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the brodgies storyline could go one of two ways: one being that they realize their father is a dick and, after many heartbreaking moments, come together with the egg gang and fight him, and two being that they never realize this and are defeated, still trying only to please their father and not really caring about the cause that much. if it’s the second one i WILL cry

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i don't want to sound like putting my nose where it doesn't belong but... you can't live with 1400$ per month? i'm just confused because currently, i can make ends meet with under 800$ per month (since i'm on disability) but we might live in different countries and i know things can be more expensive elsewhere... feel free to not answer this if you don't wanna get into this.

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Lafayette: What does the chef recommend?

Hercules: Lafayette, this is a McDonalds

Lafayette: Oh sorry. What does the McChef reccomend?

Uraraka: Hey what are your thoughts on Deku liking guys?

Todoroki: Hmm..

Todoroki: Well, I have no problem with Midoriya kissing a guy, if that guy was me.

Midoriya: What?

Todoroki: What?


Coming 10-23-18

Pairing⌟  Namjoon x Reader

Genre Angst, fluff, smut

warnings Violence, cursing, anxiety, talk about abuse, possessive!Namjoon

⌜Summary⌟   It’s been a year since Y/N lost everything in the blink of an eye. With no money to her name, she was forced to live on the streets, working small jobs here and there to pay for food and a change of clothes. Reaching the end of her ropes, Y/N is losing faith that life will turn around. Until one day, fate brings her face to face to the wealthiest man in Korea. Kim Namjoon. Will life finally turn around for Y/N, or will the dark secret Kim Namjoon harbors bring her into more danger she could have ever imagined?

Αυτό που σας παίρνει ο ύπνος με το που πέφτετε στο κρεβάτι, πείτε μου λίγο πώς το κάνετε;


Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches 1.06