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so uh, about aizawa,

Altitude (m)

Word count: 5,187

Warning: Jimin smut


You take a swig from the bottle in your hand, savouring the sharp flavour on your tongue you’ve been waiting for all day long.

The boy next to you, impatiently holding out his hand, rolls his eyes when you let out a fulfilled sigh. “Dude, it’s just vodka with fucking water.”

“Fuck off, Yoongi,” you respond, showing your affection for the guy by taking a sip. Only when he basically rips it out of your hands do you hand it to him with offendedly. “Fine, take it.”

Yoongi leans back until his head hits the brick wall, then copies your actions. “Fucking hell, Jimin again today.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you write some Bellarke smut where Bellamy and Clarke get off on talking greek myths and maybe comparing their relationship??

Having a Sin Squad on tumblr obviously ended up with this prompt and this fic. 
So @marcuskanc this is all your fault.
Thank you to the glorious beta and gem of a person @ethereal-bellarke who let me sleep and fixed all my mistakes. 

Fandom: The 100
Relationship: Bellarke(Bellamy x Clarke)
Rating: Explicit

Clarke has been aware of Bellamy Blake’s attractive nature since they met.

But if he has to rub his physical appeal in her face Clarke’s going to appreciate it.There are the obvious things to appreciate: like his hands. There’s also little kinks she discovered she likes on him. Clarke really can’t explain half the things that turn her on.

But the one thing that turns her on most is Bellamy Blake History Nerd.

Read on A03

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 61: Forced

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Being tied to a chair, in a dusty, seldom used cabin was something you had never imagined happening to you. Sure, you had seen shows where this happened to people, but you had never expected Brad to turn this crazy, or go this far.

Your entire body ached, one eye was beginning to close, and you had to use the bathroom in the worst way. Brad had been gone for a while. Without an open window or a clock, you couldn’t tell how much time had past, but you were worried it was too much.

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Glass Walls

Summary: Your world is shattering, and the wounds you’ve been hiding finally come to the surface.

Characters: DeanxReader

Word Count: 1,525

Warnings: feelings of self hate, hints at depression, emotional breakdown

A/N: The first scene of this flashed through my head, and then my brain screamed at me to finish it. This came from a raw nerve in my soul. If anyone ever needs to talk, my ask box and IM are always open. And to my loves (@hannahindie@wheresthekillswitch) your words mean everything to me.

I’d smashed it against the wall without a second thought.

One minute my snow globe was on the desk in front of me, the next it was clutched tightly in my hands as I stood and roughly turned, hurling it as hard as I could. Water and glass came raining down, the high clinks of shattering ending as quickly as they’d started. The clear liquid ran down the wall, dripping a design in random streams and seeping onto the floor in an aimless manner. The base hit the floor with a loud thud, and my knees shortly mimicked the sound as they hit the ground.

A small moan escaped my lungs, one that started in the depths of my soul and painfully worked its way through my entire being. Then I was crawling into the sea of glass, ignoring the sharp point of pain as one piece found its way into the flesh of my palm. My own tears mixed with the wet pool that was already seeping through the fabric on the right side of my thigh where I’d haphazardly landed on my side, my hands propping my sagging frame up. I reached for the ivory base, choked sobs joining the small world of chaos I was in when I realized I’d snapped one of the legs off. Jagged glass mocked where the globe used to be, and the ache in my chest grew as I hugged the broken pieces close to myself.

That was where he found me.

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Kacchako Week Day 7: Fragile

(This was the first idea I had for this prompt. Let’s see if I can pound out the second one afterwards…)

Something Only They See

Years have passed, goals have been gained, and as similar as he was to the boy of his high school years, he was also completely different. He’s learned to compromise (somewhat), he’s learned to not be afraid to lose (even less than somewhat), and he’s learned how to carve out a huge piece of his life to fit someone else in it (a lot).

Most of all, Katsuki has learned to care a little bit more- to look at someone else’s face and see exactly what lay underneath the veneer presented. Though, honestly, he’d only cultivated that skill for one other person and she was walking through their shared apartment door two hours late without the usual spring in her step. Even her permanently flushed cheeks seemed paler. She called out an absent-minded ‘I’m home’ as she toed out of her sneakers.

Katsuki set down the phone he hadn’t been obsessively glaring at for the past two hours and shoved his hand in his pockets.

“You didn’t float your phone into fucking oblivion again, did you?” he asked shortly, trying to sound more angry than worried.

Ochako glanced up sharply, eyes blinking wide, guileless, and bewildered. The bewilderment faded the more her big, brown eyes scanned over him- the casual suit, the yellow tie she’d bought him last year, the almost tidy style to his rat’s nest hair. Her already pale face blanched to ashen, pupils dilating to pinpricks as guilt struck her like a blow to the face.

“Oh no,” she gasped, straightening to her fullest height and covering her mouth with her hands. “I totally forgot! I can’t believe I forgot!”

Tears were brimming the edges of her lashes and that’s when he knew. Katsuki had known since their first year in UA that Ochako was bright, bubbly, and annoying cheerful, but she wasn’t a pushover. Her reasons for being a hero were different from his, so vastly different, but no less important. She would throw herself recklessly into harm’s way to attain her goal, just like him. Only being K.O.’d would hold her down. So, Katsuki knew that Uraraka Ochako was not fragile.

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talk-geek-to-me  asked:

Hi!! Could you do 2,3, and 6? With, obviously, Kylo Ren × Reader please? Your stuff is so good 😍

Of course babes! Thank you so much for the request! 🖤 so this was supposed to be pure angst and fluff but it turned just a teensy bit smutty? Super duper sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, I just didn’t feel like writing angst all of a sudden😅

WARNING: nsfw, implied smut, oral(female receiving)

This isn’t love.

The words echoed in your skull constantly.

It was the only way you’d be able to remind yourself not to get too deep as you laid with your head on Kylo’s chest, both of you breathing heavily.

His hand landed lightly on your bare back and you looked up, his expression calm as he laid with his eyes closed.

“That was…nice,” he murmured and you laughed softly, lightly scratching your nails along his abs.

“You say that every time.” His eyes peeled open as he shrugged, glancing down at you.

“Well, that’s because it’s true.” You let out a quiet laugh before the two of you settled into comfortable silence again.

This wasn’t a new arrangement, and it wasn’t uncommon that you found yourself sharing a bed with the Commander, whether it was yours, or more often as of late, his.

It was nice. But dangerous.

You sat up, the sheet falling to pool around your waist as you checked the time. “I should go,” you sighed, throwing your feet over the edge of the bed.

Kylo sat up, his back pressed against the headboard as you picked up your clothes from the floor. You could feel his eyes on you as you got dressed, and the attention sent an unwelcome warmth through you.

You dressed quickly, tying your hair back when he spoke.

“Stay here tonight.”

His voice was raspy and quiet and for a moment, you weren’t entirely sure you hadn’t imagined them.

“What?” You turned as you spoke, surprised to see him looking away, his hands in his lap. You turned back towards him, concerned.

“Is everything okay?” You probed gently, kneeling on the mattress to tuck a strand of his hair away from his face.

He turned towards you, his hand shooting out to grab your wrist as you pulled away. He met your gaze as he pressed his lips against your palm and you swallowed thickly.

He’d never been this vulnerable or gentle before. Especially not after a round or two of sex.

Using his hold on your arm, he pulled you further onto the bed, his mouth pressing gently along your jaw.

“Please don’t walk out that door,” he pleaded, his hands cupping your face.

You let out a shaky breath and his lips pressed against yours, claiming it for himself. You lost yourself in the feeling of kissing him, his hands pulling you into his lap.

