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i lov how you cant tell how many followers a blog has by just looking at it. some of the most intimidatingly cool ppl on here have at the bare minimum like 500ish followers, and the most basic blog with the most run of the mill hipster aes posts will have something like 5k+

A list of people Dirk canonically loves with all his gay little rainbow heart: 

- Todd Brotzman

- Amanda Brotzman 

- Farah Black

- Mona Wilder

- Tina Tevetino 

- Lydia Spring 

- Sherlock Hobbs 

- Thor

- Anyone who ever gave him free food

- You

A GOODBYE: with those two requests accepted, i’m going to be closing off further requests/suggestions on account of archiving this blog in the coming days [ i will fulfil all recent requests accepted, don’t worry! they’ll remain accessible to you, even when i’m gone ]. if mutuals would like my DISCORD, please let me know. being on here, this consistently, for this many months, has evidently not been good for my health. it’s compromised real-life relationships and two-folded my anxiety, neither of which this is worth. i’ll be making a new page at some point, where i’ll continue to prioritise making resources for POC, if people would like the link. stay frosty!

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Can US fans order SKZ official merch?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if international fans can order the official merch? (Please please correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve just never ordered official goods before lol). All I know is that the main way for people to buy official goods is if they physically.. go to the showcase themselves lmao. But some people also do group orders for the official goods/some people resell the things they bought after the showcase is over. The website that skz listed ( ) sells some official goods, but I’m sure that shipping would be expensive, plus all Skz goods are sold out -.- I’m sorry if I wasn’t much help :( 

-admin m

I want to tell you guys about the sweetest human being I have ever encountered.

My school has a janitor named Peter. This man knows almost all of the students on a first name basis. He gives everyone personalized compliments every day.

One day in my second year we were talking and some how we got the topic of lotteries. He told me that the reason he buys lottery tickets is so that if he wins he can pay everyone’s tuition. This man doesn’t want the money for himself, he wants it so people can have the education he never had access to.

One day in my third year he came up to me, I was having a particularly rough day for whatever reason and he told me I looked especially beautiful today. He then stopped and said that he hoped he hadn’t made me uncomfortable.

Today he asked me how my semester was going. I told him I was really stressed out because the midterm we got back in one of my classes had a class average of 48%. He told me that psychology can be tough, but that he knew I’d make it through just as I always have and that I’ll make a beautiful teacher because I have the heart for it.

This man, Peter, is the embodiment of positivity. He never has a frown on his face, he believes the best of people and always wants to make people’s days better. We should all strive to be more like Peter.

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Lol someone tried to tell you what YOU drew I’m done 😂😂 plus br/ganes has been cancelled since forever. I don’t know why people keep insisting on using a term described as racist and offensive by Asian fans but that’s just me 🤷‍♀️

The bro mentions are so obviously pasted over the most blatantly shippy episodes (coupled with “desperately wants to see you”, the most desperate “I love you!!”) I can’t even believe anyone takes it literally and seriously lol you might as well have a DW exec freezing the frame and peeking out to go “but not THAT way, conservative parents!!”

But even then, like… do what you want. Interpret whatever you want, but If I’m posting a pic of one of the charas placing hearts around the other, tagging it as the ship, specifically asking people NOT to tag it as nonshippy, then what the fuck are you doing, how entitled, how much of a brat are you that you NEED to make your shit little ~bros uwu~ statement anyway.

I don’t want to give people the impression that Venom (2018) is like a Thor: Ragnarok or something.

A lot of what the critics are saying is true - about the plot, the pacing, the…everything really - and yet

When a sweaty Tom Hardy tears open a bag of frozen tater tots and just starts pouring them into his mouth, while an alien symbiote screams ‘HUNGRY!’ and then makes him eat chicken out of the trash…

I’m sitting there feeling like yes, 10/10, movie of the year, give that man an Oscar