Dan can totally get off from minimal contact to his cock and Phil’s voice; Phil’s voice in his ear, smooth and sweet and intoxicating, like rum-soaked velvet.

“Look at you, rutting against the mattress so pretty. You’re so needy, baby, like a fucking bitch in heat, isn’t that right?

Such a filthy, needy whore, hmm baby? Can’t even wait for me to fuck you.” He steps forward and Dan groans, canting his hips back when he feels Phil’s index finger brush over his hole.

“Your pretty little hole is twitching for me. Such a greedy little slut, Daniel. I could fill you all the way up and you would still be begging for more. God, you’re insatiable, mon petie sale pute.”

Dan’s hips stutter against the mattress, his fists clenching and his mouth dropping open. Fuck. He doesn’t know how or why Phil knows French, but fuck if it doesn’t send him into a series of full-body spasms.

“So needy,” Phil breathes. “Taking whatever I give you, like a good little slut. That’s just what you are, isn’t that right, Daniel? Master’s good little whore to use as he pleases?”

“Y-yes,” Dan chokes out. “I’m m-Master’s slut.”

“It’s always good when whores and dogs know their places,” Phil hums. “But last I checked, dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture.” He removes his hand and Dan cries out at the loss of touch, his mind struggling to catch up as he scrambles off the bed at Phil’s disguised order. He prostrates himself at Phil’s feet, arching his back in the way he knows Phil loves. He leans in, nuzzling at Phil’s shod foot. Phil arches an eyebrow, but he doesn’t say anything,

He tips Dan’s chin up with the toe of his shoe, casting a critical eye over his flushed cheeks and glassy eyes, watching his hips rock forward into nothing.

“You love it,” Phil accuses, his voice holding no real venom as he watches Dan with an expression of detached disinterest. Dan sticks his tongue out in lieu of a response, running it up the toe of Phil’s shoe without breaking eye contact.

“You’re so filthy,” Phil murmurs, and Dan nods. He crawls forward, settling his knees on either side of Phil’s left foot, his hands pawing at Phil’s thigh as he whimpers.

“P-please Master,” Dan gasps, rutting down against Phil’s shoe, bucking up and dragging his cock against Phil’s shin.

“You’re getting my clothes all dirty,” Phil sneers, bringing up his knee so it connects with Dan’s jaw, making an endlessly satisfying clack and sending him sprawling back against the carpet. Dan doesn’t make a move to get up, pulling his legs up into the air and bending his knees, leaving his dripping cock and desperate hole on perfect display. Phil steps forward, pressing the toe of his shoe against Dan’s heavy balls, rolling his foot this way and that as he inspects the dried flakes of precum that smear his lower calf.

“Disgusting,” he states, and Dan’s jaw drops open, his hips mindlessly twitching as Phil’s shoe presses its tread pattern into his balls. 

“M-Master, may I–” Dan chokes out. Phil hums, pressing his foot harder. “Yes.”

Tears sparkle in Dan’s eyelashes as he ruts his hips up with new fervor, legs trembling and falling to the floor, his feet skidding against carpet as he pressed up into the painful pleasure of Phil’s shoe.

“Th-thank you M-Master,” Dan chokes out and then he’s cumming, his cock twitching and his balls tightening and cum painting his chin and chest and stomach.

A few pearly drops slide down his abdomen, dripping onto the carpeted floor. Phil clicks his tongue, toeing at Dan’s spent and softening cock and appreciating the mess he’s made of his little plaything. 

“Look at the mess you’ve made, little whore. Clean it up.” Dan’s eyes are foggy but he wrenches them open, tilting his head to the side and eyeing the drops of cum on the floor. He leans over the mess, looking up at Phil with wide, shining eyes before extending his tongue and tentatively licking his seed off of the carpet.

Phil’s foot comes down again on the back of Dan’s head, grinding his face into the floor and his own mess.

“Loos at what you’ve done,” Phil tuts, sighing reproachfully. Dan whines, the taste of his own cum mixing with the grit of the carpet on his tongue. He dutifully sucks every last drop up off the floor, and Phil’s foot lets his head up after he’s swallowed.

Dan sits up on his haunches, Phil’s hard but still clothed cock right at eye level with him.

He opens his mouth to ask but Phil cuts him off with a look, his hands coming down to undo his belt and unzip his pants, shoving them down his thighs.

“Don’t you even think of getting that filthy mouth anywhere near my cock,” Phil growls, taking himself in hand and stroking quickly. Dan whines but obeys, keeping still while Phil jacks himself off, mere inches from Dan’s watering mouth.

“Open,” Phil calls shortly and Dan’s jaw drops wide, his tongue lolling out and his eyes fluttering shut, waiting for his Master’s cum. It doesn’t come.

Dan can hear the tell-tale signs of Phil’s orgasm, from his breathy curses to his drawn-out groan and he opens his eyes, wondering why he didn’t get his Master’s load on his face. He looks up to see Phil pointing his cock right at the floor in front of Dan, painting the carpet with thick stripes of white.

“Clean up your mess, Dan,” Phil snarls as soon as he’s sure his voice won’t tremble, and Dan’s cheeks blaze red as he leans down to clean Phil’s cum off the carpet. His cock twitches. Fuck

“Good little slut,” Phil says, his voice breathy, and when Dan looks up he can see the pride swirling in Phil’s eyes. Phil crouches down onto one knee, taking Dan’s chin in two fingers.

