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안녕하세요 vs 여보세요

Hello everyone! So, I had been getting a lot of asks recently that just say “안녕 / 안녕하세요” or “여보 / 여보세요”. Which in all honesty, is fine! The only issue I have is that 안녕하세요 and 여보세요 are not interchangeable. I cannot express enough how different these two terms are.

This is what 안녕하세요 means:

  • 안녕하세요 - a formal way to say “Hello” to someone
  • 안녕 - a casual way to say “Hey”

This is what 여보세요 means:

  • 여보세요 - a formal way to say “Who’s this? / Hello?” on the phone
  • 여보 - a term used for two people who are married or have been together for a long time (kind of like “honey”)

여보세요 is ONLY used on the phone - the only time it would have an exception is when you are not paying attention to someone and they jokingly say, “여보세요??”. Other than that it is not a term used for greeting yourself. 

I know that this post is short, but I hope that all my followers can help others know the difference! Thank you so much, Happy Learning :)

~ SK101

Vegan: Do you know which items on the menu are vegan?
Waiter: We have a gluten free menu!
Vegan: That’s not what I asked…

Vegan: Does your product contain animal ingredients?
Makeup company: Sorry, but this product has not yet been tested for gluten.
Vegan: That isn’t even what I asked!

Vegan: Is this real fur or faux fur?
Fashion company: We’re pretty sure seals don’t eat bread.
Vegan: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Actually No, The Weasley Twins Do Not Count as One Character!

So I love this fandom, it is wonderful, BUT this is something that really bothers me! They are two very different people and I see posts all the freaking time  and people go “they count as one character okay?” NO NOT OKAY! They are different. Yes, they have similar likes obviously they grew up and were never apart. BUT if you read the books, truly know these two characters, you know that they are not one human being.

First, Fred (who was born first) is much more brash. Maybe that’s not the right word he’s not confident in a rude way, but he is more out going. He also is the leader of the two. He makes a lot of the decisions and starts a lot of the dialogue when it comes to the twins. In fact because of this, Jo told a reporter that she thought it was obvious that Fred was born first when a reporter asked about it. They mirror the marauders in a way, Fred is like a combo between Sirius and James, loud, out there, and loves to prank no matter how much trouble he could get himself into.

On the other had George is more like Lupin. He is (only barely) more rational. He knows he’s prolly gonna get caught and in trouble and thinks about it a little more. Of course, like Lupin would have, he would have done the parking and trouble making anyway, why? Because it’s fun. He doesn’t totally follow is brother, he participates in conversations and the shop, but he doesn’t start things nearly as much as his brother. 

Now I’m not saying they follow the stencils of the original pranksters to a T, no sir, but I do think it helps remind people that they are not one person. After all would you say the marauders count as one character? No, so you shouldn’t do it to the twins either. 

Jo didn’t kill of both twins did she? No she killed one of them, they are not the same person when you are mourning Fred’s death. So why would you treat them as the same person when you are talking about them alive?

They are delightfully lovable characters and I adore them both for different reasons. I love Fred’s personality and I adore George’s sass. I love the two of them together, but I realize they are different people with different souls, even if they spring from Molly Weasley’s womb on the same day. That’s why their antics and pranks work so well, because they have two different views, one slightly more ambitious and one a little more realistic. They could almost rep other houses if they weren’t so brave, which I think is bloody fantastic. They are wonderful characters. They deserve just as much respect to their identities as all the other characters do. 

Not the Same Part 2

Dean Winchester x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: Trying to find and save Demon Dean, Y/N comes face to face with her worst nightmare.

Catch Up Here: Part 1

Warnings: Angst, Demon Dean

Startling awake, you expected to be in the same dark dungeon, Dean ready to inflict more torture. Instead, you were in your old bedroom, your favorite blanket pulled over you. You were sore, your entire body aching.

Slipping out of bed, wavering on your feet, you stumbled into your bathroom. Staring at yourself in the mirror, you were shocked at your own reflection. Bruises and cuts covered the majority of your skin. Your hair was matted, your eyes haunted.

“Y/N?” Sam called out, making you flinch and cower towards the shower until he stepped into the room and you saw he was alone.

“Sam, how long?” You asked him, wrapping your arms around you to try and stop the shaking.

“Only a day,” he answered. “How do you feel?”

“Like your brother attacked me with a dull knife,” you muttered darkly.

“Cas is on his way, and he can heal you then,” he told you. “But for now, why don’t you take a shower, and clean yourself up? I worked on some of the worst cuts, but I was kind of busy as well.”

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