This Artist (@sparklyfawn) Started An Important Hashtag So Black Artists Can Get The Recognition They Deserve

“I just want the black artist[s] to know that they are just as worthy. Black artist[s] have to work twice as hard as their white peers just to be seen,” Hayford said.

Hayford said they are so grateful for everyone who participated in the hashtag: “I feel warm inside. People were sharing their experiences under the hashtag. It’s nice to know that I am not alone, and I love the sense of togetherness that the hashtag has created.”

Boys cry,
girls masturbate,
boys have feelings,
girls get angry,
boys can use makeup,
girls can like porn,
boys can like sewing,
girls can get violent,
boys can wear dresses,
girls can be good at sciences,
boys can like boys,
girls can like girls,
boys can like pink,
girls can have body hair,
boys don’t have to be muscular,
girls don’t have to be curvy,
boys don’t have to love sex,
girls don’t have to be thin.
—  J.C
True Black: The Tarot Deck

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