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A beautiful sunset captured at the basswood I already posted - but this time with bare branches. The whole day was cloudy and windy and I hoped for the sky to clear up in the early evening to get some long exposure shots with the clouds streaming by. As you can see, I was very lucky… The image is merged of two exposures (1/30s for the sky & 1/4s for the foreground) and the sunset area is blended via luminosity masks in Photoshop.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in its Winter Suit by Nicolas Bailly
Via Flickr:
New Facebook Page for updates. FR: Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant muni de son éclairage hivernal à Fantasyland - Disneyland Paris. EN: The Sleeping Beauty’s Castle with its winter lightshow a few seconds before Disney Dreams in Fantasyland - Disneyland Paris Info: - HDR Pic from 3XP / Photo HDR àpd 3 expositions Histoire du cliché: Je suis allé sur le parc quelques jours après la fin de la saison de Noel. A ma plus grande surprise, quelques secondes avant le spectacle Disney Dreams, le chateau s'est illuminé de ses lumières hivernales. Story behind the picture: I was in the park a few days after the end of the Holiday’s season in Disneyland. A few seconds before the light/sound/firework show Disney Dreams, they light up the Castle with the Christmas/Winter lights. It doesn’t happen anymore the next days.