not for fandom or for notes or recognition

  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*

I am so tired. I am so tired of ace/aro people being thrown under the bus. I am so tired of being excluded from spaces, being told aphobia and violent ace/aro experiences don’t exist, I am so tired of seeing people treat ace/aros as “watered down gays” (if we even get the recognition that we aren’t straight in the first place), I am so tired of not having a safe space because straights think we’re broken and LGBTQA+ (note how there’s an A there and it doesnt stand for ally) people don’t think we have it bad enough to deserve a safe space.

I am so tired of fandom violently rejecting ace/aro headcanons. I am tired of being told that headcanoning a LGBTQ character as ace/aro is “homophobic”.

I am ace.  I feel no sexual attraction. That’s all that means. There are nuances specific to me, but every ace/aro is different.

I am tired of being told by the LGBTQ+ community that the only characters we can hc as ace/aro are straight characters.

I am not straight. My fellow ace/aros aren’t straight. Stop treating us like we are.

I am tired and I am tired because we have no safe space except with ourselves.

tl;dr The addition of ace/aro orientations does not lower the value of a LGBTQ+ relationship. If you think it does, you are the problem.

Confession:  Sera’s sexuality as WLW doesn’t get nearly enough recognition compared to her MLM counterpart, Dorian. Dorian always gets lauded as Bioware’s Gay Icon™ but Sera is also gay and is not considered nearly as “groundbreaking” even though they were debuted in the same game! It just furthers how MLM is very fetishised in fandom (which is a problem in itself) but WLW is seen as inferior or just… not worth noting to begin with. A footnote. In its own way, it’s really damaging to the LGBTQ+ community.

the signs as wonderful people in the phandom
  • aries: gif makers!! v v important and hard working people who deserve lots and lots of love n recognition!!!!
  • taurus: @phanfictioncatalogue admins!!! tbh ur the backbone of this fandom we would be chaos without ur organization
  • gemini: actual dan howell my softest rose son
  • cancer: people who reblog stuff!!!! ur still an important member of the phandom even if you dont create original content bc u spread people's hard work and help validate n motivate creators!!! tysm!!!!!
  • leo: edit/ icon makers!!!! yall make the most beautiful stuff im so proud of u
  • virgo: fic writers!!! honestly, i am so proud of u whether ur work gets 5 notes or 5000 notes bc it is so hard to make words work ilysm
  • libra: meetup hosts!! thanks to you we get to see the beautiful people in this fandom and every time there's a new meetup i remember how gay i am holy heck thank u
  • scorpio: shitposters/ meme bloggers!!! ty for your wonderful humor to brighten up everyone's day uwuwu
  • sagittarius: people who send kind anons!! honestly the purest people ever, what did we do to deserve you
  • capricorn: video/ video edit makers!! literally how do you even do that video editing takes 938274 years i admire yall so much keep doing what ur doing friends
  • aquarius: actual phil lester smiley soft son
  • pisces: artists!! it takes so much practice to become so good at art and yall are slaying!! im so proud of u bab

anonymous asked:

I saw a post pop up about older fandom terminology and I really wish some of these terms and concepts were still in use.(Wank, your kink is not my kink, ymmv, squick, etc.) The massive "DON'T LIKE DON'T READ" in summaries and author's notes on fanfiction net was a huge part of my formative fandom years and it's been mindboggling since I joined the massive drama fest known as the Voltron fandom.

these words were great because they were non-judgey; they expressed a personal dislike for all kinds of things, and the recognition that others might not feel the same way.

something has changed in the last 5-10 years about how many people relate to what we see.  I can’t entirely figure out what it is, but I suspect it has to do with how social media works now.  It’s like more and more people can’t entirely tolerate even the awareness that worldviews different from their own exist and are valid; the slightest glimpse of them is revolting. 

And this seems to go hand in hand with … um. a lack of separation between self and what one considers yours (even if it’s actually shared with other people)? A sense of self that extends well past one’s person and into their social media presence online? Maybe even beyond that? Hm. (I mean, there’s very interesting psych/philosophical work on our visuospatial concept of self and how technology affects it, so this isnt’ out of the realm of possibility …) 

However it works, it seems as if a growing number of people feel that anything unwanted that negatively affects, encroaches on, or limits the internet space they exist in is a personal attack.  And as it’s a personal attack, they have the right – maybe even the obligation – to express why and how they were hurt, and no terms are too strong (because telling someone to be polite when they’ve been personally attacked is insensitive).

