It was a slow, busy week so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I’m a working on an animatic, along side making the “updated” designs of all the characters. Just tweaking some things here and there, and unifying the color palette. Thanks for your support and stay tune for more updates~!

Skull-Kids! © Valeria M

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We are just waves in time and space, changing continuously, and the illusion of individuality is produced through the concatenation of the rapidly succeeding phases of existence. What we define as likeness is merely the result of the symmetrical arrangement of molecules which compose our body.

Nikola Tesla.

“Tesla Seeks to Send Power to Planets.” New York Times, July 11, 1931.

Buddhism and the First Korean Unification

Unified Silla, a period in Korean history, began when Silla conquered the neighboring Baekje and Goguryeo kingdoms. The new rulers justified their rule with the concept of protecting the country through Buddhism. Buddhist leaders argued that if the Silla dynasty governed with the teachings of Buddha in mind, their people would be safe from misery. The religion became the driving force behind Korean progress and (to a degree) united its people. (Shamanism was still practiced as well.) Unified Silla also led to a flowering of Buddhist art, commissioned by the government to further the ideology and reinforce their royal authority.

The peninsula of Korea remained under Silla control from 668 to 935. In the 900s, aristocratic conflict and peasant uprisings led to the overthrow of the Silla dynasty and its replacement by the Koryo Dynasty. But Buddhism was here to stay, and continued to be the most powerful religion on the peninsula through the Koryo Dynasty.

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You know dinosaurs ain't real right?

I turn dramatically to the entirety of birds present on this planet. They all stare at me, expectantly, their little birdie faces looking at me in various expressions and emotions. After all, birds are not one unified group. 

“I’m sorry guys,” I whisper, my voice hoarse and pained. 

One African Grey caws out, “Why are you sorry, Meig?”

I take a long, slow breath, “Tumblr Anon says you’re not real.” 

Thousands of voices caw out in unison. The horror in the air is palpable. A Harpy Eagle screeches in fury, while a Little Blue Penguin waddles up to me at the front of the room. 

“What do we do?” the penguin asks, even though penguins can’t talk, because I mean, does it matter, since penguins apparently don’t exist? 

“We move on, my friend,” I say, patting the penguin on the head, “We move on.” 

Slowly but steadily, the birds fly or walk away, all moving out in unison. Some go to universes where they do exist. Others stay here, as ghosts - remnants of an idea that once was. 

I change the title of ADAD to A Pseudosuchian A Day. I begin talking about scutes instead of feathers. 

But finally, the lies we have all been living under have been exposed. 

@yahoo has unified Tumblr and Yahoo accounts. Here are the downsides:

a) Yahoo doesn’t properly check whether a password is valid before accepting it, meaning that you can enter a password that seems to work until you try to use it for something.

b) Yahoo won’t let you change your birthday, citing “security”, even though this isn’t a security issue.

c) Yahoo is prone to security breaches on a level rivaling FurAffinity, and Tumblr is now equally susceptible.

d) Yahoo doesn’t deal well with “+foo” email modifiers, incorrectly converting the plus to a space in places.

e) Tumblr had a password limit of at least 512 characters while allowing a great diversity of special characters. Yahoo has a limit of 32 characters with a much more restricted special character set.

f) Fully deleting your account is now a lot harder, since Yahoo has a 90 day waiting period before it’s fully removed from their database.

h) You have to go offsite to create new accounts or change password, which is a hijack malware waiting to happen.

g) They will only let you change your password so often in a period, with the wait measured in hours, which, when combined with “you can have it accept a new password it will later swear up and down is invalid” is a huge obnoxious mess.

The benefits:

a) None.

b) There’s literally no upside to this.

c) At all.

@staff, what the fuck?

gotta say, i miss that month when pokémon go came out. everybody was going out, loving life, and ppl of all ages, genders and races were unified. ppl would just chill around a pokéstop and throw lures that not only benefited ourselves but our fellow trainers. i had plenty of conversations with people my age and people twice my age about how excited they were about their catch(es) of the day. i would go places with ppl and as i arrived, our first topic would be “what pokémon did you catch on your way?”

i feel like that was the happiest we’ve been in all of 2016, and i didn’t realize it until it was no more.

i opened the last package of starbursts today and they were both pink i think the universe is trying to tell me that things will get better


It’s 230 am, if you know where this alley is in downtown phoenix and want to bear witness to the spectacle that is the savage wrath of Chaos Vortex and fully understand why Im known in over 30 countries as The Dragon Of Devastation in the streets and in both official and underground martial arts fight circuits worldwide, then get here by 3 cuz shit is about to go the fuck down. 2 squads are bringing their 10 strongest warriors to finally settle a decade long rivalry with no weapons… And i set it all up by going to the enemy stronghold by myself to put an end to the fued through one final battle. Why did i approach both sides with this plan? Because unifying warriors, expanding my network of underworld connections, and restoring peace on the streets through the use of honorable combat is what i have always done everywhere I’ve been to in the world. Your either born a fuckin leader like myself or a follower. If you’re a leader, that’s what you should do. But If you decide to lead and others choose follow, then it’s your responsibility to use your clout to enrich their lives regardless of whether it puts you in danger or not because it’s the right thing to do. I exist to empower and assist my fellow humans. That is why i do things like this. On the surface, it may seem to many like im just a crazy adrenaline junkie and do so much dangerous shit cuz i have a reckless disregard for my own life, and to an extent they’re right, but really drives me is my passion to hone my talents. We all have our own unique talents for many reasons, but to me, the main reason we have them is because there are so many way that they can be used to help others. Tonight is another example of how i utilize my inborn talent for hurting people to help them. Open your third eye and im sure you can you feel the energy of my bloodlust emanating through the screen when you look at my pix. As the time for war draws closer my soul grows colder and the ability to grant mercy is now devoid within me. Mother nature always thirsts for blood in her soil, and Tonight we will give it to her.