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I love color theory unapologetically and in re-watching VLD [for the 1023rd time] I decided to pay closer attention to how they use color, particularly where Keith is concerned thanks to this post.

So without further adieu,

How Color is Used to Illustrate Keith’s Phoenix Arc

Keith is interesting because he doesn’t follow the standard development for a character his age- someone who starts out lost / unsure and develops into a confident, mature person. My suspicion is that Keith is going to have what I’m calling a Phoenix Arc: He was introduced as [seemingly] mature / self-confident, is devolving and questioning his sense of self, and will rebuild himself into a stronger well-rounded character. And color is used to indicate his path of travel.

Keith was introduced with an explosion of red light, on a red hoverbike, clad in red attire. In his first scene, he demonstrates an ability to set and achieve goals and to handle tricky situations, setting him apart from his 3 former classmates and leaving viewers with a sense of maturity. However a few scenes later, Keith describes himself as lost and wandering indicating he still has room to grow. Growth that is directly tied to a knife with a violet symbol, the only thing he takes ownership of which isn’t red.

S1E10 Collection and Extraction, is probably the most foreshadowing episode as it includes all the colors heavily associated with Keith- In his scenes, the Red Paladin is investigating the Galra’s quintessence use, injures his hand on purple quintessence, fights with a druid who shoots violent purple lightning at him, is rescued by his fellow paladins, and his wounded hand is healed by yellow quintessence. From this we know Keith is directly linked to the Galra, his story arc is going to have a great deal to do with quintessence, his identity and quest for information is going to be challenged by the Galra, and in the end it’s going to be his team, his family- not his quest for knowledge- which brings him to a better understanding of himself.

In season 2 Keith starts learning about his knife, gathering more questions than answers, progressively surrounded by more and more violet hues; and he becomes less sure of himself. This character who started off strong and determined starts to falter. It becomes clear this violet knife is leading Keith to the Galra- something he spends time grappling with. When he crosses blades with Ulaz in S2E3, Keith holds his own well enough until he sees the matching symbol on Ulaz’s sword. Keith is so disarmed that Ulaz literally wipes the floor with Keith. From this point on we see Keith questioning himself and moving away from traits he held true to in season 1. [See S2E7 Space Mall: he goes on a personal inquisition rather than focusing on the team’s mission; and S2E8 The Blade of Marmora: he risks a critical alliance by defying orders to come unarmed.]

Keith enters the Trials of Marmora lost and seeking knowledge, fighting combatants clad in violet hues. When he’s in his mindscape there is a visual battle between violet and red. In the first sequence, Keith is surrounded by purple, and as Shiro walks away there is a sharp burst of violet light. In his Earth mindscape, the entire scene has a red hue, and when Keith leaves the shack the screen goes completely red. After he awakens and reorients himself, Keith halts the fight saying: “It doesn’t matter where I come from; I know who I am.”

Keith roots his identity in being the Red Paladin of Voltron, Shiro’s right hand. Shiro, who knew Keith before Voltron [pre-Kerberos backstory please?!] and knows him now, becomes a beacon Keith uses to orient himself. For a while that works, but then Shiro is lost.

Season 3 opens to a scene of Keith looking for Shiro in the wreckage of battle and wouldn’t you know the background is a myriad of red and violet- illustrating Keith’s inner turmoil and bereavement [“Your friend desperately wants to see you”]. Adding insult to injury, Keith is pulled away from the Red Lion, pushed into the Black Lion - whose alternate color is purple- and is vocal about his discomfort with his new identity. Keith knows he is slipping, losing his sense of self. He doesn’t want to be the leader because he doesn’t associate those traits with himself. And the one person who believed Keith could embody this role is missing.

By the time Shiro [ahem, Kuro] returns, Keith is completely lost as the black paladin trying to find himself through his work with the Blade of Marmora, swimming in violet. In season 4, Keith doesn’t wear red and furthermore is absent from a large portion of the season. As mentioned in the post I linked at the beginning, Keith’s dash lights up red at the end of season 4, when he is putting himself aside to save the universe and his original team. It’s a strong indicator that Keith is going to start gravitating back towards Voltron and towards himself. Keith isn’t going to fully understand who he is until he figures out he needs his family/friends by his side.

Canon content has demonstrated Shiro is going to be an important role in Keith figuring out who he was versus who he must become, and I won’t be surprised if Lance is somehow involved as well given he is the one who helped Keith come to grips in Shiro’s absence. But I also think Hunk may have a part to play in the future. As I mentioned, S1E10 seems to be foreshadowing and shows yellow to be a ‘healing’ component for Keith. There is a peppering of yellow throughout Keith-centric scenes and, most importantly, Hunk was there for Keith at a time when the team was not. Immediately following the revelation of Keith’s Galra heritage, at a point when everyone [Keith included] was struggling to deal with this, Hunk is the one who gets Keith to talk about it. He does it in a humorous shit-eating-grin sort of way, but in the end Hunk, the yellow paladin, does a lot to alleviate the tension.

In future seasons I think we are going to see Keith return to his sense of self, but in a better way than where he began. Red is set up to indicate his sense of self, purple is used to show the inner turmoil he grapples and must come to terms with, and yellow acts as a beacon guiding him home [notice how yellow was removed from Kuro’s outfit?]. I don’t think we are going to see Keith fully realized until he learns to truly accept, not fight, his Galra heritage and take on purple as a part of his identity- it’s no coincidence that his eyes are violet after all.