And I do think it has to do in part with how social media works now – bringing us everything even if we don’t want it, and on tumblr especially letting us hijack the posts of others and turn their content into ours, or letting our content become somebody else’s, which always feels invasive and shitty. and I think it’s also related to how fandom got mixed up with activism and started using social justice language to persecute one another for taste in fiction? Mixing viral social media and fandom-as-activism seems to create this strange oversensitivity, or overdeveloped sense of personal space .. which then becomes an excuse for policing fandom. 


I too wish for we could go back to just saying ‘I don’t like that thing you like’, having everyone else generally respect that, and mutually ignoring each other. (unless, of course, we’re both shipping the same character in different ships.  Then it’s war. :V )

what sucks about hetalia is that if you don’t draw popular stuff you won’t get any recognition. I only have 5k followers bc I draw gerita, fruk, usuk, whatever. I don’t even like some of the things that I draw, but I do it anyway bc I know it’ll get notes. Sometimes younger or newer artists ask me for advice and I honestly have to tell them that if they don’t draw popular ships or characters in this fandom they won’t get anywhere. And that’s absolutely the truth.

And I know everyone likes to say that it’s okay to draw what you want and unpopular ships or unrecognized characters, but what’s the point? The hetalia fandom has caught itself in a never ending cycle of fans who want content for rare ships but can only find it in popular ships bc creators won’t create for rare ships bc no one looks for it. It’s a hard problem to fix, and honestly it probably won’t be fixed. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that people like to stick with the works of one particular creator, and not give anyone else a chance.

Like, I actually really like hetalia, but the fandom situation is so terrible that I would rather leave. I mean I won’t, because it took me a while to get to this level of popularity in the hetalia fandom and tbh I don’t want to have to work this hard in any other fandom. But not everyone else is like me, and that’s why the hetalia fandom is dying. So if you really want to do something about the situation, give creators something to work for. Like @hetaliafandomhub is doing a really great job of getting lesser known people out there, but if the fandom isn’t willing to participate then we’re stuck in the same rut we’ve been in. So please just try to give new people a chance, because if you don’t give them any incentive to grow and develop their skills then they’ll give up on the fandom and move on to somewhere where they’ll get what they deserve

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The BP fandom needs more T’Challa and fluff 😫

Don’t lie, you hoes only care to read about Killmonger’s deranged ass beating you and spitting in your face. And smut. Stories don’t seem to get recognition if they don’t involve that formula.

Killmonger + Sex= 83229202900 notes

Y’all pay the stoic, fine ass, mentally stable, and emotionally available King T’Challa dust😒

I really still don’t understand how the MAIN CHARACTER gets so much hate. Y’all so backwards 😂

dragon age fandom!

Can i get a promo? I started this blog to help get recognition for for their art and ocs!! There’s a lot of people with super popular art and ocs in the fandom and everyone deserves to have their oc/art get notes and such! So I’m dedicating this blog to unappreciated artists and creators!

Being a tall girl and dating Sweet Pea would include...

trash note: I aaaam back! And with something I’ve been working on for a while, since I absolutely loved this request and wanted to really do it justice! I would also like to say that my bi ass can sign off on that tall girls are hot as hell, and you don’t get enough recognition in fandom writings!

request: Can I please request either an imagine or headcanon/would include where the reader is tall (but not as tall as him, because no one can reach that skyscraper height) and that’s what makes sweet pea take interest in her. Being a tall girl, I can’t really relate to any of the fics where the reader is small, although they are very cute scenarios and imagines. 

Originally posted by stelenna

- You first saw the tall, dark-haired Serpent boy the day of the school merging 

- You immediately noticed him, as he was one of the few guys in school that was taller than you 

- And, of course, he is very handsome 

- You didn’t get to talk to him when you first saw him, but it turned out you had several classes together 

- Of course you were late to the first one tho, so all eyes were on you when you hurried into the classroom 

- You noticed the tall Serpent sitting in the back, next to the only unoccupied desk left in the room 

- You tried your best to walk all confidently towards the desk, but of course your long legs wouldn’t work with you 

- You managed to stay on your feet tho, as you hurried to straighten your skirt and sit down as quietly as you could 

- Feeling mortified, you tried not to look at the boy next to you right away

- When you finally cracked and did, he was already looking at you, but hurried to look away as soon as you saw him 

- You could have sworn he blushed a bit, but it was probably nothing 

- As the days went by, you started greeting each other with small nods or smiles when you has the same classes 

- At the same time you got to know Fangs since you ere partner in a project for another class

- Fangs was really nice, and it turned out you liked a lot of the same stuff, so sometimes you had lunch with him, and then also Sweet Pea 

- You’re starting to crush on him now, real hard

- One day you were feeling a tad confident you put on a pair of jeans shorts, as being around Sweet Pea made you feel not so weird about having long legs etc 

