• AFD!Yang, standing aside her grocery carriage at a deli: Umm, yeah I'd like about two and a half pounds of sliced chicken please.
  • AFD!Blake, leaning her back against Yang's as she flicks through her scroll: Hey babe you know what else is two and a half pounds?
  • AFD!Yang, cautiously: What...?
  • AFD!Blake, jumps back and does a quick set of finger guns: The swept up remains of my hopes and dreams~!
  • AFD!Yang, sighs in a 'Seriously?' tone: Oh come Blake, really?

anonymous asked:

TFP Prime, Smokescreen, Bumblebee, and Arcee react to Old Bot constantly throwing dad jokes at them?



Optimus Prime

- Battle of the Dad Jokes

- You’re both throwing these shitty ass dad jokes at each other every second possible and everyone else is suffering. While you’re both laughing your ass off at your “Hi ___, I’m ___” jokes Miko has been screaming into a couch pillow for 10 minutes.

- If you tell an especially shitty one, even Prime might be kinda surprised; and he’s the designated dad of the group! 

- Your jokes are just too good.


- He’s ready to fucking die.

- He was complaining about being exhausted after a mission, and your smug face practically popped up out of nowhere just to say “Hi exhausted, I’m Grandpa.” before laughing and returning to wherever you came from.

- He still has no idea how you got there so fast. Apparently, you were in the back halls when they had arrived. He’s positive you can teleport.

- After getting Smokescreen’s reaction the first time, you just kept the jokes coming. Eventually Smokescreen looks like he’s dead inside every time you’re in the room with that same look on your face.



- He’s so sick of your shit 3 jokes in. You’re over there laughing your aft off while he’s fuming, stomping his foot with blazing optics. 

- Your first joke, he awkwardly laughed at. Second one? He stares at you blankly for a solid. Third? He’s letting out these annoyed beeps that practically echo throughout the base. Rafael is so concerned.

- Eventually you chill out on him. For a month, it’s peaceful; he thinks you’ve stopped. Then, you cross the fucking line.

- You rickroll him.

- Bumblebee is never going to forgive you.


- She doesn’t get it.

- It takes her a while before she understands what the fuck you’re doing, and when she does??? She’s so disappointed.

- You’ve dad joke’d her more than you have the others, just to attempt and get a rise out of her. Not once has she lost her shit over it, though. She’s too collected for that shit.

- That is, until one day.

- You fucking dad joke’d her so hard she started shrieking into her hands. It was the most accomplished moment in your life.

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It's me here and with another request~ TFP Bots reacting to s/o (can be human or a bot) having a really soothing singing voice. Listen to Utau Hoshina's Angel cradle, it gives you a great example and it is really beautiful too!

*Adds another Anime to the must watch list*

Optimus Prime:
-He is in awe of you
-He compliments your singing often and asks you to sing to him again
-He asks you after battle to please sing to help him wine down

-He doesn’t say much about your singing but you can tell he likes it because he doesn’t tell you to be quiet
-If you sit near him, he will occasionally reach over and stroke your head
-He likes to hold you when you sing and rock you

-He’s a little bit jealous that you can sing, he wants to sing with you
-He doesn’t let that ruin it though, he loves hearing you sing
-He dances with you while you sing

-He loves singing and music
-When you started singing he listens while tapping his foot
-He likes to sing with you even though he isn’t that good

-She finds it comforting after a rough day
-She likes to hold you and absentmindedly trace her finger on you as she gets lost in your song
-She won’t ask for it, but she’d like an encore

-He hums along while he does whatever he is he’s doing
-He would like to show you off if you’re okay with that because he is so proud of his musical s/o
-He likes to hold you while you sing and sway, but only if you’re alone. He doesn’t want anyone to think he’s turning into a huge sap

-He smiles at you like an idiot when you sing
-He asks for encores and begs you to sing some more
-Afterwards, he’ll ask if you want to hear him rap

Ultra Magnus:
-He says absolutely nothing
-He works while you sing not acknowledging your singing at all
-When you finish, he then says “please sing some more.”

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How gay am I Rewind? - broadcasted-idiocy (whoops theres my main hello)

You are a large gay with pockets full of smaller gays, when you trip a bunch of tiny gay minicons fall out, you try to pick them up off the floor and dozens more spill out, you look up from the floor to try and explain with a “Situation: not homo” but it’s too late, you clutch an armful of tiny gay robots in your arms and offer no real explanation as you start sobbing into the amass of small gays.