This kiss was nothing like any of the numerous ones you’d shared before. While those had been aggressive and full of teeth, this one held another entirely different feeling of desperation.

He was going slow, taking his time to really taste and savor you.

He trapped your bottom lip between his own and sucked gently, his hands tangling into your hair as he pulled you down to him.

You couldn’t help but kiss him back, your hands gripping his broad shoulders, tugging on the dark strands of his hair.

In a moment of clarity, you pulled away, your forehead pressed against his as you shook your head, lips pursed tightly together.

“Kylo, please, don’t..” you began, breaking off as your voice cracked. “Please don’t hurt me,” you whispered.

His lips pressed against your pulse as he spoke, branding the words into your skin. “I won’t. I promise. You make every day worth living. I would never hurt you.”

And that was all it took. You gripped his face, smashing your mouth against his again, probing his mouth with your tongue as his hands gripped the back of your uniform tightly.

He groaned against you as you broke away, nipping at his jawline and neck, his hands traveling down to grip your thighs hard enough to bruise.

You whimpered against his skin and his grip loosened, as he attempted to even out his ragged breathing and regain his self control.

You continued pressing your lips against him, the close proximity intoxicating as you breathed in his scent.

In one swift sudden move, he jerked forward to kneel on the mattress, hoisting you up off the covers as he leaned forward to cover your body with his, peppering kisses along your jaw and neck.

“You’re exquisite,” he breathed, pressing a fleeting kiss to your lips that left you wanting more.

His mouth traveled lower as he gradually unbuttoned your top, kissing each inch of skin he revealed as if it was his first time seeing it.

You sat up enough for him to push the fabric off your shoulders and undo the clasp of your bra, which joined the puddle of your clothes growing on the floor.

His mouth grazed over the dip of your breasts and you whimpered, your hand landing on his head and threading through the thick strands.

The pressure of his mouth increased as he kissed lower, and you arched against him as he reached the waistband of your pants.

He glanced up at you as his fingers dipped beneath the waistband and tugged, taking your underwear down with them.

His mouth traveled over your hips and trailed along your thigh as he pulled you clear of your clothing, his tongue darting out to taste your skin.

You whimpered and attempted to sit up, but a large hand on your stomach held you down as he kissed a path up your thigh, his eyes locked on your face.

“Stay still.” he commanded quietly moments before his mouth closed on your core.

You gripped the sheets tightly, the feeling of his tongue slowly lapping at you completely unexpected. His arm hooked around your leg, holding you in place as you squirmed, arching into him.

He hummed low in his throat as his mouth moved slowly over your clit, sucking slightly. You could feel pressure building in your body and couldn’t contain the quiet moan of his name that escaped your lips.

He growled, sucking harder and you came undone, screaming his name, all of your self control gone.

He kissed his way up your stomach, over your breasts before taking your lips with his. You tangled your fingers in his hair, holding him to you.

His body shook above you and you reached down, curling your hand around his length when he jerked back, his hips bucking involuntarily.

He pulled your hands away, shaking his head as he pressed another kiss against your lips.

“No, no..” He panted, his voice cracking. “I’m fine. This was about you this time,” he breathed, pulling you to sit up until you laid next to him with your head on the pillows.

He hesitantly entwined his fingers with yours, pressing soft kisses against your hands before he spoke.

“I know we shouldn’t do this. It’s dangerous.” He paused and your heart dropped to your stomach. “But I don’t care,” he pulled you flush against his chest, resting his chin on your head and you let out a breath, pressing your lips against the spot above his heart.

“I’m willing to try if you are,” you murmured, turning so your back was pressed against his chest.

His arms wrapped around you, his fingers once again tangling with yours as he kissed the spot behind your ear sleepily.

“I think I can do that.”


Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
4 042
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader go on a camping trip in the woods.
*not my gif