“Go brush your teeth,” he instructs, and Dan nods. He stumbles into the bathroom, beaming with pride. 

He was good for his Master, and that’s more than enough for Dan.

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Batfam Mall Trip Headcanons

Cowritten with @ninjathrowingstork

  • Bruce is the only one allowed to drive and control the radio. This decreases the death threats by 50%
  • Shotgun is on a rotating schedule
  • Seating rules for the Wayne mom van: Damian and Tim will not sit together. Cass and Steph will not sit apart. Babs will ignore you unless your aura is orange, there is nothing you can do to make your aura more orange. Dick must on no account be given alcohol; Jason must at all times be given alcohol, and will need an hour to violently protest the whole trip before leaving. And, most importantly, Damian will be working under the presumption that you are trying to kill him unless proved otherwise, so avoid giving him blunt instruments, sharp knives, or hot liquids
  • Once arrived, everyone must stay together. Last time resulted in damages, broken bones, and being banned from an entire restaurant chain
  • Do not let Babs in a tech store too long, she will either buy out the store or start a Costco style demonstration of why these products are crap
  • If there is a fitness center, Cass is not allowed in. She will leave with 560 phone numbers, 15 boys crying because she put them to shame, 10 with injuries trying to keep up/beat/impress her, and a job offer
  • Tim is not allowed to buy his own lunch, it will contain very little actual food and too much caffeine
  • Do not get between Jay and Dick at the arcade air hockey table. Let them duke it out between them. This feud has been going since Jason’s voice squeaked and isn’t going to end soon
  • Jason must be kept on a timer in all bookstores. Also a tracker so he doesn’t decide to just move into their stockroom and never leave. Tim is almost as bad but can be bribed away with the promise of Starbucks
  • If there is a bouncy place, Bruce is required to rent the whole place for the day in advance. No young child should be subjected to his family in the bounce house.
  • Steph is to be under supervision inside the Icing, and never allowed in with Damian. Last time the two were in the Claire’s, he almost ended up with a pierced ear, and took a week to stop sulking over it. Steph will try to buy all the nesting makeup kits and anything purple
  • Dick is never again allowed to take Damian to the furniture to test mattresses again
  • Damian is to be under heavy supervision at any pet shop, and must subject himself to a minimum of three (3) pat downs when leaving
  • Any Batkids attempting the dance game demo must be reminded that it is 1) a game and 2) not worth using full acrobatic abilities to show each other up with
  • Cass and Tim will destroy any and all challengers at DDR, do not challenge them or we will be here all day. Damian is especially not allowed to challenge them, because he will be a close third, refuse to quit, and hurt himself trying to beat Tim.
  • The Lego store will be a 4 hour trip in itself, with everyone leaving with their own personalized minifigures, the new kit they’ve been wanting, and Babs having neatly sorted those bins in the back of loose pieces
  • Jason must never be allowed in the Hot Topic alone, and Dick must never be allowed in with anyone
  • Shotgun on the way home is awarded to who can find the weirdest decoration or collectible. Every single one, whether it won or not, is kept in a China cabinet in the manor that Alfred loves to dust and is quite the conversation piece at parties
  • Steph will grab whoever is closest and make them get their makeup and nails done with her. Even Bruce is not immune.
  • No one is allowed more Harry Potter merch. Not because Bruce has anything against it, but because he already has four different rooms in the manor dedicated to it, one per house and decorated as closely to the common rooms as possible/theorized. They do not need anymore. No. (They all leave with some anyways. Every time. He should know better)
  • Additionally, no playing Quidditch in the parking lot. They don’t have enough people anyway
  • Shopping cart races in the parking lot are also banned, because the Batfam motto might as well be “go big or go home”, and it’s hard to have a reasonable patrol schedule when most of the family is in some type of cast or brace.
  • Likewise, no surfing down the escalator handrails
  • Randomly yelling “ice bucket challenge!!!” And upending your drink over your sibling’s head is not allowed
  • Planking was banned when Bruce continually had to come retrieve his children from the top of shelving units
  • Before that, Dick was banned from planking because balancing perpendicular to the guardrail with sheer ab strength is 1) cheating because he’s already an acrobat, and 2) going to attract security when you do it on the third story of the mall
  • Adding to that, he is further forbidden from, while balancing on the rail, flinging out his arms and shouting “I’m flying, Jack” across the food court
  • Damian is not allowed near any pet food aisles. Not because of his affinity for animals, but because he will try to feed it to Tim, arguing that it’s better than he feeds himself sometimes anyways (he’s not wrong, hence Damian trying to make the point and save his brother from himself). Further, should Damian slip away and manage to procure said dog food, Tim is not allowed to grab a fork from the food court and eat it while staring Damian down
  • Jason is not allowed near hand soaps and shaving creams since he turned an aisle into a giant slip ‘n slide (all the kids and overworked Millennials had a blast, the adults overseeing them did not)
  • Dick is banned from figure skating down any slip 'n slide aisles Jason is responsible for
  • Dick is banned from figure skating in general when there’s a skating rink at the mall in the winter
