Guys. Nomura just confirmed that Sora’s birthday is March 28.

The same day KH came out.

Which, according to Nomura, follows the Disney character rule of your birthday being your debut day.

I just

My baby

Is an honorary Disney character

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TS Inktober Day 13! Prompt: “a character/characters from one musical that gets cast in another”
Rapunzel from Tangled (Disney musicals count, right?) as Hermione from A Very Potter Sequel! Idk why man, I just really like Tangled and all the Starkid musicals, like nothing is funnier than Starkid XD

“If you really think about it, the Disney princess Mulan kind of experiences the same struggles as those who are trans. She binds her chest and wears men’s armor and cuts her hair in an attempt to look masculine. When she meets the other men in the troop, she tries to fit in with them in order to seem just like them, and also forces herself to deepen her voice. One of her biggest fears throughout most of the film is being exposed and having the troop find out she is actually female, so shes constantly walking on eggshells, making sure every single thing she says and does is ‘manly’ enough so she doesn’t get caught.”

~ Anonymous