A lot of people are saying that Killmonger functions more as an antagonist than a villain and I disagree with them mostly because I feel like they’re forgetting the moment when Killmonger had zero qualms about killing his own sixteen-year-old cousin (a direct contrast to Nakia defending the rebel soldier in the beginning btw). Killmonger is very much a villain.

However, he’s a villain in the way that every good villain is the hero in a Greek tragedy. I was actually shocked that Marvel let Ryan Coogler get away with this, but it is absolutely not a mistake that Killmonger is an American invention in every possible way. 

Erik is graduated from MIT at what - 19? He probably had access to *some* scholarships but since Erik went into the military right after graduation, it’s heavily implied that he went to school on the military’s dime. Non-U.S. people might not know this, but the U.S. military has a *heavy air quotes* mandate to have the demographics of their forces to match the demographics of the country. So let’s say if the U.S. demographics say that the nation is 70% white, 30% nonwhite, 70% of the military should be white, 30% of the military should be nonwhite. However, this is very much not the case because the U.S. doesn’t have mandated military service for all citizens, and as a result, the military heavily recruits from under-served communities. More nonwhite soldiers sacrifice everything for U.S. interests than white ones every day, and usually because there’s no other way they can get a job with no training that’ll provide access to steady pay, housing, and education. 

But I was talking about Black Panther, so let’s get back to that. Erik got inundated into this way of thinking where the only solution is violence and manipulation in order to further one’s own interest, and for most of his career, Erik was furthering American interests. 

There’s a couple of little lines that almost got past me, but Ross says something about how Erik’s work as a black ops soldier was “toppling governments” and the way he says it grammatically kind of distances Erik’s actions from the U.S., but I’m pretty sure that in the script that he was still working for the U.S. at that time. Like when Ross says that I’m like “he toppled governments because he either did it explicitly for the U.S. or because the U.S. taught him how.”

Add on top of that the fact that Erik’s dad was killed the state (granted it was the state of Wakanda instead of the U.S. but still), the American military-industrial complex and then his own personal cocktail of rage, despair, and compassion for the suffering of others and Killmonger was born.

His tragedy, then, is that Erik wasn’t destined to be Killmonger. If he had been taken back to Wakanda, if he had found really any kind of community - Erik could have been an amazing leader in anything he chose to do, whether he stayed in Wakanda or not. But T’Chaka and the United States created Killmonger instead. 

TLDR: Killmonger is the best MCU villain and Ryan Coogler is a genius.

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In a reply to my “Why Ben Solo is not a Villain” post, @freenarnian​ commented that the revelation of Rey being “nobody” felt like a dropped thread to them because TFA had hinted that there was more to Rey’s ancestry than that. 

I was curious to know why (especially since @freenarnian​ said they didn’t personally mind at all if Rey was nobody or not, so it’s not a case of sour grapes), so I asked for more details and got this reply:

“I’d have to rewatch TFA to jot down every indicator–or what I took to be an indicator–of Moreness in [Rey’s] backstory, but a few that come to mind: 

- The early symbolism of Rey wearing the resistance helmet

- Han’s (uncharacteristically?) immediate warmth towards her

- Leia’s unquestioning welcome (as though she knew Rey would appear–I suppose that could be put down to an understanding of the Force?)

- Kylo’s seeming awareness of her (almost fearfully–“What girl?”) likewise

- Rey’s strong connection to the legacy lightsaber. 

These did not strike me as Small Hints. Red herrings, perhaps, but ones that loomed awfully large in the overall plot.”

Oooh, I am SO glad you mentioned the helmet! Because while I have no problems conceding that J.J. and Rian are not flawless writers, that moment is actually an example of boss-level writing and direction on J.J.’s part, and one of the things that impressed me about TLJ right from my first viewing.

Rey putting on the helmet does not, I believe, invite us to conclude anything particular about her ancestry – it’s far too broad a symbol for that, plus it’s dirty and battered enough to imply that she scavenged it rather anything more portentous. What the helmet scene DOES do is show us at least three important things about Rey’s character at once:

1. Rey is childlike. In putting on the helmet she is dressing up and playing a game of make-believe, something most often associated with prepubescent children. The fact that she puts it on while she is still visibly chewing her dinner makes it even cuter and instantly endearing. It practically invites us to say “Awww…” 

2. Rey dreams of being a pilot. By wearing the helmet she shows us that she likes to imagine herself flying an X-Wing, and that gives us another reason to sympathize with her and feel sorry about her current situation.

3. Rey is a Resistance sympathizer. The desert around her is a graveyard of crashed Empire ships, where Rey could easily have found a thousand Stormtrooper or TIE fighter helmets. But she chose the helmet of a fallen Rebel pilot instead – and by putting on that helmet, she’s telling the audience that she is on the side of the good guys.

And we get all that from one simple action, one single shot. That is some good writing right there – making this early scene do double or even triple duty in revealing various aspects of Rey’s character, winning the audience’s sympathy, and foreshadowing future developments in the story.

