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Shiro is an adult and the other paladins are under 18 like why can't people understand that



MORE ACCURATE FATESONA GEM because Jin is becoming less and less like me by the day, I’m just gonna let him be his own character~~

I needed to give some fatesona’s hugs to welcome myself in lolol HERE! in order we have~

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Yoonmin + 2seok 1, 5 n 23 for both please if it's ok to ask for more than one ship💕

+ bonus #22 since i misread


how do they fall asleep? wake up? any daily rituals?

when they can sleep together, yoongi likes to be spooned and he likes jimin’s arm around his waist or their fingers laced together over him tummy. jimin buries his face in the crook of yoongi’s neck because he finds his scent comforting. they usually shift in their sleep so that when they wake up, yoongi’s facing jimin with his arms and legs thrown over him. (it’s a good way to wake up, he thinks.) the only daily ritual they have is their good morning kiss; soft, slow, a little moment the two of them share before they have to get up and join the others.

nicknames? pet names? any in-jokes?

they’re mi nyoongi and ppark jjiminie !! most of their in-jokes stem from their dates and the way they tease each other, i.e “jibangi”, “gwenchanhae” from their chicken date,,,, so none of the other members try to get in on them.

does their work ever interfere with the relationship?

inevitably. they’re together almost all the time so being apart isn’t the problem, but during busier times, both of them have the tendency to take on too much and overwork themselves, which neither of them like at all. so other than the occasional dinner date or visit to the studio/dance practice room they’re always sending each other text reminders to look after themselves and take breaks every once in a while.

how do they hug? kiss? tease? flirt? comfort?

hug: they both like to surprise the other with backhugs, yoongi pressing his lips to the side of jimin’s neck and jimin propping his chin on yoongi’s shoulder. they’re also bullies so they like to make the other squirm by tickling them. otherwise yoongi initiates hugging by opening one arm for jimin to cuddle into his side, and jimin, whenever he wants hugs, clings onto yoongi’s clothes and refuses to let him go.

kiss: so many ways

tease: they always get on each other’s nerves by poking fun at the littlest things, though it’s always playful and if they ever cross a line, they always make it up to each other. jimin likes to get others involved in making fun of yoongi but yoongi ‘gets bored’ of his own jokes whenever anybody else tries to join in.

flirt: when they aren’t teasing each other, yoongi likes to randomly compliment jimin just to see him get all flustered and shy because of it, and when jimin can he turns the tables on him by calling him pretty and generally praising his looks, because yoongi easily blushes at that and it’s adorable.

comfort: when he wants comfort yoongi immediately seeks out jimin even if he doesn’t want to talk about it, so he can just hold him/his hand or lean on him or generally be comforted by his presence. and when jimin needs comfort, yoongi makes an effort to help him take his mind off it and distract him, or he generally just talks to him and tries to reassure him that everything’s okay.


how do they fall asleep? wake up? any daily rituals?

getting to sleep together is rare, but when they do hoseok likes cuddling up to seokjin. if he’s having trouble sleeping then seokjin will lull him to sleep by running his fingers through his hair and all over his neck and arms because hoseok really likes being touched that way. he wakes hoseok up the same way just because hoseok looks so cute when he’s all sleepy and happy and leaning into his touch, but if hoseok’s awake first then he likes to stare at seokjin until he wakes up (and then he gives him a good morning kiss on the forehead). they both refuse to kiss each other’s mouths because of m*rn*ng br**th so they make sure to brush their teeth together every morning so that they can sneak in a few kisses before going to meet the others.

nicknames? pet names? any in-jokes?

they don’t have any Special names for each other, seokjin calls hoseok hobi, and hoseok endearingly calls seokjin jin/seokjinnie hyung. they have so many in-jokes and bring them up all the time, even months after it happened hoseok could affectionately bring up ‘beanie jin’ and get whacked on the arm.

does their work ever interfere with the relationship?

it only brings them closer, especially when seokjin needs hoseok to help him out with choreography and it starts off serious but ends with them, hours later, laughing together on the floor only having made minimal progress.

how do they hug? kiss? tease? flirt? comfort?

hug: hoseok just wraps his arms around seokjin and doesn’t let him go, whether it’s from the front or the back, and seokjin just fondly sighs at him and carries on with hoseok clinging onto him. when seokjin hugs hobi he holds him close, one hand on the back of his head, and according to hoseok it’s soft, warm, and never lasts long enough

kiss: hoseok’s a very playful kisser and likes to tease seokjin by peppering him all over with kisses before finally meeting his lips for real, though he usually melts in seokjin’s arms when the elder brings one hand up to gently cup his face. hoseok also likes holding onto his shoulders. when seokjin himself is feeling playful he randomly kisses hoseok throughout the day whether it’s by suddenly holding his face and claiming his lips, or coming into the room to ruffle his hair and place a kiss on the top of his head.

tease: seokjin doesn’t tease hoseok a lot unless hoseok does something dumb and he can’t help but laugh at him. hoseok’s never mean about it and only ever teases seokjin when he wants to rant about how adorable he is.

flirt: seokjin tries to act all coy and gets extra touchy, making sure to touch his forearm or shoulder or hair. hoseok laughs at seokjin’s jokes even more than usual (seokjin can always tell), he compliments him more, and gets all up in his space so that it’s just the two of them in their own little bubble.

comfort: when hoseok needs comfort, jin will hold him close and pet his hair and reassuringly rub his back. and he’ll keep busting out his bad jokes until hoseok laughs and tells him to stop being gross and cut it out. hoseok will try to lift the mood and make him smile by using soft words like “hey, hey, it’s okay, jin hyung,” and telling him that visuals like him shouldn’t ever look so sad. he usually takes him out for a meal or treats him to his favourite food later just to make sure he’s happy or at least feeling better.

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