So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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To all the Tomlinison-Deakin family, words can’t describe this pain but my prayers and thoughts go to all of you. You had an amazing woman with you who raised amazing people, I am truly sorry and speechless at the moment, be strong, be safe. She’ll always be with you, always by your side. We love you a lot.

Perc’ahlia Moment Ep.78 Transcription - “How to Answer a Door”

aka: she DID that

Quick note, decided to just do Laura/Vex’s & Taliesin/Percy’s dialogue/responses, as there was a lot of crosstalk/sound effects happening & would’ve lengthened the process when REALLY this is all you sinful people need. Please enjoy! (And I personally recommend rewatching that part as much as possible, the acting & reacting are spectacular.)

Taliesin: As a quick thing.

Percy:  I knock on Vex’s door. I have a bag. I go to Vex’s door, I knock on her door.

[knock knock knock knock]

Vex: Uhm hello, who is it?

P: It’s me, I have something to show you.

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Miraculous Ladybug - Love Square Week Day Four: Fleeting Moments

They don’t talk a lot like this, but they should especially after everything in Volpina. Think they will? Here’s hoping! Either way, Season Two? More Ladrien moments plz thx.

Day Five, Tension… gonna be a surprise. No, it’s not going to be tension like that… I would make another tumblr for those posts.


So sometime in the middle of the night I reached 600 followers! That’s insane to me but I thank each and every one of you.

I have a lot going on at the moment with hosting a challenge, writing requests, helping beta when asked, and writing a series. I still would like to do something as a thank you to you guys as followers though so to make it a little easier on myself I will take gif submissions and write a little drabble to go with them.

Here are the rules:

1. They must go through the box labelled “Submit a Gif” if you send them to me in an ask or message I’m not going to get to them. Submissions are easier for me to keep track of.

2. You must be following me, and I will check. This is a thank you to the followers.

3. I will only take them for 24 hours (3 pm EST) ending on 12/10/16.

4. You can send as many as you would like and depending on how many I get I will try to use all of them, but no guarantee.

Thank you guys again so much for all of the love and support you’ve shown to my growing blog and I am glad you found something to stick around for!

P.S. My notifications aren’t letting me know when I am tagged in something so if you are tagging me, especially a story submission for the challenge, please message me to let me know until @staff​ gets this fixed…again.

Using my tags for a boost and letting them in on the celebration!

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clkit  asked:

I would very much like for you to talk about Mike and his trip to the mound because that moment was epic. I can't get over the way he was looking at Ginny. I'd like your perspective on his headspace with everything that was going on.


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phantomofthevenue  asked:

So I just rewatched The Dark Knight, I haven't seen it since it came out, and there were a lot of moments that made me go 'hey that looks familiar, saw or heard that in SS'... still not sure how I feel about that. But it's forever interesting/disturbing that no version of J understands or cares about personal space, though it's really weird for me to find those scenes interesting because I dislike being touched by anyone I don't know or trust and just watching those scenes can sometimes be weird

That’s definitely a key feature of The Joker that makes him creepier and more unnerving. He doesn’t care at all about personal space and will not hesitate to do whatever he wants to anyone no matter the circumstances.

I like that aspect and I’m glad it’s still included in the DCEU interpretation (and we have an actor with a wonderful understanding of the character’s many odd but complex characteristics) :) 

Brand is the be-all-end-all of Donald Trump. And the core of Trump’s brand is that squinty, jut-jowled, unreflective scowl, the Dirty Harry stare he insists on plastering everywhere — book covers, posters, his website—because it advertises his most marketable selling point: toughness.

But the people around the next president of the United States know he’s a lot more insecure than his blustery façade would suggest. And he had a moment of serious apprehension as he toed the diving board before his big leap into the presidential pool on June 16, 2015.

Trump was an uncharacteristic jumble of nerves that whole month, several friends and advisers told me, and he repeatedly asked if he really should go ahead with it. On calls from a summertime vacation in Scotland to buddies back in New York, he would often answer his own question with a reference to his 11th-hour decision to skip the 2012 presidential race: “If I pull out again, nobody is ever going to believe me again.”

Trump, of course, went through with it, on his own terms. This wasn’t going to be a circus, he said, when someone in his circle suggested his announcement should feature a live elephant, balloon drop and confetti blizzard. His mouth would provide the spectacle.

Moments before he made his announcement, riding the escalator down to the lobby of Trump Tower and right before he set the tone of the sulfuric 2016 campaign with his Mexican “rapists” declaration, there was one final flash of anxiety: As Trump walked from his 26th-floor office to the elevator with his wife, Melania, and an aide, he stopped and said to no one in particular, “This is big shit.”

That decision to step onto that escalator—which seemed like a sideshow one-off at the time—irrevocably changed American politics. And it was not the only such decision in the 2016 campaign.

