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What are your thoughts on the almost kiss of bawson? I really enjoyed it, like at first I wanted them to kiss tbh but like that scene killed it for me:) & now like it's gonna be all awkward between them next episode.

Honestly, I think that the way it played out was the best case scenario that Bawson shippers could have hoped for! 

Going into it, I was pretty convinced that that scene would be some huge fake-out, like a dream that Ginny wakes up from like “WTF” and they could bait the shippers while not making any huge steps forward in the progression yet (call it TVD survivor’s cynicism, lol). But what happened really wasn’t a fake-out on any level. 

It was so utterly perfect for them. I mean, look at this. It starts with Mike awkwardly grasping for something to say at this seemingly final moment, this goodbye that he’s been avoiding for the whole episode… trying to think of some way to let her know that how much he’s going to miss her goes beyond the joking stuff they talked about at the bar, that the affection he feels for her is something else entirely. He’s just called her by her first name, a new intimacy that surprises her but shows us exactly what frame of mind he’s in.

But he can’t articulate those feelings, and instead he falls back on what they do best, making each other laugh:

… And this is clearly going to be a very long post, lol. So I’ll put the rest under a cut. (This scene, rightfully, has already been giffed a million times so this may be redundant, but I’ll be posting these gifs in their own gifsets in a little while too):

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For some reason R2 also has a lot of educational brochures about togruta puberty. (It's totally because anakin was embarrassed to give ahsoka the talk and obi wan went through it once and never again so they just sent R2)

Ahsoka writes “you guys are dumb” all over the brochures, with permanent markers, and has R2 carry those back to them.

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Can you please do head-canons of Yuuri, Yurio, Viktor and Minami being forced to play 7 mins of heaven with their crush?


-It was his idea in the first place

-He will try to make a move, but won’t be too pushy

-Will be really happy if he succeeds


-Viktor forced him

-Tries to make small talk

-Can’t wait for the 


-Viktor also forced him

-Awkward silence all the time

-When you come out of the closet, his face is RED


-Doesn’t see why everyone’s so excited

-Chats excitedly the whole time

-Is a bit confused why crush is so red

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The way you talk about jk rowling comes across a little arogant tbh you're not better than her... not even on the same level really ... (to be fair almost no one is)

I make that incredibly clear in every single one of my posts.

Which is exactly why it’s so embarrassing when she screws up. Because as you pointed out, I am levels and levels below her which makes it all the more awkward when she makes mistakes that even the basic writer avoids.

Which is why I’ll make posts saying things like, “Hey, Jo, I’m a novice author who writes at 3:00 AM because I’m also a college student involved in multiple advocacy organizations but even at my humble lesser-than-you level, I know that Harlem probably had black people in the 1920s maybe.”

public perception of Mr. Darcy as the dashing hero to swoon over is like… so far from the socially awkward grumpy killjoy (but otherwise decent solid dude) he actually is. All these movies showing women picturing their perfect Mr. Darcy adoring them greatly misunderstands the source material and its fans.

You know who was charming and handsome? Wickham. The untrustworthy predatory douchebag. 

People who view Darcy as marriage material choose him for his strength of character and willingness to admit when he’s fucked up. His unfailing honesty. How much he fights for those he cares about. And maybe a little bit for his ownership of the Miserable Half of Derbyshire.

An episode called ‘ the gang gets their family photo taken’ they all argue over what theme to have this year, finally they decide to go look at their previous themed photos that are kept in the filing cabinet at the bar. There is an awkward family photo-esque shot, where they are all grinning ear to ear, a black and white art house shoot, an 80′s hair band theme, even featuring a python. After deliberating (arguing) for another 3 days, they decide this year “The Sound Of Music” will be the theme.

hey guys happy december!! i wanted to celebrate: 2016 is nearly over, we survived all the shit this year has thrown at us. this will run until christmas eve (24th december) and results will hopefully be announced sometime after that. reblog to enter, you must be following me ! 

categories & info under the cut. (yes, categories are named after christmas songs shh dont laugh at me i couldn’t resist)

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So here’s my latest project! I’ve recently gotten into the Fire Emblem fandom and as soon as I heard the skinship minigame had been cut from the English version, I knew I wanted to do a fandub of it! It was a lot less awkward than I thought it’d be; after all, some of the other ones are pretty spicy. 

Lip syncing is hard, but fun, and my video editor was on the fritz, pausing every 5 seconds and stuff so I did the best I can and anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!

Prompt: “Could we have a Chekov x reader where the bridge crew or just one of the main people catches them in an awkward situation and Chekov is all embarrassed but the reader thinks it’s funny?” - Anon

Word Count: 736

Author’s Note: Welp, live and learn. I realized that I was spelling, and pronouncing a certain Russian phrase completely wrong. Life imitating art? Anyway, for the purposes of this piece, I’m assuming that Sulu’s daughter is still named Demora in the AOS timeline. Also, I’m really bad at awkward situations, apparently, so we get whatever the hell happened here. Enjoy!

Cyrillic Key:  Боже мой - Bozhe moy - Oh my God.

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And which side he will be into? Women? Men? Both 8Dc?

I want to say both but


confident boy lost all his exp and became so awkward, how do u hit on boys like welp England you are a gentleman so do I treat him like a lady or wot

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RFA+V & Saeran. How is their first sexy time with MC? What ends let to the sexy time?

