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  • Rodolphus: So what's wrong with her?
  • Bellatrix: Who?
  • Lucius: Your sister. You said it was serious.
  • Bellatrix: Oh yeah... shark bite.
  • Rodolphus: Shark bite?
  • Bellatrix: Yeah.
  • Lucius: And they took her to Rome?
  • Narcissa: Yeah, they have a really good shark attack unit there.

I’m 23 and I am overly disappointed with my life. I still live at home, I been a nail tech since I was 16.  I’m starting college again, but I just wish I made smart decisions so I can already really start my life.  I feel stuck and I am trying to work on shaping my life how I want it.  I really am, my folks are so negative and they have me doubting myself so much.  Which is why I dropped out of college the first time, so now I just listen to myself.I just feel like I should have my shit together by now and I feel like shit because I don’t.  I have dreams and I’m trying to achieve them one by one.