I wish people would stop reblogging posts from that blog who writes “not mine” at the end. If they’re not theirs, THEY ARE SOMEONE ELSE’S.

Please, stop it! Respect the editors.

Would you reblog a fanfiction that said “not mine” at the end?

Thank you.

know what’s absolutely mind blowing? different people are offended by different things. different people are triggered by different things. different people have different opinions on different things. different people like different things. different people are different!!!!!!! which makes it difficult sometimes for different people to know what many things different people/groups or an individual person might be affected by or take offense to! which makes everyone on this website a lil “problematic”! HOLY SMOKES 

reblog/like if you post these things and ill check out your blog!!

the dash is dead again 

  • pokemon
  • kingdom hearts
  • portal
  • persona series
  • madoka magica
  • steven universe
  • one direction
  • marina and the diamonds
  • dangan ronpa
  • any rpg maker horror games
  • p much if ur a video game/anime centered blog

Rivamika Week 2015 Day 2: Spicy

“Bienvenidos al Chile Feliz, porque todos queremos más de ese chile que nos hace tan felices

Siii es doble sentidooo, felicidades lo encontraron y yo soy una sucia.

You see this? This is what despair looks like

Despair because they got an ugly ass job with fucking gendered costumes in a mexicannotmexicanatall restaurant and because this ugly ass sketch is all I can post for now because my laptop though it was a really fucking great idea to restart itself while i was fucking saving the drawings.

Yeah, I bet y’all wanted to see them do the sex thing.

Not gonna lie, I want that too *thinks about the drawings she has to redo and sheds a single tear*

But whats better than to have an horrendous job with your special someone? AHHH YEAH YOU ARE RIGHT, I never had a job or a special someone, sue me for knowing shit about real life.

And good lord, what’s the point of being able to draw if you can make one of your ships do crack shit together? :)

Obvio, todo es rojo y feo y por eso no vende.

classyrobots esto es para ti, disfrutalo *background music*

“obviously offensive and gross statement”

witty and short sentence to tear down obviously offensive and gross statement, to show that i am against it but also hilarious  >:}

  • me:*works hard to draw cute miiverse posts on splatoon*
  • me:man nobody is yeah'ing my posts. or maybe they just don't tell you when someone yeah's it? maybe I need to step up my drawing game... yeah that's it! My posts must just suck.
  • *3 weeks later*
  • me:*finds out how to access miiverse profile*
  • me:*sees hundreds of 'this person yeah'd your post' notifications from the past 3 weeks*
  • me:oh