Now because Emma didn’t tell Killian her problem apparently for the haters means that she doesn’t love him, well apparently they don’t remember that David didn’t tell Snow in S3 the same thing Emma is hiding from Killian that they’re about to die!! Or that means that since S3 David doesn’t love Snow anymore??? Wow!! Let the writers know cos they’re doing a pretty crappy job at pointing that out!

The real Ellana Lavellan. She’s a powerful mage who loves watching her foes shake whenever she hit them with her lightning.

Her clan sent her away when she was 15 due to her powers being too strong and.. and explosion that may or may not killed two or three hallas, but we don’t talk about that. When she was found after he explosion at the conclave she used the fact that she looks way older to hide her real age, 18, who only Cullen knows about due to a quick affair the two had when they first met. She keeps it secret because she’s scared that people are going to underestimate her or not trust her choices anymore due to her age.

The years she lived alone stealing in tavern’s kitchen, seducing men and women of all ages to blackmail them after for money and sleeping in the street made her a really strong woman. However she never chose that lifestyle and she was glad to finally find a place to stay when the Inquisition was (re)born.

Ellana is also really proud of being an elf and believes in the old gods. Even though she’s Dalish she studied her people’s history on her own and well know everything about it. She was so mad when she found out what the marks on her face really meant but she thinks they make her look pretty so she just ignores them. Sera doesn’t approve her girlfriend’s beliefs but she’s trying to tolerate them.


Don't reblog / reblogging = getting blockedt™

All the dudes I’ve dated hated admitting they were with me publically and so nope fuck that whole keeping everything private on social media shit like that’s cool for some ppl but I’m not okay with it anymore. I’m annoyed at how people are seen as childish for that like lmfao ppl are just gonna have to call me childish. You don’t know what it’s like to deal with. Especially when it’s coincidentally you yknow. Before you there were no issues about posting pics with their gf or talking about her or going places with her but when it’s you suddenly it’s about privacy (read: secrecy… read: hiding) then after they can change their fb status for the new gf and have pics up with the new gf. Like ppl don’t get how much that hurts and messes with someone’s head.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm a bi guy and I'm just feeling down that their is a lack of represantation for bisexual men and at home I'm deeply in the closet I want to come out to my family but they are extremely conservative. Idk what to do anymore I'm so tired of living a lie. Please help me

Hey, I’m sorry you’re feeling like this friend. It can be really hard with families that are extremely conservative. Just remember that you don’t have to come out, especially if you don’t feel safe. I know it’s exhausting and draining to hide and not be yourself and hear the things people say, but sometimes it’s better than other outcomes. But if you feel strongly about coming out, go for it. You have people and organizations that support you and love you. But no one can force you out. No one can make you come out.

I’m sorry that you’re not represented well in media. It’s really hard for our community to find any representation, let alone when it’s broken down by gender. But we can hope for a better day in the future. We are the next generation of writers and artists that will create more characters that we want to see because they reflect us. So keep doing whatever you’re doing, and go out into the world knowing that in the closet or not, you matter and you will change the world. I hope this helps <3 sending all my love!

-Mod Sym

whenever tragedy strikes and all in the world feels as though it’s falling apart, i find myself thinking about how i just want to find a place where i can go and hide to not have to hear about any of it anymore. but then that’s letting the hatred of the enemies win because even though it’s hard to comprehend how any human could have that kind of hate and darkness within themselves, i still know that there is far more love and light in the world. and that i do what to hear about and contribute to. we are all brothers and sisters and although many of us have different beliefs and views, we are all the same red blooded beings. let us not hate back or run from it, but shower the world with love and shine a light on the darkness. i pray that we all don’t lose hope and that somehow, something good can be brought out of this and brings us all closer together so that the innocent people who lost their lives or lost their loved ones, their family and their friends didn’t do so in vain. #prayforparis by brettdonar

Alright look, you can parallel Stanley and Mabel all you want, but you can’t just ignore all the parallels between Stanley and Dipper

you can’t call Mabel only Dipper’s protector when in every single dangerous instance he is always the one putting himself in front of her to protect her

and she is always the first person he’s worried about protecting

you can’t ignore that the bully that calls Stanford a loser looks like Pacifica who calls Mabel a loser, and that Stanley and Dipper are always ready to defend their twins

Stanley and Dipper were bullied in the past, Stan for being weak and Dip for his birthmark. They are not anymore because they hide their insecurities instead of embracing them as Stanford and Mabel embrace theirs

  • “It was terrible. I was the weakest kid on the playground.”
  • “Kids used to make fun of my birthmark until I started hiding it all the time.”

and knowing that Mabel is a little odd and unashamed of it is what draws Stanford closer to her

  • “I like this kid! She’s weird.”

