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“Oh, you. You’re good”. (x)

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I can't believe some people think a Social Media Manager, Non-Disclosure Agreements, PR stunts, etc. do not exist... I'm offended. This is literally what I'm studying in university. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to build an image for a client. If you have a good core communication team, you can turn assholes into saints and evil corporations into a bunch of angels sent by God. People ACTUALLY do this. They've been doing it before, doing it now, and will keep doing it.

Oh god, I’m going to frame this, thank you!

And believe me, I can feel you so so much! I mean, THAT IS ME! Why would anyone take that away from me or anyone else who just happen to be doing their job? And you do study and practice to reach a professional level, to do it for big names. Like, there’s work behind it, you have to sound exactly like the account’s owner (unless you and your client previously decide to make it purposefully known to the followers who does what, but even in those cases, it still happens that you have to step up and pretend to be them at times, it’s inevitable). If fans are able to see the difference from when they post and you post, you’re doing something wrong (ehm ehm…)!

Also, how sad what you’re saying is from a One Direction prospective? It’s so true that entire teams of people work everyday in order to spin an image, a reflection, an idea. Unless you’re going through a wild image change moment when you need to turn your client from a little angel to a mature, bolder artist (and even there the purpose is always to benefit said artist), the final aim is to always present your client as a positive figure. Now, can I know how on earth OT took these simple, good hearted and extremely well mannered boys and sold them as annoying brats with poor personalities and standard ways, made sad clichés out of articulate, endearing souls that happened to have the greatest and luckiest chemistry ever that ended up in a completely fabricated, flat, almost never genuine interaction between band and fans and inside the band itself. This is one of the aspect that upsets and infuriates me the most here.

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Hello sweeties

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The Prince of Dragonflies loved Jenny of Oldstones so much he cast aside a crown, and Westeros paid the bride price in corpses.

Max Irons as Duncan Targaryen
Angel Coulby as Jenny of Oldstones


CRAIG: Okay. But I won’t go without you.
TWEEK: What? No! You should go! Nth, this is too much pressure!
CRAIG: Tweek!
TWEEK: You should totally go! You’ve wanted this for years now!

TWEEK: Nngh?
CRAIG: How long has it been since you’ve slept?
TWEEK: … When did we see each other the last time?

CRAIG: The tickets are for this summer. You can still change your mind and I will wait for you.

TWEEK: *lets him go* C-Craig?
CRAIG: Yeah?
TWEEK: Are you… are you happy with Thomas?
CRAIG: Why are you asking?
TWEEK: Because you’re my best friend a-and I want you to be happy!


There are not many stories about this sort of thing. There ought to be more. Perhaps if there were, the Gertas of the world would learn to recognize it.
Perhaps not. It is hard to see a story when you are standing in the middle of it.
—  T. Kingfisher, The Raven and the Reindeer

There’s a tech at my job who has a window sticker that says “FLORIDA CRACKER”

Like that’s a Official Thing ™ down here lmao they really call themselves that