Having sex with Lucifer would include:

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Warning: Smut.

A/N: He looks so ready to do some naughty honky tonky.

First Time: 

  • Taking your time because he wants it to be perfect. 
    • Being extra tender if you’re a virgin or too unexperienced.
  • Him still being cocky and funny to make you relax. 
    • So much laugher!
  • Missionary position (Especially if you’re a virgin).
  • Kissing. 
    • Him being an exceptional good kisser. 
    • Him leaving kisses everywhere. 
    • Sucking your neck, shoulders and nipples.
  • Eye contact.
  • Him moaning while sucking and nibbling your earlobe.
  • You trying to be careful not to touch his scars. 
  • Getting a bath together after your first time and then cuddling, watching a nice movie. 

Soft Sex: 

  • Making love after Lucifer comes back from solving a case with Detective Decker. 
    • Especially if it has been a dangerous case. 
    • Basically ‘Welcome home sex’.
  • Oral sex. 
    • You giving him the slowest, but best blowjobs ever and him being addicted to them. 
    • His tongue doing that thing that makes you go ‘oh fuck’.
    • 69.
  • Foreplay.
    • Fingering. 
    • Handjob.
    • Oral sex.
    • Tender but lovely kisses.
  • Kisses all over your bodies. 
  • Him sucking your neck and leaving marks. 
  • Both, eye contact and with closed eyes. 

Rough Sex: 

  • Oral Sex.
    • You grazing/scrapping carefully your teeth on his dick because why not. 
    • Him doing the same/ Him eating you out and biting your inner thigh or your vulva.
  • Biting. 
  • Scratching.
  • A little bit of chocking.
  • Doing cocaine and fucking your bodies sore. 
  • Drunk sex.
    • Not as wild as cocaine sex. 
    • Sloppy kisses all over your bodies.
  • Changing positions every few seconds/minutes. 
    • Riding him. 
    • Reverse cowgirl.
    • Doggy style.
    • Missionary. 
    • And many more. 
  • You being the one who has to say stop because Lucifer could go on and on with his horselike stamina.


  • Seeing you on all fours turns him really on, more so when you wiggle your ass for him.
  • Spooning sex when you’re both lazy and cozy or when you want to have morning sex. 


  • Lucifer being very open to try new things out.
  • Ropes, handcuffs, whips, gags and blindfolds. 
    • He likes to play with your senses.
  • Hot wax. 
  • You moaning his name.
  • Anal sex. 
    • May end up very rough. 
  • Hair pulling when it’s long enough.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Him loving when you go wild and passionate, and make it ‘hurt’ (Scratching/Biting). 


  • Lucifer pulling you into broom closets, unused rooms to have a quicky with you. 
  • Him loving to bend you over his piano, the one in his appartment. 
    • When the Lux’s closed, he also likes having sex with you there. 
  • You indicating you want to have morning quickies and him never saying no. 

I am proud of Sonja for putting any hard feelings she has aside, for apologizing, for telling Isak that none of it is his fault, and for telling him that he can get through the hard times as long as he doesn’t take on too much at one time. She isn’t perfect, but she cares. At the end of the day, no matter how misguided she may be at times, Sonja will always love Even. If that means helping Isak love Even instead, she is prepared to accept that. And for that, I am so proud of her.

If Aelin and Rhysand Met
  • Rhysand: *is a freaking masterpiece*
  • Aelin: what is this?
  • Rhysand: *smirks*
  • Aelin: no. That's my thing.
  • Rhysand: *continues being perfect*
  • Aelin: I'm the lost queen of Terrasen
  • Rhysand: I'm the most powerful high lord to ever exist
  • Aelin: My court rattles the stars
  • Rhysand: My court owns the stars
  • Aelin: I gave myself up to an evil fae queen to save my friends and the ones I loved
  • Rhysand: I stayed enslaved to a freaking sociopath for 49 years and acted like I liked it when I really hated it just to save a city that no one knows exists...oh and my friends...and the world...nothing much
  • Aelin: *combusts*

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Am I the only one who kind of wishes Snape told Lily off during their last encounter? Because honestly, Lily isn't that great of a person either. Like, I don't know, I just think it would be nice if he hadn't been cut off during that whole encounter and kind of realized that she isn't this perfect being. Also if he had ran away from home and had a place that wasn't constantly reminding him of his trauma would be nice too.

i think fandom in general idealizes lily a lot and i think it’s because we never really get a Come to Jesus moment with her like we do with james. she remains perfect because we never really see her flaws - even in snape’s memories, she’s very… Good™

i kind of agree with you - i kind of would like to see more discussion about lily not listening to snape’s concerns about the marauders, because that read really odd to me. as his friend - presumably his best friend - wouldn’t she listen more to him about what he’s going through? but she dismisses his account of the werewolf incident because james saved him….? and then doesn’t listen to anything he says about the thing with mary even tho she doesn’t even seem to know if he actually participated in it or not?

idk man. we get a really idealized, short summary of snape and lily’s relationship and it’s difficult to parse lily from it - i think she definitely has flaws and fandom is all too willing to sweep them under the rug in order to make snape the Absolute Villain… even if the situation might not be as clear-cut as that.

