when you’re dads, every joke is a dad joke

gabbythebaddie  asked:

The joker probably made Harley take private swimming lessons after the car incident 😂 anyway I love your blog❤️😊

Thank you! 💕 Omg I never thought about that, but I totally think you’re right XD 

Joker: *about to throw Harley in one of their fancy indoor pools*

Harley: “NO! Puddin, I’m not ready!’

Joker: “1-”

Harley: *squeels and climbs up his shoulders*

Joker: “2-”

Harley: “No, no, no!”

Joker: *throws her in the pool and laughs his ass off*


Joker: *gives her a floaty ring to hold onto while still cackling*

the-demon-inside-of-you  asked:

Imagine Bones telling dad jokes to the crew. He would typically say one in response to Jim saying something. Like "I'm hungry" And Bones just smirks and replies "Nice to meet you hungry I'm Leonard McCoy". Spock doesn't get why Jim always facepalms afterwards and why Bones has such a shit-eating grin. Imagine Bones telling dad jokes/ bad jokes to Spock in an attempt to get him to smile. Just Bones telling dad jokes and thinking he is the funniest guy ever.

omfg like one day Bones is like “yeah i’m reading this book on the history of glue.” 

and Spock is legitimately interested because what’s it all about? How long can the history of glue possibly be? and Spock can’t see Jim basically trying not to bust a gasket behind him because Jim knows what’s coming and he looks like a cherry tomato trying to hold his laugh in. 

and Bones gets the widest grin anyone has ever seen him get because he’s finally got that vulcan hook line and sinker 

yeah i just can’t seem to put it down.

and Jim is keeling over and Spock is just like ?????? because he still is curious about the glue? and if Leonard can’t put it down it must be fascinating.