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The Art of Invisible Movement

Several weeks ago, an aspiring writer asked me what my opinion was on “in-between” scenes — scenes where “nothing happened.” She noted that her favorite scenes in books were often ones where characters were only talking about their lives. How did I recommend including these while maintaining pacing?

I have three thoughts on Nothing scenes.

1. Always Be Mindful of Invisible Movement

I don’t believe in Nothing scenes. I believe in scenes that appear as Nothing scenes to the reader, but are actually full of invisible movement. I have a rule for myself — insofar as I do rules — that every scene should be doing at least two things, preferably three or more, no matter how much it appears to be about merely one.

Here are examples of things scenes can do:

• give backstory

• demonstrate character change

• create a sense of place

• satisfy logistics; i.e. move a character from place A to place B

• establish character

• explain worldbuilding

• move through action sequence

• move external plot forward

• establish dynamic between two characters through conversation or action

It can be tempting to grab just one of those and say DONE. SCENE. GOOD. But efficient storytelling, powerful storytelling, involves doing many of these at one time. A scene may appear to be merely about a character crashing his best friend’s car. But it must also be about his character journey and about his dynamic with another character, all the while pushing the external plot forward. Complexly written, but simple to read: ah yes, these scene where Ronan takes the car.

A Nothing scene might overwhelmingly appear to be merely a conversation, but it needs to be doing heavy lifting in the places in between words. Work in place, backstory, character motivation. Let the unspoken seethe inbetween the spoken. Subtly tie the conversation to the external plot. Why is the conversation happening now? Make sure it references the steps that came before it to make it seem inevitable instead of like an element that can merely lift out and be placed elsewhere without consequence.

What you’re attempting to do is maintain invisible movement. Remind the reader of what is still lurking during this quiet moment. Or remind them that this is the stake: that this quiet moment is what the characters are fighting for. Or situate the quiet moment within a larger, external plot machination, and end the conversation by wrenching them externally according to the plot.

But don’t just let them talk. You can at first. Draft it that way. Be delighted by the quiet conversation you’ve written. But then get back to work. You ain’t done. Push things forward invisibly by having the scene do something else in the background.

2. Earn It

You’ve got to earn all frothy conversations or quiet moments in two ways. First is the rhythm of the thing. It’s like a mix tape. Don’t group all the quiet stuff together, dude! Tense action scenes seem more speedy when interspersed with quiet moments, and vice versa. Earn your quiet moment by putting us through our paces for a bit first.

Second: you’ve got to emotionally earn your quiet moments, your Nothing conversations. You may have been daydreaming of the moment your two characters finally open up and reveal their deepest truths through memes, but if you do it too soon, the scene will feel empty … and slow. Like just a Nothing scene. 

An emotional conversation should be a reveal, a satisfying culmination of something half-seen until that moment. Timed correctly, far enough along in the emotional journeys, these conversations will feel like a resting place or a reward instead of a lull. 

3. You Can’t Live on Ice Cream Cake, or You Ruin Ice Cream Cake

There’s a reason why a lot of readers think they love Nothing scenes — they mean the scenes mentioned above, quietly emotional scenes placed well within the narrative. They feel amazing! But the chemical make up of these scenes mean that they only work when used sparingly. It’s not the quietness of them that makes them incredible. It’s what had to happen to make the quietness possible. Ice cream cake is special because it’s a rarity, brought out only for special occasions. The same goes for all pleasurable excesses in novel-making: banter, kissing, action sequences, emotional porn. They all need to be used sparingly, and to be placed as a result of story, not instead of it, or you’ll find yourself with a Nothing novel, because ice cream cake for every meal makes it lose its meaning.

The thing to remember about novel writing is that the key to pacing is tension, and tension doesn’t always come from negative consequences. Positive consequences can work just as well (think of it: love stories, exploration narratives, training sequences). Make sure your Nothing scenes maintain invisible movement by continuing to promise some kind of tension, and you’re golden.

Oh yeah, and most important? Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t pull it off in a first draft of a scene. Just because you have to end up with a hard-working scene doesn’t mean you have to be able to juggle all those layers at once. Writing is revision, revision is writing, etc. etc. etc. 


no tears left | a hair

ok the reference to this is pretty obvious…ok well if it isn’t then watch this + be blessed 😭💕i’m such an ariana stan…also info that nobody rly cares about… 😂this is my first hair that i actually stuck w  and didn’t abandon so that’s cool ig?? i’m pretty satisfied w how it came out + i hope ya’ll like it.

  • base game compatible
  • female teen-elder; hat compatible too
  • custom thumbnail + correct categories and whatnot
  • recolor to ur heart’s desire, just read my simple tou! <3
  • p.s. preview inspired by @grimcookies! 💖
  • preview pics
  • let me know if u experience any issues or comments/concerns!! 💞

download | sfs


i really love @nellos12 ’s style and their design for connor and evan they’re super cute go check em out my dudes

the last one is my version of the boys meeting their version of the boys lol


We can still activate 3x bonus and finish her off in an epic finale! Robin can do this! He can stop another waifu from winning voting gauntlet! If someone can stop their streak, it’s him!

The Witch of ‘Too Much’

Were you ever ‘too much’? 

Witches usually are- we grow up being 'too much’. You saw too much, you asked too much, you knew too much. You read too much in school and you talked too much in class. When you got home, you loved too many things; stray cats, birds with broken wings, and sickly houseplants at the back of the grocery store. You had too many ratty books 'rescued’ from the libraries burn pile, and your bedroom had too much junk; rocks, seashells, bits of paper, half-finished crafts….sound familiar?

