“With Yurio?”

So damn cute!!!

I think one of the saddest (and potentially most overlooked) parts in “Where You Are” is Chief Tui’s line: “You’ll be okay/In time you’ll learn just as I did/You must find happiness right/Where you are”.*

Because that’s definitely before the point in the movie that you find out what happened to him. And when you listen to it again, you suddenly realize that the song is as much about him convincing himself of being happy where he is as it is about convincing Moana. 

*(emphasis mine)

To Kill a Witch

Everybody knew how to kill a witch, but nobody had ever told James how to ask one for a favour." 

A James and Lily AU in which Lily is a witch, James is the only son of a wealthy trader, and Tom Riddle is leading the Witch Hunters in a righteous crusade.

chapters one and two are available to read on and ao3


“A dance off?”

Since Aragorn and I don’t work too far from home we get to stop by for puplunch during the week. It’s great. So I started today’s #Corgvent early (despite this late posting) by gathering up the corgs for our #ExtraWalkies during lunch time. It was great because in the winter, no matter how early I can get out of work it’s still usually pitch black by the time I get home😣 (like…4 pm) and we’re always in night time walkies gear. While we still have our regular evening walks, walks in the daytime are great because we can have more fraps at the park.😊 And the corgs LOVE playing on the playground at the park. Seriously, when Machete was littler and we’d walk by and there were kids on the playground? OMG he would get so offended. Like “who are these peasants on MY playground”??? 😂😂😂 Cuz you know, he’s such a diva. Anyway, we had our extra walkies, and the corgs had a great time. So far, we’re having a lovely corgvent. #Corgvent2016 #CorgventDaySeven #pupwalkscenes #WiggleButtWednesday #dogsofinstagram #corgi #bestwoof #corgiaddict #playgroundpups #aplacetolovedogs #holidays #Corgmas #instacute #knivesthecorgi #machetecorgez