People saying that Oboro is creepy and obsessive

People saying that Oboro is abusive to her friends and allies

People saying that Oboro is absolutely obsessed with Takumi and has no chemistry with any other character

People saying that Oboro is yandere bait

People saying that Oboro is a bad unit because she shows up overleveled and has herb merchant as her sub class

People saying that Oboro’s backstory is generic 

People saying that Oboro’s aggression on the battlefield means she acts aggressive outside of battle

People saying that it’s uncharacteristic for someone like Oboro to go to war and have a secondary business to take care of, be passionate about it, and tries to carry over their work when they’re at war

This is why I left the Disney fandom. Descendants is supposed to be a FUN. MOVIE.

There is a reason it wasn’t made for the big screen folks they were aware it was a made for TV Disney channel KIDS MOVIE (I repeat: FOR CHILDREN), not for crazy longtime disnerds who’ve always been judgmental of any sort of adaptation of their beloved “classics” without taking a second to realize those classics are HIGHLY ADAPTABLE and characters can be taken and interpreted in different ways because many of them were pretty one dimensional.

And I mean. It was supposed to be. For fun. Not for nitpicking. It’s entirely self aware that it’s a campy movie about good vs. evil and all those typical plots and romantic subplots and I personally thought the characters made it very unique and enjoyable.

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT. You just have to manage to keep yourselves from shitting on it in the tag like you have the right to be personally offended by the “horrible things” they’ve done to your “childhood favorites” which, in the long run, are obviously not going to actually effect how anyone sees the characters you love because they are ICONIC ENOUGH NOT TO HAVE THEIR REPUTATION TARNISHED BY WHAT YOU THINK IS A LACKLUSTER DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIE.

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it! Let the kids (and me. It’s my new guilty pleasure) have their fun without sticking your disnerd snob nose in like you somehow get the right to tear down a jokey movie because you’re a “long time fan.”

And to all the people saying that older Disney movies were way less cheesy? Seriously, get a grip. High school musical is the most amazingly cheesy movie on the planet, and we love it for it, but don’t try and pretend like you’re not looking at it through your nostalgia goggles and polishing it until it shines.

Please look at Descendants and judge it for what it is, not what your ridiculous standards expect from something with Disney characters in it.

anonymous asked:

I still think you just went and uploaded a picture where you look slimier (and a lot smaller than everyone else participating on the fatattack) so you could get more compliments, i don't know I just think it's really fucked up, look at your picture compared to others and you look really slim in it, and people should feel like their bodies are good enough and shine right now and you don't fit on that description.

“People should feel like their bodies are good enough” then why are you attacking me because my body isn’t good enough for your standards on participating on something that makes me feel good?

Also even if I don’t owe you anything here’s a picture of me sitting where I don’t see slim at all, is that good enough for you to participate in something that I really like??? sincerely and with all my heart, fuck off. 

After several hours of going through 60+ blogs, screaming about how talented and amazing everyone is, and even crying as I read through countless fics and poems, I have finally came up with a list of the winners and runner-ups of my first ever tumblr awards!

I want to thank everyone that entered.  It was truly a pleasure going through all of your blogs and getting to know you a little better.  So, without further ado, here are the winners!  

  • Castiel Award - Best URL

Winner - modestjensen

Runner-Up - sunshinesamwinchester

  • Meg 2.0 Award - Best Icon

Winner - tornsam

Runner-Up - jaredacklcs

  • Abaddon Award - Best Theme

Winner - hellsqveen 

Runner-Up - awincestblog

  • Crowley Award - Best Posts

Winner – baronsamediswife

​Runner-Up - jeffmorgans

  • Benny Lafitte Award - Best Fanart

Winner - dreamyjensen for this [x] and this [x]

Runner-Up - whiskeykissedsammy for this [x] *NSFW

  • Chuck Shurley Award - Best Fanfic 

Winner - buttheyrebrothers​ for this [x]

Runner-Up - buticancarryyou​ for this [x]

  • Gadreel Award - Best Poetry

Winner #1 - poetryandoldermen​ for this [x]

Winner #2 - winchestersinthedrift​ for this [x]

Runner-Up - fucktoysam​ for this [x]

  • Jessica Moore Award - Nicest Blogger

Winner - gigipadaswan

Runner-Up - minkapadalecki

  • Rowena Award - Best Up-and-Coming 

Winner - jarcdpadalccki

Runner-Up - samwinchestertrash 

  • Demon!Dean Award - Best Graphics/Edits

Winner - hugitoutwinchesters​ for this [x]

Runner-Up - slyytherinsam​ for this [x]

  • Soulless!Sam Award - Best NSFW Content

Winner - whiskeykissedsammy

Runner-Up #1 - baronsamediswife

Runner-Up #2 - buttheyrebrothers

  • Dean Winchester Award - Best J2

Winner - howdyjensen

Runner-Up - jaredacklcs

  • Sam Winchester Award- Best Overall

Winner – buttheyrebrothers

Runner-Up - winchestersinthedrift


  • +f from me (if not already)***
  • a promo from me
  • a ficlet of your choice, 1000+ words long (note: I am a slow and horrid writer)
  • an edit??? I’m sorry, I’m not very talented lol I can try to edit a pic for you though
  • my eternal love and friendship


  • +f from me (if not already)***
  • a promo from me
  • my eternal love and friendship

***my primary blog is leighaidan so you will see the follow from that blog

This was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  All of you are so incredibly talented and wonderful people that it really did take me so long to come to any sort of decision.

Winners, you can come to me at any time with a prompt for your fic.  I will try my best to make it a worthy prize :)  And if you want a horrid edit from me, just send me the picture or tell me what you want and I’ll try that as well!

Thank you for being amazing and helping me get to 1000 followers!  You all are truly the greatest and I adore all of you <3 

one day may be forever, but that’s okay

this couple makes me cry my little heart out so I kind of did this

Btw for anyone asking why they’re in ny, ingrid recently got a place there so she lives in both la and nyc (i forgot what video she talked about it in, but its on her channel somewhere idk) and she has mentioned that she went to ny a while ago for an extended period of time so she could discover herself and let this part of her come out so i think the fact that she’s in ny with hannah now is just the best thing ever.

Also im very sad that i missed the chance to see them. By one day. One freaking day!

I’m so sick of people using this act of Jewish terrorism to push their political agenda, but when Jewish children are murdered by Palestinian extremists, they’ll either ignore it, victim-blame the children (because they were “Zionist settlers” or whatever) or just straight up justify the murder.

If your sympathy for a murdered child depends on the child’s nationality, then you’re a horrible human being.

Tbh I don’t understand why people say Jenna Valenzuela is the most flexible dancer (and I hope no one perceives this the wrong way bc she’s still SUPER flexible and flexibility does not define a dancer) because I am just as flexible as Jenna but as soon as you ask me to bend like Sophia Lucia Nick Daniels Eva Igo or Perris Amento I will probably scream and run away