You were probably punished for your too much. You learned to push it down, to cover it up and pretend to walk with your eyes forward and your brain empty like everyone else. You knew there was more, knew that someone or something out there could help you find more, but you were stuck with 'enough’.

But over the years, your 'too much’ began sprouting through the cracks, didn’t it? Like dandelions defying the toxic concrete above them, your true self breaks through into the sunlight again and again. And just like a dandelion, I promise that each time you’re free, you brighten everything around you. Sometimes you draw attention to a flaw in the system, even while showing how that flaw doesn’t have to be one at all. Other times, your’s are the actions that say, 'This is okay! This is exciting, look, I’m doing it!’

In my personal opinion, that’s what makes a 'natural witch’. That’s the origin of the crooked path. The dirt trail that deviates from the main road, and those who dare to walk it, are where we find real magic. There’s power in repetition, yes. In tradition, and following the steps of those before you. But there’s also power in seeking, in trying and searching and finding until you’re laying there absolutely exhausted, but satisfied at last with what you found.

Real witches are an endangered species. No one minds the armchair wizard, who collects secret tomes but has never done a single ritual. They’re tame. They’re safe. But the witches who walk with open eyes and pointing fingers, well, those are nuisances. They demand change, and work both mundanely and magically for it. They’re loud, they’re brash, they’re WEIRD…

…they’re 'too much’.

And thank all the Gods for them.

“I do consider Kingdom Hearts to be Sora’s story. But if I go into any more details, I think I’ll be spoiling the game for everyone, so I just want to leave it at that,” Nomura said.

Going off of the surprising reveal that Aqua has seemingly fallen prey to the darkness, Nomura emphasized Kingdom Hearts 3 will deliver some shocking scenes.

“There are going to be a lot of shocking scenes, especially toward the end of the game,” he said. “So I think you would definitely need to brace yourselves for them.”

One thing fans may hope Kingdom Hearts 3 can deliver on is offering a satisfying wrap-up to the friendships that began the franchise — the trio of Sora, Riku, and Kairi. All will obviously feature in the game, Nomura hopes its depiction of their bonds can offer a realistic sense of how friendships evolve and change over time.

“{Kingdom Hearts is] not too realistic, but I do want my players to grasp a sense of reality from it as well,” Nomura said. “For example, I’m sure you had friends when you were young, a good group of friends, but as you grow older things change and it doesn’t always stay the same. I think all I can say is please play to the very end and see what happens. But I think [Kingdom Hearts 3] does depict how each character feels about each other in this new storyline.”


Tetsuya Nomura



Talks Machina Highlights - Critical Role C2E32 (August 28, 2018)

Tonight’s guests are Liam O’Brien and Sam Riegel!