    “When you said we are going camping , I had no idea you meant this !”
Kai walked right past the log she was sitting on and tossed more wood into the fire before turning towards her with a grin on his face. Y/N was sitting there laughing while making smores , unable to look away from the roasted marshmallow as she brought it up closer to her mouth blowing a stream of air onto it before squishing it between two biscuits and taking a bite. Barely six hours there and he had only seen her this happy every time he tell her he loves her.
    “Oh don’t tell me you don’t like it.” he said sitting next to her. “Your eyes are glowing and that’s your 10th smore in the past half hour. You love spending summer nights under the stars and all things nature. Granted not the bugs - ”
    “Are you kidding ?!” she turned towards him , finding him a little closer than she expected. “I freaking love it and look – I think those are fireflies over there , but I might be imaging it. Them I like. Its the ants , spiders and the mosquitos that bother me.”
Kai brushed his palm against her cheek unable to look away from the girl who fell in love with him. A whole year together and he had never been happier in his life. Y/N was his everything and they loved each other more than anything. Other ways she wouldn’t have stood in Damon’s way the night of the wedding risking her own life or told all her friends to ‘shut it or else’ every time they tried to badmouth him or their relationship. No , his girl had fire and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what’s important to her even if sometimes that meant getting a little bit out of line or risk getting killed.
    “Mosquitos bother you ?” he said amused , leaning in closer to her until their lips were barely an inch away. “That’s funny. It doesn’t bother you when I bite you.”
Y/N placed her hand on his thigh , slowly moving it up. For a second his eyes closed and a low growl came from deep inside his throat. Then he gripped her wrist moving it a little higher up until her hand was on his crotch. Just having it rest there was enough to drive him nuts but his girl’s fingers had other ideas.
    “They don’t make my skin on fire when they bite me.” she whispered , her eyes darting between his eyes and his lips. “They don’t get my heart beating faster than a hummingbirds’ wings when they touch me or leave me breathless every time they kiss me…”
Kai listened to her heart rate increase the closer his lips got to hers. He knew the effect he had on her but hearing her say it was different. It made his heart skip a beat and a wave of happiness spread through his body like never before. Twelve months together and he still couldn’t believe Y/N was his , it felt like a dream or a dream of a dream. Like he was going to wake up at any moment realising it wasn’t real.
    “I do that to you?” he whispered snaking his hand around waist , pulling her a little closer to him. Y/N hummed rubbing him through his jeans. “Damn – you do the same to me.”
    “Just kiss me. I am dying right her-”
Too fast for her to process Kai pulled her onto his lap and their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N loved how his kiss always managed to suck the air out of her lungs , leaving her completely breathless and demanding mouth to mouth. What she loved even more was the look he got in his eyes every time she tugged at his lip at the end of the kiss. Not to mention the way his hands wrapped around her waist always pulling her closer and closer to him as if there was somewhere to go.
    “Damn Y/N –” he moaned as her hips swayed on him. “ - careful or you will start a wild fire.”
    “Maybe that’s exactly what I want –” she whispered.
Kai leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away just enough for his lips to miss hers. He tried one more time and missed again , only this time because his girl had noticed all the fireflies around them. Kai’s fingertips brushed against her cheek for a moment noticing how her heart rate increased yet again getting closer to dangerous levels. Her eyes lit up and she looked at him with a smile and a look of complete awe on her face watching a firefly land on her finger.
     "I love seeing you like this.“ he smiled. “You are such a child sometimes but I think I love you more for it.”
    “Um — are you going to hate me if I go chasing the fireflies ?” she laughed nervously.
    “No.” he said serious. “Because I will be chasing you and every time I catch you -”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers so hard they both fell on the ground with him on top of her and her hands pinned on either side of her head while his crotch grounded against hers making her moan into the kiss.
    “ - I will kiss you like my life depends on it.” he finished , gazing into her eyes while taking out a couple of leafs from her hair after helping her up. “You look so hot with leafs in your hair. I just want to — ahhh … Go. I will be 10 seconds behind you.”
He brushed his thumb gently across her cheek , touching her lips a moment later and Y/N turned around but before she had taken a step , her boyfriend leaned in whispering in her ear.
    “First time I catch you , I tear your shirt off.” he whispered , trailing his fingertips all the way from her neck down her shoulder towards her fingertips. “Second time I catch you , I rip to shreds that skirt and the third time —  ”
    “No vampire speed cheating to catch me ?”
    “Your rules sweetheart but either way in 15 minutes you will be screaming my name.”
Damn , she thought , slightly turning her head towards him before running off towards the fireflies. Kai watched her running while he counted to 10 , trying hard not to run after her earlier than he had promised. He glanced at the sky noticing dark clouds gathering and quickly put a cloaking spell of sorts that would act as an umbrella over their camp side just in case. Y/N searched for the closest firefly , catching it in her hands at the exact same moment his hands wrapped around her from behind and he playfully bit her neck.
    “Got ya.. ” he whispered spinning her around in vampire speed just as she let go of the firefly and he pinned her to the closest tree with her hands over her head. Their lips crashed together and it felt as if he was trying to pull out all the air from her lungs. Thousand butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach in that moment , feeling his fingertips graze across her skin and his crotch pressing against her. Kai’s hand was right on the clasp of her bra , playing with it while fighting the urge to tear it off her. Their eyes met and literally sparks flied around them for a few seconds.
    “Run.” he whispered loosening the grip on her hands. “Five , four , three -”
Y/N slipped from his grasp and went to chase another firefly. Kai could barely contain himself seeing her running and laughing with her locks dancing around her shoulders and –
Did she really just toss her bra on the ground ? he wondered looking at her with wide eyes. There was no way for him to resist going after her now and he ran towards her , tearing her skirt off before she had even realised what was happening. He spun her around and smashed his lips against hers so hard they nearly fell on the ground again. Y/N felt herself getting completely lost in Kai’s eyes , intoxicated by his breath hitting her face but mostly by the way his hands roamed every inch of her body.
    “What have you done to me ? I can’t keep  my hands off you for more than 5 seconds.” he whispered pinning her to one of the trees nearby. Kai pressed his crotch against hers , slowly trailing his fingertips down her body until they slipped in her panties. “I want you – here , now. Against that tree , on the ground , in the tent , by the fire -”
Y/N felt a tingly feeling spread through her body at his words. Her mind was getting cloudier by the second and the way his fingers curled inside her , how his hard lenght was pressing against her was driving her mad. Kai licked a slow stripe right over her carotid artery , nibbling on her neck for before pressing a soft kiss on her neck. His lips felt so good in her skin, lighting a fire everywhere they touched her.
    “Mmm so do it - ” she moaned , pushing her hips down on his fingers making him go deeper. Each time his fingers went in to the last knuckle , slowly curling around while whispering all the things he wanted to do to her that night felt as if he was throwing her straight into hell. Just the way his breath tickled her skin was enough to make her lose it completely.
    “Are you sure you can handle me tonight ?” he whispered. “There won’t be stopping me. I might break you -”
    “Then break me.” she whispered.
Y/N’s lips collided with his and the same time he tore of her panties tossing them on the ground. Her hands immediately pulled his shirt over his head and started unbuckling his belt , pushing his jeans along with his briefs in less than a minute.
    “Such a naughty girl with your naughty little fingers , always wanting to play. ” he said in a low voice , feeling her fingers wrap around his thick shaft.
    “Mmmm just like yours -”
Y/N licked a slow line on the underside of his lenght , swirling around the tip while her fingertips grazed against his balls. Slowly she took in just the tip of his shaft in her mouth , teasing him without breaking eye contact. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from her , wondering how she can have that innocent look in her eyes while doing something so naughty. It always drove him completely mad.
     "Ohh shit -“ he groaned pushing his hips at her. Y/N moaned and hummed some song  , taking him a little deeper each time sending vibrations directly onto the head of his lenght. He couldn’t resist tangling his fingers in her hair pushing her mouth a little further on him , making her take him almost all the way for a few seconds before letting her continue on her own. Y/N nibbled on the tip , swirling her tongue around and straight through the middle continuing to tease him for a few moments longer listening to his moans. Slowly she trailed her way up his body leaving kisses mixed with moments when her tongue drew circles on his skin until their eyes were on the same level. Neither of them wanting to look away from the other.
    “Fuck me -” she whispered gripping his had , placing it on her core. Y/N bit her lip for a second feeling his fingers graze against her folds and pushed her hips down on them as he drew slow figure eights on her clit. Kai brushed his fingers through her hair and his lips collided with hers slowly tracing their way down her jawline to her collarbone and lower. Y/N tugged on his hair while he sucked on a spot marking her as his and then another and another  leaving wet kisses all the way to her core. There was a slight breeze around them but nowhere near enough to get her skin to feel less on fire when her boyfriend placed his hands on her inner thighs parting her legs.
    “Awwhh sweetheart you are already dripping.” he cooed , brushing his fingers against her clit , slowly spreading her arousal around. Kai’s tongue darted out catching some of her arousal about to trip down her thigh looking up at her the entire time. Y/N’s eyes were focused on him , her back arched a little off the tree and she tangled her fingers in his hair pushing his mouth further on her while he sucked and tugged on her clit making her skin feel like it was on fire.
    “Oh fuck -” she moaned , slipping down the tree meeting his fingers halfway when they dug inside her again curling around going in rougher each time. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her - seeing her mouth hanging open , moans mixed with whimpers and his name leaving her parted lips and her eyes fluttering closed for a second. It was driving him completely mad. He loved how her body responded to every curl of of his fingers , how she gripped on his hair pushing his mouth further on her while her hips pushed down on him unable to get enough.
    “You taste fucking amazing - ” he moaned , flicking her clit with his tongue while listening to her moans turn into small screams mixing with whimpers. Her knees were starting to buckle the closer to her release she got and he had to use magic to hold her up while he continued devouring her with hunger like never before.
    “FuCK KAI -”  
Y/N screamed his name as her orgasm tore through her body , feeling it more intensely than ever while he continued sucking and tugging on her clit even faster until she was finished.
    “I told you , you will be screaming my name in 15 minutes.” he grinned , smashing his lips against hers as her fingers wrapped around his lenght pumping him at a steady pace. Kai rested his forehead on hers , gazing into her eyes while her thumb drew circles on the tip gathering the pre-cum on it for a few moments before bringing it to her lips. His eyes went wide and a soft moan tumbled off his lips. His girl did that every time but could never get over how seeing her do that made him feel.
So hot , he mouthed scooping her up and slowly lowering her down on himself while her legs wound around his waist. Y/N cupped his face , pulling him in for a deep passionate kiss while her hands moved towards the back of his neck tangling in his hair. Their eyes locked on each other while his lenght entered her slowly making her feel every inch on the way in, withdrawing and going in harder and deep every time hitting her spot almost from the start.A gust of wind came out of nowhere and thunder rumbled from a distance but neither of them noticed. All they could see , hear and feel was the other and nothing else mattered.
    “You feel so good around me -” he groaned , picking up the pace with each thrust.
He loved seeing her eyes roll in the back of her head , listening to her moan his name while her fingernails dug in his back spurring him to go faster. It was all turning him on like crazy , making his emotions run on overdrive. His thrusts started getting rougher and deeper making it harder for Y/N’s heartbeat and breathing to catch up with each other. She threw her head back moaning a little louder , glancing at the sky through the branches noticing the fireflies floating overhead. Purple / black veins flashed under his eyes for a split second and he sank his teeth into her neck throwing her straight into a wild raging fire.
    “Oh shit I’m so c-close -” she moaned her walls clenching around him again when a raindrop fell on her shoulder , then another on her cheek. Even the warm summer rain felt cold compared to how he had made her skin feel with his bite. Every time he bit her her emotions went on full overdrive and a tingly feeling spread through her body like a tsunami concentrating mostly on her core. Their lips met again in a passionate hungry kiss , getting deeper by the second almost as if they wanted to swallow each other. Thunder rumbled overhead and raindrops started to fall on both of them but they didn’t care. Kai’s hips pushed up at her harder making her moan into the kiss , feeling his lenght twitch inside her almost at the same time her walls tightened around him.
    “Damn , you look so hot when you are wet.”
    “Fuck you look even hotter with my blood dripping down your chin.”
Kai’s vampirism showed again getting her breath caught in her throat. There was no way for her to ever get over how hot her boyfriend looked when he did that. Or how good it felt when they blood shared during moments like these.
    “Oh FUCK K-Kai –” she moaned a little louder feeling her walls tighten around him again. Raindrops kept falling through the branches as it started to pour down on them , lightning and thunders filling the air but neither of them really heard those. All they could hear was the other’s moans. All they could see was the other’s eyes and all they could feel was the other’s lips on theirs. Y/N caught a glimpse of their camp fire which should’ve been extinguished by now yet somehow kept burning bright in the darkness. Kai rested his forehead on hers , unable to tear his eyes away. His lenght twitched inside her again almost at the same time her walls clenched and her nails dug deeper into his back drawing blood making him moan a louder as he came in hot spurts inside her triggering her orgasm.Y/N cupped his face smashing her lips against his before he had had time to say anything , a million thoughts swirling in her mind in that moment. Rain drops continued to trickling down on them while Kai continued to thrust inside her not slowing down for a second until they were both finished.
    “Wow — against a tree and in the rain.” she grinned at him.
    “Lets go somewhere dry.” said Kai letting her feet slowly on the ground while holding onto her waist for support.
    “Are you afraid of a little rain ?” she teased.
    “No. I am afraid your back might get infected since it’s already bleeding. You haven’t noticed have you ?” he asked amused.
    “I – I only feel a slight sting cuz of the raindrops.” she laughed closing her eyes for a moment and the next she felt Kai’s fingertips gently trail the scratches on her back.
Kai gave her a small smile and pressed his lips against hers. Could she really had been so completely lost in what they were doing not to notice how the tree core had almost shredded her back ?
    “C'mon sweet cheeks. Lets get you by the fire -”
He scooped her up and a moment later they were by their camp site where it was surprisingly dry. Quickly he spread a blanket near the fire and she sat there cross legged with Kai standing right behind her with his arms wrapped around her.
    “Is that a bunny ?” she asked curious looking at the other end of the fire where a small white rabbit just hopped to hide from the rain. “Can we keep him ?”
    “Such a child.” he smiled , biting his wrist and bringing it to her lips. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his wrist feeling his blood trickle down her throat at the same time he sank his teeth into her neck and somehow his fingers found their way down to her core and inside her again. Slowly curling around going in deep in to the last knuckle while his thumb drew circles on her clit as he fed on her making her feel like she was literally on fire.
    “That bunny will need therapy to forget what we are doing right now.”
    “We are not doing anything — yet.” he nibbled on her earlobe pulling her back until she was laying with her back against his chest and he entered her again with one hard deep thrust making her scream out. Y/N looked at the sky seeing raindrops hitting an invisible barrier overhead , feeling the warmth of the fire tickling her skin. “Yeah , we are definitely going to traumatise the poor creature.”
    “Can’t get enough can you?” she smiled , resting her head next to his while meeting his hips half way.
Kai placed his hands on her waist , helping her hips move faster on him listening to her moans get louder and her heart rate increase again. His thrusts were hard , deep and rough and if that wasn’t enough for her to feel on fire somehow both their hands found their way to her core.
    “Never. You are like a drug to me – the more I have the more I want.” he moaned , moving their fingers on her clit so fast her moans were turning into screams.Y/N’s hips pushed down on his faster , moving in perfect sync with his. Kai’s hands travelled up her body , cupping her breasts slightly pinching on her nipples as he did while her fingers continued drawing rough eights on her clit trying to match his thrusts.
    “OH FUck Kai –”
    “I will never get tired of listening to you scream my name while I made you mine.” he moaned flipping them over in vampire speed. Their fingers intertwined and he held her hands on either side of her head while their lips met again , drowning her scream when he entered her with one hard deep thrust. Thunders kept rumbling overhead and the ground beneath them shook as it started to rain harder around their safe magic bubble. Y/N’s legs wound around Kai , pulling him closer while her eyes pierced into his recognising the look in her boyfriend’s eyes. He was going to ask her to hold it , and she gave him a slight nod before he had even asked her to.
    “So in sync.” he moaned , using his vampire speed to cheat and pump faster. “How did you know ?”
    “Your eyes…” she almost screamed , arching her back from the ground pressing her body against his chest while his thrusts started getting rougher , going in deeper every time as if wanting to bury his entire self inside her. Kai couldn’t understand why he was even surprised she knew what he wanted without him saying a word since he could tell what she wanted the same way. It had been that way since the day they met.
    “Oh fuck – let go baby girl.”
Y/N’s walls clenched around him and their lips met in a kiss deepening every second while both of them reached their highs at the same time. Kai’s trusts never stopped or slowed down until they were both finished and he collapsed on top of her , both of them trying to catch their breath.
    “You should know – there is a hedgehog watching too.” he said a little amused.
    “We will be the talk of the forest animals tomorrow.” she replied laughing.
    “I don’t care.”
    “Neither do I. Round three ?”
    “And you said I am the one who can’t get enough. Tent ?”
    “Yeah — lets go.”



