of the Fractured Fairy Tale AU’s which is exactly what it sounds like but there’s also Morning Glories about all sorts of morning sex and Life Debt about a life debt duh and The Emperor and his Consort omg and and Like Attracts Like where they can’t get too far from one another and and seriously, read everything.

@topographical-map-of-utah is another one of my fave authors that I accidentally found on tumblr one day (yay) but I don’t know where to start. Go read the Along Came Baby series which is a modern baby au and the first fic is so good honestly but anyway go read that to start off with and then read all the others and then we’ll talk. Oh oh and Catch of the Day about mer!Poe. It’s a wip but AHHHHHHHHHHHH etc.

There’s a lot of fanart out there but I love @saraduvall and her Witch AU so much that I ended up writing a fic about it and I’m seriously considering updating.

There are so many great works that are stand alones or by authors that I don’t know. It would take a few days for me to make a whole new rec list of amazing fics because there’s so many. What I listed here is from people that I know are on tumblr, people who are awesome and deserve all the love in the world. I know there’s a lot of people out there that I know on tumblr and ao3 but I don’t realize that they’re the same person or something???? that happens a lot. So if I had the time to do research and include everyone, I would. So thank you to all the authors and artists and folks out there who MAKE these incredible things FOR FREE just all the time and are absolutely great people. Also, equally important, a big thank you to all of the consumers of said fics and art and what not, to all the commenters and leavers of kudos, we love you.

AHHHHH I love you all okay I’m done.

After forever, I put myself together and start drawing again. I’m not sure how it ended but I’m kinda okay with the final result. I decided to draw Viktor because that anime hit me pretty hard actually and it’s the main reason I want to draw again (about a few weeks ago I started lurking #yoi tags and I found lots of amazing blogs and artists that gave me the inspiration to begin with all this thing, I can name some of them: @viktyuri, @victuurii@blau678​, @katsudonqween, @fishnbacon, @sinran, @nikyforov, @gays-on-ice@thacmis, @randomsplashes, @roselph and dkasd I could be the entire day tbh: check those blog and follow because they are amazing like super cool art and techniques, I adore the way the styles change depending of the artist and they are all so beautiful).

I found a healthy and charming fandom and idk that gave me the will to use Tumblr once again (maybe I’m being too sensitive about the whole thing but I’m really happy something like this exists lol) after having a weird-not-so-cool-time with vkei fandoms but, anyway, really sorry about my poor english and all the typos and since I want to meet new people so we can wait together to Season 2, please don’t be shy I’ll be right here :’) !  


So I’m keeping up with @nekojitachan​ ‘s All For The Game AU fic “Armies”
And I’m not gonna say much because what’s the fun in that when you can just read it; but it does involve:
-Andrew & Neil wearing ~*Very Nice Clothes*~
-Andrew driving a ~*Very Nice Car*~
-Andrew & Neil doing~*Not So Nice Things*~.

So I wanted to draw them in some formal wear. The one in pencil was first- it was a rough start so I improved it with MORE knives. Ink was done second. <3

(I need a pair of monk-strap shoes for myself or at the very least some wingtips UGH)
(Ignore my lumpy car please.)

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My aftg art
Post-Baltimore Scene

hey, i hate myself, but i kinda need your guys’ help

this is dumb and i hate even asking, but i’m in a pickle and am not entirely sure where else to turn.

here’s the lowdown: i got a new job, but for that job i had to drop literal hundreds of dollars to meet the requirements, which basically meant clearing out my bank account. my credit card is maxed from moving from nebraska to california, and anyone i would normally ask for money is facing their own financial crisis and i don’t want to add to their plate with my own drama. 

as previously stated, i got a job, but that job has yet to give me a single hour, and while i’ve applied to other jobs, i have upcoming bills that are gonna come to pass before i get a solid paycheck. here’s what i need help with:

  • car insurance $120, due on the 28th
  • car payment $128, due on the 31st
  • medical bill ~$200, due (on my freaking birthday) feb 4th
  • speeding ticket from kansas (rip) for $1freaking58, due idk, i have to check, but i’m pretty sure at the beginning of februrary
  • anything else would go to my credit card, which is maxed at $2500 bc life is terrible

i would just try to defer stuff until i have money, but my car stuff is automatic, and without it i can’t do my job/get literally anywhere, my medical bill is already delinquent and is about one late payment away from going to the collection agency, and i’ve never had a speeding ticket before, but i’m pretty sure they’re unhappy if you don’t pay it, and it’s not like i can get to kansas for any sort of court date. basically, i’m fucked and really embarrassed about it, but all these unforeseen expenses have dug me into a big ol’ ugly hole, and if you would be willing to help, i’d basically owe you everything.

it also doesn’t have to be for free. i can do the following things:

  • edit any writing you need edited 
  • write you fanfics or original work, of which i’ll prioritize above everything else i’m working on (go to my fic tags on my blog to see examples of my work)
  • record any sort of audiobook/audiofic you want done (idk, it’s something i have on my profile as a skill?)
  • make you crappy gifsets
  • crochet you ugly hates or golden snitches?? (that’s kind of all i can crochet well) 
  • u tell me to do something stupid and record it and put it online, and i’ll do it. want me to cover my face in peanut butter and dance the macarena? i’ll do it, i have no dignity left
  • idk, name your price, i’m desperate!!

my paypal is literally anything helps. if all my followers donated just one USD i’d have enough to pay off my car in full. and if you can’t help, could you signal boost? ik, i hate doing that too, but i’d super appreciate it.

i also promise to return the favor when i have money myself. keep the goodwill going. 

idk. i am very embarrassed, but i love you all, even if you can’t help. thank you regardless. 

i hope you see cool cloud formations today,


It’s that time of year again!

Starting December 14, there will be twelve days of Sherlocky fic-writing excitement coming your way.

Whether you’re a seasoned fic writer or this is your first time, whether you tackle only a few of the prompts or try to cover them all, whether you write drabbles or 221Bs or ficlets or full-length fics, you are welcome to join us in this challenge. The list of prompts is below–one for each day leading up to Christmas–and how you choose to interpret them is entirely up to you. Just be sure to tag your fics with #12 days of fic mas 2016 so that other people can find and share them!

  • December 14: Letters to Santa
  • December 15: Candy canes
  • December 16: Family gatherings
  • December 17: Fairy lights
  • December 18: Snowman
  • December 19: Eggnog
  • December 20: Home for the holidays
  • December 21: The perfect gift
  • December 22: Starting a new tradition
  • December 23: The Yard’s annual Christmas party
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: White Christmas
you got green on your mind - Rated: T

Ginny Baker wears a dress with a thigh high slit on the red carpet. Mike Lawson forgets how to exist.

Inspired by this entire Tumblr conversation. But mostly inspired by the way Kylie Bunbury looked in this dress at the Critics’ Choice Awards:

Your move, @mikeginsanity. (Oh, and @baker151910, I know you wanted a tag when it was finished…)

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Mike wasn’t sure exactly what he’d done to deserve this.

He thought he’d lived a good life. Sure, he’d messed around with a few too many groupies, maybe over imbibed on cheap beer once or twice, driven too fast on the highway…but all in all, Mike was a good person. He gave to charity, helped his fellow man…

So what the fuck had he done to deserve this?

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It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")
  • It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")

Not sure if this one will work… for some reason Tumblr doesn’t want Tom to sing this </3

But if it does work please don’t judge how terrible my audio editing skills are. I tried to make it sound like Tom from the beautiful original song so it may or may not have worked. I tried <3 

Either way, I hope you all like it!! <3 

PS: If you plan on sharing this or putting it in an edit or something like that, just please credit me. This wasn’t entirely easy so just tag IG| svtfoe_af or my tumblr blog. I’d really appreciate it <3 <3

It happened again.

Castiel Novak mentioned you in a comment.

“What is it this time?” Dean muttered to himself as he opened up his Facebook notifications for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Cas had only just recently found the tagging feature and now Dean’s name is attached to just about every video out there, from “Nifty” videos to Buzzfeed articles to this one video about a cat just flat out falling asleep next to a dog. Cas spends his entire live on the web, but that lifespan seems to be solely dedicated to things like making sure Dean sees every single way to cook a potato in their shared microwave.