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Q: Is there any artiste you’d like to collaborate with? And is there any type of performance that you’d like to try?
A: I’ve been recommended by many fans to listen to ONE OK ROCK, and their songs are amazing so it would be great if I can have the chance to perform with them.
Q: You will be touring the country again next year, is there something you’d like to do during the tour? (eg. somewhere you’d like to go, something you’d like to eat etc)
A: I want to visit Kagoshima and eat lots of delicious food (especially kurobuta tonkatsu), and just watch the sea and have some healing time.
Q: You have debuted in Korea for 9 years, and Japan for 5 years. When was the moment that you started thinking that you’ve become a senior?
A: When juniors address us by ‘senpai’ and how they treat us.


Q: Being so busy with drama, movie and SHINee events, what is one thing you will still find time to do?
A: Exercise is something that I can’t live without.
Q: You will be touring the country again next year, is there something you’d like to do during the tour? (eg. somewhere you’d like to go, something you’d like to eat etc)
A: There are many places I’d like to try visiting, but I’d definitely want to visit Yufuin Onsen again!
Q: You have debuted in Korea for 9 years, and Japan for 5 years. When was the moment that you started thinking that you’ve become a senior?
A: When juniors specially come to our room backstage or come up to me just to greet me.


Q: How was it like acting in your first drama “Drinking Solo”? Please let us know your thoughts and what you’ve learnt!
A: It was my first time filming a drama and it was fun, and it was definitely an irreplaceable experience for me.
Q: You will be touring the country again next year, is there something you’d like to do during the tour? (eg. somewhere you’d like to go, something you’d like to eat etc)
A: I want to get better at Japanese language! But since it’s around winter time, I’d like to visit some skiing places.
Q: You have debuted in Korea for 9 years, and Japan for 5 years. When was the moment that you started thinking that you’ve become a senior?
A: When juniors come to greet us. It has become more frequent recently!


Q: When you’re on the show at the radio, you pick the songs that you play. How do you choose them?
A: I choose them based on the genre that I like.
Q: You will be touring the country again next year, is there something you’d like to do during the tour? (eg. somewhere you’d like to go, something you’d like to eat etc)
A: I’d like to do a swimming pool tour at the various hotels (laughs)
Q: You have debuted in Korea for 9 years, and Japan for 5 years. When was the moment that you started thinking that you’ve become a senior?
A: Recently when we go to the TV stations we get greeted at a lot. That’s when I get that feeling.


Q: Heard you are really into fishing nowadays. Please let us know what makes you so passionate about it?
A: The feeling of relaxation, and that allows me to enjoy it (fishing).
Q: You will be touring the country again next year, is there something you’d like to do during the tour? (eg. somewhere you’d like to go, something you’d like to eat etc)
A: Somewhere that I can see snow and get a good feeling of the season, and also sightseeing at places where I can see the beauty of different parts of Japan.
Q: You have debuted in Korea for 9 years, and Japan for 5 years. When was the moment that you started thinking that you’ve become a senior?
A: When it strikes me that 9+5=14, combined together that’s 14 years, and that’s half of my life.

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“Simon wtf are you doing!!?!”
I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this one: Simon decides to just leave the crowd hanging there, and stops playing just before ending A Forest. Robert is so shocked (and amused) that picks up Simon’s bass and ends the song himself… it’s so fun that I couldn’t help but posting it again :) it also shows how the boys enjoy themselves. They could just go onstage, do their duty and then go to sleep, but they showed us the love for what they do every single night, even with little moments like these. You can clearly see that absolutely nothing of what happens is planned, they just wanted to have a good laugh (and make us laugh too…;)). One of the main reasons why I love Cure concerts is because they have this kind of “purity”. 

So ~ I drew this a couple of week back when I *was* having an art crisis. I’m sure most artists can relate, as it happens to us all at some point. (Mine comes with random swearing & drinking copious amounts of tea.)

My main problems at the moment is that I don’t seem to have the same ‘drive’ or ‘passion’ behind my artwork as other artists I admire & therefore feel like a lot of my work is rather meaningless.

I’ve been working on a picture I actually *do* like for ages & I’ve thankfully come up with some ideas & inspiration that has made me want to keep drawing & improve - right now it’s just finding the time & energy to work on them around all my other projects. Going to be definitely taking some time out over the Holidays to do just that.

(Also, this is the last picture I drew that I really liked, and it’s just a doodle. Perhaps I am due a slight style shift again…)

Right now i’m going to the msf with really zero expectations…i read something that really pissed me off and i lost a lot of hope. Until the writers don’t understand that people don’t care about new groups now they’ll continue to lose viewers… And it’s a shame. In this moment we have Al3xandria, Hillt0p, S@viors, The Kingd0m, Oce@nside, and the W0lves still somewhere……do you really think a new group in this moment is a good idea????… You have not enough people?? I’m really tired of this. They do always the same shit… I was getting my hopes up for something different. I was wrong again.

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Some Updates, and a New Thing;

Wednesday, I’m going to open up my ask box.

Every Week on Wednesday, I will check my inbox and the first two inboxes/asks of this type I see will be used.

They will describe a character in a vague sense. They may describe one physical feature, one personality trait, and one goal.

First two (or more, if I feel frisky) I read I will use for a short blurb I will write at that moment, which will be an interaction of those two characters.

