you know what makes me really happy?

daemon AUs

you know what makes me sad?

daemon AUs where everyone’s daemons are charismatic megafauna

like really guys you have the entire animal kingdom (plus more if your AU is taking place in a fantasy/sci-fi world with different kinds of creatures) and yet every damn character has a giant sparkly mammalian apex predator following them around

I highly doubt that the diverse personality types of these characters can be accurately represented using only felids, canids, ursids and the occasional bird of prey

there’s a wonderful world of weird animals out there. explore.

anonymous asked:

I have kind of an odd question - do you think one must actually first experience sex/romance in order to properly write fiction about it? It's probably not something that can entirely be done in theory, right? Are the best writers always very experienced in what they write, or do they just have great imaginations? I guess for things like sci-fi writing most everything has to be made up, but can romantic/erotic fiction be the same way? Sorry for the complex question... Amazing blog and writing!!!

No odd questions!  Just likely odd responses (from me, anyway).  First, thanks for the kind words :-) so happy you like it.  I’m not really a writer so take what I say with a grain of salt.  I’m not of the mindset that you have to go through something to write about it, but in some cases it probably helps lol.  As far as smut goes (basically all I write), I can see how it would be daunting to someone with no experience.  Imagination is the key. :D  So, I guess the short answer is I think people should write about anything they feel like writing about - as long as it’s fun or benefits them in some way, that’s what counts.  Cool question - thanks anon!!  <3 <3