- But of course some Bulldog guy had to make a comment as you walked down the hall

- He was catcalling you and calling you “miss longlegs” or something stupid and sexist 

- Unfortunate for him, Sweet Pea heard all of it, and he was not happy about it 

- Long story short, there may have been a fight in the middle of the hallway

- Luckily, several people had heard what the other guy said, so Sweet Pea wasn’t in that much trouble

- Just a lil’ bit detention, but he was lowkey used to that 

- Which he told you as you were cleaning up him face in an empty classroom after meeting with Weatherby 

- You shook your head at him, but couldn’t help but smile as he mumbled something about how the asshole bulldog had it coming, talking to you like that

- When you thanked him, he finally asked you out 

- The first date is surprisingly easy and fun, as you kinda already know each other a bit 

- You start dating right after, and he’s like the best boyfriend 

- His arm fits so naturally around your shoulders 

- You love that you still have to tilt your head back slightly to kiss him because he’s taller than you

- And that you can wear high heels without towering over him

- He loves that he doesn’t have to worry about you when you cuddle or when you’re sharing a bed etc, because you would actually survive it if he was unlucky and rolled over you or hit you in his sleep 

- You love to put your head on his shoulder when you’re sitting next to each other, and he loves to rest his head on top of yours when you do that 

- Just a lot of love and support

- Also you’re hot, so there’s that 

As much as I would like to send each and everyone mentioned below individual asks, fanfic writers appreciation day unfortunately falls on a day that is very busy for me. So, I am instead making a post to thank some of the writers in this fandom that spend hours creating beautiful fanfics to share with the rest of us. From the bottom of my heart, you all truly deserve this recognition. New writer or not, popular or not—I know how exhausting writing can be and how easy it is to lose motivation and inspiration, especially when some of your works don’t get the reactions or notes that you expect. Keep doing what you do and keep being awesome. 👏

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look i told myself i’d stop arguing with hateful non liam stans bc of many reasons but i do want to say one thing:

liam has always been the least popular member of the demon band (whose name we’re not mentioning ever again on this blog) and he’s aware of it. he always knew he had to go out of his way and work at least twice as hard to get half the recognition the other guys got. the fandom in general has never been kind to him and they still continue to be nasty about him. during the band times, he was never able to show off his vocals so he wouldn’t ~steal the spotlight~ from the others and when he did make a little note change, all the other stans were pissed and called him extra or attention seeking or whatever. and even after the band broke up/went on a break (whatever you wanna believe), long before he released his debut single, the fandom said he was gonna flop and that he was irrelevant. i could talk about how a certain fan group tried to sabotage his success by purposefully giving him bad ratings and reviews but i don’t wanna go over that again.
point i’m making is that for over 5 years, liam was not allowed to be proud of his talent. he questioned himself and his career choices bc of the reactions he got from his old band’s fans. 
and now that his big dream of being a successful solo artist has come true, now that he has a fanbase of his own that wants him to show off his vocals and that supports him as the incredibly amazing vocalist that he is, now that he has sold millions of copies worldwide and had one of the most successful songs of 2017…

i believe liam payne has every right to brag about his achievements. and i hope he’ll never stop being publicly and openly proud of himself and his success.

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Ok unrelated to the other asks, but why do so many japanese music producers have an artist name ending with -p? Ive been wondering for so long jdjfjfj

In short, the -P stands for ‘producer’, a kind of title given to VOCALOID artists.

For those who are curious, long answer is under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

I've been posting my art on tumblr for quite a few months now and each piece is only getting a handful of notes even though i have plenty of followers. what can i do to get my art more noticed? i love your drawing style, thank you for being a big inspiration xx

thank you for the compliment<3……I hope whatever I’m about to say here won’t seem too harsh, because it’s going to be a bit of a rant, not even directed at you specifically, so please don’t take it personally. 

I get so many messages similar to this one, like “how to get popular”, “how to get good”, “how to get more notes/followers” etc etc… Pretty much every artist I talk to gets those. The questions are different asked by different people yet there is one common thing, TIME. How to get popular quickly, how to get good and quickly, how to get noticed but right away..I’m sorry, but it only makes me think about how lazy and impatient people actually are.

And it’s kind of annoying. Because people see you, and where you are at this point, and they want all of it. What they don’t see though, is all the years before this current point. They just disregard it and think there’s some secret miraculous solution to all of their problems.

Few months after you started a blog (even if it’s quite a few) isn’t a lot. It’s so little, actually, if you take that period of time on the general amount of time you spent drawing. Say, even how much of simple improvement might happen in only few months, if you have been drawing for, 4 years for example? The difference won’t be too drastic if you compare the improvement in these few months to the times when you only started.