As for Han and Leia’s instant or near-instant warmth toward her, it’s been pointed out by other meta writers that if Reylo is endgame (and I think it is) this is the equivalent of Rey being blessed into the family – Han and Leia welcoming their future daughter-in-law. Of course neither Han nor Leia (nor Rey or Ben for that matter) would have any such idea in mind at this point of the story, but for us as the audience this insta-connection between Han and Rey and later between Rey and Leia is very important – all the more now that both Han and (presumably) Leia are dead and won’t be around to give her their blessing in a more conventional way.

In-story, Han’s liking for Rey is easily enough explained by her winsome personality, her obvious competence with the Falcon, her ability to understand Chewie, and even her slight resemblance to a young Leia (which is not to say Han is creepily attracted to Rey; his gruff affection toward her is clearly coded as paternal). As for Leia’s warmth toward Rey at the end of TFA, it seems likely that Finn and Han told Leia about Rey at some point before they flew off on their rescue / sabotage mission, especially since they both saw Kylo bridal-carrying Rey up the ramp onto his ship. Being Force-sensitive would surely make it possible for Leia to sense Rey’s strength in the Force as well as a grief over Han’s death that echoed her own, so… hug time. 

This is not perfect writing, as it does seem a little forced and not quite earned from a dramatic standpoint. But TFA moves at a fast pace and it wouldn’t be the first time Star Wars has stretched credulity in this particular way. There’s no need for either Han or Leia to be related to Rey to like her immediately, any more than there was a need for Han to be related to Luke to risk his life for him at the end of ANH, when they’ve known each other for maybe a week. It’s space-opera shorthand; we’re not supposed to look at the timeline too closely.

The significance of Kylo’s “WHAT GIRL?!” has been discussed and debated ever since TFA came out, but just because that particular plot thread wasn’t addressed in TLJ doesn’t mean that it won’t be. In Rey’s “Forceback” after touching the lightsaber, she sees Kylo and what appear to be the Knights of Ren standing in a dark, rainy landscape surrounded by fallen bodies, and he reacts by striding toward Rey like he can see her. It’s possible that she actually appeared to Kylo at that moment (or even several moments) in his past, and he’s been wondering about this mysterious girl who keeps appearing and disappearing ever since.

(Before TLJ came out the most common fanonical explanation was that Rey had once been a very young student at Luke’s training temple, and that she was left on Jakku by Luke and/or Ben for her own protection after having her memory wiped/altered. But I don’t think that theory is at all viable now.)

And finally, Rey’s connection to the legacy lightsaber. I think this can be explained simply by her being so strong with the Force that she hears the call of the kyber crystal within the lightsaber, and is able to sense its history by touching it. I do agree that Maz’s “That lightsaber was Luke’s, and his father’s before him, and now, it calls to you” makes it sound like she’s saying Rey is Luke’s daughter or otherwise closely related to him, but that’s not the only way of interpreting that line, or that scene. Especially since Maz then goes on to say “Dear child, I see your eyes; you already know the truth. Whomever you’re waiting for on Jakku, they’re never coming back. But there is someone who still could,” which Rey responds to by saying “Luke.” In other words, Rey believes that Luke is not her family, but someone she is destined to help (as shown by the lightsaber calling to her).

What Rey doesn’t know at that point is that the blue lightsaber was actually Ben’s longer than it was Luke’s (since Luke lost the blue saber in ESB and wielded a green one for the rest of his years as a Jedi). I suspect Maz’s “someone who still could” was referring to Ben as well, but again we won’t know for sure until Ep. 9.

Or maybe we won’t. It’s possible that J.J. won’t see fit to address at particular “loose end” directly, only leave us to draw our own conclusions based on the events of Ep. 9. Which may leave some fans who like everything wrapped up neatly dissatisfied, but I don’t think it’s bad writing. Bad writing would be hyping up something as a big mystery and then not bothering to provide us with any answer at all – which is a fault J.J. is certainly capable of, but I still think it’s too early to call that now. 

And I don’t actually think the idea of Rey being “special” because of her parentage/origins (that is, as opposed to being special simply because she’s strong in the Force) has been hyped by the writers as much as people think. I believe it’s more the audience’s assumption that the Star Wars movies must feature a Skywalker protagonist and that Force sensitivity must be inherited through the Skywalker bloodline (even though we saw plenty of Jedi in the Prequels who weren’t Skywalkers or indeed even human) that leads fans to be hyper-sensitive to anything that might conceivably seem to point that way. But we have a Skywalker in these movies already, even if he’s currently in the form of Kylo Ren, and as Rian Johnson says he is “one half of our protagonist”, so there’s no need to look for another Skywalker or Solo to replace him.

The last part of the reply mentioned how cagey J.J. and Rian and the cast seemed to be about questions of Rey’s parentage, and how this seems like poor form if that issue isn’t actually central to the plot. 

I have to respectfully disagree. Refusing to answer plot questions in a non-ambiguous way isn’t teasing or bad writing, it’s simply good policy. Why would you outright give away any plot point in a movie, even an insignificant one, that might spoil the fun of people discovering the truth for themselves? It’s common for showrunners and directors to joke, be evasive, or even lie outright about what will or won’t happen in stories that haven’t aired yet. Call it sneaky or even dishonest of them to do so, but it’s also an effort to protect the fans from spoiling themselves and others with plot points of a story that the creators would much rather be seen in its complete and intended form.

