Why Komaeda is my Favorite Character

First and foremost, yes, I know. Komaeda is INSANE. He’s unstable. It’s fucked up. He’s fucked up.

Komaeda has extreme luck. A luck cycle. His bad luck and good luck take turns. How this is even possible to have such a strong force for one person when it comes to luck?

I have no clue.

But, still, he doesn’t have Ultimate Good Luck, if you compare it to his Bad Luck. His Bad Luck is even stronger. His good luck just gets him what he wants- for his friends to be happy…

It has limits.

He can’t love anyone. Even if people did care for him in the slightest…

For instance… His family. They died because of his luck cycle. In turn, he tried to tell himself goodluck followed. To lie to himself saying it was worth it .

To make hope from despair. He inherited money… But deep down he knows his money couldn’t buy back his parents. Whom seem to not have cared for him that much anyways…

His disease is literally eating away at his brain, causing him to be even more unstable and forgetful.

His dog. He died.

All the goodluck that followed didn’t add up enough. It doesn’t pay off the loss. But Komaeda lies to himself, saying it’s ok and it does add up. So he can move forward.

But it still doesn’t.

Over and over it is implied he loves Hajime. But he would never confess, because even if it does end up well, Hajime would die.

Everyone he loves dies. He doesn’t have friends, because his classmates hate him too. Hajime and Chiaki are still annoyed by him aswell. Chisa may care, but I feel it’s not enough.

But he goes on, sacrificing himself at any possible point in which he can make his “friends” lives better.

He wants to find absolute hope, so he can rid himself of his despair that will never seem to leave..

Huh… All he ever wanted was to love…. But that would never be able to happen. Because the person would die. Throwing Komaeda into despair once again.

His character is so sad, it sometimes brings me tears.

If he could just be loved- it’s possible he wouldn’t be such an unstable kid. He could find self worth and actual hope. But he’s denied that over and over. He wont even actually die if he wanted, forced to experience despair his whole life.

But he’s strong enough to not succumb to it. He still wants hope to win. He hopes, because it’s all he can do.

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There's a hecking lot of ace discourse on my dash rn. There are some ace positive blogs who are saying homophobic things and making fun of sexually active people and then there are people who are seeing these blogs and going "lol this must be how all ace people are better make some hate posts" and I'm just tired of it jfc

Not gonna lie some people on this side of the discourse can be pretty bad at times