You cannot say that Dipper ditches Mabel to pursue the supernatural when he always wants her, just her, to come on adventures with him like Stanley just wants Stanford to go adventuring with him

  • “Everything was fine until you started bringing your friends around every night. I mean, hanging out with you this summer’s been fun. But, now you’re always with Candy and Grenda, and I’m… like… just, left behind.”

and you cannot say that Dipper doesn’t sacrifice his wants for Mabel because he sacrifices more than she does and this is what Bill Cipher literally knows and uses to manipulate Dipper in Sock Opera into making a very bad deal with him.

And the only thing that changes Mabel’s mind about giving Dipper up for her show is remembering everything Dipper has done for her.

I’m not saying Mabel’s not like Stanley in some aspects; she obviously is. But let’s not ignore Dipper’s loyalty to Mabel, alright? Sock Opera was a really important episode. The twins’ issues weren’t really resolved here, and I feel like it was foreshadowing a lot to come, especially because some of the twins’ dialogue parallels the Stans’ flashback down in the portal room.

  • Stanley: “You’re selfish!”
  • Stanford: “I’m selfish? Look at you!”
  • Dipper: “You’re obsessed!”
  • Mabel: “I’m obsessed? Look at you!”

and this confrontation

looks an awful lot like this future confrontation between them

i want to learn who you are when the lights go out. i want to learn about the person you are when no one is looking. i want to know where you hide who you are in the blistering daylight. come with me, crawl under your bed and shake out the skeleton you never wear anymore, all full of hopes and dreams and childhood innocence. show me the box where you stashed your lost tooth and your first love and all the trust you gave to people who hurt you. show me the bad days and the anger and the endless crying. show me you.
—  at night, who are you? // r.i.d
We live in a world full of mediocrities- lacking
passion for things. People work for money, prefer
texting instead of making face-to-face
conversations, even sexting because making love is
“too mainstream”. I walk around and see
people hiding so much of pain within, their dull
faces wearing the brightest smiles. It feels like the
way people who are about to die smile for the last
time. Nobody wants to commit to love, people want
to cheat and fuck and get away with it. Their way of
living has changed from relishing each moment to
merely surviving each day as it comes. Everybody
needs their own space and privacy and families do
not stay together anymore. It is sad how ‘life’ is
getting rare and how rotten we feel.
—  Deeksha Tripathi

my fav thing about twenty one pilots is how deep their songs actually are. 

they indirectly deal with how someone wants to die because he cant handle it anymore but you will only see that when you pay close attention. that is what depression is like. its a perfect representation. a depressed person usually hides all of those negative thoughts but they want someone to figure them out. you wont see someone that someone is depressed if you dont pay close attention.

And the whole blurry face concept is just perfect. Its the personification of those dark voices in our head that put us down and slowly take us over but if  you look closer you’ll see that blurry face gets less and less with every song, because the person is defeating it and winning and for me it gives me hope and shows me that battling depression, anxiety, mental disorders, etc is a long journey and takes a while but its possible and the more you fight, the less it pulls you down. 

and can we take a second to appreciate how they talk to us and show us they care? In truce they’re telling us to stay alive for them. Or in guns for hands they’re saying they cant sleep knowing there are people who have guns for hands, which in my opinion means people who hurt themselves or others. 

God I love twenty one pilots


Hey swifties, I hope some of you reblog this, it would mean everything to me if you help me So taylorswift can see it.

I want to tell you something about me, my life and who I am.

Since I was 11 I’ve been through hard and sad times which I had to endure alone without the help from anyone. My parents had to take care of my grandma during the whole day for 5 long years. I helped them as much as I could besides my schoolwork and the problems that a teenager has. The only real friend I had was my little tiger Fredi. When I was 15 I was really sure that I’m homosexual. And I couldn’t hide it anymore after I let my parents know about it- it was awful as I thought my dad hates me. I had the feeling that I was lost in darkness.
As I was 18 the only sunshine in my life fell seriously ill: my grandpa had a heart attack. He has laid in a coma for 5 weeks and during this time of my life something inside me died. At the 24th of December 2007 my grandpa died. I stood by his side when he passed away, holding his hand. That was truly the worst day of my life. Our family broke apart completely after his death. And I quit school, quit the apprenticeship as physiotherapist. And then started working as a nurse shortly afterwards. I wanted to help people because I’ve seen enough of those who need help. But I always forgot to think about me, to care about myself. Besides that all my ex-girlfriends cheated on me and, as if that were not enough, my mum fell into depression and got a severe disease. I was always at her side and tried to support her and my dad as good as I could. And I was always alone although at my birthdays because everyone around me had their problems and didn’t have time for me.