the story where you are someone who forgets their memory every once in a full moon. you decided to date huang renjun and hoped for things to not fail you. you hoped your infatuation with him would be enough. you hoped the way you engraved his name in between your muscles and your bones would be enough. 

sadly, it was not enough.

the first time you met huang renjun, you learnt about gravity. 

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A Little Wicked - Part VII

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Check my masterlist for previous chapters and my imagines

Warnings:: sexual themes (not actual smut though, still, get outta here if you’re not 18+), swearing, sickly sweet fluff (I guess?? I’m not very good at fluff) and a good measure of angst; there’s also a few funny bits because why not

Tag list: @sam-samcro @telford-ortiz-teller @jaaxsoadeaanspn @soafanficluvr1
@i-am-the-luna @teller-telford-old-lady @grungedaddykinks @i-like-it-heavy-so-i-can-panic @meggzz21 @make-things-beautiful2 @star-gypsy @i-was-made-of-nutella @telfords-glasgow-smile (let me know if I forgot to tag you)

Gifs aren’t mine, credit goes to their owners.

note: oh, I wrote a little through Chibs’ pov (it’s in italic and written in third person)

“C’mon, we have to get out of bed sometime,” I said, doing my best to slip away from Chibs but he held me well in place, smashing my back against his chest.

“We’re fine,” he murmured in my ear as he moved one of his hands away from my waist to cup my breast. He liked doing that when we spooned. At first he would just leave his hand there, resting it, but eventually his fingers would start teasing my nipple. That’s how we went from round two to round three. I’ll admit that I started round four. I couldn’t deny that I was surprised with his stamina – we went on for a long time and I was sure Chibs would be game for a fifth round if I was too. I could do with a fifth round if I wasn’t so sore. Or hungry.

