you looked so cool
with your hand on the steering wheel
and your eyes on my lips.

and i knew,
in the second that you smiled
in the glare of the traffic light,
that i was hopelessly in love-

and hopelessly in pain.

—  tjr 23/1/17

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au + 5 hc - Maiko au where Mai falls in love with boy in a theater troupe. Maybe this is also Firelord mai au, or modern. Who knows? Anyway, up to you.

1. Roku survives the volcano.  He is able to escape, but he will never forget his friend leaving him to die, or the reason why.  He decides the only thing that he can do is dethrone Sozin.  The shock kills the suddenly former Firelord.  He leaves behind a very young wife and a newborn son.  Roku leaves the Fire Nation in the hands of a regent, but when he dies, civil war breaks out as Fire Nation nobles compete for the throne.  Azulon’s mother smuggles him out of the palace to save his life.  After nearly fifteen years of violence, Mai’s family are the ones who are able to keep and hold the throne.  Because none of them are firebenders, the rulers of this dynasty style themselves the Lord or Lady Protector.  Not that anybody is fooled, and they still cal their children princes and princesses.

2. Meanwhile Azulon, grows up, gets married, and has two kids.  Scarred by  childhood on the run and in terrible danger, he commits himself to regain his throne.  He marries and has a son, loses his wife, and has another son with another wife, and eventually decides that the best way to regain the throne against these nonbending rulers, is to have extraordinary firebenders in the family.  He locates the Avatar who had destroyed the family’s decedents, and he and his son Ozai work to charm, trick, and coerce his granddaugher, Ursa, into marriage.  It works.  She marries him, and has two children, but the marriage is never happy, and Ozai is controlling, insecure, and abusive.  When Zuko is ten, Ursa leaves Ozai and takes their children to live with her and her new husband and old sweetheart, Ikem.  Ursa and Ikem instill in Zuko a strong love for the theater, and when he’s sixteen, he leaves to become an actor.  When she is sixteen, Azula leaves to become a soldier and find her father, which scandalizes Ursa somewhat more.

3. Zuko finds his way to Ember Island, and gets a place with the Ember Island Players.  The EIP, do not have a great deal of real prestige, but so many Fire Nation nobles vacation on the island and go to the theater, that belonging to the players is known as a good way to get a patron and become known.  It’s a stepping stone.  Zuko though… is not a good fit.  He is a dramatic actor, and he takes his parts very seriously.  He doesn’t seem to understand or care that he’s in a comedy troupe.  He polarizes the audience.  Some hate him.  He ruins the comedy say some.  Others say he’s the best thing the theater has going, and he really makes them feel.  Then there are the ones who think he is the funniest thing in the plays, and that his attempts to play serious just make him the perfect straight-man.

4. Princess Mai goes to Ember Island after an ugly fight with her mother.  Without Azula to teach her her terrible emotionless shield, her impassive exterior is instead the aggressive, defiant impassivity of Mai in Omashu.  She is a difficult, willful princess, and she clashes often with her mother.  This time, she kidnaps her brother.  She takes him to see a play.

5. Mai finds one actor strangely compelling.  Serious, and honestly emotive, this one actor seems to draw the story around him.  She decides to meet him backstage after the show.

Are you serious??? … Grow up already!!! Why are you cutting Sungmin off? Come on it’s not like you had a real opportunity to marry him!!!😅😅 “Marry u - I do"😏 Don’t call yourself as an E.L.F…Sungmin is a member of Super Junior and we love him.🌸💙💙💙 I’m just waiting for a "little sungmin"🐰👶

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Maybe i wouldn’t be so bitter about this drama if people tagged their goddamn posts and stopped spreading lies.

I am yabba dabba done with this, mostly the lies part, I am tired of people believing Rebecca is leaving everyone to do whatever the shit they want and using a story based in 4chan screenshots to justify it.

It’s ok to complain and to not like something and even to be bitter about it but people like me who find comfort and love not only in this show but also in this fandom is feeling incredibly overwhelmed with bad vibes and hate.

I can’t believe this but I’m going to start unfollowing mutuals at this point.


Beyond x Stranger Things [ Car flipping ]

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Well blocking me was not a clever act , and you should have known im a computer geek , well i should have went right away to hack in to your account cz what u did was unacceptable and i want to be harsh too rn but i can say that , you were unacceptably a WHORE , well u should suck on that Atleast.... Bye ....

hey guys did you know that harassing a woman for personal information is 0% slutty? just sayin’