The date is April 18, 2073. Gavin Creel has just celebrated his 97th birthday. He stands from a table where his family and friends are seated, thanks them for attending, and asks for forgiveness for having to leave the party. He is going to work. He has been Elder Price for the last 61 years.

I am NOT coco for coco puffs I HATe THIS CEREAL SO MUCH it looks like literal GIRAFFE SHIT why is the fucking bird so OBSESSED WITH THIS CEREAL GO EAT YOUR DAMN BUGS THE CHOCOLATE WILL PROBABLY KILL YOU I do not understand why every little kid-no, EVERYONE loves this cereal! When I was younger I was repulsed by this cereal! Everyday I go in my pantry to look for cereal and it’s JUST STUPID COCO PUFFS! Reason? My brother loves them along with the rest of my family! I hate coco puffs so much


-They are literally everywhere and it’s impossible to get away from them.

-They can’t even talk.

-They teach no lesson what-so-ever to children

 -They were part of a good movie then they decide that they need a whole annoying movie for themselves??

-They’re super sexist (note: an actual female minions has never been seen)

-Minions are literally just for people to make money.

-They’re not even original enough to make them all different, like yeah a little, but they’re all little yellow tick tacs.

-I’m probably going to lose followers over minions, and that makes me hate them. Most of it isn’t  really even my opinion, it’s the truth and people just won’t accept it.

-Why do all kids like them? They can’t even understand them. 

-They’re really annoying.

-They’re all over the place.

-Can you even name a reason why you like minions?

-middle-aged mom quotes are on minions and kids are reading this stuff and now my 10 y/o cousin thinks drinking wine is cool.

-There is minion porn.

-People actually get aroused by these nonhuman animated creatures.

-How can anyone get aroused by something like that and them take them seriously.

-The bright yellow gives me a head ache, which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have to see them EVERY TIME I LEAVE MY HOUSE.

-What am I supposed to eat? All the food at the store is contaminated with minions.

-They are completely overrated. 

-Everyone is expected to like them.

-They don’t even have a story or a background or anything. They just showed up and took over.

-They’re not interesting.

-They don’t serve a purpose.

-They’re not as funny as everyone makes them seem.

-Minions are basically developing their own culture. A unneeded culture with no meaning.

-Minions are only liked for their looks.

-They. are. on. everything.

-I wouldn’t be able to get away from them if I tried.

-It’s not a fandom anymore, it’s taken over. 

-They’re really not that cute, and not a lot of time was spent on animating them.

-Why do some of them have one eye and some have two? Like, you only have one if you’re deformed from birth or got in an accident (which is fine,) but there are so many of them (AND the eye is in the middle of their head, so that’s not possible.) What’s wrong with them? Are they okay? Why does that happen to them? Does it hurt?

-They are Gru’s slaves. Slaves. They started out as slaves and no one had a problem with that. 

-Why do they all wear the same clothes? They wear costumes a lot, but when not in costume, they all wear the same clothes. What’s with that? Are they not allowed to have individuality?

-It is impossible to tell them apart. Yeah, some of them are different, but if you go to the store, they sell the same exact minion under different names. ((JUST FOR MONEY. DOT BUY MINION MERCHANDISE, ITS JUST FOR THE MONEY.))

-They were background characters. Why do they have a whole movie?

-Minions are basically the movie form of menists.

-They were kinda cool at first, but now they are literally everywhere and there is just too much. We don’t even know much about them. How are we supposed to like them if we don’t know anything about them and they can’t talk??

-”Why hate minions when you can hate *insert celebrity*?” Well, because the person you are hating on is an actual person with an actual life, while minions aren’t real and are just annoying af. 

-Cartoons are to low-key teach kids important stuff, but the minions don’t. They have no meaning and don’t help in anyway. In fact, minions teach kids to dress the same and not stand out. They show that conformity is the way to go. They want to create a generation of sameness. 

-Minions have trading cards. Why? They all look the same!!

-What’s the point of them?

-Give me a valid reason of why you actually like them. Go on.

Honestly, i was having a great time on tumblr with shizaya feels…

then someone had to ruin it with varona hate… 

srsly why. why hate on varona. no really. why……………………