  • All children are banned from skating together because they get competitive. Shouting out scores to siblings as they skate is frowned upon but not prohibited until it starts to get out of hand
  • If there is a fitness center that offers yoga, Dick is also banned. He will end up teaching the class, leave with even more numbers than Cass, 7 people with pulled muscles from trying to match his bendiness, and at least 18 women all convinced they’re his girlfriend or that he was hitting on them
  • If there’s a Brookstone or similar store, no one is allowed to start battles with any of the gadgets, or else try to modify “improve” any of the gadgets, and should be strictly supervised
  • Unless they’re in one of the massage chairs, in which case they’re not to be disturbed until it’s time to leave the mall
  • If there is a massage place at the mall, Bruce basically has to reserve at least one masseuse for the entire day and alternate children. He goes last and always gets one that’s geared toward headache treatment
  • Tim is not allowed near a display laptop. Neither is Babs.*
  • *exception: if the mall’s radio station is terrible, Bruce will “lose track” of them so they can hack and fix it
  • Dick isn’t allowed to pick the music anymore, even if he could have hacked it from his gauntlet computer when he was their age
  • Babs is not allowed near copies of Fifty Shades of Grey or the subsequent books, because they have a tendency to “spontaneously combust” when she’s around. Other, more… unfortunate…things have happened to them after Cass walked past the display.
  • There is a running tradition of buying siblings weird, fun socks they’ll like. It’s like a secret Santa exchange, with everyone drawing random names before they leave for the mall. There is also a game of trying to buy the person’s socks without them noticing while they’re in line with you. Bruce has more Superman and Wonder Woman knee highs than he will ever wear in one lifetime (including the ones that have little capes). Steph gets ones with baked goods on them. Damians are all animals. Tim’s are all nerdy pop culture ones from like Hot Topic. Dicks are all brightly colored. Babs likes anything odd, and Cass likes pastels, which confuses everyone. Jay likes food ones, but Tim won brother of the year when he got Jason tombstone ones during Halloween because of how many death jokes he could wear on his feet, he was so excited. No one knows who found the zombie socks for Jason.
  • Dick will insist on riding the little animals you can rent for the day. He will try to get Dami to join him. All sharp objects must be kept out of range when this happens. Dami will eventually yield, but not without a fight to maintain his reputation, and it turns out they charge more when they have to clean out blood stains
  • Damian is not allowed to fill out mall surveys, ever
  • Damian is also not allowed to fill out entries for new cars, and his siblings are not allowed to help rig the drawings in his favor. He’s 10, he doesn’t need a car yet, I don’t care if you drive better than Steph (no, Steph, don’t hit your brother), you don’t get a car till you can legally drive. Being able to reach the pedals isn’t enough.
  • Dick is not allowed near crying children in a toy section because he will buy every child what they want every time, and while Bruce doesn’t mind so much, they really don’t have time to buy every child in the mall a toy when they hear he’s playing Santa. (If given warning, Bruce will absolutely sponsor a buy children toys trip (he’s even played mall Santa himself a few times), but do not drop it on him on the day of)
  • Anyone riding the carousel must be seated properly. Climbing to hang around the front of the animals head or perch on its neck or anything else is not allowed. Certain circus boys aren’t allowed on any animal more exotic than a horse due to the whining and begging for a Bat Elephant that always follow
  • Theater hopping is absolutely not a “stealth exercise ”
  • Jason and Damian are both, for entirely separate incidents, banned from those super powerful vending machine bouncy balls.
  • Damian isn’t allowed to buy ice cream from one of those hi-tech kiosks that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream
  • Photo booth sessions are only allowed 2 siblings at a time, and nothing more silly than facial expressions are allowed
  • Any concealed gadgets must stay hidden, even inside the photo booth
  • Tim, Dick, and Babs are not allowed to change the wifi passwords of stores with rude employees. (An exception is granted to stores who are clearly mistreating employees. The distraction gives Bruce time to lead a revolution)
  • Bruce is only allowed to try to buy up one business per mall trip
  • If there is a nice stationery store, Babs will stop to test out the fine pens. You are not to interrupt her or she will try to use your blood as the ink of the next fountain pen she tests
  • If a new handheld game comes out that more than one sibling wants, everyone gets their own copy to prevent save data from being erased. This has prevented wars
  • Jason only gets to stop at one sunglasses kiosk to try on pairs. Dick must be allowed to stop at every kiosk due to how many pairs he goes through.
  • Stephanie is the best haggler at the outrageously overpriced kiosks, especially perfume ones. She also has a good idea of how things should be priced so that retailers still make money without gouging customers, so just let her do her thing and everyone will be happy. maybe take notes
  • Bonus: Bruce has, on more than one occasion, been in the process of dressing to go golfing or yachting or something that requires shorts with WE members, only to discover that the kids have ganged up and stolen all his socks. All of them. Except the JL ones. He has to wear caped socks golfing. He just sighs and says sometimes his 10 year old is the most mature of the lot, and they all nod in sympathy. He will ironically wear the Batman knee highs, because there’s no way anyone who knows Bruce Wayne would suspect him of being Batman if he’s wearing ridiculous Batman socks