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Sick Days 5.0 Day 1: Bodily Fluids

I realize I’m already starting off on the wrong foot being late with the first prompt omg but hear me out… I come bearing Julian and angst and Niko’s absolute angel of a self? Mea culpa? In which Julian has the flu and wants to handle it by himself to avoid feeling like a burden on Niko, thank you very much. 

Prompt: Bodily fluids - I went with blood, (some) sweat and tears because that’s what I’m here for.

Triggers: Blood, anxiety, asthma, crying, veiled references to Julian’s ex and their relationship… this one’s a bit rough. 

Julian’s hands won’t stop shaking.

No amount of pressure, featherlight or grasping, steadies the glass clasped between them as he waits for it to fill with cool water from the fridge. And if it’s not his hands it’s the intermittent waves of chills shuddering their way up his spine. He’s freezing and his hands won’t stop shaking and the sudden shiverish little prickles of nerve pain coursing through his skin somehow combine that when he raises the glass to his mouth it slips through his fingers instead and smashes at his feet, spilling water and sending shards of broken glass everywhere.

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mikeyshokolad  asked:

can i please get some steddie fluff? i love your blog so much! ^-^ ✨🖤

Oh Honey, thank you so much! You’re making me blush^^

I should be learning for Biology right now, but I guess I can take a little break…..(sorry that this will be short though).

Before Stan can even think about getting up, Eddie speaks up from under him, Stan somehow snaking his way on top of Eddie in the middle of the night. Again.

“Stay” Eddie’s words are slurred, partly because he’s not really awake yet and partly because he probably has to speak around a mouthful of Stan’s hair, Stan’s face pressed into the side of Eddie’s neck.

Stan raises his head and the arms around his waist tighten, even though he mainly moved to be able to look at Eddie. He smiles. “I wasn’t trying to run away, you know? No need for drastic measures.”

“Who knows? You always get up way too early.” Eddie’s eyes are still closed, but he’s pouting nonetheless. His arms are still securely around Stan’s waist, squeezing for a moment. “Always leaving me,” Eddie mumbles, probably more to himself than to Stan, still managing to make Stan blush.

“Just wanna cuddle with my boyfriend, is that so much to ask?” Eddie’s shifting onto his side now, dragging Stan with him. Stan squeaks, holding onto Eddie’s shoulders as Eddie moves him like it’s nothing.

Once Eddie is satisfied with their new position, Stan flush to his chest, their legs tangled as they lay face to face, he hums, rubbing his nose against Stan’s, not bothering to open his eyes.

“Now, go back to sleep,” he says and even though he doesn’t move, Stan can practically feel the shrug in Eddie’s voice.

His offer sounds tempting though. But Stan wouldn’t be Stan if he wouldn’t argue at least a little bit. “But the birds…,” he starts, trying to supress his smile at Eddie’s huff.

“Fuck the birds, Stanley.”

“Would if I could, Edward,” he quips back, making Eddie snort, cracking one eye open with a grin.

“I knew I was just the placeholder.” Eddie’s words are defied when he starts nosing at Stan’s cheek, now fully awake.

“You’re absolutely right.” Stan loosens his grip on Eddie’s shoulders enough to reach for Eddie’s hand with one of his own, easily sliding their fingers together. Eddie sighs but doesn’t stop peppering Stan’s face with kisses, moving from his cheek to his jaw and back, lightly nipping at Stan’s nose, making him giggle.

But Stan isn’t done yet. “That’s why you should understand that I really need to get going now, the birds are waiting…”

“Let them wait,” Eddie promptly answers, tugging Stan closer with their joined hands. He kisses Stan’s mouth once, twice. “They’ll still be there tomorrow,” he says between kisses, not giving Stan any chance to argue, sucking on his bottom lip in a way Eddie knows will make Stan weak.

Stan wants to argue though. He twist his head away, far enough to get out of reach of Eddie’s lips. Before Eddie can follow, Stan covers Eddie’s mouth with his hand.

“Technically, they’re all getting ready to migrate since the days are getting shorter-hmpf!”

Just like that, Stan is on his back, wide eyes looking up and into Eddie’s face. Eddie, who doesn’t look amused, arms on either side of Stan, framing his face.

“Stanley Uris, you stop talking or I’ll kick you out of this bed.” Eddie looks dead-serious, eyes furrowed. Stan rivals his stare, grinning.

“Isn’t that what you wanted to avoid?”

Before Eddie can attempt to actually throw him out of bed - Eddie Kaspbrak does stay true to his words after all - Stan quickly reaches up to drag Eddie down with him, smashing their lips together.

Immediately, Eddie eases into the kiss, his hands making their way into Stan’s hair and Stan has a second to smugly think about how much of a goner Eddie is for him, before cold air hits his skin and his ass hits the ground.

“Have fun birdwatching then, Stanny!” Eddie is leaning over the bed, looking down at Stan with a sweet expression, voice high pitched in a faked cheer. Stan squints up at him, expression dangerous.

“Oh, it’s so on, Kaspbrak.”

(Naturally, they end up having a pillowfight).

Dean x Reader

This is going to a two part thing. Part one is angst and part two is smut, enjoy :)

Warnings: Angst, Smut (Next Part)

Word count: 1,279

A/N: By the way, requests are open, so please feel free to send me an ask with the character and what you would like to happen. Thank you!


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anonymous asked:

If youre still taking requests, I would love one where Shika and Tema are getting pep talks right before their first date. Like the do's and don'ts. You can choose who would be giving them the pep talk. And in the end, they find they haven't need the advice given to them.

I had so much fun writing this and so I hope you all enjoy the first post I’ve written on here in ages. Hope you’re all having a lovely day/night and like to hear about Temari and Shikamaru stressing over nothing :)

Enjoy some good ol’ ShikaTema, guys! 

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .


“Sakura, are you sure about this?”

“Of course I’m sure! Don’t get so het up about it—it’s just a date.”

Temari winced as she looked at herself in the mirror, floaty black dress hanging elegantly at her sides and hair tied not in her usual ponytails but tightly back into a neat bun atop her head at the request of the pink haired girl beside her.

As much as she had wanted to protest, Sakura had insisted the minute she took a step through Konoha’s gate that she would stay with her. Maybe she’d known that only a few hours later, out of nowhere, Shikamaru would turn up at the door.

His hands were deeper in his pockets than ever, his gaze set on the dust on his boots. Those dark eyes held no emotion or interest, even when they lifted to meet hers. As the question tumbled out his expression did nothing but lift a little, but when Temari stuttered out a response she was certain she saw him smile as he saluted and slumped away.

Now here she stood, dressed up more beautiful than she ever thought she could be and tugging at each strand of hair that knotted at the back of her head. Staying here was undeniably pleasant but grew awkward enough the minute she explained to Sakura why she would be out tonight. As she’d dreaded the girl had grabbed her by the shoulders and insisted that she helped her get ready.

It was mostly out of sympathy that Temari agreed. She knew the younger girl was popular with the men she spent time with, but never seemed to get what she wanted or what she deserved. This torment was for her sake—or at least that’s what Temari told herself.

It’s just a date…

Her fingers still twisted and tucked beneath the many blonde strands, trying desperately to loosen the painfully tight pull on her scalp. “Can I please take my hair out of this thing?”

“But you look gorgeous,” whined Sakura, rubbing on her arm comfortingly. “Just leave it as it is and Shikamaru will be blown away.”

“Shikamaru’s never blown away by anything,” she shot back, skeptical.

Besides, she wasn’t sure she wanted to blow him away. A date was something she’d only been on twice before; one of which was an information retrieval mission while the other was just to pity some man Kankuro befriended, so she had no idea how to act or what to do.

