Is this the last Perks of Being a Wallflower quote since this journal’s almost full?
Hahahahahaha, no (there’s 1 more).

Also, I’m surprised I don’t have more Grace Helbig quotes in this journal. Maybe the next one. She makes me feel like it’s possible to not have my shit completely together and still be a productive member of society. 👍🏻

Mixed feelings about the painting underneath, so I haven’t put it up for sale yet. It makes for a fun background in the meantime though.


“have you been kissed before?”
luna says, “uh-huh.”
“what?” his jaw lowers. “by who?”
“guy at school. you don’t know him. he bought me a sandwich afterwards.” she starts laughing at maximoff’s brows and hard confusion.
“you’re totally fucking with me.” he pauses. “right?”
luna just laughs again.

My cousin who once looked down on me for liking mean shitty wizard romance (like Uprooted) and implying that it must mean I’m looking for an abusive romantic relationship irl

she just recommended me a book that she really voraciously enjoyed, where the love interest is an unrepentantly murderous, bad wizard who is also incapable of empathy

I was like B) B) B) “that’s funny, what’s the deal with you liking this book?”

and she was like, “oh well, I read some more books like that, and now I think it’s intriguing, it just gives it another level of interest”

So I feel better now. B) She still has the same shitty puritan worldview that I was raised in, so I understand weird strong reactions like that. Exposure to new things is good for this adult human woman B)
‘True Crime Addict’ Book Getting Series Adaptation By Universal TV With Richard Price Writing & Johnny Depp Producing
Universal Television and Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil have teamed for a drama series based on James Renner’s memoir True Crime Addict, which was written on spec by The Night Of co-crea…
By Nellie Andreeva

I just got asked how many coffee cups do I own, because I always have a different cup almost every day.

Ummmmmmm…..probably over 30 (at least)? And I am the kinda girl who won’t let a cup go unused. I mean equal coffee cup usage rights and all…right!!??

Also, while I would love to blame others for buying coffee cups all the time, I continually buy them. In fact one from London will be traveling home with me this month! Hahaha

Of course I didn’t use the crochet hook🙈 but I had to put it in this picture!! I am very happy I finally started a pair of socks for myself out of my Friends yarn! @collier_and_black (on Insta) is one of my favorite hand dyers and I’m glad I grabbed a skein of this when I did. She always has such beautiful skeins❤️



[170627] EVERYDAY WITH HUANG BOSS (official Weibo account posts daily stories of Jingyu)

✩ Trans: Last night, boss suddenly got a high fever and was accompanied to the hospital by the assistant team for infusion. When he saw the IV fluids of the patient next to him was about to over, although he was in half sleep, he didn’t forget to remind her :“Auntie, your IV fluids will be over soon.”

This is a photo of fresh Jingyu shooting for brand microfilm today.


Leatherbound books!