susannahmccormick asked:

What are some of your other OTPs that you've had over the years (besides Olicity, obvs)?


OK let’s think back. Waaaaaay back in the day I was a huge Emily/Nikolas fan on GH. Before they ever got together, though. After that….Buffy/Angel. Joey/Pacey. Nathan/Haley, Logan/Veronica. I think those are the couples I’ve ever really felt super passionate about. There are toooons of couples I love and enjoy, but those are the ones that just really…got to me.

Honorable mentions: Tony/Ziva, Jeff/Annie, Jax/Tara. I’m sure I’ll think of more. 

pcranoia asked:

lingan obviously

Send me a pairing and I’ll tell you… )

  • who puts pizza bagels and captain crunch in the shopping cart: probably logan, lindy doesn’t trust anything that tastes like pizza but isn’t actual pizza.
  • who forgot the rule about putting foil in the microwave and subsequently caused a small fire: LINDY. 
  • who sleeps naked: i feel like none of them tbh. but plz correct me if i’m wrong.
  • who sleeps under 3 blankets: lindy. she’d always take all the blanket when they are sleeping, so logan decided to get her three just in case.
  • who has a huge crush on Billy Joel: it’s not even a crush, but logan needs to bear w/ lindy playing his songs ALL THE TIME.
  • who gets drunk and breaks shit: proably logan. or maybe both. yeah, definitely both.
  • who’s a closeted anime fan: i feel logan would be, lindy would just keep rolling his eyes at him idk.
  • who initiates sex at inappropriate times/places: both tbh. lindy would do it to tease him and see him frustrated, actually.
  • who’s afraid of Slenderman: probably lindy. one day she wanted to see what logan’s doing and she just sit there, watching him playing slenderman and probably it scared the shit out of her all the time.
  • what their biggest fight was about: probably the recent one, that she broke him up w/ a girl
  • why they work together: for real tho. why. 

macgeek67 asked:

Can you send me the link to The Cow Jumped Over the Moon? I tried to ask the one who posted it but it says I have to have followed her for 48 hours & I just found her lol. Sorry, I'm kinda new at this Tumblr thing but I'm a huge Phyllis Logan fan! 😊

I am at the airport and the wifi is being a pain. I am trying to get you the link. You can message Olehistorian to ask for the link (I sent her a message letting her know you might ask) or you can reblog and tag theladychelsieofdownton and ask her to contact you. I will also send her a message letting her know you need the file. Be patient with us. We will get you the file. I promise.

❝first day of my life❞

Jagger is almost positive he’s never felt more out of place in his life – and for him, that’s saying something. Logan is sat next to him, screaming his voice hoarse at the two figures in the ring duking it out for the night’s victory. He doesn’t understand his best mate’s hype – Jagger can’t even watch the match for more than a few minutes at a time, finding himself grimacing and looking away whenever one of them men took a particularly hard blow. The fight is sold out – the tickets would’ve been hard to snag if Jagger didn’t know a few people. He’d never seen a boxing match before, not even on TV, so he wasn’t prepared for how rowdy it would be, or how a little too personal it felt with the close seats he scored. It was all for Logan, his oldest friend in life who happens to be a huge fan of some rookie in the boxing world, Axel Cooper. From an objective point of view, he sees the appeal. From what he can tell, he’s Jagger’s height, if not a little bit shorter, the muscles in his back ripple with every punch he throws, his waist is thin but cut, only accentuating the muscles that make his biceps bulge all that much more. Jagger would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little bit in love from the first time he looked at him, which – well, it’s not ideal. It’s Jagger’s gift to Logan for his birthday, seeing the show, but what he hasn’t told him yet is that he also managed to get them to meet Axel Cooper in his locker room after. The thought makes Jagger’s skin tingle, now that he’s seen what Axel looks like. There’s no logical reasoning behind it, he’s not here to meet anyone, and he highly doubts Axel likes men in the first place. He still can’t help but scrutinize what he chose to wear, though, and wishes he picked something that he looks better in. The crowd around him jump to their feet as a bell ring, raucous and loud, and Jagger feels like Logan’s yelling the loudest. He looks up at him from where he’s sat, fond and the enthusiasm slowly seeping into his veins because it’s contagious. He gets to his feet, clapping and giving one cheer along with the crowd, and he can’t help the smile on his face when he sees Axel Cooper standing in the center of the ring, an identical grin stretching his cheeks, his arm held up triumphantly by the referee.

About thirty minutes later, they’re being ushered down a hallway. Logan is wildly chatting his ear off, it’s been incessant and nonstop since the match ended. First, praise for Axel, though Jagger quickly became the focus of his admiration when he let him know what they were sticking around the arena for. “Have I ever told you you’re me best mate?” He says, fisting his hands into the thin fabric of Jagger’s shirt. He chides him softly, albeit with a smile on his face, and smoothes out the wrinkles Logan’s grip left over. He feels a little apprehensive as they near the door to the locker room, but his best friend clearly doesn’t share his reluctance when he charges through the door at the first hint that they’re welcome inside. If he wasn’t already feeling nervous, seeing Axel Cooper in his street clothes after a fight was on an entirely different scale. In just a pair of loose sweatpants and a tank top, his hair soft and damp, a few wayward strands falling onto his forehead, Jagger probably couldn’t describe his wet dream any better than the man in front of him. He watches Axel as Logan introduces himself, continues to watch Axel when Logan doesn’t stop yapping, and watching Axel becomes a problem when he realizes there’s a lull in the conversation, and Logan is looking at him, expectant. “Sorry… what?” He asks dumbly, his cheeks turning an awful red hue, but at least it’s not uncharacteristic of him, the warm color matching the naturally timid tone to his voice – when he’s meeting someone new, at least. “Am I goin’ to have to introduce you?” Logan asks, teasing with a smile. “Oh! I’m sorry –” He looks back to Axel, horribly embarrassed at how he couldn’t do something as simple as say his name when he was too busy staring like a creep. “Jagger Grey, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He says, extending his hand out for Axel to shake, hoping he doesn’t notice the slight tremor in his fingertips. Jagger doesn’t think he’s ever seen someone so handsome up close before – and he’s a model. “Sorry ‘bout all this. We won’t stay long since I’m sure we’re keeping you and you’d probably like to get some sleep.” He pauses, only for a moment though because Jagger rambles when he’s nervous. “You were great, though. At least from what I saw, not that I know anything about boxing, but I mean – you know, you won, so of course you know you did a good job.” He flashes Logan a glance, begging to be saved before he says something mortifying. “Logan’s a big fan!” He says, unaware that was a topic already covered while Jagger had been lost, mesmerized by the gentle slope of his nose and the pink cupid’s bow of his lips.