the signs according to my aries mom
  • aries:god perfectly crafts anyone born under aries. plus, we have robert downey jr.
  • taurus:they're not worthy of bordering my sign
  • gemini:i don't care if chris evans is a gemini, they're all irrelevant
  • cancer:GOD, NO. STOP.
  • leo:i'm not really allowed to give an opinion here...
  • virgo:no
  • libra:i can't decide which is worse, libra or gemini
  • scorpio:wouldn't ever want to get on their bad side. they're my partners in crime, though
  • sagittarius:i wish you would have been born a sagittarius... life would have been so much better. you would be so much more fun
  • capricorn:oh my god
  • aquarius:some of the best people i've met were aquarians
  • pisces:someone needs to stop them

public service announcement:

Do not rush to the store for those buns you forgot. For that chocolate you need later. For that last second gift you forgot. get your shit together and get everything ready BEFORE THE HOLIDAY. By whatever means necessary, apologies for late gifts or key missing ingredients, DO NOT VISIT A SHOP ON A HOLIDAY. If you’ve ever worked a holiday maybe you’ll understand. And I’m not talking about how busy a store may be. I’m talking about revenue. Do you know why stores are open on holidays? Because for some fucked up reason, we as people give them enough business to be. We go into shops and stores and restaurants and we throw our money at them. They figure they can make a profit, so they stay open on holidays. And that means someone’s working somewhere. Because your dumb ass couldn’t remember the buns, forgot grandma’s gift, or needed a morning coffee, someone somewhere is working instead of being with family. Please. Think about what you’re doing. Think about how you’d hate to be working on a holiday. Think of the people working who would rather spend time with their families and JUST STAY HOME. Think about what you’re contributing to. The more we stay home, the less businesses will be open, and the more people who want to be with family CAN be.

I just have the biggest problem with this. It’s all corporate greed. Keeping your company open 365 days a year isn’t impressive, it’s just sad. Holidays aren’t meant to be spent working. That’s why they’re called holidays.

In honor of Adam’s birthday, I decided to break his heart. pynch. read on ao3

“Maybe I’m just fucking tired, okay?”

Adam brought his hand up to the bridge of his nose, the way Gansey used to when he was frustrated.

“I know you’re tired, Ronan. We all are,” Adam sighed. He closed his eyes slowly, just in time to miss the look of hurt flash across Ronan’s face.

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the fact that i’ve been on this blog for a year is kind of unbelievable. brooke is my second independent roleplay blog ever && she’s the muse that i keep coming back to. i’ve only had a few moments where i felt it to be a real struggle to write for her – && even after those, she always ends up coming back to me. first and foremost, i want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of my followers, for supporting me in writing one of my favorite characters of all time. thank you for your kind words && encouragement that have kept me going on here for twelve months. i cannot believe that there are 900 of you here now && so many of you have stuck by me month after month. brooke davis is so important to me and i’m so fortunate to be able to share my love for her with all of you. under the cut is a list of those who have meant a lot to both me && my muse – if you’re not on there, please don’t be offended. sometimes i make mistakes && forget people, so i’m taking the time now to say that i adore each && every one of you !!

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soulcoda, qinozanobuchika, and myshishio - you guys finally have a face to match up with me lol. I apologize for it. Ari, this is one of the outfits I was going to wear. Also I’m sorry I don’t know how to do makeup so I didn’t bother. I also felt like it was necessary to show you that I normally wear gigantic glasses lmao. 


stopthetrashposts you are such wimps, you talk shit about peoples FANDOM and stuff THEY LIKE, but you cant even put a damn ask box on your blog so people can tell you how shitty you are acting. You are the one that needs to get off tumblr cause you are bullying BLOGS that did nothing to you. YOU are the one trashing tumblr. That’s ridiculous. Stop. staff, this blog is making people that post things about the sheild from wwe and dean Ambrose very upset and sad because their WHOLE BLOG IS BASED ON TALKING JUNK ABOUT THEM.

Its a big deal cause people are REALLY UPSET.

questions about my pearl AU

in which pearl is rose quartz’s human lover and greg is a gem named star spinel

yeah, i think star spinel would be in love with rose, and you’re totally right to say that she’d be chill about it!! i think star, like greg, would have that kind of inferiority complex where she still can’t believe someone like rose would notice her, though.

i don’t like the way pearl treats amethyst a lot of the time, but i think it’s a little harsh to say she’s the principal cause of amethyst’s self-hate?? idk. you do bring up a good point, though, which is that amethyst and star could really help each other through their grief.

actually i would be extremely worried about a gem team of star spinel, garnet, and amethyst. we’ve already seen that garnet and amethyst bring out each other’s playful sides, and adding a goofy greg type to the mix might spell disaster. the gem temple would be like a giant frat house, or, at worse, a smoldering hole in the ground. rip

Unfortunately in the end mai was someone who came from an extremely rich family (who lived across the road from the fire lord with how wealthy they are) and was completely oblivious to the war and oppression and genocide happening whatsoever (she only betrayed azula because of zuko … not because of any moral standing … mai thought chasing the avatar was fun)

This led her to be ignorant and oblivious to all of zukos troubles and make them all about herself because she didnt Understand that he was dealing with so much abuse (even if it was literally on his face) and didnt know all the things he had seen once he had gone out into the world and spent so much time with refugees and homeless people and orphans

The problem was that she didnt TRY to understand and mai very much stood as this figure of the things zuko thought he could achieve but couldnt: blissful ignorance of the war and horrors his country was committing, a blissful ignorance of the pain he was feeling and that the world was feeling. Mai thought his problems were pretty and too dramatic and that he was constantly being selfish and he wanted to believe that too. I think she stood as this figure close to him that resonated closer to his fathers beliefs 

In the end i think it was probably important he was with mai but i dont really understand why they ended up being endgame at the end of the series and i wasnt surprised when she abandoned him when he obviously wasnt ok. I am going to be disappointed if these things are never addressed