23.03.17 - forgot I even ordered these pens but I’m really impressed with them considering how inexpensive they were!! 🌈🖊📚📝


New Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks: Swatches and It Shades!

It seems Dior’s new Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks are the new lip accessory to have. It’s not just the genius design of the “edgy-girly” black tubes outlined in see-through jelly pink. 

The formula marries the gloss and cushy comfort of the original Dior Addict lip range with new-generation pigment technology for higher pay-off. The surprising thing for me was that these actually lasted for a decent amount of time on the lips. The level of shine does obviously wear away after a few hours of talking and drinking, but the pigments for many of the stronger shades do a pretty good job of clinging on, to the point of needing a proper makeup remover to get them off at the end of the day.

The 4 “It” Shades are lip swatched above:

  • 877 Turn Me Dior - red-fuchsia as seen on Jennifer Lawrence
  • 684 Diabolo - neon doll pink
  • 924 Sauvage - prune noir
  • 550 Tease - fleshy peach-pink

All 18 shades shown here will be pre-launched from today (23 March) exclusively at the ION Orchard Dior Backstage Boutique, and available at the rest of the counters in Singapore from 1 April. 



Out of place, out of space and time, wide awake
Out of papers I am, not okay
I am out my mind
Outer space, that’s where I been goin’
To a place where, place where nobody knows
Floating at a pace where now you see me now and now you don’t

I do not feel the fear of fallin, I wanna fly
If it all goes well then I will
But what if I don’t?

Ill be right where I was before
But I’m not alone, you said take my hand
And we go (and we go), and we go (and we go)
And I hope that we don’t overdose
Cause we don’t (cause we don’t)
No we don’t (no we don’t)
Ever know when we have had enough

Jhene Aiko-3:16

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We all laugh together, and mine transforms into an overwhelmed smile. I look to Ryke, but I can’t do anything but nod at him—you know those moments where you’re just so full you can barely breathe? So full of feelings you only hope to meet.
They crash against me like freefalling. Like cliff diving and bungee jumping. Like screaming at the top of my lungs. Like one-hundred-and-fifty miles per hour.
All with Ryke Meadows.

i am in full teenage rebellion today

adrenaline: pumping

i am going against the rules and the morals of society today

a wild child that can not be tamed

you thought i was an angel?? a pure good student?? THINK AGAIN!!! 

i stole a gluestick from my science class

Okay but Sherlock’s drug addiction is relatable even to a non addict such as myself because it isn’t really just fighting drug addiction, is it? It’s so much more. It’s getting out of a cycle of mistakes. It’s getting up every day and mustering up the courage to fight everything INSIDE YOU that is pulling you back. The victory lies in the journey, not the end result. That’s what he’s trying so hard to tell everyone. The journey will continue for the rest of his life, for as long as he lives, and so the victory is in waking up and fighting the things that are inside him which are preventing him from being who he wants to be. The real victory lies in fighting your inner demons every single day. And that speaks to me on another level, because that isn’t simple at all, is it? That’s what everyone is striving for, but It. Is. Tough.

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(Spoiler)First Impressions of Ardyn

Galdin Quay: WTF? (turns head) Who was that guy?

Lestallum: This freakin guy again! Kind of a smart ass. Very suspicious, the imperials listen to him?

Cauthess Disc: Go figure, the freakin Imperial Chancellor. He maybe helping, but shifty, didn’t deem it important to give me my car. Ass.

Aracheole Stronghold: He just keeps popping up! What is his game?! Not sure if he saved us from Ravus, mixed feelings. I don’t think I feel comfortable with him around Luna :-/

Steyliff Grove: Wait, wasn’t he supposed to be in Altissia? He has definitely been spying on me, creepy. He is definitely a bad guy (maybe?) but he keeps on helping. 

Altissia: I don’t like his tone with Ravus, is he in control? Oh great, he is going to take the ring, make it even harder to ge–FUCK!! He just killed Luna and flew away! That bastard!

Train 1: (chase him down)Cheeky asshole, acts like he has done nothing wrong. Yes! Pushed him off…wait..shit. 

Train 2: Yes, Shiva for the assist! (what was Ardyn going to say?)….Nooo he is immortal, and has Prompto. (Shocked into stupid) He is much worse than anticipated. 

Zegnautus Keep 1: I hate you Ardyn, you are such an asshole, stop talking to me, I don’t want to hear it. Let Me Fight YOU!

Zegnautus Keep/Crystal: ………he is related to me, was a healer, full of daemons, he wanted me to get to the crystal, (mind blown) not sure how I feel….

Insomnia: First hiding behind Ifrit,(Anger resurfaces, only logical emotion) and now his smug looking ass is on my throne, hanging Luna up in chains! Lets fight!

The fight: I have been dying to get my hands on you! Bring it! Yes, take down! Rest forever x-P and then be obliterated in the beyond…that was kind of sad. 

Second Play through

All scenes with Ardyn: I love you, and totally understand where you are coming from now <3 Please, there has to be another way other than death!! ;-;