Why Kilgrave is Scary

Finished Jessica Jones last night. I’m very happy Netflix is doing Marvel shows.

What I’m struck most by in JJ is how absolutely terrifying Kilgrave is. I’ve seen villains I love to hate (Prince Joffrey, Dolores Umbridge), but it’s rare for a genre thing to dish out a truly terrifying villain. The reason why? JJ does something genre fiction rarely does nowadays:

Kilgrave uses his powers on ordinary people, in ordinary places.

The guy doesn’t terrorize an entire city to make some abstract point about humanity. He doesn’t exist in some Norse sci-fi dimension. He’s a dude that goes into people’s homes and uses them until they die. Every one of his victims is a home invasion movie where the protagonists have no hope of escape.

And it’s not like there’s some grand scheme he’s up to. He just wants what he wants - power, women, riches. Villains in genre fiction have long been up to things so huge and abstract that they can’t make us feel vulnerable.* Who cares that Loki wants to take over the Earth? How does that relate to me? It doesn’t. 

But Kilgrave could show up at my door, and my life instantly twists into a nightmare.

*For the most egregious offenders of scope creep, watch some spy movies. Their cat-and-mouse scenarios with secret bases and huge action sequences are so far outside of normalcy that when they say they’re ‘saving the world,’ it sounds like hand waving. What world? There’s not a single moment in any Bond film that is relatable to anyone viewing it. Unless you hang out on a beach and have sick abs.

That’s not to say spy films don’t rule. They just can’t justify their worlds anymore.

Moment of silence for the stupid amount of spray paint and Plasti Dip that Paladin armor requires. And this is probably only about half of it because I still haven’t done the chest plate or knees yet. Ahahahhaha. 

I realize I’m doing this to myself. Like I love armor that I can beat up and shade and stick a lot of texture into and this is just not that kind of armor, so it’s driving me nuts. I don’t love cartoon armor because it tends to have no texture to it and I don’t love sci fi armor because it tends to not have texture to it and I don’t love straight white or black armor because it tends to have no texture to it. So of course what do I do? I make cartoon sci fi armor that it entirely straight white and black. And the way to make myself happy with that choice it to prime the shit out of it and try to paint it up with as much depth as a flat color will allow me. 

lovable-saitama  asked:

personality asks: 3, 9 and 18 :D

3. What’s a song lyric that often gets stuck in your head?

Any lyric from “All Star” by Smash Mouth. (Yes, Shrek is an iconic movie.)

9. Are you still friends with your first best friend?

Nope! We’re entirely different people now and move in separate worlds.

18. What’s your favorite bad movie?

Oh gosh I… I’m going to have to say Roboshark (technically Cyborg-Shark?). It’s one of those horrible Shark Week sci-fi flicks that I rail against each year because sharks are actually just very sharp ocean puppies. But Roboshark was… an experience. First of all, they made Roboshark much too cute for me to even associate it with ‘evil’. 

Look at that face. So pure. I will defend this sea creature to my death. (It also glows green when it’s happy ugh so cute).

It was pretty unclear whether Roboshark even had an objective, or whether it was just destroying things because the movie needed a destructive force. It ate a UFO and is therefore, technically, an alien-shark-cyborg. 

The movie features billionaire Bill Glates, horribly incompetent husbands, and an admiral who is addicted to energy drinks.

One of the best parts of the movie is Roboshark communicating with (and befriending) a teenage girl through Twitter.

Also I need to find a new place to eat sushi because, as much as I love my fave sushi place, the sushi chef will talk to me through an entire bowl of udon soup.

And… and I can’t say ‘please leave me alone so I can eat my delicious food’ because I don’t want to be rude.

But I hate people talking to me when I’m trying to eat. (I HATE PEOPLE LOOKING AT ME WHEN I EAT. PLEASE STOP.) It wasn’t so bad when Cute Chatty Waitress #1 and #2 were around but waitress #3 apparently doesn’t talk to the chef enough.