That being said, the idea that Rey is either a Skywalker or a Solo has been joked about sarcastically enough times by the cast and crew that I was 95% certain going in to TLJ that she wasn’t related to Han, Luke or Leia in any way at all. And other theories, such as Rey being a Kenobi or a female clone of either Anakin or Palpatine, would require us to be reminded of or reintroduced to characters who play no part in the events of TFA, meaning a lot of exposition or flashback scenes that would be hard to pull off without boring the non-geeks or confusing the kids in the audience. The OT was meant to be simple and accessible to new viewers, and the NT is definitely in the same mold, so any explanation of Rey’s parentage has to be equally straightforward. I don’t think it’s likely we’re going to see any further complication of her identity in Ep. 9, only the question of what Rey is going to make of the person she is.

mcu m’baku is honestly one of the greatest aspects of black panther. he respects and honors the customs of his people and of the crown. he was defeated and accepted the outcome, and even when he was offered the throne, he honorably declined because t’challa is still alive. When ramonda, shuri and nakia give t’challa the heart shaped herb, he turned around…. this has to do with the crown of wakanda, and it’s not something he should be privy too, and he respectfully turns away (unlike ross who was wide mouth gaping at the ritual of it all).  

ALSO t’challa asks him to look after his mother, and he promises that no harm will come to her, and YOU BELIEVE HIM BECAUSE HE’S ALL ABOUT HONOR…. BUT he makes it clear that he’s doing this out of respect for Wakanda and the crown, not really out of respect to t’challa himself. He also doesn’t waste an opportunity to remind t’challa that this is the first time the king has come to the Jabaris in years, that his tribe is often dismissed and overlooked by the rest of the nation. 

To find M’Baku’s voice, he researched and imitated Nigerian accents, further separating the character from the South African-inspired T’Challa. It’s just one of many ways the Jabari differ from the city-based Wakandans, who largely worship the panther god Bast. “The panther is sleek, the panther is sneaky, the panther is covert—meanwhile, the gorilla will show up and bang on his chest and make noises to warn you about what is about to happen if you continue to cross the line,” Duke says. “We don’t hide, we don’t sneak. We come through the front door.” (x)

I love this detail! You can all be considered Wakandan, but there is clearly a perceived hierarchy and a tier of importance here, an “othering” of people despite the same allegiance to your country, and I love that M’Baku sticks it to T’Challa this way. And also to to Everett Ross. No fucks given there- About the Jabaris, Winston Duke says… 

“They haven’t been affected by colonialism and all the narratives that are associated with developing a sense of inferiority and people comparing them to animals”[…] “To them, this is just who they pray to, and they find their strength and agency in this religion. So being a bit gorilla-influenced was a sense of pride for them.”

He grunts at Ross to silence him. Ross is kind of an interloper. He has no say in Wakandan traditions, and has no place in his court. Even if Ross thinks of M’Baku as an animal, it literally means nothing because his opinion does not matter. 

Later when M’Baku and the Jabari show up, it was in the nick of time but also  it’s him announcing that they will want a greater say in the future of their country. And you’re hinted that this might be the case because M’baku is in the last council scene next to T’Challa. 

This is not to say that M’Baku is without fault. He scoffs at Shuri and is dismissive of her ability and ridicules T’Challa for putting a 16 year old girl in charge of the technological future of the country. It will be very interesting to see how he and Shuri interact in future installments. I WOULD REALLY REALLY LIKE TO SEE THIS, especially since they both got jokes, generally at the expense of the colonizer. It is not like tradition and technology cannot co-exist, although finding that balance can be extremely difficult. I think this is a really interesting sub-theme that runs through the movie. 


So Gentle’s thing is that he’s like…. a robinhood of villains? who also wants to gain popularity from it? 

he honestly acts more like a hero than a villain, considering he only goes after those who he feels deserves punishment. Ironically, that makes him more similar to Stain than he’d probably like, altho their preferred plan of action are very different.

oohhh… i really appreciate this scene. because i get so used to the idea that all the kids at UA are such… pure little sweethearts, because that’s most of what the audience gets to see. 

but of course there’d be some animosity towards 1A from the other departments and students, because all of the trouble at UA since the year started has been focused on them. it’s their fault that UA has been infiltrated, that it’s rep has been tarnished, that so much shit has happened.

of course the other students would have issue with that.

and Bakugou…. oh man. this scene kinda breaks my heart a little. because we know that Bakugou is still not over what happened. you don’t just get over experiences like that. to him, hearing this is probably the same as hearing these kids blame him specifically, because he was the reason for most of the conflict in the first place.

he’s the kid that was targeted. he was the one that was kidnapped. he’s the one that caused All Might’s end and the rise of villainism. him.

the guilt has been lifted slightly since his talk with All Might, but it’s certainly not gone.

but it could also be that Bakugou is irritated that these nobodies are blaming and insulting Class 1A. and Bakugou, as much as he’d hate to admit to it, does have a soft spot for 1A. 

they helped him. they like him. they got reprimanded for trying to save him when he was kidnapped. they care

Bakugou does not take kindly to those who insult the people he respects, and if that’s the rest of UA, then they all can suck it.

forced to? i wonder why… maybe it was part of the remedial classes he had to take? if so, maybe he had to choose an elective?

maybe he chose music because his dad really likes classical music? or maybe his dad made him take lessons?? 

so many questions…

ALSO i really enjoy how it’s Denki that points this little fact out about Bakugou? Because it shows that Bakugou shared some information about his past with Denki, which is something he usually doesn’t do. it shows that they’ve become closer as friends, and it’s really sweet, awww








LOOK AT THE FIRST PANEL…. During the first Exam, the kids all acknowledged that Bakugou was smart and talented. but not because they wanted to, since at this point they all think he’s kind of a jerk, but just because he was.




