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One season of bad writing does not invalidate Piper Chapman’s previous character development. The same way that being rich and white does not invalidate her character complexity.

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Hey! So it seems to me a lot like jensen loves jared more than jared loves jensen and it's kinda bumming me out.. Convince me otherwise?(:

Yes yes I am going to make a post about this later for the anon who has a very annoying friend, but I will say this for now:

Jared loves Jensen.  Sure, people tend to look at how Jensen doesn’t take to most people, but does take to Jared with as much love as he can muster and look at how Jared is very affectionate with so many people, so they wonder how he can love Jensen any more than he loves everyone else.

But please look at how Jared looks at Jensen

Or look at how he looks at Jensen here

And here

There’s also these times

I’m sure there are more times, but these were the ones I had at my disposal right now.  Jared may be physically affectionate with everyone, but the only person who makes him smile that smile right there and light up sparks in his sunflower eyes is Jensen and if those looks don’t show you how much he loves Jensen then I don’t know what else I can say. 

This literally isn’t going to help anything! Don’t ignore the fact that rt is and always has been problematic! U can still like them but be like “okay I understand that rt is problematic”! But completely blowing off the fact and acting like rt is precious and hasn’t never done a bad thing isn’t good lmao! This post is shit!!!!!

tbh being a female worker in a comic book store is so frustrating, it honestly is. on my first day, the long time workers had me unload the shipment of 5,000 comic books almost entirely by myself. each box was about 50-60 pounds, and keep in mind that i’m 5′0″, about 110 pounds, and it was my first day on the job. i had no idea what i was doing, where i was supposed to put the boxes, or anything. i’m the only female who works there, and the guys all sat down at a nearby table until i dropped a box, and they realized they probably should have helped me.

but you know, it’s not even the things like that that have made this whole experience so frustrating and annoying. it’s the little comments and the little things my co-workers do that are just like??? like when i was bagging and boarding, the guy in charge came over, threw a bent up comic, a bag, and a board at me, and he told me to “show him how i THOUGHT it was done.” and the only thing he had to criticize when i was done was that i used too much tape, and he kept coming back and monitoring me throughout the day to make sure i didn’t use too much fucking tape.

and then when i had a question about a certain variant cover, one of the long-timers overheard me asking someone, and he came all the way over to preach to me the differences between variant covers and regular covers. he literally had no idea what my question was about, but since he overheard me saying, “the cap-gwen variant,” he literally came halfway across the room to preach to the choir about what a variant was and how it was different from a regular cover.

it’s just a bunch of these little examples all bubbling up together that make me want to scream and to never work at a comic book store ever again. and of course, the BEST part is when i was trying to make friends and ask some of these guys what books they were keeping up with, they were like, “oh, yeah, i’m not reading anything right now…but i read deadpool and the punisher back in the day.”

ok. ok.

I’m getting so many ereri blogs recommended

wtf is happening

someone explain this


What the signs really hate

Aries : being told they are wrong , rules
Taurus : sudden changes , being compared
Gemini : lectures , being told to settle down
Cancer : being told they are moody , people that play emotional games
Leo : people criticizing them , being ignored
Virgo : people touching their stuff , revealing secrets
Libra : picking sides , having to make a quick decision
Scorpio : nosy people , admitting they’re wrong
Sagittarius : people raining on their parade , restrictions
Capricorn : talkative people , wanting money
Aquarius : rules , saving money
Pisces : debates , expectations from people

I remember when girls use to say "eat my ass " too boys it use to be one of the biggest insults a chick can give a guy but now days guys reply like

“Oh word shawty eat your ass ???just name the time and the place ”

It’s now an honor for most niggas smh

Times have changed

Yall some real wastemans cause Yall putting waste inside Yall mouth