anonymous asked:

Have any thoughts on the batboys cleaning habits?

Actually, I have thought about this- 


  • Is the cleanest of the Robins. I think that growing up his homes were probably dirty (even with his best efforts as a little kid) and then he ended up living on the streets and slept on cardboard in substitute for a bed. 
  • And in effect, I think Jason wouldn’t take having a place of his own for granted. I always pictured Jason cleaning up after himself and taking care of his apartment(s) because he would take pride in it
  • I also imagine Jason making fun of the other boys because he is the only ‘self-officiant one and he does Alfie proud.’ 
  • Though, I do think there are some random safe-houses that Jason doesn’t give a crap about, and those are probably really gross, and I picture him only going to those safe-houses, when he is punishing himself, or when he needs to be allowed to break furniture and throw stuff into the walls without repercussions. 
  • Jason however, does not have any problem messing up other people’s homes. He will get mud on the carpet, leave dishes on the floor, and pretty much be the definition of a rude houseguest if he feels the desire to be so. 
  • He is usually clean when in Tim’s apartment though…


  • I think Damian would be pretty clean. It’s illogical to not put things back in their rightful place after you are done using them. That was how it was when he lived with the al Ghul’s, and that is how Damian was trained to be, self-sufficient and out of the way.
  • So dishes go in the sink, books in the bookshelf, shoes in the closet, and clothes in the hamper. That is the system, and it works. Damian sees no reason to change it.  
  • So Damian’s messes wouldn’t be the normal ones, I think his messes would be bigger dirtier ones. Like getting mud everywhere after going out to the stables to feed Batcow, or letting himself bleed all over his clothes to prove a point. 
  • Damian’s messes would be far and few in-between, but when he does make them, they are large and give Bruce migraines, and Alfred a lot of cleaning up to do. 
  • (though Dick forces Damian to help Alfred clean up) 


  • Dick is an overgrown toddler, and I think that shows in his apartment. 
  • I think Dick has similar cleaning habits to my own. Where he is tired and stressed so the last thing on his mind is cleaning up. So the laundry builds up and the dishes pile higher until finally, it is too much and then he goes on a crazy cleaning spree
  • And then he spends the next week or so trying to keep the place clean because ‘cleaning up little messes is so much easier than cleaning one big mess’
  • But in the end, he loses the battle and the circle repeats itself over and over again. But Dick can’t seem to break the habit. 
  • Though, I think Dick would be a very considerate houseguest when it comes to cleaning. He may get in your personal space and force you to watch Disney movies until 2:00am, but he’ll make sure to fold the blankets and wash the dishes before he makes his leave.
  • But while Dick’s apartment might be the messiest out of the four boys, I think he is probably the most well groomed and put together, clothes and hair wise.


  • Growing up in a spotless and pristine home has left Tim’s cleaning habits a bit scattered. 
  • Tim’s house is usually pretty messy, but not with actual dirt, but more like random paperwork strewn about, and piles of ‘clean’, ‘kinda clean’, and ‘dirty’ laundry sitting around. 
  • Tim is almost the opposite when it comes to Jason, where Jason takes pride in having a clean home, Tim takes pride in being able to have a messy home.
  • He likes that it looks lived in, and he takes pleasure in being able to throw his clothes on the floor or being allowed to leave his suit slung over a kitchen chair. Tim’s not really sure why, but it gives him a bit of pleasure being allowed to be a bit of a slob. 
  • Tim is, however, weirdly organized when it comes to any of his Red Robin stuff. His flies and bunker are always very tidy and pristine. In Tim’s mind (though he probably hasn’t acknowledged it) for him to be taken seriously as a hero and to work effortlessly he should have everything in its place and know where that place is. 
  • So Tim Drake is a bit of a mess, crooked tie, and messy hair, but Red Robin is clean, crisp, and effortlessly without a trace. 

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RFA reacting to MC adopting an old dog without telling them

~Aww…old puppers need love, too! This is so cute. Thank you for the request, hope you enjoy!


  • He’s super confused
    • “Umm, who is this?” he asked
  • He came home to see an old golden retriever greeting him at the door
    • “This is Charlie…our new pet,” you came out from the kitchen hesitantly
    • “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”
  • He seemed kind of hurt
    • “I’m so sorry. It all happened so fast and he needed a home. I just couldn’t say no…”
  • He noticed how worried you were and kissed you on the forehead before pulling you in for a hug
    • “It’s okay. I’m just surprised, is all.”
  • He looked him over, checked his teeth and ears
    • “It feels like I’m at work,” he laughed, “but he seems pretty healthy for his age!”
  • He gave the dog some pats on the head
    • “I’m so glad, he is so sweet,” you smiled
  • Yoosung asked if you had a bowl and everything you need for the dog
    • “Oh no, honey. He needs a senior diet food! Let’s go to the store!”
  • All three of you went to the pet store
  • Yoosung explained the foods and which ones were best
  • And he couldn’t help but pick up a few new toys
  • Soon he was a regular part of the family
  • You went to the dog park together often
  • And Yoosung took him to work most days
  • Charlie lay in his office and slept most of the time
  • But every now and then he would wonder into the waiting room and make new friends
  • Everyone loved Charlie


  • This was not what he expected to happen in the least
  • When he came home and you told him that there was a new member of the penthouse he was shocked
    • “I’m happy as long as you’re happy, MC. I just wish you would have discussed this with me, first.”
  • He didn’t feel he was properly equipped to handle a dog
  • But if it’s what you wanted…
    • “I’m so sorry. She was just so sweet and gentle. I knew we could give her a good home…”
  • Now he has melted
    • “You have the kindest heart. I love that about you,” he kissed you, but what about Elizabeth 3rd?” 
  • You both looked around to see that no pets were present
    • “She must be off somewhere with Penny,” you noted as you both looked around
  • Finally you opened the bedroom to see them both laying on the bed
  • Elizabeth 3rd was snuggled up on the old bichon frise, both of them sleeping soundly
  • A quiet “aww” escaped both of you at the same time
    • “I think she likes having a friend,” you smiled
  • You leaned into him and he wrapped an arm around you
  • You both just sat and watched for a while
  • Elizabeth and Penny were fast friends
  • They followed each other everywhere
  • But mostly they just napped together
  • Jumin was happy seeing both of you happy


  • His face was more than puzzled
  • He had come home from rehearsal to find an old border collie laying on the couch, ears and head perked up to see who had just arrived
    • “Babe?…What is going on?” he called through the house
  • Slowly you crept out with an uneasy smile
    • “Hey hon…I see you’ve met our girl Lola,” you laughed nervously
  • Zen scratched his head with a confused look on his face
    • “Did you tell me about this and I forgot?”
    • “Eh…not exactly?…”
  • You pet Lola and she wagged her tail
    • “She needed a place and I just couldn’t resist her cute face…”
  • Zen sighed
    • “I’m not mad…but I don’t know the first thing about dogs. I’ve never had one before,” he explained
    • Zen walked over to scratch her behind the ears
      • “It’s okay, I can take care of her and feed her. You’re so busy with work and practice anyway!”
  • He couldn’t say no to your smile
  • Zen didn’t even notice her most of the time
  • She was so quiet, and didn’t do much but sleep
  • Lola became his jogging buddy in the morning
    • “Come on, girl! One more mile!” he would always cheer her on
  • She loved running with Zen
  • Before he even brushed his teeth she would be waiting at the door with a leash in her mouth


  • This is not happening, is all she thought when she came home that day
  • A very old yorkie had trotted up to her feet and was look up at her
    • “MC…what is the meaning of this?”
  • She had her hands on her hips when you met her at the door, so you knew you were in trouble
    • “Please tell me this isn’t a dog I’m seeing at my feet right now,” she sighed
    • “Okay, okay, but before you get mad let me just say that that she had no where else to go. She’s old…and frail and small and-”
  • Jaehee held her hand up to stop you
  • Your face had weakened her
  • She could never be upset with you for more than a few minutes
    • “What’s her name?” Jaehee asked
    • “Sugar.”
  • Jaehee nodded and looked down at the dog
    • “Okay. Sugar, you aren’t allowed on the furniture,” she wagged her finger at the dog before facing you, “and you are on poop and walking duty.”
  • You nodded excitedly and ran to give her a big hug
  • Jaehee pretended not to notice the dog for a long while
  • And she was always shooing her away from the couches and bed
  • But slowly over time you could see her warming up to Sugar
  • One morning she fed her a piece of bacon under the table when she thought you weren’t looking
  • And then a few nights later you crept out to get a glass of water
  • You heard Jaehee talking to someone
    • “…is the part where he sings one of his most famous songs, listen,” Jaehee explained
  • You saw her cuddled on the couch, a Zen DVD on the TV, and Sugar curled up with her
    • “I thought we didn’t want her on the furniture,” you said through a smug smile
  • Jaehee was surprised to see you
    • “She can stay…it’s alright,” she pet Sugars head and gave you a grin, one that said she had officially been defeated


  • Freaked out when he came home
  • There was an old corgi rustling it’s snout in the bag of Honey Buddha chips he must have left on the ground
    • “My chips!” he snatched the bag away, “honey, an animal got into the apartment somehow come quick!”
  • He was surveying the area checking for open windows or a point of entry
    • “Babe, this is Peanut. He lives here now…” you appeared in the hallway
  • Peanut ran to you and you knelt down to rub around his face
    • “Lives? Here?”
  • His face was blank for a moment
    • “I know you wanted a cat. But I met this guy and just couldn’t get him out of my head. I wanted to tell you but…”
  • Saeyoung laughed
    • “You should be able to tell me anything.”
  • He knelt down beside you and pressed his forehead into yours, giving you the squinty-eyed look that says “you know better, I love you”
  • You both were petting Peanut now
  • And he licked Saeyoung’s hand
    • “He’s a cute old guy,” he smiled
  • From now on Peanut was his best buddy
  • They watched cat videos together on the internet
  • And you were always yelling at Saeyoung for feeding him while you both cooked or ate dinner
  • He shared Honey Buddha with him when you weren’t home
  • But not too many, he didn’t want to upset his stomach
  • Peanut always had a cool bandana and t-shirts he was wearing
  • Saeyoung even took a pic of him with sunglasses
  • He was a regular member of the Choi family

anonymous asked:

Msr 15, 35, 72! I'd love to see how you do this! X

Lovely anon, this can be read as a stand alone or a companion piece to this prompt and this one. It’s Mulder, Scully and William and they’re all happy and waiting for baby No.2. Sorry, I’m all about the fluff these days.

“I’d kill for a coffee…literally.” + “Take your medicine.” + “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

It’s almost over, finally.

38 weeks, two more to go, Mulder muses while picking up one of William’s toys. His son, sitting on the living room floor, is singing one of his favorite songs. Or at least he’s trying to. Mulder fears no one but him would even recognize it. Watching his young son, so immersed in his own little world, he falls in love with him a little bit more. If that’s at all possible.

“Is the baby coming today, daddy?” William holds up his pudgy arms when he sees his father approach him. Mulder picks him up and plants him on the couch next to him. As much as patience is a virtue, his son doesn’t have any to speak of. Not that Mulder can blame him; he can’t wait for the birth of their second child either.  

“Hm, no, Buddy. The baby needs to stay inside your mom’s belly a while longer.” Disappointment flashes on the boy’s face.