Okay~ Nsfw below


  • Tbh it was super awkward, and it all started with an innocent little kiss
  • … That turned into a make out, which turned into them taking off there clothes and  laying on the bed
  • Yoosung was on the bottom, but he had no idea what was happening
  • MC didn’t know either though, so it was like “Does this go here?” “I thimk so..!” “Does that feel good???” “Ow OW OW”
  • Eventually they got the hang of it… But Yoosung forgot the condoms so they had to stop


  • It all started with walking in on MC changing…
  • *BEAST MODE UNLOCKED* But not really
  • He was so scared he was going to hurt her, he had to keep the beast on chains
  • When he heard her moan tho
  • Beast had to be contained, or that condom would break in 2 seconds


  • Four words: 
  • Punishment
  • Ass plowing
  • No mercy
  • OWWW
  • That is all


  • Strap ons all over the place Jesus Christ
  • MC wanted to relieve her of her stress from cat projects
  • Jaehee had some experience with men, but not a lot with women, so she didn’t really know what to do
  • She got the hang of it eventually


  • It was a sexual joke that became serious lol
  • He was a little scared, but then started to tease MC
  • She was all blushy AND moany and Seven liked that
  • He also forgot the condom, but he wanted to keep going, so he did anal instead


  • He was a blushing mess
  • She was a blushing mess
  • It was horrible
  • He was so nervous he lasted literally 2 minutes
  • It started with him accidentally touching MC’s boobs
  • Then they were on a bed


  • It started because he wanted it to lolol
  • He was so fucking aggressive it wasn’t even funny
  • He bit her, scratched her, gave her hickeys
  • It hurt a lot
  • She didn’t really like it like that but he didn’t care

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So I have a Hetalia ask blog but I'm not very good at drawing and I actually think that's why I'm not successful? I don't know what to do anymore. I wanted to do this because it was fun for me, but now it's not so fun anymore...

To me being successful is having fun. The reblogs, likes, asks, and followers are just a number, what matters is the friends I’ve made and the fun I’ve had. I don’t think I can ever me more successful than that. We all loose that spark for blogging its normal. We’ve all started small. I’ve had so many blogs in the past that don’t exist anymore. We’re all just awkward nerds that bond over the very nerdy pastime of blogging. We’ve all thought about having a lot of followers and having a lot of asks but in the end the most valuable thing is having the fun and if people see that you are having fun and loving it then they will follow and ask and maybe even become your friend. 
So don’t give up my friend I’m sure you’ll be successful again! Keep pushing forward and your art will follow.

And then look how far you can come with myself as an example 2011-2016
And I just kept at it because it was fun and I was inspired to push forward and there weren’t fun points but I’m having fun now. So don’t give up ok? You’ll make it I promise.

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Yea don't think touken is going to happen anytime soon their relationship is so awkward it just makes me uncomfortable tbh all I need is hide to come back from this mess

I need Hide too and I agree with the awkwardness. They have a good friendship i guess but not enough to be romantic imo

30 points from start to finish of "An Inside Man" SPOILERS (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

• “lothal is my home, Kanan, I can’t stand seeing it like this.”

• Kanan ninja jumping from the building and onto the speeder is all I never new I needed.

• “you’ve infiltrated the factory line? I’m impressed” yes, we all are Kanan, we all are

• look how awkward Ezra looked as sumar talked about his physical appearance changes.

• NOOOOO HES DEAD. WHYYYYY. WTF THRAWN. YOU DONT JUST DO THAT! THAT WAS RUDE. I will have to have a chat with your mother.

•"Droid! What’s the matter with you!“ “Report to maintenance!” (I swear chopper is probably like ‘okay grumpy.’ i mean did you hear how sarcastic those bleeps were?)

• yo, Kallus, you couldn’t be more obvious.

• Kanan, fooling droids now, hmmm. Preettyy sneaky.

• Nice to see Thrawn being an ass as per usual. Yep. Pretty nice.

• again, Kallus, subtlety isn’t your forte.

• yo, if Chopper trusts the man, you trust the man. Got it?

• Ezra, chill bro

• oh my god, bro, Kanan, seriously. That is not being a very good role model towards your son. ( “Ezra!” … “Yeah, but I was gonna do it!”) Don’t be a baby.

•oh my- okay Thrawn. Just- ugh- just go away man. You sound drunk 99.999999% of the time anyway.

• no offense, Pryce, but you’re always lost.

• took, the farmer lady (I forget her name again) has a sick gun.

• I WONT SAY IT ONE MORE TIME THRAWN. SERIOUSLY. FRICK OFF! I swear your mother will get a call from me shortly, and I won’t be happy about it.

•Oh my god guys get out of that Walker or get a different one.

• you guys are so smol. What ywiuld you pick the smallest one.

• way to go 271, always screwin things up. Just get out if the goddamn way man.

• HEY! It is not nice to sit on people!

• haha haha, losers. You thought you had it in the bag.

• Please just stick with one Walker, everyone is confused.

• Oh wait, Ezra wanted a bit more leg room.

• hold up- who’s that blue droid.

• That isn’t R2, wtf

• oh no, Zeb, what did you do now?

• Yo, Ezra, my baby, give him a break, you screw up a lot tbh.

• “Friends…?” Ooohhh-kaaayyyy

• HE KNOWS. KALLUS YOU BETTER GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE I AM OFFICIALLY INITIATING THE FULCRUM PROTECTION PROGRAM! i already lost one, I will not lose another! (Kallus, just leave already. Fleeeeeeee)

• wait. It’s over. NO IT OVER WHYYY HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME! damn now i have to wait another week for the next episode. Well, better go rewatch this one instead of doing homework.