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OPINION ON ANW!!!! (All new wolverine)

So full disclosure, I pretty much quit Marvel cold turkey right around the end of IvX/beginning of Secret Empire. The whole line just wasn’t moving in a direction I wanted to read anymore. That having been said, I’m very open to coming back if Legacy is getting good reviews.

ANYWAY what I read of ANW I absolutely adored. I’ve never been a huge fan of Logan, so getting a book that still FEELS like a wolverine series but starring Laura was great. Also Gabby, who is my absolute favorite new character Marvel has had in years.


This dude’s a difficult man to kill. With an adamantium skeleton, a brutally efficient healing factor, and a huge fan base, Logan is about as likely to disappear forever as a certain alien from Krypton. Well, that might finally change, as Marvel already announced that September will see the launch of a new series, Death of Wolverine, in which he’ll actually die. In the theater, though, it’s hard to imagine ever seeing a Wolverine-less movie. But how the heck can you even kill Wolverine? Drown him? He’s still alive in DoFP. Stab him? He’ll just recover. Bomb him? He survived a nuclear explosion, for cryin’ out loud. Behead him with the Muramasa? Or remove his powers? If the cards are played correctly, he could be killed by almost anything; even Toad. Whatever the case, I’m really gonna miss Hugh Jackman as the clawed mutant.

Luke and Logan

Pairing: Luke + Reader
Words: 1.1K
Warning: None?
A/N: A spur of the moment idea I had in which you’re babysitting and then run into Luke. Also I wrote this on my phone so forgive me for any possible typos!

Your heart was racing as you turned around and noticed that the seven-year-old boy that was once inhabiting the space next to you, had vanished into thin air. Becoming frantic, you stepped out of your space in line at the café kiosk and began searching for him.

“Logan!” you cried out. “Logan, where are you?”
People passed, barely giving your distressed expression and cries a second glance. You couldn’t believe you just lost the kid you were babysitting. You would get exiled! Or worse…fired!

You needed this job in order to keep up the rent for your apartment and because Logan’s parents had deep pockets, there was no better option that could replace the salary you got every week for looking after him.

Your head swam with gruesome visions of where the boy could be and what he could be up to and who he could be with.

The park you two had decided to walk to had been packed on account of the concert that was taking place a few blocks over. Though you knew it was a bad idea to take him to this park on such a busy day, he had thrown a fit and refused to play with any of the toys that resided in his house until you’d taken him there.

While there, Logan had played on the monkeybars for almost an hour and a half, then decided he was hungry. You spotted a kiosk not too far away that sold coffee and sandwiches, figuring it was the perfect place to stop. That is, until you realized Logan was missing.

Now hysterical, you collapsed on a park bench in utter defeat. You had been searching for what felt like hours and were about to call the police when you heard a familiar tune playing not too far behind you. You turned your head and saw a tall boy, no older than twenty, with a guitar in his hands.

He was strumming along and singing a song…and Logan was dancing around him in aimless circles. They both had huge smiles on their faces and were dancing near the fountain of the park like idiots. As people walked by, they couldn’t help but smile at the interaction and place a few dollars into a maroon snapback nearby. The familiar chords of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing emitted from the guitar and Logan couldn’t help but jump up and down while singing along.

You could recognize the song from anywhere. Logan’s dad was a huge Journey fan and Logan requested to have their albums played nonstop until he wanted to watch a certain TV show. It was safe to say that the song was beginning to drive you insane, but in this moment, you were relieved to hear it and see Logan bouncing around to the music.

You immediately ran up to the two and scooped Logan up into a huge bearhug. “Logan! You’re alright! Oh my god, I thought I’d lost you…Don’t you ever do that again, understand?” Logan nodded, barely taking in your words. He turned to the tall blonde, who’d stopped playing his guitar, and tugged on the leg of his pants.

“Luke, can you play that song again, pretty pretty pretty please?” Logan whined.

You quickly glanced up at the boy with the guitar and rose to your feet. Still studying the blue-eyed giant, you asked, “Logan, do you know this man?”

The boy swung his guitar behind him and held out his hand, pick still positioned between his fingers. You took his hand and introduced yourself; he did the same. “I’m Luke. I was playing my guitar when your friend here walked by and started singing along.” He turned around and picked up his snapback, sifting through the money he’d received. “Looks like you and I make a pretty good team, huh Logan?” Luke asked, blue eyes falling onto the seven-year-old.

Logan nodded excited and Luke chuckled. “Here ya go, bud.” He placed all of the money into Logan’s tiny hands and put his snapback back on, covering his messy blonde hair.

You quickly extracted the bills and shoved them back into Luke’s face. “W-We can’t take this from you. It’s not right.” you reasoned.

Luke, confused, looked to Logan who nodded and took your hand. “Well, if my buddy Logan here says so, then I guess you’re right.” He kept two dollars out but stuffed the remaining into his tattered wallet. “What about I thank Logan, for being such a good bandmate?” Luke asked, pointing to a nearby man who was selling ice cream from a cart.

Hesitantly, you agreed and let Logan run ahead to the ice cream vendor while you and Luke trailed behind.

“Thanks for watching him for me. I thought I’d lost him.”

“You his sister?”

“Babysitter,” you corrected.

Luke let out an acknowledging hum then gave you a smile. “It was no problem, really. He’s a good kid. ‘e reminds me of myself.” You smiled, suddenly feeling very relaxed with Luke.

When you both approached the cart, Luke ordered you all some ice cream and then you three spent the rest of the day together, singing songs and dancing in the middle of the park like fools. You attracted the attention of a few people and felt as though you were giving your own mini concert.

At the end of the day, Luke collected the money in his cap, which you’d refused to take all of once again, and hauled a sleepy Logan onto his back. “Where to?” he mumbled, dragging his guitar case behind him.

“Really, it’s fine. I can take him from here.” you insisted.

“Can I tell you something?” Luke questioned, disregarding your statement. You nodded and waited for him to continue. He stopped by a tree and repositioned the boy that was now fast asleep on his back, then began again.

“I really liked spending time with the two of you. And to be honest, this is the most money I’ve ever made out here….and I’ve been playing here for a month.” You both laughed. “But it was also just fun to have someone to sing and dance with. Logan’s a good kid. I’m sure I’ll see him on a billboard some day…” Luke confided. “My point is…you both should come back tomorrow. I just…I really had a good time.”

You smiled up at him and nodded. “I usually babysit Logan Monday through Saturday. I’m sure he’ll be happy to come back and see you.”

“And you?” Luke smirked, turning his head just in time to see your cheeks flare an unnatural pink.

“I’ll be happy to see you too.”