How I use ArtRage 4 - The basics

Requested by the curious @fifylou :)

Hello! Let me show you how I use ArtRage! :)

To start off with: there are various different ways of how to use ArtRage. I’m not showing you the right way, because there is no right way. The following will just explain how I use it, since a lot of you seem to be interested.

Let’s get this started!

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galaxyleggings  asked:

please make a fic with daisy walking in on philinda during s1 or 2!! thx I love your blog

“Are Coulson and May ready yet?” Skye asked, frowning as she looked at her watch for the millionth time. Trip rolled his eyes, reading through the report again.

“Give ‘em a break, they have time. And you did force May into a silver dress,” he tells her, and Skye shrugs, powering up her tablet.

“She looks amazing in it,” she replies, pulling up the op info again. “It’s the heels I’m worried about. She was pretty adamant about not wanting to wear them.”

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soradearest  asked:

hiiii sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you had any tips on drawing bodies/body shapes. i noticed ur super good at them, especially males, and im Struggling a lot. even if u just have good ref doodles or links!!

shapes! Shapes are your friends! its so much easier to draw a body if you’ve built up some volume rather than just diving in and trying to get an outline going :0 

If we look at the musculature structure of a human, it’s super easy to see limbs and such blocked out by how the muscle actually connects to itself. And if we apply this to our own sketches…

…You can pretty easily break up the human body into shapes like these. For a more fit, masculine body, you’ll see lots of rectangles and squares. But you’ll also get lots of triangles too! 

Wanna draw a soft tummy? Circle! You can basically do this for any body shape

I usually start off with, basically, a stick figure that i add bulk on to. 

This is kinda just a general overview, but i hope it helps!

pgp-chara  asked:

my fondest would have to be
Frisk suplexing @mahiz28 ‘s Chara ahaha

I don’t think I capped it in RP, and if I did, I dunno where I saved it.
So this is from a short comic I did? Since they were suplexed twice

Don’t go for a third, nerd.

So my little sister and I were talking and the conversation turned to OCs

She started telling me about the OCs she made and the story and world she’s building for them and honestly it’s a really good idea??? And super adorable???

So she has Judy, a basketball player who also really likes wearing boots for some reason (apparently she likes boots so much that she steals them? But my sister decided to “tone it down”)

Then there’s Katie, the smart shy fashion designer who is always trying to convince Judy to wear something other than basketball clothes

And then Jade, their cool friend who likes to skateboard and also he likes Judy (or maybe it’s the other way around? Either way she’s still not 100% sure she should have romantic subplots)

And her idea for their world is actually REALLY COOL. There’s witches in this world, and each witch has a pendant that can allow them to travel between the witch world and the normal world, and the people of the normal world REALLY hate witches. So a lot of bad witches are trying to do bad things to the normal people and a lot of good witches are trying to stop the bad witches while also laying low and acting as normal people

And I thought that it was a SUPER CUTE IDEA and my sister wanted me to ask “all those cool artist and cool story writer buddies what they think! Cause I wanna write a story! But I dunno if its a cool story!”

So all my “cool artist and cool story writer buddies” (and also basically anyone who reads this)

What do you think?

Now that I’ve sorta figured out (ahaha, no pun intended) what I’m doing with How to Derp Your Dragon, I tweaked Sticcup’s design just a bit. :)

…Kind of a smug lil’ bum, huh? 8) Also, that hair. I’m a little rusty, but it’s a good thing I have Sticcup to practice on.