Temari was never particularly fond of romance. She’d grown up with parents who never showed much affection to one another until one of them was lost from the land of the living. On top of that she’d been brought up to be fierce and strong, fighting a battle in her own mind every day about her youngest brother and the expectations that came with being the Kazekage’s daughter. Romance and love that was anything but platonic played no part in her life: there just wasn’t time.

During her later teenage years she was confined to the battlefield, watching man after man run, fight and die. She’d taken control, stood beside and behind those she cared about whenever they needed her.

A war was the last place for love, her father had once told her, but looking back it seemed the place that needed love most.

Now the world was at peace and so many things had occurred—more than just her brother’s face-paint changing drastically. Maybe it was time, she thought, for a change.

But change, to Temari, was scary.

As she sat down, yanking on the stumpy, block heel of the shoes she had deemed most appropriate she started to think harder about what she was doing, about dating and about Shikamaru.

What was she mean to say and do when she locked eyes on him? What topics of conversation were suitable? What did she do when they went their separate ways?


She looked up, eyebrows raised at the younger girl. “Hmm?”

“Do you actually like Shikamaru?”

As the words were processed it began to sink in that this was a question she hadn’t answered to herself yet. She liked him in the way that she trusted him—he was a valuable asset to her village’s exchanges and communication with Konoha. Not to mention he was a fine shinobi and a strategist to more then match her own abilities.

Yes, he was admirable, but was also the sort of person who drove her insane. Then again, the more she envisaged his face and build the more she wondered if the parts of him that weren’t frustrating outweighed the parts that were. He was incredibly handsome after all…

“I don’t know,” replied Temari truthfully. “I’ve not really thought about it.”
Sakura smirked. “Well, I’m sure you’ll find out. You’ll smash it tonight. It’s just like any other date.”

Which wouldn’t be a problem if I had been on any real dates.

Regrettably Temari did little more than hum in response, letting her head hang as she slowly fiddled with the buckle of her heels. Not that she’d want to admit it, but she was panicking. Her hand were shaking as she fumbled with the strap and her lip was so tight between her teeth she was worried she’d soon taste blood. She really didn’t want to screw this up.


I guess that means I do like him… she reasoned.

“Temari, are you alright?”

Isn’t that just fantastic? Now I’ll be more embarrassed when I ultimately make myself look like a fool.

“If you don’t want to go then you don’t have to—”

“How do you act on a date?” Temari’s voice was sharp but somewhat quaky, a big difference to the strong defiance Sakura usually saw from her.
Sakura’s eyes widened. “You mean you’ve never—”

“No, I’ve never been on one; not a proper one,” she interrupted. “See, I don’t know if I like that him or not, but clearly it’s enough that I agreed to this. I don’t want to do anything wrong.” There was a pause as she got to her feet and crossed her arms self-consciously across her frame. “What do I do?”

“First off,” Sakura smiled, “do you feel comfortable in yourself? Do you feel beautiful?”

Temari frowned. “Well, I’d like to take down my bloody hair but you won’t let me. Otherwise…I guess so.”

“Don’t let me push you, just do what you want.” Grinning, the pink haired girl pulled her friend into a tight hug, reaching up on tip toes to not be dwarfed by the blonde. She rubbed her back comfortingly and gave it a light tap. “You’re the lady out there so you make sure he knows that. If he doesn’t treat you like you expect then that’s not your fault—it’s all his. Secondly, get some prolonged eye contact in there to steam things up a bit—”

“Sakura,” she sighed. “I don’t want steamy—”

“—but no obvious smouldering glares because they’re scary. Make the most of your gorgeous legs and make sure he takes notice of how hot you look, Tem. He’ll drool! Oh, and also touch his hands as you walk. Little touches, you know?”

Temari rubbed her hands together and let out a tremendous sigh and she nodded.

No, she didn’t know. She had no idea at all, but she’d try her best with that advice anyway.

“Please do explain why you’re now the champion with women?”

Chouji frowned, laughing in hope his friend might lighten up for a minute. “Like I said: last week I got a waitresses number at the barbecue restaurant.”

“And so that makes you a champion?”


“Well, excuse me if I miss out on the dumb food related pick-up lines, Casanova. I’ll stick to my normal self,” groaned Shikamaru, running his hands through his hair and trying to put it up for the eighth time.

“You mean complaining at everything you see and hoping things work out so you don’t have to chip in.”


“You don’t get how dating works, do you, Shikamaru?” Chouji grinned.

No, but he did know that’s not how dating worked. The whole deal of taking people expensive places and paying more money than he had on a lump of rock was hardly his style and was way too troublesome for him to jump on the bandwagon of. However, he knew he had to make some sort of effort.

Then again he hadn’t decided where he was taking her or what they would be doing. He hadn’t booked a table at any restaurant or planned out a route around town or anything to do.

It’s not dark yet, he noted. I suppose we could watch the clouds…

“Please tell me you at least know where you’re going to take her?”

Shikamaru coughed and rubbed his eyes.

“You don’t know, do you?” It seemed as though Chouji’s eyebrows had disappeared from his face they were so raised. “Shikamaru, you’ve fancied the crap out of her the last year; the least you can do is try. Do you want to be with her or not?”

“I don’t fancy her,” his friend replied stubbornly, clearly lying through his teeth. “Even if she is beautiful she’s bloody irritating.”

“Why did you ask her out then?”

He paused, staring at himself, hopelessly gaping at his reflection in the mirror. “I honestly don’t know.”

Chouji slapped his friend’s back, the impact’s shock shuddering through his body and shaking his bones. If the young man wasn’t already inwardly quaking with his nerves he was now at his friend’s supposedly comforting touch. He stared at Chouji’s eyes in the reflection, and the cheeky smile that he harboured in them. God, how he wished he felt that upbeat and happy about the whole situation—if only he could make a joke of it all. Instead here he was, doing all he could to keep his expressionless face from falling into the same worry that was giving him a headache.

“Let me give you some advice, alright? A pep talk if you want to call it that,” said Chouji, smiling brightly. “Just treat her right. Pay for whatever she wants to drink or eat, make sure she knows you’ve got her covered and that she can rely on you…just treat her!”

Shikamaru’s stomach dropped and his brow grew tight with a frown. That didn’t sound like a good idea to him at all and seemed just the opposite of what Temari would want. After all, it was clearer to Shikamaru more than most that the woman definitely did not need to rely on him. She was strong and quick-witted, and although he was smarter with ease she still put up an incredibly fight, giving him a real run for his money.

Still, as much as he disagreed, he didn’t want to argue. He nodded. Confrontation was too much work, especially when you’re already stressing out. “Sure.”

“Seriously,” added the larger young man. “And make sure you use pet names; stuff like sweetheart, honey, babe, sweet thing…”

“Sweet thing? Are you trying to get me punched, Chouji?”

He smirked, giving Shikamaru’s ponytail a ruffle and pulling it out once again. As his friend huffed and went to fixing it once again he tapped his shoulder laughed. “Thank me later, man. Have fun.”

But Shikamaru wasn’t thanking anyone except her for agreeing to spend her evening with him. Still, even then he couldn’t manage to out the hundreds of words that flooded his head. “I don’t fancy her,” he had said.

God, had he lied.

As she made her way towards him down the steps of Sakura’s home, the genius felt like the village idiot. One look at her in that black dress made him forget everything he’d ever known and his entire vocabulary vanished at the sound of her firm voice saying, “Evening,” as a blush grazed across her cheeks. He knew his face would be the same. His dark eyes wandered about her figure in a way they never had anyone’s before, spending an age just climbing the beautiful sun-kissed curves of her legs.

“Hey, you know what they say, right? Take a picture and that.”

