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War – Michael, obviously, with the great sword. All rage and righteousness, vicious bloodshed and needless chaos.

Pestilence – Gavin. The most ambiguously translated horseman, who’s been good and bad and desperately rotten, who wears a crown, uses a bow, and ruins from the inside out.  

Famine – Jeremy. Devastating need and calculated misery, slow and unseen and terrifyingly unavoidable.

Death – Ray. Cold and quiet and always waiting. Not quite corporeal, the closest to Hades, to the Reaper, unarmed yet still inherently lethal.

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When did Keemstar make fun of Calvin's parents??? 😠😠😠

Yesterday. I have no idea how to link tweets, so here it is.

Imagine being so fucking pathetic that you use a 21 year old’s parents rough past against said 21 year old. Disgusting.

degrassi addiction is so unexplainable and real, i have such prominent memories of like 2008 when the jimmy seasons started airing on like teennick or smth and like, it started off coming on after something else we’d been watching, but over the course of like a month i, my brother, and a friend became intensely involved in the story and would like, center our nights around catching up on dvr.. i remember when drake was up for like a best new artist thing on an awards show and as soon as i saw it i said out loud “oh my god jimmy’s became a rapper”