“But,” Mulder tips Will’s chin up, “how about we go out for some ice cream while we’re waiting?” His son squeals in excitement, jumping up and down on the couch. He’s lucky Scully isn’t home; neither of them is allowed to jump on the furniture. Scully explicitly gave that speech to both of them after they were caught using the bed as a trampoline.

Will is still furiously jumping up and down when the front door opens. Startled, Will changes course mid-air and lands right in Mulder’s lap. On very sensitive equipment. He yelps loudly, causing his son to turn around too quickly, his arms still in the air. A tiny, yet very sharp elbow lands right in his nose.

“Did I hurt you, daddy?” Will plumps down on his lap and puts both his hands on Mulder’s cheeks, staring at him intently.

“I’m fine, Buddy.”

“Mommy, daddy is bleeding!”

“I really can’t leave the two of you alone.” Scully lets her purse fall right at the door and waddles over as quickly as possible, her face red and sweaty, and Mulder would apologize if his nose wasn’t throbbing so badly. Will watches as his mother carefully examines Mulder’s nose.

“It’s not broken,” she decides, “We just need to stop the bleeding.”

“Does it hurt, daddy? What about the ice cream?” Will carefully puts his index finger on his father’s nose, nudging it carefully.  

“Ice cream?” Scully asks, gently tipping Mulder’s head forwards and pinching his nose shut.

“Daddy said ice cream! Cause no baby today.” Will informs Scully with a huge grin. She turns to look at Mulder, who can neither talk nor nod.

“Mulder, I need you to pinch your nose like this.”

“I can do it!” William exclaims happily.

“Baby, you can help me in the kitchen.” The boy is immediately convinced and jumps off his father’s lap. Mulder winces.

“I told you: no jumping on the furniture, Mulder.” Scully whispers and leaves a kiss on his cheek. Mulder pinches his nose just like Scully showed him and thinks he should have asked for her to bring ice for another part of his anatomy, too. It’s a good thing she’s pregnant already. He’s currently not sure his equipment is still working right.

“Daddy, I bring you medicine.” William announces, holding the ice pack with both hands like a priceless treasure.

“Put it on his nose, Will.” Scully tells him and he nods. Will climbs up the couch and right back into Mulder’s lap. He puts the ice pack on his nose, his little tongue sticking put in concentration, and Mulder sighs in relief. His son observes him curiously, trying to figure out if he’s doing it right.

“Great job, baby,” Will beams at Mulder upon hearing Scully’s praise. “Now, Mulder open up for us.” Scully is way too happy about his discomfort, he finds. Opening his mouth sounds so easy in theory, but Will is taking his job as ice pack holder seriously.

“Come on, Mulder.” Scully urges.

“Take your medicine.” Will joins in, sounding eerily like his mother already. Finally two pills that Mulder doesn’t recognize pass his lips and he tries to swallow them dry, almost choking. Scully puts a glass to his lips and carefully tips his head backwards.

“You did good.” His son pats his cheek, happy with himself. “Now can we have ice cream… please?”

“I think your dad needs some rest,” Mulder knows that it’s Scully who need to rest and so he nods at Will, who looks disappointed, “Maybe tomorrow.”

“No baby and no ice cream,” Will sighs, “Today is not a good day for Will.” He shuffles off, leaving Mulder and Scully alone for the moment.

“Hi.” He tells her and leans forward for a kiss, but Scully leans away from him.

“Pinch your nose, Mulder.” He does as he’s told.

“You’re home early. Where’s your mother?” Just because he’s pinching his nose, doesn’t mean he can’t talk. No matter how nasal and stupid he sounds. Scully had been happy to go see her mother this morning. Being heavily pregnant in August, right during a heat wave was not fun – for any of them. Least of all for Scully, though.

“She dropped me off.” Her snappy response is all he needs to know. Maggie Scully might be one of the most patient people Mulder has ever met, but her daughter has not been herself those last few days.

“Did you have fun?” He regrets the question as soon as it’s out. If only he would catch a hint every once in a while, keep his mouth shut, and accept her simple answers. But no, not him.

“Oh, Mulder!” Scully slaps his shoulder and he’s certain she didn’t mean to hurt him. Except she sometimes has no idea how strong she really is. “You know I love you, right?” Those words are not at all what he expected, especially after her recent outburst, and so he’s taken aback. He finds his words right before she hits him again.

“Of course I do, Scully. I love you, too, you know that.”

“I’m so tired, Mulder.” Her head lands on his shoulder, the same one she just violated, and it’s like a band-aid on the sore spot.

“Of being pregnant?”

“No, I mean yes. It’s just too hot and my body looks everything but.” She leans against him, feeling heavy and sweaty, but he puts his arm around her anyway, drawing her even closer. He puts his hand on her belly, stroking it softly.

“Your body is very hot, Scully.”

“And,” she completely ignores his comment, “I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”

“Hey, you need me once two of our offspring are running around here.”

“I already need you with the one.” Scully yawns, cuddling into his side and getting more comfortable.

“I could take Will to have ice cream. Give you some time to yourself.”

“And my bladder.” If their child would stop playing football with it, maybe she could get some actual rest. Getting up from the couch is a two person job these days, but just as Mulder is about to help her, she stops and freezes.

“Scully? Is that – did your - did your water just break? Scully, your water just broke!” Mulder is on his feet and his ice pack falls to the ground, momentarily forgotten.