He clicks on the notification regardless and watches yet another video about how to make hash brown waffles using a waffle iron and just three ingredients. He never gets around to actually finishing watching any of the videos since they all end the same, but he always leaves a little “like” on Castiel’s comment to let him know he’s seen it. It’s not like he doesn’t mind it because Cas is Cas and they’ve been dating since the beginning of the college two and a half years ago, but this was a whole new Cas. This was Cyber Tagging Cas.

He shouldn’t even be on his phone right now and yet Dean gets yet another notification not two minutes later from the same site the other video was from. That makes 101 and time for an intervention.

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totally out of the blue but...

@ everyone who has a HUGE crush on someone: ASK THEM OUT / tell them u like them!!

worst thing that could happen //if they’re a good person?// they say no & THAT’S OK! I’m sure that u two can still be buds and/or you’ll get over them & find some1 even dreamier!!

& if they humiliate you 4 asking them out they’re obviously as dumb & useless as mosquitos so drop kick them out of ur life & all the way 2 Timbuctoo and try to move on!!


UR LOVELY & DESIRABLE!! have fun with this random advice buds

(there’s also like an entire paragraph of advice & reassurance in the tags… just sayin)


I felt like doing something artsy with specific colors a while back, so I made little valentine things based on various pride flags. Hopefully I got the colors right!

They are, pictured in I suppose the order you’d read a comic:

Gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace, demi, aro, poly.

I hope you like them and I did alright!


for @bethanyactually, based on these tags:

#I still can’t believe Jeff didn’t see that Annie was going to annihilate him #at this point in their acquaintance Annie had: #attack kissed him in front of a crowd - causing him to drop a paraplegic man - to prove that man is evil and win a debate #slammed his head against a table #informed the dean about Chang’s faking his knowledge of Spanish in an attempt to force the entire group to take Spanish again #gave Jeff a bloody nose when she found out he’d had sex with Britta during paintball before he kissed her at the Transfer Dance #broke into Alan’s office to steal an email and then chloroformed an innocent janitor TWICE #sold Greendale out to City College #created an elaborate con to teach Jeff a lesson about slacking off #effortlessly pulled off roleplaying as Hector the Well Endowed #I MEAN REALLY #WHAT DID YOU THINK SHE WAS GOING TO DO JEFF #ROLL OVER AND ADMIT YOU WERE RIGHT!? (x)

Jim Moriarty not being dead would’ve given s4 more narrative, story and most of all sense. Sure, we all want him back because of various reasons that have nothing to do with the actual story telling, but with the latest episode it becomes more and more clear, that without him… Well, it’s over with actual reason.
We’ve had no explanation whatsover how Eurus manipulated the entire staff of Sherrinford, it might be that Moriarty helped her but ?? We don’t know, they didn’t tell us.

Here’s what I think.
Jim Moriarty should’ve come back and by now, it wouldn’t have been that important to explain the whole bullet in the head, let it be a mystery. Having him back and pulling the strings from outside while Eurus actively operates inside the facility would have given more insight on how that whole mess actually worked out. Using his lines, video tapes and actual hints at his person suggested that he was behind something… But even that didn’t become clear since the 5 minute talk they had was cut short and apparantly not important enough to include. Funny, since that conversation was responsible for years of terror and torture for Sherlock.

What we have left now is loads of convenient video tapes, all done beforehand and magically fitting into any given situatuon when other villains just don’t quite do well enough. It’s lazy, it’s boring and not at all what we know from the show. The so beloved momentum of surprise and shock is gone and dead, just like Jim Moriarty.

It’s Nothing...

Prompt: this post by @ly–canthrope

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: You are more than Cassian had ever hoped for.

Tags: !married, fluffy, Cassian needs a break from angst and this is it

Notes: this is so cute omg. cassian is utterly head over heels and i love it. kinda short but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, also i’m not entirely sure how ‘to science’, so it kinda turned more to programming? forgive me.  

Word Count: 859

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