are we done headcanoning serious/science loving characters ONLY as aro/ace?? like if you genuinely believe they’d be aro ace sure but it seems kinda suspicious that every character who’s more analytical or quiet or cold share the same orientation?? it’s honestly rude and it stereotypes both aro/ace people and all those bad and boring scientist tropes. do better please

How come in TV shows/movies/book when a kid (anyone 18 or younger) gets a crush and those feelings aren’t returned parents (or parental like figure) never try to explain attraction?

Like it’s always “well if they don’t realize how awesome/beautiful/whatever you are then it’s their loss!”… Like attraction is a thing; and hell ya rejection sucks but that doesn’t always mean the “crushee” is some evil bad person?

How about teaching them the difference and that its ok not to return someone’s feelings, that not everyone is gonna feel the same about each other (even when your in a relationship).

Just stop this be all end all attitude around attraction. You either like me like I like you or you’re an awful human being I’m gonna shit talk about.

Just stop.

Wendy's Top Ten Favorite Tropes

On Fandom Following, we discuss a lot of tropes, i.e. common storytelling conventions. And we’ve devoted a lot of time and energy tearing into tropes we hate. But, the fact is, tropes are unavoidable and Not All Bad. Quite frankly, there are many that are awesome. So, in the interest of celebrating crowning moments of storytelling awesome, here is a list of things I always love to see:

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Can I confess something to y'all? Probably my favorite trope of all is the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks falling hard for the all-American girl next door who can see through his surly exterior and softens him up while he teaches her how to throw a punch and maybe how to hipcheck her way into free soda. This. Is. My. Jam.