“What do you need? Where is your suitcase? We’re prepared, we are, I know it.” He’s running in circles around Scully like a squirrel.

“Mulder, stop,” she tells him quietly, holding her stomach, “We have time.” He stares at her, open-mouthed and wide-eyed. “Get the suitcase from upstairs, take Will and I’ll call my mom from the car.”

“Is that all?” Mulder is out of breath; his nose throbs painfully, but there’s no time to think right now. The baby! His mind screams. This time he’ll be there for every single moment. He’ll get his hand crushed, he’ll get yelled at and then he’ll hold his newborn child. He’ll be by Scully’s side for every excruciating second. Mulder already feels woefully inadequate when he sees her sweaty, tired face. This is only the beginning and he knows how strong Scully is, knows it with every fiber of his being, but if only he could do something. Something to help her.

“Do you need anything else?” He’s already at the stairs, ready to sprint, ready to get them on the way.

“Just smile,” she tells him, panting, “I really need to see you smile right now.” That he can do, he thinks. He flashes a huge smile, full of teeth and wrinkles, and when he hears her chuckle, he sprints upstairs to get them ready. To have another baby.


It feels good to be back doesn’t it? I can’t wait to watch the episode tonight,but I want to share this story as well:

 Heading into this hiatus I was really down, because I’d been notified that the farm that I’ve worked at since graduating from college (I artificially inseminate horses-amongst other things), would be closing. I spent a lot of time being absolutely terrified because, yes, I do have some savings but I also have a kid to take care of, a mortgage, a car note, you know…just your average everyday cost of living expenses.

Around the time we were prepping to close the farm, a friend of mine called and told me about a position he thought I was well suited for. Obviously, I had nothing to lose, so I decided in the words of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s A.Ham, “I am not throwing away my shot!”

I applied for the job the next day and received a call for a phone interview the next day. That went well and I was invited for an in-person interview. So on April 3rd, I woke up at like….midnight (the BFC chat can verify) because I was so nervous and spent about 2 hrs stressing before it was time to drive myself to Chicago (about 5 hrs) for the in-person interview. 

I left the interview feeling really confident in what I’d put out there, but the days ticked by and I heard nothing. I wasn’t feeling very confident in myself or my interview skills, but 7 days later (exactly-it was April 10th), I received an email that simply said “Congratulations!” and when I clicked on the message, I found an offer letter for the job that I’d interviewed for!!!

So, long story short: end of July/beginning of August (depending on how long it takes for my documents to be authenticated and my visa to be processed), I (and my son) will be moving to Dubai/Abu Dhabi so that I can begin working my new job, where I will receive 3x my old salary, medical insurance, a housing allowance, a furniture allowance, a car allowance and more.

I am beyond excited and so grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given and I can’t wait to share some of my experiences with you all here in the coming months!!!!

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Injured Football Player Ch 14

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Summary: The reader is nesting as she prepares for her and Bucky’s daughter to arrive. Bucky, supportive and sweet, is waiting till the baby is born so the reader can relax for a minute. 

Word Count: 1212

(Chapter 13)

 “Damn it,” you groaned as you tried to get up from the couch. You were well into your third trimester, your center of gravity was totally off, and you were miserable.

 After your fourth try to get up you sighed, “Screw it,” you admitted defeat and put your feet back up. As soon as you found a comfortable position, it hit you. You had to pee for the hundredth time in the last two hours.

 Trying to get up again, you realized you needed help. You yelled, “Bucky, living room, hurry!”

 Bucky came sprinting into the living room with fear in his face, “Y/N, baby, what’s wrong? Do I need to call Dr. Romanoff?”

 “I need to pee and I can’t get up,” you huffed.

 “Damn it, Y/N,” he walked over to you picking you up with ease, “You cannot yell like that. I thought something was wrong with the baby.”

 You waddled to the bathroom, “There is something wrong with the baby! She is sitting on my bladder 24/7!”

 He sighed and chuckled, “She just loves you.”

 You stood with your hands on your lower back and stared at your daughter’s lavender colored room. Your mom, cousin Wanda, and best friend Michelle, came and helped decorate the nursery the previous weeks.

 “Babe, where are you?” Bucky called from down stairs.

 “In Charlotte’s room,” you said.

 He walked into the room and smiled, “There are my girls,” he leaned down and kissed your stomach, then kissed you, “Hi love.”

 You smiled, “Hi sweetie.”

 “What are you doing?” he draped his arm around your shoulders.

 “Something feels off in here. Like something is missing,” you looked around. 

 He looked around, “Baby, I don’t think anything is missing.”

 You stared for a moment, “I think I want to move things around.”

 “No, no, no,” Bucky stood in front of you, putting his hands on your shoulders, “We have changed the room more times than I wish to count. This is perfect the way it is set up.”

 “Bucky, the feeling is off. Maybe if we just move-“

 Bucky interrupted you by planting a kiss on your lips. You forgot what you were thinking about moving when he pulled away, “No, more moving things. Everything is perfect. We made a perfect room for our little girl.”

 You rested your hand on his cheek, “But I think the rocking chair could move over to this wall, and move the changing table where the rocking chair is!”

 Bucky let out a groan and dramatically fell to the floor, “Y/N, come on! I have moved things around this room four times!”

 “James, everything has to be perfect,” you waddled over to the rocking chair, “I just think it would be better on this wall.”

 You started to pick it up when a strong hand held it down. You looked down to see Bucky gripping the chair.