After these years I found out what really matters: the family, your friends and taylorswift . It doesn’t matter how hard your life is, there’s always someone who is there for you. Now that I’m 25 I believe I have the best friends that you could find, they stand by my side and encourage me in everything I’m doing - even if it is something about Tay Tay.

I’m a really weird person with rather special interests and decided to show you my love for our queen in a little different way. I can’t create Vines or videos or similar stuff for you but I spent all my spare time, blood(yes, blood) and sweat on my car and working on it to turn it into my swiftie-car.
The last picture is just the idea of my next car, but I will get it next week and the project can begin.

That’s my way of showing the world what you’ve been doing for me and how much you helped me through all these sad, dark and hard times. Thank you so much for that taylorswift
I know the way in which I told you my story doesn’t really sound hard but it was. I had times were I no longer wanted to be alive. So yes, you always helped me Taylor. I love you for being who you are. I love how weird and crazy you are.
Please, never change!

So guys, back to you. I hope the best fanbase in the world helps me. I know that there are other fans who deserve her audience more like me, for example those who are in hospital and weren’t able to see her on stage or even have cancer or haven’t the money. That’s why I only want that Taylor could see the pictures of my car and tell me what she thinks about it. That’s all I want, no follow from her or anything like that. I would be really happy if some of you would reblog this. Please help me.

And if anyone of you needs help, an advice or a listening ear, write me
Thank you all for your help ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

I LOVE YOU taylorswift 😍😍😍😘


Mino’s thoughts before the diss battle with Team Brand New Music (trans)

I think the best thing about Zayn not in the band anymore (even though its sad, i get it) is that we get to see the real Zayn, the one who always hides in his bandmate shadows. Now we get to see Zayn’s real fashion sense, his personal music taste, his ambitions, his dreams, and the amazing thing is that the media loves this new side of him like he’s been getting a huge coverage from his no type cover and now fashion industry is all over him. Zayn is coming out of his shell slowly but surely, and the world welcome him with open arms. the possibilities is endless. Its all very exciting!

i do not trust taylor swift and this “break” thing anymore like shes up to something y’all she is hiding something about that f1 show in october and i am STRESSIN’ 




OKAY SO…. With all this being said there is no point hiding it anymore ;) I said it before that at first, this wasn’t supposed to be a too coherent story, but fate wanted it to become one haha. I thought about possible scenarios and settled on one that seemed too unreal to be true at first, perfectly fitting for an AU. But not so long ago, I stumbled upon THIS PARTICULAR SCARY THEORY that made me believe that this AU might be in the end…unknowingly …be based on some canon. We might find out later, with the hype around the newest patches floating around! I wanted to update this asap before any real confirmed information comes out, or I might have been too embarassed/scared/confused to post this thing. The new game-story seems to really be concentrating on Gaster and the Fontsiblings, so I am really really looking forward to the conclusion! Ihope I can finish this whole story before all them truths are revealed because I really didn’t want to be affected by the canon too much (I tend to incline toward it and try to modify my stories so it would fit canon the best. That may have not so good influence on this particular AU so that’s why I am so on the hot wire about it XD or how do u say it?). I hope you like this update, the next one will be a FLASHBACK on Frisks time in the lab with Sans n Alphys, the experiment and briefly about what went wrong. Take care!

g!sans original design@borurou​  inspiration @junkpilestuff  echotale au by me

Here’s a funny conflict in appearance: you’re supposed to do a good job looking good and be confident and love yourself, but not actually find yourself attractive because that’s big-headed? Well who knows how that works. I’m trying to be more honest about how I present myself online- I have a habit of drawing myself a frizzy greasy mess hiding in glasses and scarves, but that’s not really who I am anymore. So I did some sketches of my new heat-friendly wardrobe (moving to Louisiana in 2 weeks!) and also my face. yeesh.

“What The 100‘s queer fandom has accomplished in these last three weeks is pretty miraculous. By relentlessly compelling mainstream media to acknowledge the existence and danger of Bury Your Gays and to admonish TV writers to do better, fandom has added a level of legitimacy to this issue that we’ve never had before, which has ensured that no person working in TV can hide behind feigned ignorance about this trope anymore.”

Really great read! We’re making a lot of noise and people are truly listening.