Am I the only one who would love to see an episode where Miss Quill is forced to sit through parent/teacher conferences?

Can’t you just see Charlie beforehand being like “you can’t be mean to all the parents” and her arguing back about how she’s not going to lie to them about their children being morons.  But then he reminds her that if she annoys the parents too much, they’ll complain and only bother her more, so she reluctantly acquiesces. 

She holds the briefest and most direct conferences ever and finds all of the parents as annoying as the children.  She gives Matteusz’s parents the side eye over conservative values.  She'd tell April’s mum that she cares to much.  Ram’s dad would want to ask her about the non-physics role in his son’s life, but backs off and decides it’s not worth dealing with her glare any longer than he has to.  Tanya’s mum would be different–she’d be direct and to the point.  She’d like Miss Quill’s no nonsense teaching method and Miss Quill would end up wishing all parents were like Tanya’s mum.


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can i just say how refreshing it is that so far on class the main pairings are male/female platonic relationships?  The first episode was mostly about Charlie and Miss Quill’s backstory and Charlie and April’s friendship; the second episode mostly focused on Ram and Tanya bonding over their shared grief.

I’m really looking forward to more Charlie/Matteusz (and seeing how Ram/April happens) and I’m hoping we get to see April and Tanya’s friendship develop a bit more in a future episode, but I’m also so pleased that this is the note the show has started out on: with the acknowledgement that the most important relationships in teenagers’ lives are their friendships, and guys and girls can - and do - support each other without any romantic feelings attached.

“I believe… I believe I haven’t seen everything, I don’t know. It’s funny, isn’t it? The things you make up. The rules. If that thing had said it came from beyond the universe, I’d believe it, but before the universe? Impossible. Doesn’t fit my rule. Still, that’s why I keep travelling. To be proved wrong. ”

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