(also lmao at Aoyama’s little sparkle)

i really appreciate that Jirou comes up to Bakugou here and asks him for help? because again, early on in the series, something like this would never happen.

but now they’re all one class. they’re Class 1A. they all care for each other, and that includes Bakugou. Bakugou doesn’t scare anyone in the class, he’s just one of them now, and that’s all that matters.

i also enjoy Bakugou’s little ellipses in the top panel… he’s clearly thinking back to what those kids said earlier. he might be remembering his own guilt at causing so much trouble at UA, too. 

i really really love this part. because, again, he’s clearly thinking back to the words of the other kids earlier. 

“You’ll be a good person!” Jirou says, with good intentions. however…

Bakugou is not a freely kind person. you’ve got to earn his respect, and if you insult him or the class, or you look down on them, then you don’t deserve it. he is a good person, in his own way.

and… he’s kind of right. the class is trying to do this for the other departments, when the other departments likely don’t want any interaction with them because of all the trouble they’ve caused. they’re looking down on the class, and they don’t deserve Class 1A’s kindness.

while the idea is nice, in the end… it’s not really all that productive, is it? this is just a superficial means of making themselves feel better. and while it’s good to relieve stress, especially as of late, they’ve got to keep their guards up, too. letting their guards down to have fun is, in a way, indulging the enemy. because not being vigilant enough for an attack is what caused a lot of the trouble in the first place. 

and Bakugou, of all people, would remember that.

and if you include the other departments in with the “enemy,” well… “Don’t indulge people who look down on us just to make yourselves feel good for superficial reasons.”

again, he’s not exactly wrong here. the villains will attack regardless of what they want. they have in the past, and they will again. Class 1A is a target for the Villain Alliance, they’ve made that very clear. 

kidnapping Bakugou was a big enough hint.

even if this is just a silly bit of stress relief to help the other classes, Bakugou refuses to let his guard down, even if it’s for other UA students. 

also, i enjoy how it’s Iida and Todoroki that get a reaction shot after Bakugou’s line there. because they were there during USJ, and Stain, and during Bakugou’s rescue. they’re some of the few in the class who would understand Bakugou best here. 

villains will come whether you want them to or not.


(what a cute kid)

however, it’s for his own personal reasons. he’s not doing it to help anyone. he just wants to prove that he’s the best, that he’s the strongest. he wants to prove those other departments wrong about himself and Class 1A. he’s putting a lot of weight on his shoulders because of this, and Iida even comments on it. 

but that’s how Bakugou’s always been. he takes everything onto himself. the stress of being the best (Heroes vs. Villains Exam), the guilt of causing All Might’s end (Kamino), bottling up his emotions until they burst… 

but at least this is some form of outlet for him. he’s playing to prove a point, but maybe he’ll be able to play out some of his frustrations. either way, for Bakugou this isn’t just some silly festival to relieve stress, it’s a battleground, and he’s gonna be the best. he refuses to let anyone get the best of him (or his class) again.

he’s looking at the big picture, here.

he can’t be caught unawares again. and in his own way, he also seems to be looking out for Class 1A’s reputation and image. if they won’t take this seriously, then he’ll just carry them with his playing and drag them to victory. he won’t let the other students look down on them.

in the end, Bakugou’s rant manages to inspire a few in the class, including Jirou. she’s gonna give it her all, just like Bakugou, and she won’t hold back.

i just really enjoy how Bakugou’s boundless determination helps to inspire the class in his own way. 

anyway, just… what a good chapter. i love how Bakugou is clearly looking out for the class in his own way. i love how he’s inspiring, and how he tends to see things in a way that he other students don’t. he helps give them perspective, and makes them think. 

he’s honestly just… a really good kid. he cares about the class. he won’t stand for people looking down on them. if there’s one thing Bakugou hates more than anything, it’s being looked down on.

this is Bakugou showing kindness in his own way.

some related meta:

The Romantic Force Bond Vision and a dissection of the dialogue.

Rey attacked Luke because she thought he had actually tried to hurt Ben. She was absolutely livid he lied, and also it may have scared her a little too. But she gave him a chance to explain and afterward tried to convince him that she saw conflict within Ben. Just as he had seen it in Vader. 

Rey: “You failed him by thinking his choice was made, it wasn’t. There’s still conflict within him if he were to turn from the dark side that could shift the tide, this could be how we win.”

Luke: “This is not going to go the way you think.” 

Rey: “It is. Just now when we touched hands, I saw his future as solid as I see you. If I go to him, Ben Solo will turn.”

Luke: “Rey don’t do this.”

Rey: “Then he’s our last hope.” 

”If I go to him, Ben Solo will turn.”

Notice she doesn’t say “WE,” she says “I.” 

Let’s analyze Rey’s dialogue on the matter.

To Luke: “I saw his future as clear as I see you.”

To Ben: “Ben, when we touched hands I saw your future, just the shape of it but solid and clear. You will not bow before Snoke. You’ll turn. I’ll help you, I swear it.”