He snapped out of it, physically shaking himself out of the light-headed haze her sheer beauty put him in. Scoffing, he crossed his arms. “Not my fault you don’t scrub up too bad.”

“You’re the reason I had to scrub up,” she teased, biting down on her lip.
He froze. Jesus, how much did he want to bite that lip himself?

Oh, grow up, Shikamaru. Say something sensible.

“Um, yeah. Well, babe, are we ready to go?”
 Temari raised a brow, clearly unimpressed. She didn’t say a word, unsure of how she was meant to respond. Although she didn’t mind the word word ‘babe’ it was safe to say that it seemed Shikamaru looked uncomfortable getting the word out, leaving her heart thumping a confused, unsettled rhythm.

As she nodded, the young man began to drag his feet along the path. He walked slightly ahead of her, giving her a clear view of him leading the way to wherever it was that they were going. Shocked as she was at his choice of names she wasn’t at all surprised at the appeal of his stature.

His hands were buried deep into his pockets and his shoulders were relaxed—not hunched, just not straight up, covered by the dark high-neck shirt he always opted for in casual hours. It wasn’t tight by any means but was fitted enough that it showed his protruding shoulder blades and clung to the muscles on his arms. The definition she could make out and the level of his fitness shouldn’t really have surprised her. Even if he was lazy the man was still a ninja, and one who could fight on and on if he really had to.

The dark hair that was pulled into the messiest of ponytails was beginning to come loose, dancing on the back of his pale neck. For some reason Temari couldn’t help wishing that she could grab that useless hair tie and set free the hair. She wanted to run her hands through it and feel each strand between her war-torn fingers with the hope that his gentleness might soothe the aches and heal the scars.

“So, where are you taking me?” she asked, her voice low and somewhat sultry. ‘Steamy’ is how Sakura had put it, making it sound a lot more innocent than it really was. What is was seemed a bad idea.

If Shikamaru wasn’t blushing at her provocative tone then he must’ve been at the gentle grazing of her hand on his. As their knuckles clashed for a mere second as he pulled his left hand from his pocket to point in response to her question, he felt himself overheating and hoping it would happen again.

It did; again and again as they made their way to their destination and even after that. The only piece of helpful advice she’d been given being successfully put into play.

“Oh, and Sakura told me that I had to show off my legs because they were hot and that’d make you drool.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m drooling, but it’s true you scrub up alright.”

They sat on a park bench—Shikamaru with his legs crossed as he tapped on the sides of the empty noodle packets in his lap. He smiled, giddily watching Temari stare up at the sky night. She was lost in the patterns of the stars, wispy bits of stubborn blonde hair falling from her bun as the breeze wormed it’s way through.

Over the course of the evening the pair had opened up. It really hadn’t taken long for them to adjust, throwing aside all the strange and frankly unhelpful advice that their friend’s had given them. They washed it away with the cheap wine Shikamaru bought on their way to the park, blurting out almost every word they’d been told to the other one.

There was a lot of laughter. A beautiful beam plastered on her face; the handsome curve of one corner of his mouth never left, only growing and growing throughout the evening.

Temari laughed as teal met brown for the hundredth time that night. “What a charmer you are…”

“It’s true.”

His head turned a little more directly, eyes focussing on her like a camera lens. Everything but her was a blur to him; unimportant and lifeless in comparison. Time slowed as he raised his hand to her cheek, his fingertips gliding up her face and into her hair. One second his finger was hooked around the tie that constricted her blonde locks, the next it was pulling up and out.

Waves cascaded—a golden waterfall across her shoulders, drenching his hands in it’s precious touch. The band snapped, but he cared so little as he smiled the realest smile Temari had seen on his lips.

“You’re very beautiful, if a little intimidating…”

Blushing, Temari pressed her hand on top of his. “Don’t try and flatter me, Nara.”

“Is it working?” he teased.

It is, she admitted inwardly. “I think I’ll need a second one of these meetings to decide on that.”

Shikamaru chuckled. “Oh, really?”


“If we have to,” sighed the lazy man. “Just don’t expect anything fancy.”

“I won’t, believe me. I know you too well. You’re damn lucky I expected nothing more than crap takeaway noodles tonight anyway…”

Once again she bit her lip, whispering her last few words as she leaned in towards Shikamaru. He could feel her breath on his lips and waited with baited breath for the capture of her lips on his. It was tantalising torture, all proceeded too slowly even for the man with more patience than anyone he knew.

“You’re such a tease, you know, sweet thing,” he said with a smirk, wondering what one last jokey attempt of his friend’s advice would do.

Temari pulled back, groaning. “Never call me ‘sweet thing’ ever again in my life or I swear I will punch you right between the eyes.”

seolangel-deactivated20171130  asked:

hi oreana! could you please write something about reader getting drunk for the first time (celebrating with the rooks, perhaps) and jacob taking care of her? :D that could be cute.. until she starts vomiting that is lmao. you don't have to ofc! i've just remembered that one quest when jacob took care of a drunk rook :')

{Awwr, I can see what I can come up with, hon. X3 I’ve had Jacob take care of someone before. It was in the request mini-series I did called ‘To Woo the One’ and the following chapter, The Pursuit, was about her being ill and Jacob remaining beside her if you find these scenes to be your thing. C:}

You were a social drinker at best…one to only bother with drinking if others were involved, and now you were beginning to regret that about yourself as you could only handle so much liquor within your body.

The world was spinning, the simplest sounds were louder than usual as they banged about in your skull and gave you a horrible headache… You leaned against the nearby brick wall to try and find some sort of reprieve in the idea the structure was cool to the skin that chilly evening, but you were a drunken mess and the best thing for you would be to stumble back to the stronghold and to find rest like most of the drunkards would do.

But where were you…? Your mind wasn’t working properly, and you couldn’t make sense of the streets or even the shops. The citizens of London would push past you, not caring for the fact you needed help. Ducking into a nearby alleyway, you heaved as you steadied yourself best you were able to prevent from falling but your hand slipped on the building you were trying to have support you and it was there you lost your footing.

“Whoa there!” came a familiar voice as an arm quickly grappled you just under your chest to keep your face from smashing into the ground below.

While the support was welcomed, the pressure it put on your upset stomach wasn’t, and it was there you lost the contents of what you had eaten and drunk prior.

“Uh…charming,” commented the tone again as he did his best to stay out of the way though being kind enough to keep your loosened hair from the sickness the liquor caused.

You were almost too embarrassed to look at him…especially since the voice (as fuzzy as it was) was starting to make sense to you now. “S-Sorry, boss…” you apologized with a bite of your lower lip. It was Jacob Frye, the leader of the Rooks and the syndicate you had joined a year or so ago.

His hold on you tightened as you were a lot more difficult to move than anticipated. Jacob’s arm urged you back against him to where your head could rest if you wished. As your ear found the gentle beating of his heart, the assassin dug about in his pocket for a clean handkerchief he kept with him to dab at your mouth and clean it for you as your body was heavy as iron and impossible to move properly. Honestly, you had surrendered that thought of caring to move at all when Jacob came to your rescue and just submitted to his touch.

“Not much of a drinker, are you?” Jacob asked with a light chuckle, hoping to make light of the situation. “Come on then!” His words strained as he positioned you again in his embrace, moved onward through the small crowds of London’s deadening night and towards the stronghold you were trying to get to. “Let’s get you to lie down at least.”

The covers of any stronghold cot were hardly delightful, but all the same, this was home, and it was better than lying on the streets like some boozed up homeless woman. “My head is killing me,” you groaned, eyes remaining shut as even the simple candlelight Jacob soon held was agitating the pain in your head.

