i wish taeyong from a year ago, afraid and reeling from an industry that took every chance to demonize him and ostracize him, could have seen this moment, where present taeyong is in new york, performing with his group (which just got its first win), looking up at a birthday ad that his fans put up for him in times square because they love him so much, and fans all over the world are on his side

Dear Michael

I know I don’t talk about it a lot right now and yes I have been a little bit aside but Michael is my firts Idol my very firts who I looked/look up to even now love and adore honestly I’m still no able to understand why or even how people could think about hurting such pure beautiful soul who only wished that he could heal the world a world whout suffering a world where children could play and be happy with peace and no violence no wards he only wanted to send love through out his music his videos but I guess the word wasn’t ready they weren’t ready for you Michael you were and still are an angel I’I’m sorry people couldn’t understand you and I’m sorry you had to suffer I hope you are in better
I love u
You will never be forgotten