lyricalperception asked:

To the moon and back

send in ‘ to the moon and back ‘ for my muse to tell your muse how much they love them.

      if percy hadn’t noticed by now, there was one thing gabriel completely sucked at and that was expressing his feelings. so it should ( more or less ) be a surprise when the curly haired one starts a rant about how much he loves the other. tell you the truth, by the time he pronounces a to the moon and back in a far too cheery tone of voice, he’s running out of breath ( and ninety eight percent sure he’s losing his mind ). ❛ you know, out of all things i love, i’m positive you’re the one i love the most. ❜ there’s high chances he’ll flush seven shades of red if percy ever decides to bring this up later on; and there’s, definitely, the chance he’ll just talk through his teeth and completely ignore the fact that, once, he could bring himself to be so cheesy cliché. ❛ i think… i think… i’m not really sure of where i was going with that thought anymore, really. i could, you know, tell you every single thing i love about you; from the different shades of blue in your eyes to your quirky personality, to the fact you make me watch disney movies with you whilst eating chinese as though that’s some sort of ritual that has grown between us. and i’m almost one hundred percent sure, at this point, i could describe every single little thing that you that i’ve grown so so fond of but… i’m pretty positive, i’m being cheesy enough. and, you know what, percy? i think the first time around, the one before, um… before we parted ways, before we broke up, i didn’t tell you enough times how much you meant to me. but you do mean everything. you truly do and i’m also sure there are not enough comparisons for me to make in order to show you that. there aren’t enough words for me to explain what i feel for you and i’m certain it’s impossible to put into mere sentences how much i love you. so just know that, no matter what, no matter where we are or what happens in a near, or not so near, future, you’ll always be my number one priority. you’ll always be the one thing, the one person, i love the most. ❜