It’s that time of year again!

Starting December 14, there will be twelve days of Sherlocky fic-writing excitement coming your way.

Whether you’re a seasoned fic writer or this is your first time, whether you tackle only a few of the prompts or try to cover them all, whether you write drabbles or 221Bs or ficlets or full-length fics, you are welcome to join us in this challenge. The list of prompts is below–one for each day leading up to Christmas–and how you choose to interpret them is entirely up to you. Just be sure to tag your fics with #12 days of fic mas 2016 so that other people can find and share them!

  • December 14: Letters to Santa
  • December 15: Candy canes
  • December 16: Family gatherings
  • December 17: Fairy lights
  • December 18: Snowman
  • December 19: Eggnog
  • December 20: Home for the holidays
  • December 21: The perfect gift
  • December 22: Starting a new tradition
  • December 23: The Yard’s annual Christmas party
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: White Christmas


me in a room w lots of ppl
  • me: there sure are a lot of ppl here. i wonder how many of them know about panic at the disco. how many of these ppl have listened to an entire patd album. i bet a lot of these people have heard sins on the radio and liked it. how many of these ppl know about brendon urie. do u think anyone here has seen panic live. maybe. i dont know. i hope so. i love panic at the disco
My family has always been catholic and I know you think I’m just some Irish white boy, but I’m converting to hinduism! That’s how not-white I am! I feel I was hindu in a past life!
—  Junior Business Major

We don’t wear warpaint, we don’t have mohawk haircuts, and we’re not red. We’re human beings. And until we get rid of that it’s going to remain the same. We’re just going to be mascots for America’s fun and games. - Clyde Bellecourt

reject racist caricatures 

It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")
  • It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")

Not sure if this one will work… for some reason Tumblr doesn’t want Tom to sing this </3

But if it does work please don’t judge how terrible my audio editing skills are. I tried to make it sound like Tom from the beautiful original song so it may or may not have worked. I tried <3 

Either way, I hope you all like it!! <3 

PS: If you plan on sharing this or putting it in an edit or something like that, just please credit me. This wasn’t entirely easy so just tag IG| svtfoe_af or my tumblr blog. I’d really appreciate it <3 <3


So I’m keeping up with @nekojitachan​ ‘s All For The Game AU fic “Armies”
And I’m not gonna say much because what’s the fun in that when you can just read it; but it does involve:
-Andrew & Neil wearing ~*Very Nice Clothes*~
-Andrew driving a ~*Very Nice Car*~
-Andrew & Neil doing~*Not So Nice Things*~.

So I wanted to draw them in some formal wear. The one in pencil was first- it was a rough start so I improved it with MORE knives. Ink was done second. <3

(I need a pair of monk-strap shoes for myself or at the very least some wingtips UGH)
(Ignore my lumpy car please.)

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anonymous asked:

How can one get over nervous pooping?? I'm serious. I get so embarrassed and I'm at uni for 10+ hours and I can't keep holding it in. 😔

This is going to come down to three major things (imo): 

  1. Necessity. At some point, you’re just not going to have a choice and you’re going to need to find a bathroom.
  2. Finding a favorite bathroom. I know that sounds kind of weird, but that’s what I’ve always done. I find one bathroom on campus or at work and use that bathroom whenever I have a choice. Maybe it’s cleaner than the others, maybe it’s off a side hallway and doesn’t get as much noise, maybe it’s slightly out of the way and doesn’t ever have a line. Whatever your reasoning, picking a favorite lets you feel a little more comfortable in a public bathroom simply because you use it with frequency.
  3. Recognize that no one really cares what you’re doing in the bathroom. If you’re someone that does care, you need to grow the fuck up because we all know what’s happening in there and we all gotta do it at some point. It’s just a part of life. If you gotta poop, you gotta poop. No one is going to spend their day thinking about you pooping and you should not feel embarrassed for doing something that everyone has to do.

Authenticity is an interesting struggle for me because I’m not entirely sure who I am to begin with, so how can I be authentically something I’m not even sure exists all the time?


I felt like doing something artsy with specific colors a while back, so I made little valentine things based on various pride flags. Hopefully I got the colors right!

They are, pictured in I suppose the order you’d read a comic:

Gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace, demi, aro, poly.

I hope you like them and I did alright!


for @bethanyactually, based on these tags:

#I still can’t believe Jeff didn’t see that Annie was going to annihilate him #at this point in their acquaintance Annie had: #attack kissed him in front of a crowd - causing him to drop a paraplegic man - to prove that man is evil and win a debate #slammed his head against a table #informed the dean about Chang’s faking his knowledge of Spanish in an attempt to force the entire group to take Spanish again #gave Jeff a bloody nose when she found out he’d had sex with Britta during paintball before he kissed her at the Transfer Dance #broke into Alan’s office to steal an email and then chloroformed an innocent janitor TWICE #sold Greendale out to City College #created an elaborate con to teach Jeff a lesson about slacking off #effortlessly pulled off roleplaying as Hector the Well Endowed #I MEAN REALLY #WHAT DID YOU THINK SHE WAS GOING TO DO JEFF #ROLL OVER AND ADMIT YOU WERE RIGHT!? (x)