Tumblr has it’s quirks, but mostly the amount of notes or followers, or whatever, depends on the quality of art? The better art you make, the more recognition you get. Ideally, at least. Fandoms add to it, but it’s not the most important thing.

Even having ~plenty of followers~ won’t margin ensure you with many notes. You still have to make good content, regardless. 

To get more notes? Work hard. If recognition is important to you (and it is important, I can’t deny), do your best for people to notice you. This whole burning “see me see me see me” actually helps to improve, and improvement helps to achieve your goal.

Obviously I have never seen your art, but I don’t think there is such thing for the artist as thinking you are good enough. We always want more, we are incredibly greedy creatures, but for that we should accept the simple fact that for whatever we want if its to be noticed, or to get notes, or to GET GOOD, we should work. and work. and work.

There won’t be an easy way.

i love seeing sheith art with a shit ton of notes bc the content creators in this fandom are so talented and we are so blessed to have them and they deserve all the recognition in the world but at the same time i just KNOW that there are about 100 snot nosed sweaty idiots talking out of their asses in the notes being like “LOL BROTHERS!!!” “luv these BROTHERS!!!” “br0ganes am i RIGHT!!!” like no, you’re not right, you have never been right on anything in your entire life, and instead of being a dick on ppl’s ship art on the internet you should really study for your 6th grade reading test tomorrow because your teacher already told you if you fail one more reading comprehension test your mom has to sign your test 

No More Routine - Part 2 (Mingyu x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Request/Idea: “No More Routine” Part 2
Member/reader: Mingyu x Reader
Genre/warning(s): brief smut B), angst
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: This fic of mine didn’t get much recognition but I still want to continue my idea so for the people that read the first part, here’s the second one!

Part 1

           “6 months? Wow, that’s a long time.” Your mind is racing but you don’t want to appear unhappy.

           “Yeah and we’re leaving in the next two weeks. I’m so sorry, I only found out yesterday!” Mingyu begins to explain himself, coming closer to you.

           “No don’t apologise, this is amazing! I’m so happy for you.” Your throat was tight and you were holding back tears.

           “I know it’s long but we can make it work, right?”

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shoutout and a toast to
  • the pjo blogs who were relevant a couple of years back but have been forgotten or lost their relevancy because life got in the way
  • the pjo blogs who have slowly transitioned into other fandoms but is still lowkey in the fandom
  • the pjo blogs who are simply forgotten 
  • the pjo writers who wrote the best shit ever and have paved the way through progress, but now no one reads their stuff due to a new writing medium becoming popular (i.e. bulletpoint fanfic/headcanons)
  • the pjo writers who write the rawest shit but don’t get any recognition for it. you don’t need awards for validation of your masterpiece. it’s amazing. already and i’m happy you wrote and finished it! 
  • the pjo artists who are getting into pjo but because they’re not a big-named long-time fan-artists they fail to get notes. 
  • the pjo artists who are in pjo for a long-ass time but because they’re not a big-named fan-artists they fail to get notes anyway.
  • the pjo blogs who make an effort to contribute and spread the love but don’t get recognition for it.
  • you guys are great, keep doing what you do. 

So since I answered this ask this morning, I’ve been thinking about it, and I just want to make a point that I made in my response a little bit clearer:

Fandom wouldn’t exist without creators — we can all agree on that, I think. It’s the fic and art and playlists and vids and edits and gifs and meta that keeps people engaged in something years and years after the actual source material ends. But what we don’t always talk about is how fandom wouldn’t exist without all creators, the ones who get the attention and the ones who don’t. I know it may seem easy for me to say as someone who has found relative success writing fic, but I’ve been in fandom for about 15 years, and only now are people really finding and engaging with my stuff (this isn’t a complaint, just a fact)! The thing is, we keep creating not because we get notes or comments (even though those help with the Motivation) but because we love this thing (be it a TV show or book or movie or whatever it is). Enough to devote hundreds of hours of work to it without monetary reward and, often, without recognition. And usually in the face of a great deal of derision from others (both within and outside the fandom). That in itself is absolutely amazing.

The point I want to elaborate on, though, is that it is the diversity of perspective that makes engaging with fandom worth it, and makes each individual creator so valuable. (I’m going to talk about fic here ‘cause it’s my beat, but this applies to all forms of fan creation, I think). If the same 10-or-so writers wrote for a fandom, it would get so boring so quickly (not to say anything against those writers, of course) because no one would challenge anything. No one would say: “everyone portrays this character in such a way, but what if they’re reading this wrong?” No one would say: “I see this trope a lot, but what if this happened to turn it on its head?” We need people who see things differently to continue creating because that’s the only way our own perspective grows, not just in regard to the source material, but in regard to life.