  • Announcements: 
    • No Talks Machina next Tuesday, but they will be back the following week to discuss episode 33 of CR. Next Tuesday, instead of Talks, they’re filming something very special for the new channel. Sam: “You are? Oh, god.” 
    • Handbooker Helper premieres tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific Time at! The first episode focuses on dice basics. 
    • There’s a new charity drive for the Pablove Foundation, dedicated to research toward ending children’s cancer; they’ve already hit the first $20k benchmark, which means Sam will be DMing a game of Crash Pandas! The next goal is $50k, which will be used to establish a research grant.
  • @critrolestats for this episode:
    • Nott has successfully disguised herself 12 times since the campaign started.
    • Caleb’s most-cast spells (in order): Alarm, Firebolt, and Identify.
    • The party has spent 55 of their 81 days together on the road.
    • Gustav’s sentence in Trostenwald lasted 77 days. He averaged about 7 gold, 8 copper per day of work.
  • Is Nott freaked out after her adventure with Jester went so badly? “Nott is always freaked out to do anything, but is starting to loosen up a bit and trust that– at least up until this last episode– trust that her friends could get her out of most scenarios. Maybe she’ll be a little more hesitant in the future.” She might “take one of the responsible ones along, like Fjord or Caleb.” Liam: “Yeah, you should bring someone sharp and level-headed, in case you need to go to a hospital…”
  • Caleb loves that a fan points out the parallels between Caleb’s similarities to the protagonist in the Dark Tower books: “Caleb wants to do really specific things, and he is not done with that. They’re potentially harmful, and I think that before he started traveling with these people, the main thing was getting them to trust me, and form a working relationship, but the bigger problem now is, does their friendship become a problem? Do I want to get close to you if I know potentially that I’ve got to walk away from you at a bad moment?” There’s another element he can’t talk about yet where he took more direct inspiration from The Dark Tower. He’s not sure yet which way Caleb will end up veering, and whether there’s a point where he’ll prioritize his friends over his long-term goals. “For all characters, there’s what he tells himself is the deal, and what’s really the deal. I’m enjoying not knowing where the hell it’s going.”
  • “Nott doesn’t really much care about Gustav, but also does not give a shit about money. It’s a means to an end for her.” Other than providing a little security for herself and Caleb, “the other stuff is way cooler, the little buttons and stuff.” When the opportunity came to pay so much for Gustav’s release, “she was like, ‘Yeah, sure, great.’”
  • Sam and Nott both wanted to know more about Molly’s past. Liam wanted to know, but Caleb didn’t care. Especially since Molly emphasized not caring about his past, and they didn’t know each other too well, Caleb was satisfied to just take that at face value. Molly’s experience was also interesting as a complete opposite to Caleb’s own experience of being completely consumed by his past.
  • Sam and Liam talk about how they both think about the show constantly throughout the week. Liam: “And I also spend 10% of my week thinking about Vax, too.”
  • Gif of the Week: Caduceus learns how much money 400 gold is. There may or may not be a live voiceover version of the text.
  • Why does Caleb still use fire? “Caleb feels like he needs to work through it, ‘cause fire’s not going anywhere. Maybe something that will come out eventually is the reason that fire is his first and he has a real affinity for it now. The fire is natural progression. The Fireball is something that Caleb got just from leveling up, so I took that for him to be understanding what he can already do and magnifying it. It’s the strongest weapon in his arsenal. He needs to master the misery and the pain so he’s ready to deal with facing his ex-teacher someday, or other people.” On Beau being the one to bring him back each time lately: “He likes that. It’s a flawed friendship, it’s not affectionate the way Caleb and Nott is, but that’s okay. The instinct to bet big and tell her everything came from a sense of shared interest, and shared point of view. They’re still very different, but there’s a lot in common there.” A lot of the things she does has been reaffirming his choice to take a chance on her.
  • Nott’s aware that she’s been more and more powerful, and so she’s been drinking less in battle situations. “She’s still skittish and gets nervous about stuff, but they’ve survived and succeeded in enough fights now that she’s becoming a little more brave.” Liam asks if Nott knows how gifted she is. Sam: “She’s aware that she can do things better than other folks in the group, but she probably would not think those things are the most spectacular.” Liam talks about how Caleb and Nott are “two different kinds of gifted weirdos.” Sam: “Just like us. Except for the ‘gifted’ part.”
  • Caleb was impressed by Caduceus’ approach to the Ettin encounter.
  • Sam: “Something that I just decided about goblins: they have short lifespans, and they’re also super brutal and just attack and they’re mean and get hungry and all this stuff, so I just thought, maybe goblins are just like unrestrained id.” A lot of Nott’s character came from that thought.
  • It felt really strange for Nott and Caleb to be welcomed by Alfield when they arrived. Caleb’s concerned about their amplified visibility in the Empire, which isn’t sitting well with him. At least when they’re affiliated with the Gentleman and the criminal element, it keeps the visibility away. Nott’s hesitant to be in the spotlight, but has also realized that cheering means fewer thrown rocks, so that’s good.
  • Fanart of the Week: Jester and Caduceus strolling through town.
  • There’s a brief foray into autoerotic asphyxiation. As you do.
  • Liam, Taliesin, and Marisha have all met SideBySamuel. The mystery continues.
  • Caleb on the dodecahedron: “It’s a little too perfect.” It confirms what he believes—that it has to be possible to manipulate time—and drives him forward. He wonders about the source that this thing is a splinter of. He’s also wondering if the Academy’s project is one and the same. “Time travel is good. It definitely does not endanger present reality.”
  • “What is Talks Machina, Brian?”
  • Brian: “We have to put a stop to this.”
  • Sam: “On the surface, Nott noticed that Caleb mentioned Astrid and probably just thinks that it would be nice to have a young lady in his life.” Dani: “I called your ex-girlfriend the other day, and we’re having lunch.” Sam: “I hear she’s a doctor…” Liam: “I’m tired of coming over to these dinners, ma.” Sam: “I hear the wizard down the street got married…”
  • Liam on Astrid: “That would be bad stuff. Bad news. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but it’s complicated.” Sam: “Astrid has got to be either super bad guy now, super dead, or something else we don’t know about.” Liam: “One of the many things Caleb wonders about every night before he goes to sleep, about both his friends. He doesn’t know. It’s been 16 years since he saw them last.” He’s 33 now. The fire happened when he was about 16, he was in the asylum for 11-ish years, and then he was traveling on his own for about five.
  • Nott worries about Caleb “about the same” in battle, but she’s definitely noticing the others stepping up, especially Beau, to watch out for and protect him. Sam points out that Liam’s strategy has been excellent lately to keep Caleb out of danger. “Nott always has an eye on Caleb, and Sam always has an eye on Caleb.” Liam: “That’s what Vax did. I would override common sense consciously because I thought it was in-character.” He still has to suppress his first instinct to have Caleb fling himself into danger for his friends.
  • On the surface, Caleb knows it’s not a good thing for Nott to be so affectionate toward him, but deep down, Caleb really appreciates Nott’s affection. “With Beau, there’s no affection, but he feels like he should be called an asshole and a shit, and he feels like he deserves it. It will keep him sharpened and on task.” He likes, on an unconscious level, what he gets from both of them for different reasons.
  • Which pet does Nott want to eat first? The weasel. Definitely. Sam ventures a theory that the pets represented the members of Vox Machina. The truth is out there, Sam.
  • To Caleb, it felt a bit wrong to turn his back on the Empire given everything that’s happening right now and everything that has to happen there in the future.

Talks Machina: After Dark: When It Gets Dirty (Big Dick Peanut Butter Energy)