I’ll post it here, as “Writing Sketches”

I will be experimenting with tone and pacing and a lot of stuff, so some of it may not even be sensible; I’m going to do a minimum amount of editing before I post and it may contain profanity and strong scenes of violence, but likely no sexual stuff, because of rules of my blog.

After I post it, I will delete the two asks.I will make sure to tag the people who suggested the characters, if available.

The next Wednesday, I’m going to repeat the same thing, even with old asks I haven’t gotten to.

If I have run out of unique asks, I’ll repost this, so you all know.

I’m basically stretching my legs getting ready to write a novel. I will also likely be withdrawing from political debate posts for a bit because of work and personal projects.

This does not mean this blog is no longer going to include my standard debate format, and I’ll try to find one at least once a week.

If you can link me good starters/posts that you’d like me to discuss/suibjects you’d like me to pontificate on through PM or submission or ask; I’d appreciate it, but I cannot promise I will take them on; that’s just how that works, I’m really sorry.

To anyone who actually helps me with this little thing I wanna try, thank you, it means the world to me, to everyone else, no worries, I’m still tankful you read this and considered it.

writerproblem193  asked:

Your characters always feel very solid&grounded, really rounded out with the impact of full lives if that makes sense? And the fact that you wrote this is amazing bc you write so largely? You don't just write the very linear necessary scenes, it's always fleshed out and wide-sweeping. I don't know how much of it you write and just don't end up using or if you go wherever you want with concept writing, but it's fascinating to see that such huge scenes/moments can exist and not be in the narrative

Aww, thank you.

I write a lot of scenes that don’t end up in the main narrative – either because they take place in the main narrative and get cut (like, for example, the three chapters I’ve been struggling over I’ve probably written 50K for, but only 30K of that is going to end up on the page), or because I write them as backstory/flashbacks/concepts.  And those are split pretty evenly between “I wrote this with the deliberate intention of putting these in the main story” and “I wrote this because I wanted to.”  Maybe a third of the ones I wrote specifically for the story itself ended up not being there after all.

(Off the top of my head, those include: Kanan’s first Hunt and how he earned his Inquisitor nickname (this is actually four scenes), Hera taking her field trials as an ISB cadet (this was only partially written), Kanan and Hera’s first meeting on Gorse, and Kanan finding out that Hera is an ISB agent (three scenes).)

With the others, I write them mostly because I feel like it, or because a scene gets stuck in my head.  And I’ll usually hold those on the possibility that those will get used in the main narrative (as happened with this scene – the other ISB agent ended up being changed in Backbone to a character who had already been mentioned by name).  Some of them are fairly big events, like the Felucia op, but something like that (which takes place over a long period of time) doesn’t really fit into the flashbacks as they’re established in Backbone – those flashbacks would basically be a parallel narrative running on their own for most of the story.  Others are me going “I would like to write makeouts right now”, or “I would like to write hurt/comfort.”  On occasion it’s also me going “I need to get into this character’s head and figure out what was going on” – there are Cham, Alecto, and Sabine flashbacks all written, for example.

There are also a couple of cases where I’ve planned to write flashbacks, but ultimately didn’t do so because they didn’t work well.  Like, there was originally supposed to be a flashback of Hera arriving at the Imperial Academy on Serenno after the last Stygeon Prime flashback; there was also supposed to be another flashback of Hera getting the Ghost from Agent Beneke.  A couple of others that I can’t remember.

anonymous asked:

Something I've been feeling for the last few months has been confirmed for me this last few days. There isn't really a robron fandom anymore there's Robert fans and Aaron fans and occasionally when things are good they meet in the middle for a while but as soon as things aren't that good they go their separate ways again. Sad.

I’d love to dispute this, but it’s true. I think the main reason is because a lot of their problems at the moment have been because ED have pit them against each other in a way; they argue amongst each other, and everyone sees a different side to the argument, or they relate to one character more than the next. Maybe when things are more settled, and when they work together a lot more then we’ll see a change in the fandom, but until then you’re right: it will feel like Aaron fans vs Robert fans.

I hope you guys all enjoyed the new episode! Here’s the full painting I did to celebrate the season premiere, officially commissioned by the Doctor Who: Earth Conquest documentary!

I had the amazing opportunity to present this artwork to Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat themselves, so this piece really means a lot to me. (Full story on that meeting here!)

“I first ran for Congress in 1999, and I got beat. I just got whooped. I had been in the state legislature for a long time, I was in the minority party, I wasn’t getting a lot done, and I was away from my family and putting a lot of strain on Michelle. Then for me to run and lose that bad, I was thinking maybe this isn’t what I was cut out to do. I was forty years old, and I’d invested a lot of time and effort into something that didn’t seem to be working. But the thing that got me through that moment, and any other time that I’ve felt stuck, is to remind myself that it’s about the work. Because if you’re worrying about yourself—if you’re thinking: ‘Am I succeeding? Am I in the right position? Am I being appreciated?’ – then you’re going to end up feeling frustrated and stuck. But if you can keep it about the work, you’ll always have a path. There’s always something to be done.”