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This is probably a weird question that you might not know the answer to bc why would anyone ask you this idk but say I were to move to Poland(considering it) or like stay there for a long period of time, long enough for someone to know my last name, would I have to change it? It’s polish, but ends in -ski. From what I understand, -ski is the male ending, -ska is female(I’m female) so like would I go by -ska so it wouldn’t be confusing? I have no idea how gendered last names work ah

hmm ok well its true that the endings usually change whether ur a man or a woman but it doesnt have to be that way. like i dont think you’d have a need to legally change it. ok u know the tennis player Karolina Wozniacki? well she’s polish, hence the surname, but since she doesn’t actually live here she goes by Wozniacki not -cka. and ppl here refer to her as that or they change it out of convenience but its not an issue. so like it might be a bit unusual but if ppl know you’re from a different country its chill. did that make sense? 

So apparently my mom’s such a great mom bc her parents were fucking bad parents literally every month my mom opens up more about her youth and every time they get worse like wtf why did you treat my mom this way I love you but fuck you