  • Liam brings out both his Speak-n-Spell voice and his ~Cuddlefish~ voice. He also does a Nott impression. Sam: “You sound like Miss Piggy on acid.”
  • Nott’s not looking forward to the beach. Caleb’s interested in the beach in a Death in Venice kind of way. Brian ventures a guess that they’re going to discover that Caleb’s just inexplicably super ripped.
  • What tricks do they want to teach the pets? Liam: “Maybe ‘Die Instead Of Me’.”
  • Does Beau secretly have a gooey center? Sam and Liam, in unison: “Ask Keg.”
  • Nott feels safe with the M9 around, not because they protect her, but because they protect each other. “She’s always relied on Caleb for protection, and now I think she’s relieved more than surprised that she doesn’t have to put that burden on Caleb, or each other. That they have a support group of people that can help them and keep them out of danger.”
  • Nott expects Jester’s mom to be a “real sweet, fine, fancy lady.” Liam: “Caleb had good parents, and everything that Jester describes does not sound great to him.” He doesn’t say anything to her about it because he doesn’t feel like he can give advice. Dani: “My parents that I killed were awesome. As a child of great parents, that I murdered…”  He keeps asking about her childhood, and he’s fond of her, so he’s dismayed about what he hears, but he feels like he can’t say anything about it.
  • Liam: “My least favorite thing about Sam is how much of a fucking food snob he and his wife are. It’s unbearable, mostly because I want the food.” Sam: “The thing that I love most about Liam is that he’s a gentle love, but he’s a kind soul. He wants to help people. But he can’t because he’s too busy.” Liam: “True, true, true. What I like about Sam is he’s the living embodiment of Shakespeare’s Fools. He’s seemingly a buffoon, but if you know him well, you know that there’s no end to the depth and soul of his character. He is skating on talent and wit.”
  • Liam: “I don’t know how cameras work.”

Book moments I wish had been in the movies: 1/?

“This is just as well, Potter,’ said Snape coldly, ‘because you are neither special nor important, and it’s not up to you to find out what the Dark Lord is saying to his Death Eaters.’
‘No - that’s your job, isn’t it?’ Harry shot at him.
Harry had not meant to say it; it had burst out of him in temper. For a long moment they stared at each other, Harry convinced he had gone too far. But there was a curious, almost satisfied expression on Snape’s face when he answered.
‘Yes, Potter,’ he said, his eyes glinting, ‘That’s my job.”
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, chapter 26

  • <b> Draco:</b> I will <i>not</i> step foot in that pathetic house!
  • <b> Harry:</b> It's one dinner, and the Weasley's adore you!
  • <b> Draco:</b> Well... I hate them!
  • <b> Harry:</b> No, you don't. We go to the burrow all the time; you can't stop going because of one stupid prank-
  • <b> Draco:</b> One stupid prank? Don't lie to me, I could've died!
  • <b> Harry:</b> You charmed Ron's clothes to shout "I hate the Chudley Canons!" every time he took a step; I hardly think he-
  • <b> Draco:</b> That's besides the point! I was kind enough to satisfy his little prank war, but he has gone too far! I'm never stepping foot near Weasle again!
  • <b> Harry:</b> Don't you think you're overreacting?
  • <b> Draco:</b> He dyed my hair <i>red,</i> Harry! My <i>hair!</i>


the thing about eleanor is that she always needed to be given good reasons to do hard things. she opted out of cliques in school because everyone’s argument for theirs was some version of, well, everyone else is lame. she quit that cushy-looking job at a start-up because people like that can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t want what they have. 

and when she asked benedict cumberbatch why anyone would be good even when it’s hard, he told her that it feels rewarding. well, it doesn’t always. sometimes it feels futile and confusing and exhausting. eleanor knows well that it can feel good when you satisfy your conscience, but that wasn’t what she was looking for: she was looking for reasons– logic that gives shape to your intuitions, arguments that’ll remain true even when the glow of self-satisfaction fades,a foundation firm enough to build a life on. 

that little dirtbag’s an philosopher at heart. she always had questions that people around her couldn’t answer. that’s why she loves chidi, who always had (too many) answers.


               “No, you utter moron.” Draco snarled out in a whisper. “The instructions clearly read to add one bat spleen not two.”

               It took a lot of self-control for Harry to reign in the urge to commit murder. There were too many witnesses and Snape would probably enact revenge before he could even blink. He had thought that maybe after the war things would mellow down between the two of them, but it would seem that arguing was the only familiar action either of them could resort to.

               “If your ginormous head and ego wasn’t in the way, I might have been able to see that.”

               Draco narrowed his eyes dangerously as he wondered if Snape would look the other way if he just dunked Potter’s head in the cauldron. It would have to improve the Gryffindor’s stupidly handsome appearance. Part of him—a small part—didn’t want to fight with the brunette but the rest of him loved the normalcy to it. The simple but yet established argufy.

               “I will have you know that my ego could do with more inflation and my head is proportionate to my body.” The ‘unlike yours’ was left out but Draco felt as if his point had been met.

               That had Harry arching a lone brow. “If you inflate your ego any more than it already is, I fear what will happen to the rest of us. We will be collateral damage to your impending disaster.”

               “Salazar, I swear if you don’t start improving our potion instead of standing around like the gaping fool that you are, I will—”

               “You’ll what?” Harry interrupted, folding his arms across his chest and glaring angrily.

               “Potter, quit talking and actually participate in today’s potion.” Snape’s voice rang out, catching the rest of the class’ attention.

               Before Harry could point out that Malfoy had been talking too, the man continued with a smirk. “Ten points from Gryffindor.”

               For a brief—nearly minuscule—moment, Harry thought about telling the man exactly what he thought of his unfair treatment, but common sense kicked in and he wisely kept his mouth shut. He had also thought that the man would improve after nearly dying but of course that was just asking too much.

               It wasn’t until Snape turned around that Harry looked back to the potion. He pointedly ignored Malfoy’s smug smirk.

               “Karma; such a beautiful thing.” Draco whispered, loving the way the brunette clenched his jaw angrily. Merlin, he never felt more alive than when he was baiting Potter.

               “I fucking hate you.” Harry whispered back, shaking his head firmly when the smirk widened. He was too distracted by the Slytherin’s pretentious but perfect teeth that it wasn’t until the cauldron emitted a horrible smell that he knew a mistake had been made.