 His face was serious, “Y/N, are you allowed to be moving furniture?”

 “No,” you sighed.

 He sat up on his knees and ushered you to sit in the chair. He pulled your hands up to his face and kissed them, “Baby, everything is perfect. I promise you, our little girl has the most perfect room. You got to stop stressing yourself out about the little things,” he put a hand on your belly, “It isn’t good for either of my girls.”

 You cupped his cheek, “You are amazing, you know it?”

 “You are the amazing one,” he patted your leg, “Come on, let’s leave our child’s room alone.”

 “Fine,” you groaned as he helped you up.

 A couple nights later you woke up in the middle of the night, “Bucky, wake up,” you shook him.

 “What? What’s wrong?” Bucky shot up half asleep, “Are you okay?”

 “No, I am not! We are having a baby, and we are not married.”

 He stared at you, “Damn it, Y/N! You cannot wake me up in the middle of the night like that! You are going to give me a heart attack before you have this baby,” he flopped back down onto the bed.

 “Bucky, I’m serious! We aren’t married.”

 “Yes, Y/N, I know,” he responded while putting a pillow over his face.

 “Don’t you think we should be married when our child is born?”

 He moved the pillow, “Y/N, people have children all the time without being married. It isn’t taboo anymore.”

 “Yes, but there are two problems with that statement for us.”

 He moved the pillow completely from his face, “Okay, I am listening.”

 “One, we are in the public eye. So people are watching us all the time. Two, I am from Texas and have extremely Southern family members. Meaning that if we have a baby out of wedlock we will never hear the end of it, and our child will never hear the end of it. I just don’t want anyone ruining this time for us. We are about to bring a baby into this world, and I don’t want it to be showered with negativity.”

 Bucky’s face soften. He sat up and sighed, “Our baby will have so many people who will shower it with love, she will not know what to do with herself. Will there be people who run their mouth about the fact that we got pregnant before we were married, of course there will be. But you know what?” he cupped your cheek, “None of that will matter, because she will have the best mother in the world, who protects her and guides her to greatness.”

 You leaned into his hand, “You think so?”

 “I know so,” he kissed your forehead, “But if you really want to be married before she comes, we can go elope and still have our big Fourth wedding next year.”

 You looked up at him and smiled, “Really?”

 He nodded, “We can go tomorrow if you want.”

 You wrapped an arm around his neck and kissed him, “I love you.”

 “I love you too,” he smooth out your hair, “Maybe a little too much, some would say.”

 “Would you say that?”

 He smiled sweetly at you, “Never.”

 The next morning, you two made your way down to the courthouse. Thirty minutes later, you two walked out Mr. and Mrs. James Buchanan Barnes.

 Bucky walked you to passenger side door and held it open for you as you climbed in. He stuck his head in the door and smiled, “You are the most beautiful bride.”

 You looked down at the dress you were wearing, “I literally just grabbed a dress that was nice and would fit.”

 “I don’t care,” he leaned in closer, “You are still absolutely, take my breath away, beautiful.”

 You kissed him, “Even if I am getting fat as a cow?”

 “You are not fat as a cow,” he chuckled as he closed the door.

 You watched him walk around the front of the truck smiling at himself. You were both happy that you decided to elope before the baby was born. Granted, your families wouldn’t be too happy that you two eloped without telling me, but they would be there for the big wedding next July. When Bucky hopped in, you smiled at him and thought to yourself, “I finally am married to the man of my dreams.”

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Pater’s Rose 3

Part 3 of my series!! I hope you will like it!!! Let me know what you think what will happen next ;)!!! Enjoy it 

All the love 

E. xx 

I was right, he didn’t come in the next days. The first days were awful, and my thoughts cycled around him. Every night when I hold my book of prayer in my hands, I think of him. Slowly I start to relax, to feel again. I allow myself to open up a little bit.


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I'll Be Good

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Request: Hiiii, can u please do an anti fic based on the song ill be good by jaymes young? Thank youuu

I thought I saw the devil

This morning

Looking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongue

With the warning

To help me see myself clearer

I never meant to start a fire

I never meant to make you bleed

I’ll be a better man today

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Imagine Stiles has to go out of town and he asks Scott to dog sit Derek.
Scott objects to it but agrees to come over and keep Derek company. That doesn’t stop Stiles from leaving a list, however, that tells Scott what Derek can eat, what he is and isn’t allowed to do, and any special requests.

“‘Derek is allowed one dog bone or special treat a day’,” Scott reads. He turns and glares at Stiles. “Do you mean your kind of ‘bone’ or an actual bone?”
“Scott, come on,” Stiles growls. “You are not allowed to bone by boyfriend, that’s a privilege only I get. And by treat, i mean one of the cookies in the jar above the fridge.”
“‘Play time includes playing fetch and a walk around the block’,” Scott reads. “You do realise Derek will kill me if I try any of this… ‘Affection: big hugs, little kisses, belly rubs and scratches behind the ears’. Stiles, do you want your boyfriend to kill me?”
Stiles just smiles in response.
“’Derek is not allowed to pee on the furniture, bark at passing pedestrians, or to leave the loft/get hurt’. Dude, he’s an alpha!”
Stiles glares at his friend. “For every scratch or bruise I find, I will break one of your bones.”
“Finally, ‘Send a photo of Derek every day so I can see he’s okay’. That is the only reasonable request here. Although, i think you’d like the photos more if you asked him to send you them, he might me more… personal.”