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your art is amazing! I was wondering when you started drawing, how long it took you to find your art style and if you have any tips, art help/suggestions or advice for people who cannot even draw stick figures but want to make stunning art like yours? Thank you so much!

I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember, but I specifically remember starting to get serious about it at age 10. As for art style, just go with the flow~~ it doesn’t work like just picking a style and saying YES THAT ONE and then only doing it that way. Art styles are constantly changing, I’ve noticed this in famous artists as well!! They also just come naturally- I didn’t know I had one until people said they liked my “art style” and I was all whoa ok didn’t know I had one, so don’t stress too much about art style; before you know it your style will appear!

Tips I have is to draw whatever you like, using whatever utensils you like!! To work on my art, I like to draw plants with a quill pen. Or I’ll pull up a hand reference sheet and just draw every one. I also love how loisvb does her shading, so I’ve been practicing shading like she does! There are a lot other practices to build up certain skills, so start there! Then these skills you’ve honed will piece together into brilliance<3 Good luck!

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Fluff Yoosung leaving dumb little sticky notes for Jumin.


  • Jumin brings his laptop to his office
  • He kinda feels sad leaving Yoosung for work
  • He always feels like that everyday but he feels happy just thinking of the young boy at home when he comes back from work
  • He opens his laptop and 
  • What??
  • He see sticky notes littered on his laptop
  • One of them said “Remember to eat! <3″
  • Another one said “Hope you have a good day!”
  • “Miss you already! T_T”
  • “Why must work separate us?!”
  • “I’ll be safe with Elizabeth 3rd!”
  • “She misses you too! :[”
  • It warms Jumin’s heart
  • He keeps them on his laptop
  • No one can convince him to take them off

I was tagged by the amazing @bugsieplusone (THANK YOU (^_^) ) to say five things I like about myself, publicly, so here goes:

1. I’m pretty patient with people

2. I can doodle fairly intricate stick figures

3. My eyes - although no one can seem to agree on what color they are. I say brown, my mom says hazel

4. I’m pretty good at taking criticism

5. Have never sent anon hate

I tag… @spooky-4-fallout, @fishplague, @tessofthedumpsterville, @kickerwrites, and @arthurmaxsonseyebrows don’t have to do if you don’t want to of course (^_^)


Experiencing Joyful Adventures Between Reality and Imagination with @elyxyak

To see more digital street art and keep up with Elyx’s adventures, follow @elyxyak on Instagram.

“I wanted to design a character of maximum expression with the minimum of lines,” says Yacine Ait Kaci (@elyxyak), a Paris-based director and media artist, describing how he came to create his stick figure Elyx. “He mainly lives in a little notebook, but he totally shares our reality.” Elyx is featured daily — sometimes several times a day — in Yacine’s Instagram posts. “He has the vision of a child, discovering everything as if it was the first time,” says Yacine. “And he is amazed by very simple daily things that we don’t see anymore.” Last year, Elyx truly went global: he became a virtual ambassador for the United Nations to help highlight international observances. “The United Nations just published the new edition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with Elyx,” says Yacine. “I am very proud of it.”


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Here, have some appropriate battle music!

A close call for Undyne, but she still came out okay! Seems someone else was watching, though…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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