               “I deserve an Order of Merlin for having to deal with you.” Draco growled as he shoved the other boy to the side and began trying to fix whatever the idiot just did.



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The Work Environment

Aries in the 6th house: A fast paced workspace is preferred. Often these people are very hardworking, energetic and efficient and prefer to work in teams. This may cause conflict between them and coworkers, however, as they tend to favour the role of the leader and may become too controlling at times.

Taurus in the 6th house: These individuals work best in a slow paced environment, where they are able to concentrate on one task at hand. Though, there may be a lack of focus if their surroundings grow to be too peaceful. There may be a tendency to lean towards laziness. Altogether, these people are steady and deliberate, often enjoying themselves most when they are able to work with their hands.

Gemini in the 6th house: The work environment must constantly be busy. Growing bored quite easily, these individuals must be stimulated in order to remain interested and focused. They have lots of creative energy and are often overflowing with ideas. Despite their love for knowledge and learning, these people may not do too well in a structured environment and are prone to slacking off.

Cancer in the 6th house: With this placement, the work environment must be comfortable. Caring with coworkers, they are hardly ever domineering or bossy. These individuals may be rather sensitive or emotional when dealing with issues, so it is important that their surroundings are steady and calm in ought to aid their rational thinking processes.

Leo in the 6th house: These people feel as if they must constantly be in charge. They are most satisfied when their work environment is organised, efficient and running accordingly to how they desire. Perhaps somewhat dominant, these individuals take great pride in their work and may unintentionally set extremely high standards for those around them. They are generally very enthusiastic and goal-oriented when it comes to their tasks.

Virgo in the 6th house: It is very important that their surroundings are quiet, giving them room to think. It is highly unlikely that the work they do has no practical application, or is utterly thoughtless. Their minds must be stimulated. Extremely detail oriented, these individuals may overlook the bigger picture at times, causing them to stress. There might also be the tendency to overwork, which can result in an upset bodily function or illness.

Libra in the 6th house: A balanced and peaceful work environment is largely preferred over one that is chaotic. A workspace where they are able to socialise and connect with others is important. Typically, these people are very artistic. They may also have the tendency to become inefficient or lazy.

Scorpio in the 6th house: These individuals work best alone and in a quiet environment. They are very serious in regards to their work and are also quite the strategists. Often fixated on their goals, they may be prone to growing obsessed with their work. To their coworkers, they can come off as very intense.

Sagittarius in the 6th house: With this placement, the individual must be constantly stimulated. A fast paced environment is more suited to them than anything else. They are often very knowledgeable deep thinkers, yet may deal with work in a manner that is too lighthearted and careless.

Capricorn in the 6th house: A very structured, stable work environment is preferred. These people are often extremely self-disciplined and focused, and despise nothing quite as much as wasting their time. They are very practical and responsible, though may develop workaholic tendencies if they are not careful.

Aquarius in the 6th house: These people typically enjoy a work environment where ideas are shared openly and creatively, and individuals within the workspace are able to perform tasks in a collaborative manner. Despite their liking towards a more interactive style, they are highly independent and may prefer to do things in their own way. This might be bothersome to coworkers. 

Pisces in the 6th house: These individuals generally like to have their own different schedule and may be particularly sensitive to the way that their work is completed. They enjoy feeling good about the outcome of their work, which could be directly tied to their emotions. If their career, or simply their day-to-day routine, is not fulfilling, this may be deeply saddening to them.

mr-starkasm  asked:

1- About Tony being the Villians' Favorite: CW happened and they get access to footage of the Siberia fight and they realize that cap could have killed Tony and they're like "how dare you???? Who do you think you are???" and at this point it's not even about who is going to kill Iron Man anymore, it's because Tony is the only one able the keep up with them, he gives them a good challenge, he has the best sarcastic answers for all the villian monologue, they don't even want to harm people anymore

2- they want to fight Tony to see who has the best weapons, who is smarter (it’s always Tony) so the rogues come back and they realize something: the bad guys barely attack Tony, they go out of their way to avoid attacking Tony and antagonize team cap and when confronted with this they say “well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how

3- how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind” (and they keep getting her name wrong, they call her wilma, wendy, marta omg i love this headcanon where no one gets her name right)

Why thank you for this brilliant headcanon, darling! (I love that mixing up Wanda’s name post too, wasn’t there one where Thor always got it wrong and played stupid? It’s brilliant)

I just really like that the villains enjoy fighting Iron Man because he’s as much of a drama queen as they are–he knows how to put on, and more importantly how to appreciate, a good show, you know? Fighting Iron Man is like playing a really challenging game of chess, where they take each other’s weapons and minions out without hesitation, but even when the king loses, he’s never actually taken off the board (yup that metaphor sucks, I apologise to every chess player out there). 

And well, of course it’s also about pride. Everything is about pride. The villains who most frequently engage with Iron Man in combat obviously keep a score. They keep an eye on who gets the most hits in, who deals the most damage, who does a strategical retreat and so on. They also keep track on which Avenger is the most likely to interrupt their fun, so they know whom to take out in the beginning of a fight.

Only then one of them gets their hands on footage of a certain Siberian bunker and this shit suddenly gets serious. Iron Man could’ve been taken out (worth 150 points) by someone who isn’t even recognises as an official player and THAT CAN NOT STAND. 

(It’s got nothing to do with the fact that maybe Tony Stark isn’t all that bad, you know, for a superhero. Nope. It’s all about the game and wanting those 150 points to themselves. Their professional pride is on the line here, okay. It’s not because of feelings. Feelings aren’t a part of the villain manual.)

