11 Of The Most Ridiculous Ways That Guys Have Ever Apologized For Screwing Up

What would it take for you to accept an apology from a guy who has really, majorly messed up? It depends on what they’ve done, of course, but when you think about how seemingly endless apology methods can be utilized, you’ve got a lot to use in order to keep a groveling, weepy boy who knows that he’s done you wrong at your mercy. You can demand flowers. One hand-written note of apology every day for a year. There is also, of course, the old reliable standby known as public humiliation. Once, when I was in high school, one of my friends agreed to get back with an ex who had dumped her, cruelly and without ceremony over text message, but only if he wore an all-white jumpsuit and danced to the Jackson Five classic, “I Want You Back.” He did it.

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Oh no i had a bad thought in the midst of my nihilistic rampage. 

Stan’s been heavily foreshadowed to catch on fire at some point, right?

Well yknow what else has been heavily implied to have a major effect on the plot? Time travel. 

Yknow what time travel tends to DO?

Set fires. 

And it just seems…. too specific of a thing to be in the show for it to be inconsequential, right? It hasn’t had any major, lasting effect yet (unless you count Blendin’s hair loss) but it’s been brought up and shown to us multiple times.