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Do you like older!ignis or younger ignis? The question is for *cough* reasons

I love any and all iterations of Ignis because the depths of my trashdom for this man is absolute.

… however, if I did have to choose…

Look at that smile. It eradicated my existence and transformed me into a new being with its radiance.

How can a man go through such trauma, then grow up to be even more badass and beautiful than ever before???

Jesus Christ, slay me sir

You know I had to put that in there. You know it. And now, I must change my underwear.

…I hope this answers your question, anon! :D :D also wait what are you planning

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Thank you for your Anne Rice/Fandom relation post and then the BOLDING of writing of dark content does not equate a desire for it to be replicated in the physical world. I'm a 100% behind that sentiment.

Thank you for appreciating that [post is here]! It always feels like I’m going out in front of a firing squad when I say that “creating/consuming dark fiction is not endorsement of it in real life” because people who do conflate those will insist that I’m an x,y,z-apologist. No. That’s incorrect. 

ANOTHER WALL OF TEXT™ what is happening to me? I just miss you guys a lot, that’s what ;)

“Why did this person say/do this thing?”

I support the creation and consumption of dark content in media, in fic/art/music/etc. as a means of exploring it, as a means of unpacking it, as a means of trying to figure out where it comes from and how to recognize it. Sometimes it’s not so easy to pick out the “bad guy.” Sometimes the “abuser” seems to be a “good” person. Sometimes the “abuser” is reenacting their own trauma. Finding reasons for a behavior are not excuses for that behavior, but it can help provide answers for those of us who want them.

~Story time~

My grandmother was a tough old lady, what we call a “battle-axe.” She was blunt and tactless, and downright MEAN most of the time. She raised her children through terror and bullying, held grudges for decades, was short-tempered with her in-laws and grandchildren.

She was also very smart in her role as a professor in a college, and had a sweetness to her that very few people in my family experienced bc they were so deterred by her tough exterior. I was one of the few who got close to her, and I wanted to know why she behaved the way she did to others. 

Seeing movies like Mommie Dearest, in which Joan Crawford was portrayed as somewhat of battle-axe to everyone in her life, too, I could see similarities between her and my grandmother. 

  1. Could my grandmother have had the kind of pressure in her life that Joan did, competing with the misogyny in her career? I thought so. 
  2. Both of these women set incredibly high expectations for themselves and others, and then reacted badly if reality didn’t meet their expectations. They were not good at handling disappointment and would take it out on others.
  3. In other media, I would see “only” children worshiped by their parents and then these women were dissatisfied, bitter adults, who would never get that kind of attention again. (Not sure about Joan Crawford, but that was my grandmother’s childhood.) 

^What I’m saying is that media (fic/movies/books/music/etc.) gave me insights as to why my grandmother behaved the way she did. It provided reasons for the behavior. I didn’t take these as excuses, but it increased my empathy for her and others I met who were like her. Rather than do as the rest of my family did, by writing her off as “a mean old lady,” I could understand her and navigate my way into a better relationship with her. They missed out on her good parts because of her bruises.

^The first time I saw this graphic, I felt that expression in my soul. These are fictional characters. They are not real. Writers write them. What is “writing” anyway, but speculative reality? We used to call fanfiction “specs,” short for “speculative fiction.” It’s thoughts. Not all writing is for idealized versions of life and/or wish-fulfillment.

I’ve heard from VC fans who are survivors of child abuse, sexual abuse, etc. who said that VC helped them in some way,

  • whether it was recognizing that the abuse they suffered really was abuse (and not normal!), 
  • or whether they have since made fanworks with VC characters that helped them explore their own past and examine it from a place of safety,
  • or in consuming other fanworks, they got some closure on their own experiences in some way and were able to heal or begin to do so, 
  • or just in making friends here that have helped them through difficult times,
  • I could go on and on… there is enormous value in creating/consuming dark fiction. 

Whatever Anne Rice’s agenda is/was in writing the Vampire Chronicles, it doesn’t matter to me, because of how much good I have witnessed that has come from it. If some of her inspiration for certain aspects seems relevant to me, I consider it, but it doesn’t really matter as far as I’m concerned. 

It all really boils down to the old adage “Live and Let Live.”