not so much about this drawing but still

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Hii! I am just here to say that I really love your Six and your drawing style is damn cute. It's not even 6 am here but I still laughed about your Comic. ๐Ÿ˜‚ you are doing great work!

Seriously though, thank you so much! It really means a lot to me to hear that someone out there likes the crap I litter the internet with.

Thank you!!!!

@forlornraven I told you I’d draw Thambles and “Pure Magic” spurred me into Gotta Do It Now!!

Also @theimportanceofbeingbookish did FAR more justice to short-haired Thaddeus and you should all look at her thing too because I’m still just Speechless at this beautiful beautiful boy

I know, this will be impossible to draw! Haha, I’m really happy you’re doing this for the community. You are such a sweetheart and have a very caring heart! 💚

I FOUND THIS!!! (Sorry about all the confusion, by the way! x-x’) And seriously, thank you for joining the project! It means so much dude! 💚 You’re a sweet ghostie yourself! Sweet, and still the spookiest and most lovable ghostie! 


I’m back with more Incredibles fanart! you can tell I’m still obsessing over a thing hard when I start drawing fanart for a prequel book %) seriously though, if you love Incredibles and still haven’t read ‘A Real Stretch’, go read it - it’s a really entertaining story which is set in the golden age of supers, and is told from Elastigirl’s POV. I couldn’t help drawing Bob/Helen, all the interaction between them in this book is priceless <з (also their friendship with Frozone is pure and wholesome and I need a prequel movie about those three set in the Glory Days timeline *v*)


i so much want them to bond over this


so uh, about aizawa,


- Nice song, by the way, Madison recorded the whole thing.
- He what now?
- You were screeching so much we thought someone was getting murdered.

[If I had to witness this with my own two eyes so do you. Also, Namaqua frogs.]


“I love dance, but acting was always an inner ambition. The ballet world is so closed, and there was so much more I wanted to do. The thing about being a dancer turned actor is that you know what hard work is. It’s true. And I’m so fucking grateful for that. In dancing, you can work hard and improve and see the results. With acting, you can work hard and it’s still luck of the draw.” — Sonoya Mizuno.


last evening i wanted to doodle something about this scene from taz (again) but it got out of hand (again)


Okay listen up folks, I just fucking appreciate the heck out of @markiplier

I don’t care if it’s a let’s play, a try not to laugh, or an original thing, if it has ego content or not. The main reason I have so much fun watching the videos is the narration and the reactions to the games, the giggles, the screams, the obvious effort that goes into filming and editing.

I love being part of this community, because here are so many fun and aweome people, including you, yes the person who is reading this, even if I might have never spoken a word to you. I have never had this much inspiration for art, since joining and sharing my drawings.

I really hope we can make Mark feel welcomed in this, in his community again, because he deserves nothing but recognition and respect for all the hard work he does, for being a role model, for staying on the ground, being human, true to himself, not hiding behind some fake persona. It makes him feel reachable and it’s part of his charm.

I don’t know where this rambling is going other then I fucking admire Mark for all he has done and stands for and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

phil the explorer and dan the tiny planet

not long time ago there was a boy that was alone just like the sun, with no moons, with no hope. but he saw a planet on his own and went there to see what he had to offer, and he wasn’t dissapointed.


I loved this post a lot but wanted visual representation of it so I drew this! Whether Marinette is happy or not about this development is up to you (rumor says if you look closely into Ninoโ€™s phone, you can see Marinetteโ€™s tears and Alyaโ€™s expression of awe).

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i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

I’m currently in China visiting my grandparents right now and so much has changed about my birth land, new buildings, new technology, but same air pollution still remains. I actually got sick again and felt my lungs burning from the pollutants :( Also the only reason I can still access social media sites like this is through a VPN. Internet censorship is as strong as ever.

I hope the quality of life in my birth country will continue to improve, but in more ways that just new material things. Clean air and freedom of information is just as if not more important.