So, they adapt. They’re villains, they’re used to it. Admittedly usually because the hero pulls some impossible stunt at the last second because they stubbornly refuse to die, but that’s neither here nor there.

First, they assign someone to keep track on Stark. It’s not a protective duty. It’s just…an insurance. To make sure no outside influence becomes a serious threat to their fun. Besides after all this time they’ve invested into fighting Iron Man, should he ever actually lose, they all agree they have earned this honour. Not some lucky upstart or fucking turncoat.

Second, certain forces need to be taken out. Officially it’s destroying the competition–a perfectly acceptable, villainous goal–, unofficially some people take their hatred for Iron Man a little too far. And when you already have to watch out for the supposed heroes, you can’t afford some crazy nutcase to pop up every time you turn your back on Stark.

Then the Rogue Avengers come back. The villains have dragged it out for as long as possible, an obscene amount of bribes have gone into ensuring the Congress isn’t too forgiving too quickly, but Stark is determined to get the Rogues pardoned for whatever reason, and that’s not a battle they can win in the long run.

And that’s a problem. The Rogues have access to Stark in ways they have not. Thankfully at least Stark doesn’t stay at the Avengers’ compound anymore. That gives them a small reprieve.

(They don’t worry. Villains do not worry. It’s not in their genetic code, nor their moral codex for that matter.)

There’s a very serious discussion about grazing the stupid compound into the ground, but in the end they decide not to do it. For one, the risk of the Rogues being granted access to the Stark Tower is just too great. For another, it’s convenient to have a return address they could graze into the ground, should the Rogues ever cross a certain line.

Next, the villains create a time table. Whereas the media used to joke about the ‘weekly villain attacks’ back in the day, there are now carefully scheduled weekly attacks for real. It helps them to vent some of their frustration, at the right target no less. It also has the added benefit of keeping the Rogues busy.

Of course Iron Man joins in on the fun more often than not, but he isn’t the main target like he used to be, isn’t singled out. If anything it’s the Rogues that are being singled out, and they always bear the brunt of the fight.

(They do not go easy on Iron Man. They do not. They have simply shifted the focus of their game. Damage dealt to the Rogues is now worth way more points than before, and since every villain wants to take the lead, it’s only rational they concentrate on the most worth-while targets. That’s all there is to it.)

The first time one of them makes Wanda Maximoff scream in rage is an accident. To their great shame it’s not even a real villain who accomplishes it, it’s a fairly new minion who interrupts the shouting match between his boss and the witch with an annoyed, “Oh, shut up, Wen–Vick–Wally, whoever the fuck you are, I’m trying to concentrate here!”

It becomes a running gag then, to never call the witch by her name, and the longer they keep the joke alive, the more frustrated the witch becomes.

(The minion gets a well-earned raise.)

Eventually the Rogues catch on. Eventually they begin to ask questions. Giving them more ridiculous answers every time becomes another running gag. Inevitably though Rogers eventually runs into Cross Bones who has a tendency of taking his fights with Captain America too personal.

“Well someone has to defend Mr Stark since all his supposed friends wouldn’t hesitate on turning their backs on him for some spoiled hydra agent who doesn’t know how to control their anger but sure knows how to fuck up people’s mind!” he snaps. Then uses the frozen state of the stunned Captain to his advantage to break the man’s nose with a very satisfying crack. Because, hello, villain.

(He then promptly dives to the side to push a crying kid out of the way a crumbling building. Not because he cares about who gets hurt of course. Villains don’t care about this stuff. But everyone knows Tony Stark cares about it.)

He gets twenty-five points for breaking Roger’s nose. He also gets a “I don’t know why, but if a guy like Cross Bones decides to save a kids’ life I’m not gonna sit around complaining about it.” and a thumbs up from Tony Stark in that night’s talk show. 

(He does not care more about the thumbs up than about the points. His fellow villains are not jealous.)

There are a lot of villains-saving-civilians-and-innocent-bystanders incidents after that.

(Not that anyone cares what Tony Stark thinks. The saving people thing simply earns them bonus points. Bonus points are important.)


Couldn’t decide whether I liked the original better so I decided to stop worrying about it and just post both…

Loki’s Future

some random thoughts/meta after watching Ragnarok (a good ass film™️)

- After watching Ragnarok, I was struck by how similar in appearance Loki is to Hela. Same slim face and build, same pale skin, and even the same black hair. They both prefer blades to fight with and magic to communicate with. Hell, their wardrobe color schemes even match. This raised some questions for me when I was watching the film; why this deliberate choice, and how much does Loki’s appearance have an effect on how Odin treats him, in this film and others? Thor is Hela’s sister, yet we’ve seen that Odin treats Thor very, very differently to Hela and later Loki. Does Loki with his black hair and magic just remind Odin too much of his own shitty decisions? It would explain a lot about why he acts like such a dick to Loki, even when Loki was a child and not killing anyone (as far as we know haha, that kid coulda done anything)

- But there’s gotta be more to it than that. The similarities in appearance may well be Taika’s nod to the original Norse myths, but it occurred to me that it’s way too obvious a similarity, and could be pointing to something a little more complex. In the original myths, Hela is actually Loki’s daughter. Coincidence? I think not! Add this to the fact that in the mythology Loki also has a son, a gigantic wolf called Fenrir, who we also see in Ragnarok, I think there’s plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that Loki has some greater importance and connection to Asgard, running deeper than him simply being a Jotun war prize. For me it’s just too much of a coincidence that Hela and Loki are a) strongly connected in the source material b) have strongly similar appearances, fighting styles and love for chaos (to a certain extent, their characters are similar) and c) are both ‘children’ of Odin. On one of Loki’s bad days, you could call them twins. Why though? It’s been reeeeally bugging me, but I just can’t work out a direct connection, or reason as to why Hela’s character had to be built to resemble Loki.