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They maine guys name is Troy 'Oblivious to everything' 'Mr.Dramapants' 'Dickboy' Bolton

ok my friend claire told me that the main characters problem is “being too perfect” because he either can choose singing,,, or playing basketball?? she went on this whole rant how it’s not fair but idk fam

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Regulus and Daphne at the end of Pyg is everything. I love how she is going to be a pampered pureblood princess with anything she wants, after what, 11 years servitude? Girlfriend has a right to be spoiled by the ever-so-sexy Regulus. The fact that you made him into everything that Daphne wanted/needed and didn't get from Ron really tugs at my heart. And it made me so giddy to think of Regulus being a doting, devoted husband to his new wife! You have slithered 🐍your way into my heart and head💗

I’m so glad you liked it. I wrote out their story arc long before anything else got filled in and Regulus insisted on being essentially perfect. 💚💚💚💚

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hey friend! ive been feeling pretty insecure lately, what are your thoughts on chubby people? can they be beautiful too? even if they're not the model kind of chubby?

literally all chubby people are stunning and lovely, size is just size. it doesn’t matter, you’re perfect just being yourself. if someone doesn’t love you for exactly who you are they aren’t worth your time. there’s no such thing as perfect. fuck it.

Skam why are you being so perfect? I feel sad because I know no other show can ever compare to this.. Everything was just made so perfect on that last clip.. First Isak staying awake watching over Even making sure he is feeling warm and wrapped up.  Like just few hours ago Isak was scared that he might loose Even so after something like that it is hard to sleep. All you want to do is watch over that one you care so much and make sure they are safe and feeling comfortable.. I feel like crying already.. Then can we talk how much Isak has grown .. like he is 17.. and he is being so  responsible contacting Sonja making sure that Even’s parents know their son is okey.. and don’t even start with Sonja.. that girl is so strong.. she really must love and care for Even.. only thing she wants for him is that he is safe.. I just loved everything about that conversation between Isak and her.. Isak saying he understand how Sonja was feeling.. Sonja helping to Isak to help Even.. Even is lucky to have two person who loves him like that.. 

Also Henrik Holm is such a great actor.. you can see and feel how Even is struggling with depression..Like I could literally feel that weight he is feeling..trying to push Isak away.. I’m just thinking how many times Even had convince himself that it’s not going to work out between them.. I’m just thinking those two weeks they were not talking.. what things has been going on in Even’s head on those days.. Then the ending .. Isak is determined not to loose Even again.. he is doing everything so that it would work out.. like no one knows how the future will be.. but at least they are making them to be strong enough to handle it.. and i’m really crying now.. 

This show has been just everything.. I love how they gave us all that silence that is so important between two person.. talking and words aren’t always the only thing that delivers the message.. and when you have two great great actors with great great chemistry this is the results.. something magical that doesn’t always need words to makes us feel everything.. seriously I would just want to hug everyone that made this show possible.. they are genius.. I feel seriously so inspired after this.. also a bit sad that I could never make anythings as awesome.. 

Im guessing that after Chapter 106, YJ is going to have a break.

Chapters are around a week earlier for scanlations to post before YJ actually posts it. So that would make Chapter 106, the chapter that comes closest to Dec 12. (The artwork of Hide and Kaneki on the Calendar?)

Also, it seems the Chapter title of 105 is Stage…

Close to Dec 12 + YJ break after the Chapter + The Last Chapter Title being Stage = The perfect timing for Hide to appear in the next Chapter… It seems like a good time for a deus/diabolus ex machina? haha (perfect timing, But would Ishida do it?? who knows)

Lol, yeah this is really a stretch but I’m putting my hopes up for Chapter 106


Zendaya is more than just a pretty face. She’s a beautiful human being and an amazing role model, and this is why I stan for her.

[update: finally got around to fixing the caption for the the photoshop and barbie photo’s. Thanks for letting me know @underbree@merlzii ]


RFA in Autumn

It’s getting colder – I hope everyone stays warm ♥ I’ve always wanted to draw autumn themed art it’s so fun *THROWS LEAVES EVERYWHERE*

I also posted wips && previews in my instagram earlier♥

( Based of Rick’s short story Vikings in Times Square )

I didn’t know i need Percy to play a kazoo but I’m so glad this is a thing


The new appraisal system was clearly a blessing (who am i kidding? It was a mistake!!!).

Candela is usually passionate in voicing a problem with this but she burnt out by the sheer numbers that she doesn’t care anymore

Blanche on the other hand, who had a calm and cool composure that melted into a searing torrent of boiling water ready to kill the next dirty joke.

Spark…. well he’s an innocent cinnamon roll that shouldn’t be saying these things LOL XD!!!