What did she see? Well, a lot speculation can be made, and we don’t really know until we get the novelization and maybe not even then.

However, I’m going to try to crack the nut on this. No pun intended.

We now know thanks to Rian that Ben knew he was going to kill Snoke. He just didn’t know how it was going to play out.

Which tells me they **did not **see the throne room battle.

If Ben saw it, he would have known how he was going to do it. Rian already told us he didn’t.

It can be argued that he saw the aftermath, but that would have also shown him “how.” Ben had no plan. Skip to 20:30 in the video below to hear what Rian has to say.

I do not think Rey saw the throne room either. In the elevator, she tells him, “You don’t have to do this, I feel the conflict in you it’s tearing you apart.”

If she saw the battle, she would have already known this was about to go down and wouldn’t have tried to sway Ben otherwise.

Whatever she saw was beyond the throne room. It was a future that she assumed Snoke was absent from because if Ben was on her side– in the light, Snoke must be gone, right? But what’s bigger than this assumption is that it affected Rey deeply.

 It moved her to tears.

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Seeing Ben slice his master in half did not move Rey to tears nor did the sexy fight directly afterward. The shock on her face when Ben kills Snoke should tell us that she wasn’t expecting it. She’s literally crying right in front of him because she thinks he’s going to do it.

Her vision was beyond, I’m almost certain of it.

So what could Rey have seen that made her immediately attack Luke, and leave to go to him?

Before I attempt to answer this let’s go back to that moment again where Rey confronts Luke.

Rey did not see the end of the war. Rey says to Luke “If he were to turn from the dark side that could shift the tide, this could be how we win.”

Notice she says could.

This statement says to me that she did not see Ben taking a side and fighting with anyone or anything of the sort. Or she would have said this IS how we win.

She has seen something else.

Rey saw Ben and her together romantically and as a family. **And so did Ben. **

A lot can be said about Bens vision as well. I’ve heard theories it was of Rey’s past etc. While I do believe he saw her parents fate, that wasn’t all.

Ben knows Rey wants a family to belong to. He confronts her about it during the third Force Bond meeting. 

Ben: “They threw you away like garbage.”

Rey: “They didn’t!”

Ben: “**They did, **but you can’t stop needing them.”

He already knew what they had done, but he would not know their fate because Rey couldn’t have known they were dead. (I think on some level she knows they are dead though.)

**But that’s not all he saw. **

Seeing Rey’s parents ditch her and their fate is not the reason Ben killed Snoke.

Ben also saw Rey with him by his side as his significant other as his family.

Ben: “I saw something too, and because of what I saw I know when the time comes you’ll be the one to turn, you’ll stand with me. Rey, I saw who your parents are.”

Note also at this moment he says who your parents are– not were.

I believe he says it this way because now is not the time to tell her that they are dead. Saying were in past tense gives it away.  We as an audience are also left wondering. 

He tells her the truth about them only after she admits out loud who they were.

Again, I think deep down Rey may have known that they were possibly dead. Because she says “They were nobody.”

This is no surprise to her. Painful yes, but Maz already said that **Rey already knew the truth. **

So finally my point— in conclusion

**Rey saw herself with Ben in a romantic relationship. And Ben saw the same exact thing. **

The problem is and was, that neither of them could fathom they would turn to the other side, for this future to come true.Ben thought for sure Rey would turn to the dark side with him because he can’t see himself on the light.

The same stands true for Rey. She can’t see herself on the dark side so if she was with Ben romantically then she **assumes **he has turned. Afterall, how could she be with him otherwise? The war would be over if this rings true. So Rey assumes– and sadly assumes too much– as does Ben.

The simple fact Ben brought up Rey’s parents to me seals the deal.

Rey wants a family, and her blood relatives are dead. He wants to give her that family. Make no mistake about it. Ben saw them as a FAMILY and in a saga like Star Wars that usually comes with children of some sort. They don’t need to be biological, but I’ll get to this in a moment.

There is the argument that Ben was trying to manipulate her by talking down to her about her origins and lineage. Rian has also intervened here saying what Ben said was in his mind true, he wasn’t trying to manipulate her.

Ben: “You have no place in this story. You come from nothing, you’re nothing… but not to me.”

He’s pointing out to her, in his own messed up way, that just because you don’t have a family or legacy is irrelevant to him. To him she is everything.

Rey repeatedly has in the past cast herself as a nobody from nowhere. Desperate for a familial connection— looking for it everywhere.

Ben thinks because she feels this way he can give her what she’s always wanted– legacy, a last name, a place and a family of her own. “**Because of what I saw, when the moment comes you’ll be the one to turn.” **

Ben points out the lack of family and legacy for a reason at the end. Not because he wanted to be cruel but because he’s already seen their future he’s trying to make her understand that he can give her everything and the Galaxy too. _He’s seen it; he’s so sure. _

Both Ben and Rey saw themselves as a couple,  a family with children. That is what moved Rey to tears, and sent her flying across the galaxy to Ben.

Look at how she looks at him when she arrives in her little coffin escape pod. She’s so sure of what she saw. She looks at him as if he already loves her – because she’s seen him love her. 

