@marzipantwist suggested more nail art-themed Tiny Sapient Ungulates via ask, and I took a break from drawing to… draw more stuff. Sweetie Belle manages not to smudge the polish but then chips it the very next morning, Rarity is furious

anonymous asked:

am i the only one annoyed at ppl who call others fake for having to write down + keep lookin at their memories to remember them? its called ADHD Deborah and none of my timelines included a good memory, including this one. i don't remember what i did yesterday, how am i gonna keep up with details from 4-5 lives ago :/

When your coffee feels a little colder,
There’s a microwave in your kitchen.
It’s instant and hot
(Like you wanted).

Just pick off the layer of scalded cream.
You’ll be fine
(You always are),
But you’ve made your choice.

So, don’t you dare
Call me.

- You didn’t choose right. You didn’t choose wrong. You just didn’t choose me (And you can’t choose both).