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I had a mighty need to color this panel.

…y'all trans women being in healthy, happy relationships with cis men in narratives that don’t focus around them being trans are radical in terms of representation in media. we’re living in a world where cis men joke about it being a fear of theirs to find out that a women they’ve been seeing is trans. trans women get killed by cis men for existing. barry & lup’s relationship is an important moment in representation. please please consider that.


I feel like V is giving us that lowkey shade in this message… he’s like “why won’t you LEAVE–” We’re like that person in the group that no one really likes, but everyone tolerates them anyway.

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And after nearly a month’s worth of work, the longest Shovel Knight comic that I’ve done up to this date… is DONE.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along for this ride… and was patient with me while I worked on this instead of my actual webcomic. 

The Implications of Infantino Street

I originally wrote this as a response to this awesome exchange between @halzbarry and @coldtomyflash and really loved Phyn’s response - go read it before you read this. Go on. I’ll wait. *ticking clock noises*

Okay! So now that you’ve read that: I agree, but had a minor variation in my reaction to this episode, so I thought I’d type it as a separate reply:

I absolutely 100% agree that unfortunately, the writers don’t seem to want to undo Leonard’s death on Legends Of Tomorrow. Both the writers on that show and The Flash seem to almost palpably struggle to write around the fact that he was killed off despite wanting to bring him back and use the character over and over. I almost, at this point, think that they’re just not good enough writers to think of a way to bring Len back in a way that both satisfies as a narrative and also doesn’t directly contradict their own canon.

I also think it’s clear both from the show and from the actor that Snart is not going back to Legends Of Tomorrow. People keep getting mad at me for saying this, but neither the writers nor Wentworth Miller could have made it more clear: bringing him back on that show, at this point, would be incredibly anti-climactic considering the finality of his sendoff in the last episode. 

I also think it’s clear that the Arrowverse production team is aware that their writers wrote themselves into a regrettable corner by senselessly killing off one of their most popular characters - not just for Snart as a character, but also for Mick Rory as a character. I actually think that Mick Rory is the reason that the writers can’t seem to find a way to bring Leonard Snart back permanently.  The LOT writers just haven’t made a strong enough case that Rory has irrevocably closed the book on that chapter in his life - the one where, if Leonard is there, then he’s automatically the most important person in Mick’s life.

Put succinctly: the writers have no way of bringing Snart back permanently without also immediately reintroducing him into Rory’s narrative, and (IMO understandably) they just don’t want to do yet another retread of those character beats for Rory. The only way for Mick to stay free and able to move forward is for Leonard to stay dead.

But I still felt like last night’s episode left the door wide open for Snart’s occasional return to The Flash:

  • They explicitly established that Barry can go back and get Len at any time without significantly changing the timeline for the Legends OR Team Flash.

  • They explicitly showed us that Barry grabbing Len from the past not only doesn’t change the timeline but retcons and fills in LOT’s narrative gaps quite easily.

  • They explicitly established that Barry can find Leonard at any point in time in the Legends’ adventures.

  • The episode revealed that the Legends had visited many more points in time than we saw in the episodes of the first season, given that they never visited Siberia in 1898 on LOT S1.

  • They explicitly revisited Len’s last words on LOT and put it into a wildly different context on The Flash than it had on LOT. It was like the writers were saying “We know he’s dead, but what does DEAD mean, really…”
  • They explicitly established that Barry still needs Leonard as a foil on an ongoing basis.

  • That last scene didn’t feel like a final goodbye at all - Len talked about their friendship in the present tense (”that’s why we get along”) and Barry didn’t contradict him. Metatextually, we know it’s because Barry knows that Len is going to die. But from a storytelling standpoint, it felt very much like a “to be continued.”

So no, I don’t personally, at this time, think that Snart will be back permanently or that they have any plan to undo his incredibly pointless death on Legends, but I have zero doubt we’ll see him again next year, and that the writers with “Infantino Street” have written themselves a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card, where “jail” is “the spectacularly stupidass decision Klemmer and Guggenheim made last year to kill off Leonard Snart.”

  • Me, seeing a chunk of the general fandom fight over whether Jon Snow picks his sister or his aunt to marry:
  • Me, quietly speaking because I have nothing against anyone but uttering lowly and respectively my observation: why does Jon Snow have to be with anyone? Why can't he just be focused on trying to protect the only one that he knows is alive that is left of a once very large family. And be trying to focus on using the entirety of the North against the white walkers, and therefore focused on getting the dragon glass to fight said white walkers? Why does Jon have to be aiming toward the Iron Throne when all his focus is on right now is surviving the long winter to make sure that Winterfell is even left to come home too in the first place when that long night passes?

if someone claims vld has bad writing i tend to take it with a grain of salt because 99% of the time it’s not because the writing actually has structural problems; it’s that the show doesn’t cater to their personal tastes and treat [x character] like a deity who deserves everything and can do no wrong

The entire manga, basically:

Rin: okay, so I just found out I’m Satan’s son. Great.

Yukio: Wow sucks for you. Good thing I’m human.

Rin: Yukio… we’re twins.

Yukio: so?

Rin: think about it.

Yukio: …dammit

overheard somewhere in Neketaka
  • Watcher: Wait, did the phrase "trust the gods" just appear in that otherwise reasonable-sounding option for dealing with this?
  • Xoti: Um, yes?
  • Watcher: I wouldn't trust those fuckers with a pair of untied shoelaces, let alone a bunch of vulnerable kith souls. To the animancers it is!

Isn’t he a doctor, too?

The worst part is not that Pyrrha is dead, or anything of the sort.

It’s that her entire character from start to finish only existed to further Jaune.

(Edit: Since everyone and their mothers are completely misunderstanding the meaning of this post, if you actually care about getting clarification instead of leaping on the ‘UR DEVALUING PYRRHA U SJW SCUMBAG’ train (I’m really not, I want the opposite <3), then read this.

Also, I don’t think Pyrrha died to further Jaune, pls actually think before you jump to conclusions. <3)

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Please... Why... What the fuck... I haven't seen boruto and holy shit is that real??? Or is that fanart?? Please tell me it's fanart, which isn't even that much better. Aren't they supposed to be like, 12? I'm crying

It’s 100% real my poor friend. That’s the cover of Chapter 19 of the manga, which, by the way, ends like this:

Yes, that’s Ao, who is now a villain, holding a ninja machine gun, because we live in the darkest timeline.

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I read your tags on the Dabi post and I hope to anyone with a merciful heart listening that mic isn't the traitor because I will die. I will cry and sob then die

Referenced Post (spoilers for season 3)

The tags in question:  #the only true evidence behind the traitor mic theory is that he’s never around when Eraser always gets fucking annihilated #and clearly this is because Eraser is the one person he can’t hurt

I don’t really think Mic’s the traitor because, at least based on the anime, that wouldn’t make much sense??? Eraserhead and 13 are shown to know about All Might’s transformation problem, so, logically, Mic should know too, especially since he apparently sits right across from the guy in the teacher’s lounge. And if Mic knows about the big Might/small Might issue, then there’s really no reason for Shigaraki and the League not to also know, unless Mic is being a double-double agent or something. 


Have this. :3c

“I see. That should be all. Thank you, Ya-san.”

Hizashi doesn’t exactly like Kurogiri, but he does respect him. The man understands that Hizashi’s deal with the League is strictly business, and he always acts accordingly. He listens for the information Hizashi has promised and never pries for more. 

The same cannot be said for Shigaraki. 

“Is that the informant,” Hizashi hears Shigaraki say, though his words are a little difficult to make out because he isn’t right next to the phone. “Ask him if he’ll be joining us at the training camp.” 

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