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This whole space you've created is so,inspiring and so good?? Ik you probably get 80000 messages like this a day but !! Im honestly so in love with the attitude your account has and so glad I found it ,, I love how supportive of people you are and how you interact so fully with people,, rebloging so many things and inspiring so many more !! I hella hate drawing humans (background art ftw right here,,) but bc of you,, im trying !! 99% bc I wanna draw ur pip headcannons etc! Thank you for existing


I try really hard to make my own space as fun and welcoming as possible for not only me but others too. Im just really happy others feel this way and it’s not JUST me having a good time. EVERYONE SHOULD GET TO HAVE FUN.

ALSO HELL YEA DRAW THOSE PIPS. Meanwhile, im taking a stab at backgrounds since I suck at those so LOOKS LIKE WERE SWAPPING??

It’s terribly old-fashioned of me but I miss the days of when we used to say “unisex” instead of “gender neutral” (eg. unisex clothing/spaces.)

The former’s much more explicitly inclusive and I think it’s daft that everyone is still so afraid of the three-letter s-word in polite conversation that we’d rather dance around it: because our minds automatically associate it with sexual intercourse.

For cryin’ out loud, having a physical form does not mean you’re required to make use of all of its potential functions just because they’re acknowledged to exist. Anybody who tells you otherwise is someone to run away from very quickly.