Fan creators are making art, and art is the single most beautiful thing about the human experience. Its only purpose is to make us think — to reconsider, to revaluate, to challenge, to express — and every single individual human being brings their own personality, history, ideas and values to their art. No two people’s creations (be they stories, drawings, etc.) will ever be the same.

If you have a desire to contribute to fandom, but you’ve been holding back (or you’re considering holding back) because you’re worried about rejection or having trouble finding an audience, I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart to make your art anyway. Because some of the most incredible things I’ve ever read have had two comments on AO3. Some of the most mind-blowingly well-edited vids have had 40 views on YouTube (if that!). Someone will find your work, and that someone will be affected by it. And if they don’t — if for some reason you end up without any engagement — you’ve still made a huge personal leap. You’ve created something! With your own brain! And it is so uniquely and beautifully yours!

Fandom is imperfect. Incredibly imperfect. But there’s a reason we’re all here, isn’t there? We love this thing, and we want to love it together. Because of all of you — even the ones whose work I haven’t seen — I love my favorite show more than I ever have. You’ve kept this machine going for 50 years and it would not, would not, would not be the same without you. I know how easy it is to get discouraged, but you’re doing so well. And you’ll only ever grow from here.

tl;dr: All fan-creators are important. You’re doing amazing. I’m glad you’re here. <3

Shoutout to various ninjago writings yo!

((Really freaking grinds my gears that authors in fandoms don’t get the recognition they deserve. I get it, it’s a lot longer to take in, but that doesn’t mean its bad.))

Anyway, here are a few I recommend reading(note: some of these are not completed):

[Meet Again] by @spacen – “Thousands of years into the future, Cole and Zane meet their friends again. “
 —Seriously, this is one of my favorite underrated writings for this fandom. It pulls at my feels from time to time, and the characters feel real. Its kinda sad at times, but its most definitely worth the time to read.

[Shades of Purple] by @parachutingkitten – “ Shades of Purple follows Pixal from season 7 through season 9 as she grapples with an identity crisis brought about by leaving Zane, becoming Samurai X, losing Zane, and confronting why she was made, and her past with the Overlord.”
—FRICK I love this writing. I don’t usually see writings based around Pixal, so this was refreshing for a start. The pacing of it is well, and the character dynamics are fun to read. It’s not too long, and it’s a good read.

[Twisted Cogs and Twisted Cogs 2: Shadows] by @noramutaofrost – “ Movie Verse: Dr. Julien was a simple man, but he was also a lonely one. This tells how he created both Zane and Echo also what happened behind the sense of Lloyds meeting of him in ‘Before they were Ninja’ “
—This one’s special to me, for its the first TLNM writing I got into and liked. It’s mysterious, action-packed with light hearted moments sprinkled in. Definitely read this one when you get a chance.

[Dear Brother] by @spaceysplace – “ Something in the back of his mind told him that something wasn’t right. When something goes wrong with Zane, Kai will have to delve deeper into his brothers past then he thought possible. Rated for Language.”
—First ninjago writing I got into, and I love it. The pacing is good, and the character interactions are on point. There’s a few points of excitement, and an urgent feeling is consistent throughout the writing. I reccomend reading this one.

((Go ahead and add any other ones you know and like to this post! ^_^ We gotta get more Writers Rep in this place.))

Anyone that isn’t a Hi5 studios fan can ignore this tbh I just want to ramble.

Okay so I love Tanner and Woods and Connor and Paul and Matt and Bryan and Joey and Gunner and Bobby and all of the main boys with my WHOLE HEART, do not get me wrong. In fact, Connor and Paul are probably my two faves? And obviously all these beautiful boys are most popular because they’re on the most channels and in the most videos, they’re talked about and seen the most.

But so many of the people who work behind the scenes & even on the scenes deserve more attention from the fandom?!? Like even Sam doesn’t get as much recognition as she deserves.

I mean, okay, Rob is the cutest thing on earth (and a great big brother, as seen on Cam and Jeff’s channel), CJ & James are both super creative and funny, Nicholle is adorable, as is Lis, Mitch is a snack and a half, Aaron and Dave are both cuties, Pat deserves the world, Jen is great, both Michaels are crazy talented, not to mention everyone I’m forgetting. I just love everyone and everyone!! deserves!! more!! recognition!! 

Hi5 in general is super underrated, but even within the fandom some staff are further underrated. I just love everyone and want them all to be appreciated by other people as much as I appreciate them.

Anyway subscribe to all of the channels & follow everyone on their socials.