Jacob set the light source off to the side on a workbench before placing his hand upon your forehead to be sure it was just a simple trick of the alcohol and not something that required a doctor’s aid. “Water will assist you, love,” insisted the voice of your boss, causing him to take to his feet and drift across the room to see if the pipes were working as intended without making the water brown as it often did in the past.

“I appreciate this, Mr. Frye,” you murmured, voice labored still in pain as a small whine of discomfort squeezed past your lips at the ache pounding in your mind and making you wish to vomit once more.

“Perhaps next time it will teach you not to overdo it?” Jacob wondered, the sounds of his feet inching closer to you again echoed in your mind, floorboards moaning under his weight before he urged you to face him as he held the water you would need.

At his command, you rolled over onto your back, swallowing down the desire to be horribly sick once more. “I-I am not one for drinking unless…the lads do,” you whispered, lips trembling as they pressed upon the rim of the glass he guided towards you. The drink was refreshing and cooled the jumbled mess that was your stomach. When you felt you had enough, you gently urged away Jacob’s hand.

“Then perhaps, next time, you should be mindful if you can’t hold your alcohol,” Jacob teased though being honest at the same time. When he slipped the glass away from your lips, he accidentally caused a bit to dribble from the corner of your mouth. The side of his finger was quick, and it was there he snagged the rogue bit of water to do away with it. “I would offer food to you, but seeing as you near vomited on me earlier, I might withhold that thought till later when you’ve rid most of this from your body.”

You nodded, finding that to be wise as you couldn’t dream of eating anything at the moment without losing it shortly after. “You can just…you can leave me here if you want.” Feeling guilty for stealing his time, you didn’t want to be a nuisance. “I am sure I’ll be fine tomorrow…”

“Some lads have been known to overdo it before to where their body just stops working in the middle of the night,” Jacob confessed, remaining at side of the old cot he had gotten you on. He was squatting beside you, hands clasped between his legs. “I want to make sure you didn’t overdo it so much to where your body cannot function any longer, love.” With what remaining water was in the glass he offered earlier, Jacob pushed it off to the side for now. “I have nowhere to be.”

“Willing to stay here even if I vomit on you?” you asked with a weary moan of displeasure at the throbbing still happening in your head.

Jacob scoffed quietly, knowing any simple sound might upset your body further. “I’ve dealt with worse on me, love. Don’t dwell on it, and try to get some rest.” Here, he pushed himself to his feet and moved over to the nearby window to look out at the other Rooks patrolling the location, making sure everything was in order and no Blighters were trying to take the place over with you ill.

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 8

(Act 1: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 )

(Act 2 Chapter 10-18)

(Act 3 Chapter 19+)

Mob had broken his promise.

He was sitting at the stairs again.

Mob sat with his hands wrapped around two spokes of the banister, his weight braced against the edge of a wooden stair. He craned his neck closer to the door. Ten steps still separated him from the thin leaking light at the top. It was enough, he figured, to not endanger the man above. And if no one was in danger of his powers, then there was no reason to stay in his bed.

At least that was what Mob told himself. Mogami had been clear with his rules: do not come near the door when there were voices above.

But then the voice came back, and suddenly that rule was impossible to follow.

Mob sat still, hardly breathing. He loosened and tightened his grip as he listened, tapping along to the natural rhythm in the muffled sound beyond the door. It flooded his mind with wonder. A real person was just beyond the threshold, with a face and a body, a life, a name. It was a person who must see people every day. Someone who walked around in the world outside, someone with a job and clothes—oh clothes—what sorts of clothes did he wear? Different kinds. Not the same every day.

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The Snow: Chapter 8

Sansa covered her mouth just in time to muffle the startled shriek that burst out of it.  She whirled around to check on Jon, who only moaned and shuffled his body a quarter of a turn toward the wall.  But it was the most movement she’d seen from him since he had stomped out of the kitchen after their shouting match two nights before, and Sansa smiled wanly.  Then she remembered that someone might just have broken into the flat.  She frantically pawed through Jon’s chest of drawers to look for a hammer or a pocketknife or anything she could use to defend herself.  When she came up empty, she opened the door and peered out cautiously before scampering into the laundry room, where, after all, she had found the tarp, bucket, and other purely utilitarian items.

Before she had gotten halfway across the hall, it occurred to Sansa that, for one thing, even if there were in fact any burglars idiotic enough to risk going out and plying their trade with the sheer amount of snow on the ground outside, they would be doubly and triply idiotic to try it in such a well secured community.  For another, she could not be entirely sure that the noise had not come from the neighboring flat.  None of that stopped her from rifling through the drawers of Jon’s utility shelving, though, or from grabbing the first hammer she could find.  She realized belatedly that the sound, if it had originated from Jon’s flat at all, had come from the utility area behind the laundry room, which meant that any intruders present in the flat had had more than enough time to attack her already.  That, however, did not stop her from brandishing the hammer, inching open the door leading out of the laundry room until she could reach the light switch, and hitting the switch as hard as she could while kicking the door back into the wall.

To Sansa’s utter relief and embarrassment, the light revealed a few boxes arranged in neat stacks against the opposite wall and nothing else.  She leaned her head back against the wall behind her and let out a long sigh.  

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The Sheriff Shot Me...

This is for @spnfanficpond​ the Pond Writing Challenge
Apologies for the title … I had NO CLUE what to call it.

Word Count: 4288
Quote: Why do the cops never find things as funny as we do?
Characters: Dean, Sam, August, (OFC what’s the F stand for?), Jody and Donna
Warnings: Death, Family dying, supernatural violence, guilt… i think that’s all.
Summary: Dean and Sam check out a possible case. Will they find a monster? Or will they find something more?

Shout out, love and so much respect for my wonderful BETA: @whispersandwhiskerburn I appreciate every second you put into my work.

Tags below the line - no idea if you guys are forever’s, if you want off let me know, either way please get in touch. Hope you enjoy…

Originally posted by deangirl

Breaking News as we come on the air tonight. In the small town of Bird City, Kansas, every neighborhood pet has disappeared. Police reports indicate a wild animal snatching them from their own backyards. But without pets, will this beast move on to larger prey? Stay tuned as we–
Dean muted the TV and looked over at Sammy, raising an eyebrow. Sam shrugged and closed the lid of his laptop, “Yeah. Sounds like it could be our thing. At least it’s close.”

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Lancea Longini #6

Summary: Modern-day AU where Steve is a college professor whose specialty is WWII. You work for Stark Industries and after leading an excavation of Hitler’s secret bunker, you find an object that was thought to be a legend.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Female Reader, & Unnamed Female Character
Word Count: 2,383
Warnings: Angst, making out, and language.
Author’s Note: GIF credit [x] Other GIFs found on Google.
Miss the beginning?

“What’d you have in mind?” His hands were on your hips and ass again, squeezing roughly.

You narrowed your eyes before answering, “You got shaving cream and toilet paper?”

Natasha’s car looked like a mummy by the time you and Steve got done with it. Shaving cream was smeared everywhere and shoved into every crack and crevice the toilet paper wouldn’t go into. You knew she was going to be pissed, but you really didn’t give a shit. Especially when Steve tangled his fingers in yours and pulled you away from the house, running and giggling like a child. Steve had just closed the front door when you got a good look at him. Shaving cream was in his hair and on the right side of his face. You couldn’t keep from laughing.

“What? What is it?” When you didn’t answer, just laughed harder and pointed, he took a peek in the bathroom. Clearly unamused with the situation, he ran his hand through his hair and took a menacing step toward you.

You choked on the laughter and shook your head. “Don’t you dare.”

Steve cocked an eyebrow as he continued to approach. “How is it fair that I end up covered in shaving cream and you don’t have a speck on ya?”

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