- One answer to this is a theory I read that Loki is in fact Hela’s son. (Yeah, I know, that sounds deranged when you think about it.) The timelines align such that Hela could very easily have invaded Jotunheim with Odin before Loki’s birth. There she could have had, through some means or other, a child with Laufey, and then later abandoned it due to ‘weakness’. So… a hybrid. Loki even has black hair when he’s in his Jotun form, and that’s really fucking unusual - no other frost giant is even similar - he LOOKS like a hybrid of Hela and Laufey. Although there’s a few things off about this theory, and the MCU will probably never confirm or go into enough detail about it, AND it also makes Loki Thor’s nephew (!!!wtf!) AND Odin would have also have to have known about it the whole time (albeit explaining his behaviour), it does give reason and a cause to the weird connection and similarities between the two.

- Loki and the Tesseract. Ooooooooohhh my god. So we basically KNOW that he has it, as although we don’t see him take it in Ragnarok, it’s strongly implied, and he also is literally holding it in the leaked trailer for Infinity War. (I appreciate that some ppl don’t want to watch the leaked trailer, but it confirms he has it) Why is this important? The Tesseract is an Infinity Stone. It has power Loki knows how to use, and he’s one of the few that do. What’s Infinity War about? Infinity Stones, and Thanos. The same Thanos who’s on the hunt for Loki AND the Tesseract. I honestly don’t think Loki’s taken it for some world domination shit this time round, I think he’s taken it for power and leverage. He’s acting intelligently and planning far ahead. This is given extra gravity when you remember that Loki is the only one in the Infinity War lineup who has met and knows Thanos, and that honestly did not go well for Loki at all.

- (On a side note, I just want to talk about Loki and Thanos; it’s been theorised/discussed for ages that Thanos met Loki in the void after his fall from Asgard in Thor 1, and gave him a deal: the mission of capturing Earth, finding the Tesseract, and the tools to do so. Now, Loki’s not really one to make deals unless he can subvert them, and so the whole way through Avengers his motives for attack to me seemed uncharacteristically illogical, although I can understand his primal emotional reasons for wanting to rule. But we also saw him looking very, very ill at the beginning of that film and in the Thor 1 credits scene, and being in obvious pain - he looked like a damn meth addict. Some fans have also noted that his eyes look blue during some scenes in Avengers, like he’s being mind controlled. I completely agree with this theory: that Thanos, recognising Loki’s power, tortured him, (with heat and fire, because how else do you torture a Jotun? It explains his appearance and injuries) and mind controlled him to enact the events of Avengers. And everything that happens thereafter in the MCU makes soooo much more sense when you think about it from the torture perspective. It explains a lot about the ‘big picture’ behind all of Loki’s decisions since. He has angered the most powerful man in the universe twice: failing in giving Thanos the Tesseract, AND remaining alive.

- Which brings me back to my point - Loki is the only one who has any possible comprehension of what’s coming, so taking the Tesseract easily interprets as him acting impulsively for reasons of his own safety, and possibly the safety of those around him (he takes it after his ‘redemption’ arc). I think he still has some kind of connection or knowledge of Thanos’ presence, maybe from torture, and he can sense when shit is about to go down - and we see the beginning of it going down at the end of Ragnarok. He’s also keeping his possession of it a secret, and for obvious reasons. Knowing he’d just taken the same item that he screwed everything up for last time would completely ruin his new trust-bond ‘redemption’ arc with Thor (I kinda hate using the word redemption tho - it’s obvious from Dark World that that’s not what Loki wants or really cares about) so, he’s going to use it in some kind of bamboozle, dodgy deal, Loki-esque interaction in the future .

- I really really reeaallllyy hope they don’t just turn Loki ‘back’ into a villain in IW. It would be an insult his character and the character work Taika’s done in Ragnarok. At this point it’s weak, cheap and easy character development and a trope that’s extremely overplayed. However, HOWEVER. It would equally break my heart to see him fall completely into the other side - the role of martyrdom, righteousness and self-sacrifice in IW. We already have dozens of characters who do that, and what makes Loki more loved than all of them is that he can do both - when and how he acts is fascinating to watch. He’s every inch a chaotic neutral, and I hope so much that Marvel keeps it like that. He survives because he has no morals, likes to play both sides and he’s smart about it. It makes him compelling, godamnit.

- With Tom’s movie contract and the amount of times they’ve ‘killed’ him off already, it’s looking likely he’ll survive Infinity War. (Not looking so good for Thor though 😭IW is seriously gonna kill me too)

- Some more mythology stuff… Although in the MCU Loki’s plot usefulness is as more of a ‘bad guy’ and not he’s not a central enough character to justify such an in depth plotline, there are plenty more things the myths can give him. For example, his own honest relationships, outside of Asgard’s influence. Loki has most likely experienced a much wider range of people, creatures and places in the universe than average. He’s got lots of little secrets tucked away. For example, in mythology he has another son, called Jormungand, a giant serpent. Not likely J will ever make it to the screen though, sadly. I think that the serpent shapeshifting story in Ragnarok was perhaps a nod to that. So was Odin’s 6-legged horse Sleipnir, another of Loki’s sons.