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The idea of children as I said above could be metaphorical— they train Force-sensitive kids with no families– because both Jedi and Sith taking kids away from their parents is a huge no, no. Anakin and Ben are the two most significant examples of why this is wrong but also Darth Maul. So by this logic, I say they will have biological children. If we have children at all. 

Rey and Ben both attack their Masters risking everything for each other —for this future. They BOTH want that future DESPERATELY

Their body language towards each other in the elevator is another confirmation of the dramatic shift— how they now see each other as lovers.

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The attraction was always there yes, we saw it in TFA. But it was subtext, and I’m pretty sure neither of them really recognized it for what it was.

But now Rey steps forward speaks softly and swears she’ll help him.  Ben looks at her with a softness we have not seen in this context because it’s conscious this time.

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Imagine already knowing you will love and be loved in return by the person standing in front of you. Rey showing up all but confirms to Ben that the vision is true. So he sees her as his lover and mother to his children maybe.

That’s why they look at each other like this now. It’s why they both beg each other to stay with them. Hoping the vision is still true, even though Snoke claims responsibility for the connection. 

Rey: “Please don’t go this way.”

Ben: “Please.”

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When Ben wakes up to find Rey gone, he may believe that the vision was false which is the reason for his tirade– he’s heartbroken.  But when they connect at the end– I think Ben realizes no, it wasn’t Snoke, and I fucked up. 

Body language here doesn’t lie. Ben Solo bowed his head in shame as the woman he loves shut the door on him. 

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Side Notes about Snoke

For those wondering if Snoke had engineered the vision, there’s a bit of dialogue that suggests otherwise. 

“Have you seen something, a weakness in my apprentice? Is that why you came? Young fool, it was I who bridged your minds. I stoked Rens conflicted soul. I knew he was not strong enough to hide it from you, and you were not wise enough to resist the bait.”

Snoke may or may not have bridged their minds– I’m in the camp of he didn’t and it was there in TFA see the Star Wars show at the 14min mark to see what they say about this. But even if he did, he did not interfere with what Ben “showed” Rey. He only admits to stoking Ren’s conflicted soul. Which means he knew Ben already had some level of compassion towards Rey (see TFA novelization) and perhaps this is the reason for the “You have too much of your father’s heart in you, Young Solo.” Because Han only cared about himself until he met Leia and Luke. 

Snoke does ask Rey if she’s seen something? but follows in the same sentence with “a weakness in my apprentice?” Confirming that he did not engineer the vision. He only believes Rey has seen the conflict and compassion for her. 

“And now you will give me Skywalker, and then I will kill you with the cruelest stroke.” 

I hate Snoke, but this line ultimately tells us that he realizes that Rey loves Ben in some capacity. I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together here. She came to “save” him, of course, she cares– deeply. 

Yet, he doesn’t realize that Ben cares for Rey more than he cares about anything else. 

As Snoke is sifting through Bens mind, he thinks arrogantly that Ben is only thinking about Rey as his true enemy. The dialogue is spectacular in telling us everything about how Ben really feels for Rey. 

Snoke: “My worthy apprentice, son of darkness, heir apparent to Lord Vader. Where there was conflict, I now sense resolve. Where there was weakness– strength. Complete your training and fulfill your destiny.”

There is a lot of  Visual Storytelling going on here, and I’m only going to touch on it briefly.

When Snoke says weakness it cuts to Ben from Rey’s POV. 

When Snoke says strength it cuts to Rey from Ben’s POV. 

The significance of this isn’t that Ben is weak and Rey is strong. It is showing us that Ben is Rey’s weakness (she loves him despite his past dark deeds) Rey is Ben’s strength, (he loves her, and she gives him enough hope that he knows what he needs do.)

 One last thing on this –at the end of TFA Snoke says to Hux.

“Leave the base at once and come to me with Kylo Ren, I sense it is time to complete his training.” 

Snoke is already aware of what happened between Rey and Ben in the forest. I’m not sure how much he knew, but he says he can sense his mind, his every intent. 

Ben’s heart was not in it when he killed his father, and he lied to Snoke later saying he didn’t hesitate– which we all know he did. Again look at the novelization “himself horrified at the act.” Add that to the fact Rey got away and bested him in a fight told Snoke what he already suspected. He was falling in love with the girl. Ben Solo is a beast he could have pushed Rey over the cliff, but he didn’t. Ben intended to be with Rey even then — even if that meant only as her teacher. However, I still think the attraction was there even if Ben didn’t realize it at the time. 

This ain’t over, not by a long shot, guys. I know I went off track a little bit here and there. This was going to be short, but a lot of this is so connected its hard to not mention other aspects of the story. 

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Forest Gump Voice: “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

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I wonder how weird it must have been for the whole world to see Viktor Nikiforov be so outwardly affectionate towards another person. For what I gathered, it seems like Viktor was only ever affectionate with Makkachin because she’s his dog and is like family to him. Viktor loves Yakov who is like a father/grandfather to him but never shows them outwardly as Yakov doesn’t either. I’m very sure that he loves his teammates too who are also like family. But I can imagine Viktor being quite private with his love life and not really revealing who he’s dating and who he’s involved with. People see Viktor as this very elegant and suave gentleman who winks at his adoring fans and looks half bored to death during press conferences from when he was a teen. He doesn’t really reveal who he really is due to having to retain a public image.

