Moroccan bazaar by Leo deCandia
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Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot


She is my true love and soul mate. We did a fairytale engagement session and a rustic fairytale wedding. We’ve been featured on cosmopolitan, buzzfeed, huffington post,,, and so many more. Love is love is love! Never give up and your happily ever after is out there! #Cinderbella

Photo credit to Alex Miller and Taylor Snyder for the Cinderella and Belle photoshoot. Follow our journey at:

I love this so so much thanks for sharing I’ve seen these pictures so many times! Beautiful and truly magical and inspiring!

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They even made a comment with what it stood for because someone didn't know I'm so ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oh my gosh, that’s great. 😄

Now if that could just translate into substantial representation on the network itself…I mean, I’m sure it’s in their long-term plans, but still.

For reference:

Hey, man. Everyone bitches about the Star Wars prequels and Jar Jar, but people still go crazy for Darth Maul, Duel of Fates, Obi Wan messing up everyone in sight, and the look on Yoda’s face when someone dares pick a fight with him.

Hey, even at 14, I got excited for wise, small, old stoic Yoda finally going fucking crazy on these bad dudes.  


DSC_2633 by Kurt Hadner