Veronica’s army: pilot!Logan vs. pilot!Logan

This is the drawing I sent to Jason Dohring with sweetamara, who btw was super kind waiting for me to finish pass the deadline.

Special thanks to lilamadison11 who was really sweet to look at this and assure me it didn’t suck when I was ready to give up.

X-Men: Apocalypse

So, yesterday, because I am a huge X-Men fan, I went and saw X-Men Apocalypse with my buddy and so I thought I’d leave my thoughts on it. Don’t worry, spoilers will be under the read more cut and I’l tag it as well so, if you haven’t seen X-Men Apocalypse yet, don’t click the read more! Unless you don’t care about spoilers, then go right ahead!

  • SBack with the original X2 theme for the opening credits song. HELL FUCKING YES. WE GOT AN X-MEN MOVIE PEOPLE.
  • HOLY SHIT HOW IS THIS PG-13 THERE IS SO MUCH GRAPHIC VIOLENCE IN THIS MOVIE. DON’T TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE IT. LIKE, I’M NOT EVEN SURE 13 YEAR OLDS SHOULD SEE THIS. MAYBE 15+. BUT DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD TO SEE THIS IF THEY ARE UNDER 13 unless you want nightmares galore and to be “that person” who disrupts the whole movie with a screaming kid and then doesn’t want to take it out because you don’t want to miss the movie.
  • James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender: Still amazing as Charles and Erik. Like… holy shit. They are on the same level as Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen with these characters now and I love it.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Either stop being a whiny, high maintenance bitch about the Mystique makeup or get out of the movie because I go to see X-Men to see Mystique, not Jennifer Lawrence not wanting to wear makeup.
  • Evan Peters is even better as Quicksilver in this movie. Like… I’m sorry, but I’m happy they split the Maximoff twins because he adds so much humor to this movie.
  • Was Oscar Issac even in the movie? Because all I saw was a big, scary Mutant. Oscar Issac was nowhere to be seen.
  • Sophie Turner absolutely KILLED IT as Jean Grey. Like, Famke Janssen would be proud. 
  • Tye Sheridan actually made me like Cyclops.
  • I hated Psylocke’s character. She was nothing but a cold, unforgiving bitch the whole movie. But she was still kinda cool. Not a slight on Olivia Munn at all, she did a good job being a mean bitch.
  • Awkward, flustered Xavier is my favorite Xavier.
  • Critics are being too harsh on this movie. It’s got some unnecessary parts, which I’ll address, but those can be forgiven.
  • THERE’S A METALLICA SONG IN THIS MOVIE! Four guesses which one (that was a hinty hint) 

All right, playtime is over. Spoilers under the cut!

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This dude’s a difficult man to kill. With an adamantium skeleton, a brutally efficient healing factor, and a huge fan base, Logan is about as likely to disappear forever as a certain alien from Krypton. Well, that might finally change, as Marvel already announced that September will see the launch of a new series, Death of Wolverine, in which he’ll actually die. In the theater, though, it’s hard to imagine ever seeing a Wolverine-less movie. But how the heck can you even kill Wolverine? Drown him? He’s still alive in DoFP. Stab him? He’ll just recover. Bomb him? He survived a nuclear explosion, for cryin’ out loud. Behead him with the Muramasa? Or remove his powers? If the cards are played correctly, he could be killed by almost anything; even Toad. Whatever the case, I’m really gonna miss Hugh Jackman as the clawed mutant.


Logan and Veronica Appreciation Week

7. Favorite LoVe AU (as book covers of course):

I am a huge fan of the VM fanfic writers.  There are so many amazing AU stories out there - especially as the movie came out this year and made many of the after Season 3 stories AU.  I chose three current AUs that I’m obsessed with that are VERY AU in their own ways for this.  If you haven’t read these - go now.  They are so very good.

Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own by mysilverylining  

Haunted by scandalpantsstuff

Mr. Darcy Comes to Neptune by vmsteenbeans

Fanart by siliceb

A while ago I wrote a Scogan fanfic series. It was the very first Scogan fan fiction I’d ever written and it wound up being a huge trilogy that went beyond what I’d anticipated doing when I was asked to write a Scogan fic. That said recently siliceb had read the entire series (which is rather lengthy) and was inspired to make this fan art from it. It’s based on a scene where Scott and Logan get married in the story (as opposed to the comics where Logan is now dead *sniff*). I figured I would share the sketch art with everyone on here because I was truly touched that siliceb took the time to make this fantastic art!

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Opinions on Logan trailer?

Not a huge fan of the Old Man Logan original series (the new one is ok, but still overdoes the grimdark, and I liked OML better in All-New with Laura up until Civil War II got its sticky fingers on the story). 

Also, if I’m being honest, I’m not really feeling the X-Men movies either right now - Deadpool worked because it was completely outside, Apocalypse was an awful waste that in retrospect calls attention to some of the underlying weaknesses of Days of Future Past (which I still like, overall), and I’m increasingly of the opinion that the X-Men franchise’s potential was handcuffed the moment Matthew Vaughn got taken off the series. 

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my uncles are huge svu fans, and this week they adopted their daughter, and i was like 'lol you should go out as barisi and elisa for halloween' and they obv didn't understand, so i had to explain making room to them, and now they know i read barisi fanfiction omg h e l p

LOGAN I AM C R Y I N G!!!!!!

Can I please meet your uncles though, omg, they sound so lovely. (’: