I’m seeing a lot of young transgender or non-binary people out there freaking out or going completely silent and removing all their info from their bios in light of the recent news in America. And I get that, I really, truly do.

But I also want you guys to know that it’s safe to come talk to me if you’re feeling pressured or scared or angry or whatever you’re feeling. If you’re comfortable with talking to me, go for it. :)

Secondly, if you’ve spoken to me about your gender for whatever reason, and are feeling scared about someone else finding out or you being being outed for any reason, please know that I will never reveal anything we have spoken about, anything you have sent to me or asked me about (as an anon or not) to anyone. What we discuss is private, and unless you give me permission to respond publicly or speak about it to others, it will stay between us. Always.

Another Avengers Academy portrait. I’m really trying to narrow down my style, rather than worry about making them realistic like previous portraits. 

Marvel portrait #10. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.


(( Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have enough energy and mind to finish up the other 15 messages in inbox, may still get to a few more tonight after angsting modern verse up again.

But I do have an announcement on my activity here that will take place within the next few weeks. Stuff for my high school’s spring play is starting up and I’m apart of the stage crew and such, so I will be busy with that, but on top of that I’m going to be one of two major hands in the costume department and my job starts sooner than the other crew members because of the time we need to put into them. So around the beginning of march, do be expecting to see a little less of me, but remember, I always find free time where I shouldn’t so you’ll still see me a decent amount. ))

Yet another interview (…not even the last I’ll be posting! There are soooo many more!) in which Alfie publicly discusses his… Allen… (and wrestles away from his sister Lily, who’s really cute in the video - and talks about the jumpstart to his career… but the naked part is most important!) but this time, there’s video!

“There was a naked scene in this [Flashbacks of a Fool] and then obviously after this I went up for the audition for Equus and it was just um… yeah… I seem to get my knob out the whole time. But whatever. It’s for the art.”

For the art, indeed! No complaints here.

This is such a wild concept, but did I ever tell you guys about the time I tried to watch Dext/er?  The atmosphere was oppressive and the way the murders were depicted was a little much for me, so after about six episodes–get this–I stopped watching.  What a concept.  Wow.  Could you imagine not engaging with something you don’t like.

Not reblogging the stuff, not responding to it (on the post), not engaging with content you find offensive…  It’s almost unbelievable.