Secondly, and of greater interest to me: in the myths, Loki has a wife called Sigyn, the goddess of intelligence. (I love her already…) with whom he has these strange animalistic (likely shapeshifting) children. Now, I know IW is really too late along his storyline to be introducing someone like Sigyn, let alone as a love interest, but god damn would it be awesome if they did. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be truly satisfying and also extremely entertaining to see Loki get himself a girl. Superhero movies are so often plagued by the oppressive American binary of good and evil, wherein the good guy always gets the girl, and the villain is always miserable. Seeing Loki, (a character who we know consciously does bad things and fits very well the evil stereotype, but does good things as well, and plays both sides entirely to his own benefit) get the typical stamp of a good guy would make for a more interesting, rule-breaking plot. Please, MCU, don’t let Loki fall into this binary! Let him be both! It’s what made him so extremely damn popular! that and the fact that he’s smart and funny and Tom is extremely fucking hot lol

- I also really wanna see a bit more of his magical abilities - in his villain role so far we’ve been shown he’s smarter than half the MCU, extremely skilled in in magic and combat with knives, he can teleport, he can create illusions, he can fuck with people’s heads and more. His Valkyrie knife standoff scene was interesting in Ragnarok - I’m 100% sure he deliberately lost to Valkyrie to gain access to her memories- but Thor mentioned something way more interesting: Loki is a shapeshifter. And a really good one; he’s basically in a constant shift from Jotun to Asgardian. But to animals? That’s really fucking cool, and the snake story shows how easily he can hide in plain sight. (Y’all can get the cat!Loki y’all have always wanted.) Idk I just really wanna see more of what he can do. I think further abilities/aspects of his fighting style and personality will be revealed in future though, because having the Tesseract and knowing Thanos makes him into a major plot point for IW.

- lastly can I just say I’m really digging the 80s/rock soundtrack aesthetic Marvel is pushing for

- and the c i n e m a t o g r a p h y!! Got damn.

- just protect him please for the love of all that is holy.

- That is all. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Xxxx.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! If you can/wanna, could you write something where the hero tells their team to go and save themselves while they buy time and the villain who loves the hero saves them and then gets furious at the team for leaving them to die even though they were told to? Thanks in advance but no worries if you can’t!! Your Blog is so intriguing and I love your writing so much!! Have a wonderful day!

“They left you to die.” 

“No need to sound so pleased,” the hero said, warily. Mostly because the villain didn’t sound pleased at all. “Just because you know I’ll stop you, right?” 

“There’s a bomb about to go off.”

“Always thought I’d go off with a bang. What’s your excuse for being here?”

“I heard some idiot planned to lug it out somewhere to die with it.” 

“You should have bought popcorn, and binoculars. You’re far too close. You’re ruining my saving people thing.”

The villain laughed, a harsh hysterical sort of now. “God, even now you’re trying to save me as well? That’s pitiful.” 

“You can’t stop this. We’ve won.” 

“I can stop you, it’s almost as satisfying. Give it here.”

“Are we going to argue over a bomb?” the hero was almost amused. 

“Whose arguing? Give it here.” 

The hero stepped back, away, and the villain stepped close with them. Definitely not going away a safe distance. 

“Put it down, then, if you don’t trust me,” the villain said, eyes fixed on them. “But you don’t have to die to buy time.” 

“I need to get it far enough away.”

“You’re far enough.”


The villain grimaced - so it was probably true. It would still cause damage, and not just shattering every bone in the hero’s body damage kind. 

The hero’s throat tightened. Their hands felt clammy. They wished they could be unafraid.

“If you die for this,” the villain said, “they’ll be no one to stop me from ripping your treacherous friends limb to limb.” 

“There won’t be either if you don’t back off. You’ll be dead.”

“None of us would be dead if you’d just give it here!”

“I’m supposed to believe that?” After everything, they were supposed to believe that?

“Perhaps you imagine I’m feeling suicidal?” The villain met their eyes and held out a hand. 

“You probably have a teleport or something.” 

“I don’t have a teleport! God -  I know you don’t trust me, but trust that. Please. The only thing that will turn that bomb off is my fingerprints and a code.”

The hero faltered. They knew it was supposed to be the logic, cold and hard, that did the trick. Obviously the villain wouldn’t come here to die. 

It wasn’t the logic. It was the look on their face, fury beyond anything they’d seen, and desperation. Life. Fierce, vibrant, beating. It was that tiny little please at the end, spat out like poison, but offered all the same. 

The seconds ticked red and world-ending. 

The villain lunged and grabbed the bomb. 
Their hand was a flurry of movement, cracking it open among the complicated strings and spells. 

The bomb didn’t blow. 

The hero hadn’t prepared for the bomb not blowing. They felt dizzy, weak kneed, breathless. They sagged against the ground, and stared, heart pounding in their ears. 

The villain offered them a hand again, gaze glittering, touch soft. 
“I really am going to kill them for leaving you.”

The hero laughed. Stopped. The villain was serious. Really, really serious. 
“I told them to.”

“They should have been brave enough not to take the order.”

“There was no point all of us dying, that’s just stupid.” 

“You’re just stupid.” 

The hero stared at them, and thought the villain must be shaken, or something, to be acted like this. Maybe they’d found out they had twenty four hours to live. No, they would have let the world burn with them if that was true. 

The villain swallowed, and their hand trembled. The fury hadn’t died. 
“I would not have left you.” 

That’s just stupid. The hero didn’t say it, the realization that followed struck all the words out of their mouth.

“Oh,” was all they managed, dazed, and wasn’t that stupid. 

“Oh,” the villain said, viciously, and squeezed their hand. 

And then they teleported.