-the original post and all it’s versions and varieties
-going on and on about problematic issues in the fandom that have already been solved and settled
-not realising that you can’t not have flaws in a fandom, and that things can never be perfect
-not letting people make mistakes so that they can be educated about them
-not understanding that hatred is a basic human emotion that should be allowed to be expressed as long as it’s not in an offensive, public and/or targeting manner
-romanticising incest and pedophilia (and possibly abuse) with the excuse of “ship whatever u want uwu”


1.) pt 2 of that other WIP. i am slow

2.) when its done this’ll be part of a series, but anyway the fhawke v mhawke babble reminded me of twin!AU and i was like: Femmery…

(but then I was just colors colorsCOLORS COLROS)

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Book confession: I think Tumblr's obsession with YA is quite embarrassing for a community that claims to love books so much, y'all realise it's not real literature, yeah? Stop wasting time on these 250 page children's stories and read some real books please

Book Confessions 

TMNT Haters Tagging In The Main Tag: tmnt 2012

Okay, so ive been noticing a lot of people whining about the tmnt 2012, either the writers are sexualizing girls ((Which they arent, you who are thinking that way are)) or Renet stole Mikey from you, or the girls are ugly, and all.

I understand opinions, your gonna have them, your gonna wanna speak about them, but please understand that we dont wanna see them, we dont wanna hear them, we could care less about them, PLEASE STOP USING THE MAIN TAG FOR YOUR COMPLAINING WE DONT WISH TO HEAR IT.

Unlike you guys who talk crap about this show, some of us who ya know actually love it likes to go search the tags in peace, and i kid you not I’ve been seeing multiple posts by the same people bashing on the show, not actual critizing but actually calling Renet a ((bitch and cunt)) just because she showed up and Mikey likes her. Literally people hate the newest, recent episode just because of that, and they hate how it looks, and all the crap.

This show sucks, we get it, you dont have to repeat yourself, the writers are crazy we get it, im not trying to start anything, im just saying STOP IT. If you dont like the show, fine, we dont care, go and watch some other show instead of wasting your time on a show you dislike or hate. Its stupid and annoying to those who like searching tags. Like I literally had to block someone because they were calling Renet  horrible names ((Cunt, Bitch, Ugly)) and sounded really immature, just because Mikey liked her…. i didnt like that so I did what i could, i blocked them, i dont want to see that, and im sure the majority of the fandom dont either.

I didnt want to make this but when i read something about April being sexualized and the writers were crazy thats where i drew the line. If your thinking that then its you whos sexualizing, not them, could they tied her up different? yeah sure, but they did what they did, not for sexual purposes anyways, at least to me i didnt see it as that, i actually saw it where they didnt want her to be close to the mutagen, but hell i could be wrong. But the writers are not crazy. if April was a boy im pretty sure this wouldnt be a problem, excuse April for having assets, anyways Im not saying you cant complain and all,you can, im saying stop tagging your whining.

And before you guys say “Just block us?”

Well i can, but im speaking about the whole fandom that goes into the tags and sees your constant whining.

Please just stop

Im not trying to start something, im just asking you haters not to use the tag of tmnt 2012 

And honestly i never wanted to do this kinda thing, but i needed to in hopes i could do something to stop the constant whining.

((It was not critic style posts, it was legit whining.))

Alright i think i done my damage, you wanna be a hater and come to me with whining I will delete you fast, if you wanna come to me in a respectful manner and actually talk like a human being, do so, i will listen. Discussion

I already know im gonna recieve a lot of hate for this, but honestly i dont mind. I love this fandom and turtles, i will put myself on the radar for them, even for the smallest things like this, i will still do so.

ALRIGHT So I’ve wondered about this a lot and the recent Haikyuu!! extra has made me believe even more that Oikawa– who likes referring to most people with nicknames– probably only uses -chan for those he considers rivals (Ushiwaka-chan, Tobio-chan, Chibi-chan) or challenging teammates (Kyouken-chan, Kunimi-chan; idk Oikawa seemed a lil pointed about how he wasn’t giving it his all that one time)?? 

It’s not uncommon to have that kinda competitive attitude with a best friend, but I find it esp interesting how maybe when they first started, Iwaizumi was a better volleyball player than Oikawa (and that might have been the case just the first year or so or until sometime in junior high). So when Oikawa starts calling him Iwa-chan, it’s meant to be irritating and ridiculing, and of course it works with Iwaizumi getting v pissed by it for a while yeah. But it’s also a special case, bc it’s a mix of the two reasons mentioned, and the kind of rivalry these two share just can’t compare to any they have with anyone else??

And it makes me v glad to think how that will have evolved so much by the time they’re in uni (and seperate ones too)???

Like imagine them not seeing each other for weeks or months at a time, with their only contact being through phone/laptop or packages they send another. (I won’t go into detail about how difficult things are both relationship and otherwise.) Then they both finally happen to be free on the same weekend or it’s their semesterly break, and they’re fortunately able to be together even if it’s only a few days. 

As opposed to his usual taunting self, Oikawa would call out Iwa-chan with such pure fondness and relief, while of course wearing his most genuine smile (which is Iwaizumi’s favorite) when they catch sight of each other at the same time after so long. And instead of being annoyed like how he first was as a kid, Iwaizumi would probably just be so fucking happy to hear that dumb nickname in person again and can’t hold back that bright big toothy grin of his (that Oikawa also loves so v much).

tbh, nozomi and eli aren’t final so thats why they’re a lil plain??

maybe tag with your fave design? :oo i really like rin, nick and honkers myself

bonus with the rainbow order because i really liked it:

We’ve been in Europe for about six months now and in that time I’ve had several people tell me they can always identity the Americans because they wear fitbits or jawbones, etc… In Croatia our host said he can spot Americans because they walk up and down the stairways repeatedly just for exercise.

This has made me less obsessive about tracking things in general and I must say it’s a more relaxing way to live.

Except for books. I track because I must read them all. That will never change.