But I think all of that goes away the moment he meets Yuuri Katsuki and becomes his coach. Yuuri reminds him him to be freer with himself and shows him what love truly is. With Yuuri, Viktor is openly hugging him and wrapping an arm around his waist and planting loving kisses on his cheek. Heck, he even kissed him in front of the whole world and didn’t even think about it twice. Yuuri brings out something within him that probably Viktor didn’t even knew he had. And that was the freedom to be truly be himself and that means he’s freer with his emotions. 

So I was just thinking the moment Viktor kisses Yuuri out in public, the whole world goes crazy because, “Viktor Nikiforov just did that! HE DID THAT!”

Because they saw a side of Viktor Nikiforov that they had never seen before.


Armie on Oliver: He seems cold and inaccessible because he’s also hiding and tries to protect himself because he’s a man who’s dealing with emotions and feelings that he doesn’t quite understand and that makes him, to be perfectly honest, a little bit nervous. That’s why he’s so quick to throw a “Later!” and leave because he just doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I don’t trust the white lion

I know we can’t really form a lot of theories from a 2 minutes long trailer and we will have to wait to see what actually happens but I want to get this out of my chest.

I know there’s a lot of theories going around about the white lion and the white paladin, even before the drop of the s5 trailer but… this isn’t the first time Voltron shows a white lion…

I’m talking about Voltron: Defender of the Universe (1984), 10th episode. Secret of the White Lion.

I know, you may think ‘Great, so the really is a white lion! Cool!’ Well, not so cool. Listen.

At least in VDotU, the white lion is fake. An illusion created by Haggar, a trap. Basically, Haggar gives Allura a nightmare and convinces Allura to believe the white lion is the spirit of her father.

I know, I know. It’s too early to jump into conclusions about… anything. I know you are all exited about the white lion, black paladin Lance, fake Shiro, real Shiro, etc. but… let’s wait and see what’ll happen, ok? I know VLD is not… como se dice… loyal to VDotU, but let’s not jump into the conclusion that the white lion is good

Believe what you want. For now, I’m not gonna trust it until we get to see s5

Kylo Logic: Stupid or secretly genius?

Shrugging off the Static-Damping cape right before getting struck by force lightening…


Esp as you can see him looking at the guards… WAS he assessing the danger?

Intentionally making himself look vulnerable to Snoke so he can catch Master of guard? Acting defeated and weak and impulsive in front of Snoke. Only makes Snoke underestimate him….

Remember the line from Rey?

“You underestimate Skywalker and Ben Solo and me. It will be your downfall.” Rey to Snoke.

Rey prophesied that. She believed in Ben Solo.

But the thing is…. maybe Ben Solo had planned this all along…..

Shiro and Rover are the same

Just hear me out, ik this sounds like a shitpost but.. Rover and Shiro were both: 1) Made to serve the Galra, 2) Was found on a Galra ship and 3) Helped save some prisoners 4) Close to Pidge. 

so what if, like Rover, Shiro was replaced by a clone version to infiltrate the team and make them trust him just to ruin everything from the inside

AND both were hacked by the Galra to do this 

Rover ruined shit for the team for a good couple episodes after blowing up the crystal (which was the main source of power for the team!!) until the real Rover sacrificed himself to save the team

(We’re waiting on you, Shiro)

Ghoulism is a parasite

So this chapter was really really cool, and it gave a lot of information about ghouls, but not through a huge dialogue, but through the artwork. One of the major things that @coromoor pointed out is that even though Kaneki has been eating a lot of people the oggai, and humans he still hasn’t healed from his fight with Juuzou.

That and the fact and the dragon refused to let go of him, reminded me of the typical parasite behavior. That it forces it’s host to eat, but it takes all the nutrients from the host weakening them, and even killing them. That spurred me on to thinking about all the other situation with ghouls, some of which came with this chapter.

One of the things that has become apparent is that Kagune has sentience, one of which we learned from both Eto and Kaneki’s Kagune speaking.

Not, only that but through Kaneki not remember his fight with Juuzou once he went into his kakuja form, and from displays of insanity that displaying a Kakuja is takes over it’s host body. One of the best examples of this is seen through Arata, and the arata armor, which main issue and safety hazard is it tries to eat the person wearing it.

Then their is the ROS disease, which from Shirazu’s sister we see that it creates a kagune like organ from the skin. Which has reduced her to not even being able to speak or move completely taking over her body.

Then, there is the the fact that normal humans are becoming ghouls as shown in this chapter

These two people were featured in the panel when Kaneki first emerged on Tokyo. When he emerged anyone who he came close to and didn’t kill in that moment had become ghouls. I remember that I made jokes about Kaneki looking like a mushroom that was procreating, when he released the kagune monsters.

RC cells have been shown to be able to create like perfect models of people through Uta, and even monsters through Kaneki. It’s not unbelievable that a the RC cells could form a Kakahou in a person and alter a person. It’s possible that he could have been sending out immense amounts of RC cells into the air, which would explain that those that came into close contact with him.

Especially with Rize, coming out of something that looks suspiciously like a cordycep. 

It seems like Kaneki was just a test to see what would happen if you released a dragon, and it looks like Rize has a wider berth than Kaneki did. So we are gonna be seeing a lot more of humans gone ghoul, who have a hunger they don’t know how to control. I just can’t wait to learn more about how ghoul biology works because as of now it’s very parasitic.